Mind of Darkness

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Chapter Three

Olivia Doyle studies her computer. Finally, the long-awaited arrives from the Yin Program. She clicks it and reads:


The emails says more, but she doesn’t bother reading it. She’s too busy spinning her desk chair around in crazy circles of glee.

Then, suddenly, her phone rings.

Olivia stops spinning and answers it. “Hello?”

“Olivia?” Mrs. O’Dell says, sorrow etched in her voice.

Almost too scared to agree and get whatever the grief is, she answers, “I am she,” while bracing herself for the worst.

“Have you seen Charisa since she’s left your house?”


Mrs. O’Dell inhales deeply. “There… there’s been an accident.”

“An accident?” Olivia’s heart clenches in fear.

“Charisa called Carlos several hours ago to tell him that she and Kyle were going on a rescue mission near the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Then an abandoned apartment complex nearby caught fire.”

“A fire?”

“Yes. No one knows what started it. But Hunter’s helmet and gas mask were found. And… and Ninja’s goggles. Nothing else.” Mrs. O’Dell releases a sob.

Olivia blinks a moment, letting the information sink in. then she says, “Don’t worry, Mrs. O’Dell. They’re not dead.”


“There were no bodies.”

“Olivia, it was a fire.”

“There were no bodies.”

“If they’re not dead, then where are they?”

“I don’t know-”

“Where are they!” Mrs. O’Dell demands. Then she sucks in her breath again. “Sorry.”

“It’s your nerves. Now, I don’t know where they are, but I believe-” Olivia bites her tongue to keep from sharing the rest of her theory. “They are alive and out there. Maybe the rescue didn’t go as planned and they’re still carrying it out. Remember Sheila?”

“Possibly… but Charisa promised never to run away again.”

“It’s not technically running away since she called Mr. O’Dell and told him her plans.”

“But she still would’ve called me if it was going to take so long.”

“Charisa doesn’t take her phone crime fighting.”

“But Kyle does, and he’d call.”

Olivia runs her finger in circles on her desk. “Maybe it was destroyed in the fire.” Maybe it was confiscated.

“I don’t know,” Mrs. O’Dell says, her voice torn between hope and grief. “They’d still have found a way to contact us. I hope they’re alive, but I don’t want to feed false hope.”

“It’s not false hope. It might take time, but the truth will reveal itself eventually. It always does. And when it does, you’ll be reunited with your daughter.”

“Thank you. Bye.”

“Bye.” Olivia re-pockets her phone and continues to run her fingers across her desk.

Charisa and Kyle were still alive; of this she was certain of. But what happened to them? Why are they behaving like this?

Olivia’s fingers begin to twirl faster. There was one theory that explained it all: it was a trap and they were kidnapped. But that theory caused another question to arise: who is strong enough to kidnap two superhumans?

Olivia groans. Oh, what has Chrissie gotten herself into now?

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