Ghost Marina on the Mississippi

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Chapter 47 – Back at the Bar – Modern Day

On Thursday morning Caroline and Jason arose, they had a leisurely breakfast and talked about their next steps. They agreed to go on a short shopping excursion to St. Louis, have lunch in town then, return to the house before Jason set-off for the marina. Now, Jason was reluctant to leave but he had promised his daughters that he would arrive home on Friday, so he needed to get his things together. It was agreed that he would be back at Caroline’s place on Tuesday and hopefully, by then, there would be some news.

On arrival at the marina, he dropped in at the pub to give the boys an update. His arrival in the bar was greeted by a cacophony of oohhs and cheers mainly led by Archie.

“I see you’re still wearing the same clothes you left in a couple of days ago,” Archie remarked. “Something come up, did it?” Archie said, and once more gave that lecherous grin.

“Don’t know if you noticed but the weather has been quite bad, so I was forced to stay overnight,” Jason replied nonchalantly.

“Sure, sure,” Archie said. “Two nights! Nudge nudge, wink wink!”

“Any updates?” Dexter said pragmatically, as he walked over with a beer for Jason.

“Yes, we have made some progress and we hope to get some feedback next week,” Jason replied as he took a gulp of beer.

“Surprising you had any time for research at all.” Archie persisted.

“Enough Archie,” Bill said gruffly. “What kind of progress exactly?” Bill asked.

“Well, we think we have traced my grandfather’s shipmate back to Chicago and we have made contact with some people in the community.” Jason explained, “they are going to ask around and hopefully, we will get some more news.”

“So, what’s next?” Dexter asked, still hanging around the table.

“Well, I’m just going to drink this beer, then I am going to get packing. I promised the girls I would be home for the weekend.” Jason explained, “I’ll be leaving early in the morning.”

“And when will you be back?” Chuck asked, a little disappointed that Jason had to leave.

“Late Monday I expect.” Jason said, “then once we have sorted out finding Tony’s descendants we will be working on a case to go after the government.”

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