Blood Moon

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I have been trapped in a slave camp for a year. Finally I have been rescued, but in exchange for my freedom I must serve my saviors. Can I trust them? My name is Theia, and I have been trapped in the slave camp, Overnor, for a year. I gave up hope that someone would come for me and I accepted my death for it was long overdue. But someone came for me, and in exchange for my freedom, I must serve them. I have already had a master and that ended with me in prison Can I trust this man?

Action / Scifi
Scarlett Okwa
5.0 2 reviews
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This is a book I started a while ago and i’m picking it up again.




It’s everywhere. None of it is mine. All of it is theirs. I look away from the two dead bodies to the mirror on my left and smile. Blood is all over my hands and arms but none of it made it to my face. I stare at the Blue eyes looking back at me.

“Are you pleased Master?”

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