Sages: The Burned Soul (Jon's Saga)

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chapter 2

Being faster than any plane had its downsides, sure when I tried I could be almost anywhere within a hour but damned if that didn’t cause my clothes to tear a little and my hair to just pull back on my head. Too bad Flame couldn’t fly as fast as me, when we went on missions he hung onto me like a backpack for the ride telling me how to get to where I was going, world’s bulkiest GPS.

“ETA is 7 minutes, the class C is heading to the pier going through the streets. Local authorities are trying to contain it” He said as I saw the Chicago skyline come in to distance

“Did dad tell them I was coming?” I asked already knowing the answer

“Of course, I am also telling them of our present time of arrival sir.”

“Perfect” I said as we began to close in on the edge of the city and fly over the streets where Flame began to turn into a stereotypical GPS

“Right, left, right, continue down Lakeshore and we’ll be at the pier in less than a minute”

“Gotcha’” I said as I followed the directions and arrived at the famous Navy Pier, surrounded by cops. I killed the flames and got ready for a landing, firing one last burst of thrust to make sure I didn’t hurt myself on impact. Every cop looked at me as Flame got off my back “Go through the street Flame, repair protocol” I told flame without looking at him

“Yes sir” he said as he rushed down the street. His main purpose for me was a way of minimizing damage, since these monsters didn’t care about what they were destroying. Flame was basically a walking Home-depot; the only thing he couldn’t do was fix glass which was usually the only thing that the people had to pay for. I approached the highest ranking cop there, a lieutenant, who brought out his hand as I did mine to shake it.

“Honor to meet you” he said as I nodded

“Nice to meet you, make any progress on the thing?” I asked as I heard some smashing noises down the street with a roar

“We’ve wounded it with those new light bullets, so it’s got a soft spot on its right arm. The legs are stumpy but hell is he fast, no eyes either just a big mouth” he told me as I rolled my eyes

“Usual class C, just big ball with a mouth and arms” I said as we heard a huge roar echo down the street as I saw it storming toward us, just like he said I noticed his right arm was wounded. I smirked as I pushed out my arm in front of me with a thought flames rushed out in front of me quickly and formed a metal rod with square diamonds on either end of it. I twirled my staff in the air before hitting the butt of it on the ground, I have to admit I think Tony had a cooler weapon then I did but I just think a broad sword is better than a staff. Everyone’s eyes were on me, like I was a celebrity, I walked past a few cops till I was dead center with the charging monster. I cracked my neck before I broke into a sprint with my staff in hand. The monster roared as he cocked back his left fist as I jumped in the air struck out my right foot and lit it on fire and kicked him on the upper lip. He fell over hard, digging into the street as landed on the ground and turned quick, spinning my staff and lighting the ends on fire I quickly hit the monster before he could get up. He yelled out as he got up and snarled at me before swinging his arm at me. I jumped, using my flame to go higher, so he missed me and aimed my staff for his mouth and threw it, the end igniting like a rocket that pierced through him. When I heard the gurgle noise I knew it was over, I saw it collapses as his body began to rapidly decay. When the monsters died, their brains released this chemical that destroyed their bodies into dust quicker than any cremation facility. I landed back down just as the last of the monster finished falling apart, it was then that Flame quickly ran over and picked up the pieced of broken street and put them back together like a big jigsaw puzzle. Then his head spilt open, looking like Pac-man as he threw the little bits of the street in there then started grating them and heating them up. Then he straightened out his hand and began to patched together the road with new asphalt.

“Good job partner” I told him as I heard a roar of applause from the citizens and some of the police

“The monster wrecked a lot of the buildings, it wont take long for me but I recommend you leave now if you want to arrive in Satolini in a reasonable time” Flame suggested as I nodded

“Finish up here then go home Flame” I told him as I began to walk away before he threw me a small silver bracelet, a back up GPS for when he needed to do stuff like this. I walked back over to the cops, many of them giving me a pat on the back as I walked over to the lieutenant who was smiling at me

“Thank ya son” he told me as I nodded with a grin

“Don’t mention, my robot over there is going to fix a lot of the damage that monster caused. If you could keep some officers on him to make sure no one disturbs him while he works I would really appreciate it” I told him but he nodded way before I was done.

“Got it, thank you again” he told me as I nodded once again before running off and flying off to Satolini, not really needing the GPS I knew how to get there from anywhere in the world.

I got to the east coast shoreline in less than 30 minutes, everything just blurring by me, as I flew over the open sea. I caused the water to hydro plane when I went down lower to the sea to touch it. In ten minutes I was there, Satolini, the large island nation in the middle of Atlantic. I flew over the open forest of the coastline before I saw the capital city. Not many tall buildings, the Satolinins loved to burrow their buildings lower rather than build them higher. The tallest structure in the capital was the castle, a stone castle that had gothic architecture and the brightest grey stone you’d ever seen. I’d only know the architecture because Atticus’ father told me about it all the time, he really loved building design. Which believe it or not I preferred him talking about that rather than energized particles leading to a new form of clean energy. I knew it wasn’t always true, but from the Satolinins I’ve met including their king and prince I’d believe that joke everyone makes that Satolinins were all Einsteins.

I flew toward the castle and landed in the courtyard, where of course he was waiting for me.

“You know you usually clock in from Chicago like ten minutes sooner” Atticus said as he leaned on a wall while I chuckled

“I didn’t know you kept track” I said walking over to him as he leaned off the wall

“Well what else am I suppose to do before you get here?”

“I don’t know prince” I said shrugging “Maybe go hang out with Mary” he sighed as he punched my shoulder “Ow”

“She’s with her parents at a family thing” he said. Mary and him practically hung out every day for the past year. Mary was nice and smart, not as smart as Atticus but still smart.I knew she was really special to him, she was the only person I knew that could get away with calling the dear prince Matty instead of his proper name.

“That’s too bad” I said as I patted him on the shoulder and we started walking “I love 3 players rather 2” Atticus laughed as he punched my arm

“I’m still gonna smoke you” he said running ahead as I chuckled and followed suit. He was gonna get it!

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