Ghost Marina on the Mississippi

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Chapter 40 – The Return Home – Modern Day

On the trip back to Kimmswick, the guys discussed the meeting with Caroline, her house and the finery inside, although strangely, the fact that she had trained a gun on them was not even mentioned.

“There’s obviously money there my friends,” Dexter said.

“Is there ever, whew!” Archie added.

“Yes, but those Brits. were not very imaginative with their names, were they?” Chuck laughed, “Reginald or Caroline, that’s it!”

“Really?” Bill said, “What was your father’s name, Chuck?”

“Charles, you know it was,” Chuck replied.

“But your given name is Charles, right?” Bill said. The rest of them were beginning to smile as they could see where this was going.

“What did you call your first son?” Archie began to chime in on the joke. “Oh, wait a minute, I remember, Charles. And what did he call his first son, your grandson? You know, the one who now works at the marina.”

“Alright, alright, I get it,” Chuck said waving them off with an arm.

After a few minutes of silence, Dexter decided to breach the subject that Jason was coincidently, quietly contemplating.

“So, Jason, you’ve found the answer to your grandfather’s disappearance and you’ve located the owner of the jewelry. What are you going to do after Friday’s lunch?”

“I was just thinking the same thing Dexter,” Jason replied solemnly. “I guess I’m done here, there’s nothing left for me to do, I shall go home.” Although the prospect of returning to Cleveland to continue the same existence he had been living since his wife had died did not appeal to him, especially after the excitement of the last little while. In a few short days, he had seen the most horrifying sights he had ever seen, he had been raided by the F.B.I. and had a gun pointed at him by a beautiful woman. More action than he had ever seen in his entire life up until that point. There was also a murmuring of discontent amongst the others, Jason had been like a breath of fresh air and the search had galvanized them into action they hadn’t enjoyed for many a year.

“I’ll book Friday’s appointment with David at the jewelers, have lunch and prepare to leave on Saturday,” Jason said with a great deal of resignation. His decision was met with silence as there really wasn’t much more that could be said, the quest was indeed, over.

“Oh, I will try and locate the family of my grandfather’s shipmate, Tony, but I can do that from home,” Jason added as an afterthought. “I can return the few artifacts of his to them. That will give me something to do for a while.”

Another silence fell upon the men, each of them absorbed in their own thoughts.

“You could always come back and see us in a few months time and let us know how you got on with Tony’s family,” Dexter suggested.

“Yes, I could do that, the authorities may have something to report by then as well.” Jason replied.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be around.” Bill casually said.

“Why, are you going on holiday Bill?” Archie asked enthusiastically.

“I wish.” Bill replied stoically, “I have pancreatic cancer, the doctors have given me three months.”

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