Ghost Marina on the Mississippi

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Chapter 38 – Realisation – Modern Day

“Wait, wait, I do have photographs,” Jason said as he was fumbling in his pocket to retrieve his USB stick, completely ignoring the weapon that was being pointed at him.

“You told us the F.B.I. took everything,” Chuck said just as unbelieving as Caroline was, now everyone was staring at Jason.

“Well, I’m not daft, I knew if I lost my computer I could lose everything, so I backed them up on this stick as well as the Cloud.” Jason said sheepishly but everyone was still looking at him as though he had just committed treason “Well, I didn’t tell you, I didn’t want anyone to know I still had copies. I even took photographs of the logbook and the radio before the Feds. took everything.”

“So, you can still prove to the lady you found the boats?” Dexter asked.

“And we have the necklace and bracelet, right?” Jason said pleading with his arms outstretched as though he was not only trying to convince the lady but also the guys as well.

“I just need a computer.” Then looking at Caroline, “do you have a computer?” All through this conversation, Caroline had still been standing with her arm outstretched pointing the gun at Jason but now she slowly lowered it to reply.

“Of course I have a computer but I’m not letting you stick that into my port. It may have a virus.” Caroline replied, not realizing the euphemism she had just said that fortunately brought a little humor to the situation.

“I brought my laptop, it’s in the car,” Jason replied and left the room to retrieve his device.

While he was out of the room, Dexter tried to pour oil over the turbulent waters. “We all saw the safe, the log-book and the radio. Miss Ashdene, I know you don’t know us from Adam but why would we be here if it wasn’t all true? The jewelry is in a safe place in Kimmswick.” The others just nodded their heads in agreement.

“But what about my friend not knowing about the investigation?” Caroline asked.

“Can’t explain that.” Dexter replied “but think about it. If Jason’s assumptions are correct, this is one huge cover-up, they are not going to advertise an investigation into it, are they?”

Before Caroline could reply Jason had returned from the SUV with his laptop. Within a minute the photos of the wrecks were being displayed on his screen. He scrolled through the photographs and just before the photograph of the skeleton of Caroline’s grandmother was about to be displayed, Jason paused and took his finger off the arrow key that was being used to scroll through the images.

“What I am about to show you may be disturbing, I can assure you, that these photographs are real, I would never, ever try to fake what I am about to show you.” Jason looked directly at Caroline when he said this. “Are you sure you want to continue?”

A look of concern had appeared on Caroline’s face as the offered evidence was beginning to convince her of proof. She merely nodded her head, so Jason proceeded.

A gasp of breath emanated from Caroline and her hand reached to her mouth as if to suppress any sound. She could clearly see the necklace around the skeleton of what would have been her grandmother. She sensed then that everything she was being told was true. Quickly, Jason scrolled through the remaining images and when the last one was displayed there was a silence in the room.

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