Sages: The Burned Soul (Jon's Saga)

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Chapter 1

The sun is evil, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Always being the annoying disturbance that wakes me up in the morning. Or maybe that’s the little rugrat crawling around me that’s the true evil, I can hear her giggle as she tries tickling me awake. God damn this girl is too adorable; I grab her as she crawls on my chest and hear a burst of kiddy laughter

“Gotcha!” I say my eyes still closed, savoring those last few moments of sleep. To me you weren’t officially awake till your eyes opened. She screamed with a crazy laugh as I felt a big burst of sand hit my face, sure was glad I had my eyes closed then! Why does her power got to be the stuff that’s so hard to get completely off, I swear I always taste sand in my mouth because of her.

“Hey!” I said mildly annoyed yet amused. She giggled at me as I opened my eyes to see Cammi sitting on my chest with the goofiest grin on her face as I grabbed her and wrestled her down, she doing her crazy laugh all the way through and still throwing sand at me from out of thin air. I laughed all the way through as I eventually wrestled her into sitting up with me on my bed.

“Grandpa, grandpa!” she yelled at me, making me roll my eyes. Geez dad, always sending me a wakeup call

“Okay okay, let me get dressed first” I said as I got up, but Cammi being her silly self hung around my neck like a tie as she giggled at me, this silly girl. Three years of this little goofball and I couldn’t be happier that she was my niece. I also couldn’t be happier for my big brother Leo for having his first son not too long ago either, Cammi loves her new little brother too. I just hope when Emilio gets as big as his sister he’s not waking me up like her, or blasting sand in my face. I walked to my dresser with my ‘tie’ securely hung around my neck dangling like a little monkey as I slipped off my shorts and threw on my brown cargo pants. Then I reached for my short sleeved button up with one side of it being black and the other white. Getting it on was tricky but gladly I weaseled it on so Cammi could stay in her favorite place and I could keep my neck pain for a little longer.

After I was buttoned up I reached for my spray deodorant and sprayed some over me, guess Im going to have to skip a shower today because of this monkey.

“Yucky!” Cammi yelled at me

“Who asked you?” I said jokingly as she stuck her tongue out at me. The difficult part was the socks, because bending down with a three year old hugging your neck means your neck is going to be extra strained. But I got them on and slipped on my shoes, giving each shoe a kick to make sure my foot was all the way in and getting a ding sound from the wall in conformation of my steel tips. All ready, I walked out my door, not seeing anyone else up yet or maybe they were already out. Leo probably was on a mission already along with Tori and Tony. Since they were older dad trusted them with the tougher stuff. Kayce always slept in, a real sleeping beauty that everyone had trouble trying to wake up, Sam was probably sleeping still too. Since Sam and Kayce are younger they don’t get the same kind of missions I do so they didn’t need to wake up early.

I walk down the hall to our big circular front room, our fire pit in the middle starting to burn out from last night. I loved the fact that I lived in a castle, my ancestors definitely loved thinking they were kings. Or at least that’s what I’ve read from history. I flicked my fingers as the embers in it burst causing a steady fire to burn now, of course Cammi laughed at me using my powers. I wrapped my arms around her as I walked to our big doors, they starting to open as I heard clanking noises behind me

“Good morning master” I heard a robotic voice tell me as I turned and looked down at Flame, my 3 foot robot that I and my friend Atticus made; who looked like a large ball on a cylinder with metal tubes for arms and legs sticking out. Give us some credit we were 6 when we made him so our imagination wasn’t as big as they were now, though if I made him now he’d probably look like something out of an anime. If there’s one thing I loved about him it was his paint sceam. Dark metallic red with black accents and his face was painted on, a skull with light up eyes that did so whenever he said a word. Again we were 6 when we made him, if I’d known that that those blinking lights were going to be as annoying as they were I would never have put them in. But they really did help Cammi sleep, she was afraid of the dark and he was the perfect night light.

“Morning flame, sleep well?”

“Of course sir, I am functioning properly am I not?” he asked as I rolled my eyes, he wasn’t a complete sterile robot, he had a bit of sas programmed into him but still seemed like a computer that talked to you. He was very matter of fact, though that was good considering how off track I could get. He looked at Cammi and gave her a wave as she chuckled into my chest, god she just laughed at everything. My arms holding onto to Cammi tight, I took a couple steps back before breaking into a sprint. Jumping out the door, I struck my legs out straight and pushed flames out the bottom of my shoes and flew through the valley.

My family’s land, the valley of sages as it’s called, had been our home for as long as anyone had kept track of history. It looked like a endless stretch of grass, dirt, and streams. Looking at down at it all, I can’t help but remember some of the times me, Sam, and Kayce played games. Then how quickly those games devolved to us cheating using our powers, soccer turning into kayce’s air ball, races turning into Sam tripping you with water, and I swear I never cheated…honest! Flame was following suit, every robot needed rockets they just did. I saw two float castles opposite of my home, Leo’s and Tony’s. Then on the ground I saw a dome made of stone or as I knew it the alter of sages, and began my descent. Coming through a hole in the ceiling I land right in front of my father, messing around with his tablet as per usual.

“Good morning sir” I said as Cammi looked at my dad and let go of me, running to him and hugging onto his leg. He chuckled as he helped her up and held her in one of his arms, if you could call them that they were like tree trunks. My dad pretty much looked like a older version of me, though I think Leo looks more like him if he didn’t shave his head all the time. But then again Leo’s hair would be brown without shaving it and dad’s and mine were black.

“Morning Jonny boy” He said with Cammi in hand as Flame dropped in next to me. Dad turned his tab back on while Cammi swiped through it, she was so use to this that she knew where to get my missions for him. “Okay we got three missions for you today, nothing to big since it’s been pretty quite”

“Hooray, no monsters” I said, a little disappointed. That was the fun part of this job, fighting monsters

“I didn’t say that” he said as he handed me his tablet and I saw the list for the day. “We got a report about 6 hours ago about a C class monster running through Chicago, he’s speedy so watch out” he said as I nodded and handed the tablet to Flame who began to copy the info into himself. “Then you have to dart over to Satolini, nothing big just the king is negotiating trade with the U.K and just wants a sage there to make sure nothing goes bad with it” now that’s not what I heard. What I heard was ‘Jon, Atticus wants to hang out and asked his dad to tell me to send you there’ sweet. “Then last after that, we have gotten some readings from somewhere in Europe, minor monster readings mostly. It’s probably nothing but just to be sure go check it to make sure it won’t cause anyone any trouble” he said as I nodded

“Got it pop. I’ll be back soon!” I said turning for the way out of here as Flame did the same. I knew Cammi was waving like crazy at me, she always did whenever I left

“Have a good day son!” Dad told me as I ran outside and jumped in the air and flew with Flame to Chicago, time to go work.

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