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Rumble Rock contains the story of the masked warrior Humble Rumble. Inside one rundown gym laid a sixth sided cage that was covered in rust and broken metal. Next to it was a ratty wrestling ring. The action was taking place inside the cage, with two opponents ready to fight inside the cage. One of the fighters was both shirtless and barefooted, wearing only a long pair of fighting trunks. The shorts were black with a white trim, covered in stains developed over many years of use. This man had a beer gut and a nasty looking neck beard that was greasier than motor oil. This slob, who was five foot ten inches, while weighing three hundred pounds of pure whale blubber.

Action / Adventure
Zach Hughart
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Rumble Rock was the fifth planet of the main solar system of the Singlarr galaxy. It was a planet that kept most of its battles in one of two places, either in the ring or a cage. It had a moderate level of technology that still used gasoline, as a primary power source. This world loved all forms of combat sports, especially pro wrestling and MMA.

Inside one rundown gym laid a sixth sided cage that was covered in rust and broken metal. Next to it was a ratty wrestling ring. The action was taking place inside the cage, with two opponents ready to fight inside the cage.

One of the fighters was both shirtless and barefooted, wearing only a long pair of fighting trunks. The shorts were black with white trim, covered in stains developed over many years of use. This man had a beer gut and a nasty looking neck beard that was greasier than motor oil. This slob, who was five foot ten inches, while weighing three hundred pounds of pure whale blubber.

The other fighter was six-foot inches, that weighed just over one hundred and eighty-five pounds. The masked fighter was wearing a gold-colored mask that had a black phoenix pattern over his face. Eye holes, nose holes, and a mouth opening were the only openings on the mask. The mysterious man was wearing some sort of martial arts shoes that looked like thin closed-back black slippers. He was wearing opened fingered MMA gloves.

The announcer yells, “Here is the beer bruiser! He has a fighting record of thirteen wins, one hundred losses, and sixty-seven draws!”

The fat man raises his arm, about knocking out the nearby ref with his body order.

The announcer yells, “Here is the new local sensation that goes by the name of Humble Rumble!”

The crowd of over one hundred jump to their feet in excitement. They were happy to see the masked warrior.

The announcer yells, “He has an amazing fighting record of 120 wins,

0 losses and 0 draws.”

Humble Rumble jumped unto the top of the battered cage, with his arms raised up above his head. The masked fighter then jumped back down to the ground.

The referee got in between the two fighters, as the announcer climbed out of the cage. The door was locked from the outside.

The bell has rung and it was on.

Rumble circled around the sluggish fighter, nicking him in the shins. Bruiser could do little

to protect himself from Humble’s attacks. Both of the man pig’s shins were black and blue, as Bruiser could hardly move.

The masked warrior did a sweeping kick to the fat man’s legs, which knocked Bruiser down to the mat. Rumble put the slob into a leg lock and immediately forced him to tap or have his legs broken.

The referee saw that Bruiser was tapping to get free of the leg lock and stopped the match.

The ref put up Humble Rumble’s hand up into the air. The announcer pulled a wired microphone into the cage and tried to talk to the winner. But Rumble wouldn’t have it and walked into the back.

Two men went into the cage with a filthy cloth stretcher and rolled the Bruiser unto it. The supposed helpers bumped the screaming loser into the sides of the metal door. The men paid no heed to man’s complaints and continued to carry him into the back. The cloth stretcher breaks causing the huge man to hit the ground on the back of his head, thus knocking out the already injured man. The men left the bruiser for dead and continued into one of the back rooms.

Rumble head back into the locker room and saw some thugs trying to break into his locker.

He finally broke his silence, “Fellas, I got the key with me if you want to get inside it.”

The thieves were shocked that the man had caught them in the act of trying to rob Rumble.

Humble said very little and he never took off his mask or even showered in the locker room. He wanted to keep his identity secret to all of the boys in the back.

This business was not an affiliate of the fighting/ wrestling commission and wasn’t any better than a backyard promotion. The organization was very sketchy in its operation, which was apparent to everybody involved.

The four thieves were ready to strike Rumble, even to point of killing him to hide their crime.

The duo rushed at him with a crowbar and a screwdriver.

Humble dodged the assault and punched the first thug in his Adam’s apple. The thief grabs his throat, as the fighter does a spinning back fist to the hurting thug.

The thief falls to the ground, like a sack of potatoes.

The remaining thief with a crowbar hit the fighter in his left blocking arm. Rumble kicked the thug on the left side of his head with his right leg.

The thug fell to the ground out, like a light.

Rumble soccer kicked both men in their heads to make sure that they were out. He put both men on top of them in a double armbar and snapped both of their right arms. He did the same to the attempted thieves’ left arms.

Rumble spoke, “Good luck, trying to rob me again with your arms broken and your heads split open. Try to steal from me will ya!”

