Brother's love

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A true tale of brotherhood and its blessings. The unexpected incident in which both brother's lives are at stake.

Action / Adventure
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Brother's love

Honey memories

It was getting late after the first blackout. The Indian fighter planes had just passed a few minutes ago. We were hungry because we hadn’t anything to eat as lunch. The markets were all closed by then. We thought it to be over. I took my elder brother with me. We decided to eat CHURAN a popular treat for kids. It was in powder form and was used to be wrapped in a paper. We, at last, reach the CHURAN WALLA by travelling in the shadows of walls and creeping about. The CHURAN WALLA wrapped the churan in the paper and gave it to us in the exchange of one paisa. We turned around to go but just then the siren blew, a symbol of enemy planes coming this way. I tried to cover the powder with my hands while running. At the same moment an enemy fighter plane just flew over me gusting the wind towards me and causing the powder to fly away. My brother pulled me towards him, immediately. Somehow, I managed to hide and save my life but I lost my churan that day. I still think of that day as a miracle.

(True incident narrated by my father)

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