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Rose is a quiet girl who everybody thinks is perfect, but she's not. Rose is one of few who have superpowers, but when she is threatened, can she help ~Nothing~ lol ~This is just a random short story that no one will see~

Action / Horror
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I always knew that I was different. Not to sound cliche or anything, but do you know of anyone else who can tell when a person is going to die? No, I didn’t think so. I mean, it’s not the best superpower to have, but it’s better than nothing.

I usually just go to school and look at the same boring people and do the same boring routine that happens everyday. I glance to my left, and see a handful of students. Some have about sixty years left, others have ten. It’s all really easy to tell based upon their social group and their grades. I glance to my right, and the people basically have the same boring lives as everyone else.

After about five minutes the bell finally rings, and the professor walks into the classroom. He’s wearing a tan trench coat with stubby black hair and baby brown eyes. He looks about twenty and has a good eighty three years ahead of him. He’s the new science teacher, but he doesn’t look like he has much experience.

I started to do my classwork, and then decided to look up. What I saw utterly destroyed me.

As I looked around, the students that I had just seen moments before had about thirty minutes left to live. In fact, the whole classroom had exactly thirty two minutes and forty two seconds. Forty three. Forty two. Forty one.

Our time started to dwindle, and I was afraid to try and tell the professor that something disastrous was going to happen in exactly thirty seven minutes and fifty eight seconds.

I gathered all my courage and started to walk up to my new professor, only to stop dead in my tracks.

He still had eighty three years left, but how? Had I made a mistake?

I turned around to look at my class. Twenty three minutes and twelve seconds.

I turned and headed back for my seat. Or at least tried to. The professor grabbed my wrist and made me face him.

“Something wrong?” he grinned.

“No.” I stammered.

I tried to loosen his grip, but he kept tightening it. If I really wanted to, I could hurt this guy, but I didn’t want to get sent to the Deans.

“Please let go of me.” I rushed out before I would throat punch him.”Or else.”

He started to let go of his hold, but not out of fear. But to my surprise, he was laughing.

“Oh, little girl you’re funny. What could you possibly do to me? You weigh 120 pounds. Lets face it, your odds aren’t good.”

I didn’t think, or say anything really. I just kneed his groin, and then twisted his hand behind his back.

I think I freaked everyone out a little, because I’m supposed to be this ‘quiet, straight A student’. But, little do they know that this shy little girl knows self defence.


Everyone must have been getting a weird vibe off of him too, because no one asked me why I did what I did. Actually, no one has ever had to question me since, and if they did, they’d regret it.

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