The masked fighter yelled, “You suckers were just gonna let these punks rob from me and not do anything about it? Where is the supposed fraternity among the boys? What a crock of bull crap!”

The rest of the boys in the locker rooms were frozen as if they were statues.

Rumble robbed all of the fallen thieves’ money. He put the bloody money in the shower and washed it clean of blood. Then, he put all the wet money into a gym bag, after he counted it. It came out to be over thirty thousand dollars.

Rumble walked over to the promoter’s office to get his pay. He opened the door with a hospital mask over his mouth and nose, along with a pair of goggles over his eyes. Weed smoke poured out of the office and into the hallway. The room was full of all sorts of vile acts with an aged man sitting behind his desk, just watching the show.

Rumble spoke, “I am here to get today’s pay and I won all of my matches, so don’t try to screw me. I am unto you and your cheating ways!”

The promoter handed Humble a small wad of cash.

Humble spoke, “Quit screwing around and give me all my money!”

The masked man saw that the boss was trying to do something untoward him, so Rumble jumped unto the top of the desk.

A shotgun had been built into the wooden desk went off and hit the space where Rumble was once standing.

It was on, as Rumble punched the boss in the face and strangled him to death with his tie. He would not kill unless to save his own life.

Luckily, the rest of the people in the office were too high and/or drunk to comprehend what had just occurred.

Rumble stripped the promoter’s clothes and said, “He wants you all to screw him too, he is too jealous of you all for having a bigger dick than his two-inch pecker.”

Humble had taken a key from the dead man’s pocket and robbed the man’s safe of all it’s money. He had collected over three hundred thousand dollars.

Rumble left the gym forever as the drug-filled orgy within the dead promoter’s office had set the place on fire.

Humble was walking outside the burning gym with his street clothes(blue genes, tennis shoes, and a hoodie covering up his wrestling mask. He was walking over to the nearby subway to travel back home with his gym bag full of his gear and over one hundred thousand dollars. He was trying to act naturally as he had done every night he fought or wrestling, but that was impossible this night.

Five rough-looking thugs were pulling out knives, and broken beer bottles.

The first thug spoke while playing with his switchblade, “My nigga, you need to be given us your racks upon racks!”

The rest of the thugs started to laugh at the fellow thug’s comment.

Rumble paid them no heed as he stood there solemn-faced with the gym bag still in his right hand.

Humble spoke, “I had killed way too many people already today. Five more dead bodies will be like nothing to me! Just walk away will you still can.

The second thug spoke, “This nigga be tripping balls!”

Rumble dropped the gym bag down to the ground, as he put both of his gloved hand into his hoodie pockets to get something out.

He threw two hidden throwing knives at the first two thugs’ necks. They fell to the ground clutching their throats.

The other three punks raced towards the would-be hero.

The third thug slammed down a broken beer bottle towards Humble, but it was for naught.

Rumble caught the thug by his elbow and snapped it in the opposite direction of where it should be bending. He then gave the third thug a spinning back fist in the jaw.

The thug fell down to the ground out of a light, as Rumble stomped his neck into oblivion.

The two remaining thugs got nervous and started to run away when Humble did a double dropkick to each of the attackers’ heads. He then stomped both men in the neck, breaking both of their spines cleanly in two.

Rumble ripped his two knives out of the fallen thugs and into an empty plastic bag. This was after he wiped both of the bladed weapons off. He put one of the knives into a nearby river and the other was thrown into the window of an abandoned house. This place was a den of crack heads and never do wells, so he did not worry about somebody finding it, and the other weapon was in the fifth-worst polluted river in the world. So, there would be little risk of people diving into it, to find it.

Rumble thought, “I had killed before many a time to protect myself, but this day will haunt me forever! I know that I am doing the wrong thing for the right reason.”

The rest of the trip home was without incident and arrived home early the next morning. He walked into the front room to find a middle-aged people sitting restlessly on a love seat.

The man stood to his feet and hug Rumble in a tender embrace.

The older man spoke, “Where have you gone again, son? You have been gone for weeks.”

The woman was looking at the two men like she had been hit by a semi-truck.

Rumble spoke,” Let me put some things and I will tell you everything you want to know.”

The mother spoke, “I hope that he is not selling drugs like your brother did before he got sent to prison.”

Rumble had been in his room with the door locked behind him going through the hidden room he had made from the dead space behind his closet to hide his sports gear and all the money that he had earned over the last four years. He put up his fighting gear and put all of his money into five gym bags of various sizes. He locked the door to the hidden room. Humble shut the closet door and unlocked his bedroom door and walked back into the front room.

The father spoke, “What on Rumble Rock, do you got inside all those bags?”

Rumble spoke with a smile, “Clear the office table and I will show you.”

The parents did as they were asked and took everything off the small table.

Humble put four of the gym bags down and open it up the remaining bag in his hands. He pours out the entire contents of the bag unto the table and was it full of sealed bags of dollar bills.

The couple’s eyes about jumped out of their skulls, as he opened up four more bags filled with sealed bags. The last bag was full of loose cash that he acquired. The coffee table was completely covered in money to the point that couldn’t even see the table anymore.

Mom spoke, “I hope that this is not dirty money.”

Rumble spoke, “No, I washed it before coming back home.”

Dad spoke, “I hope that you are not in uncle Buck’s line of work.”

Humble spoke, “No, I just did a lot of freelance work in the four-state area. I just used what I knew to earn all of this.”

He wasn’t lying outright, but just omitting to what skills he had been using.

Humble Rumble spoke, “I was gone so often after school because I working to get you two out of debt. We had racked up a lot of medical bills, due to Mom’s cancer. We just need to make a ration of decently sized payments every week to get out of the hole. Do this and you hopefully won’t bring any attention to us that we are wealthy again.

The family of three was in a group hug when Rumble’s belly growled.

He spoke,” I guess that I am just hungry for a pot of good chili.

The old couple smiled at the sound of the rumbling belly.

Rumble took his folks to their favorite oriental buffet after they had a payment to all of their bill holders.

Anna spoke, “I thought that you wanted a pot of chili?”

Rumble spoke, “I do, but that is for supper, but this is only lunch. Plus, it is only ten am. We have plenty of time until then to get some groceries, take them home, and put on some dinner. I have not eaten, like this for several months. It is on me, so put back those wallets back up. We are in good standing with our funds, even after making payments to keep us out of the bill collectors’ call lists. So eat up, mom and dad, it is my treat.”

James spoke, “I know that you were doing paid internships in both physical therapy and counseling. You have a double master already, so you have fairly good wages, despite your age, You have worked four years already, towards your future careers. I don’t know how you are to do two full-time jobs at once, but I believe in you. So, where did you go to do all your freelancing gigs?”

Rumble was taken back by the question as if he was not ready to answer it.

He said, “You know that a was an athlete in both high school and college. I have four more years to compete in college sports. I have finished the National College league four-year competition limit and I have the right to compete for more than four years in another college league. I have been accepted into the rival National College Association just across the city.”

James spoke, “That is great, but you didn’t answer the question.′

Rumble spoke, “I had said that to tell you that I have been offering my services as a therapist and counseling to the smaller MMA and Wrestling promotions. I had made a lot of money since I am an athlete that can better suit other athletes’ needs. That makes I had been doing for the last four years.”

Anna spoke, “That is great, honey. Will they transfer all of your credits?”

Rumble spoke, “They had already agreed to accept every single one of my credits, and set me to the participate programs that I had been in the other college. I had made sure that it was

all primped and proper.”

The parents seem pleased with the answer since Humble had always gotten a 4.0 GPA while at college.

Rumble was grabbing up all of the many plates from the table to stake them up. He had

forgotten that he was using the same arm that he had blocked the thief’s crowbar. He struggled to move

the plates for a second, while with a grimace on his face.

Anna spoke, “What is wrong?”

Rumble forced a smile on his face.

“I am just sore and tired from all my adventures.”

James spoke, “Let’s take you home and we will take care of grocery shopping.”

Rumble spoke, “No, I can survive some grocery shopping and I will rest them.”

They spent the next two hours grocery shopping two large freezers full of food, to go along with a full pantry. Rumble and his parents put all of it and the teen was stumbling around like he was dead drunk.

James grabbed his son by his side and put him to bed in his room. He fell asleep with his clothes still on.

Anna spoke, “Dear, is he okay?”

James spoke, “I think so. I know that he overworked himself to pay for nearly all of the bills that we had spent to treat your cancer. We lost your insurance when you lost your job at the hospital. He had taken on all the responsibility of your treatment.”

Anna sat down on the couch, with tears in her tired eyes.

“James, he is only sixteen years old and he must have outworked the two of us at our best. I just know that he did. I am so proud and angry at him, at the same time. I don’t know whether to kiss him or beat his ass.”

James spoke, “He will be ahead of the curve in all that he does if he works as he has. Yet, he needs to pace himself better. A candle that burns at both ends burns out quickly. Honey go rest in our bedroom and I will get dinner ready.”

It was past eight PM and Rumble had not stirred awake, so the couple decided to eat without

him. They were just starting to eat when their son stumbled out of the room while having a mush mouth.

He was sitting at the table, as he struggled to make a bowl of chili. He finally got it together and ate an entire serving bowl of chili as if was nothing.

Then something terrible happened.

Rumble passed out to the dining room floor.

Anna screamed out bloody terror, as James rushed over to their son.

James and Anna check his vital signs, and he was struggling to breathe normally.

The mother called 911 and told where they lived.

“I can’t get my son to respond and his breathing is very poor. He has been in pain all day, along looking pale all day. My husband is trying to treat him the best he can, but get here quick!”

The 911 operator spoke, “Keep on the line and stay calm so that you don’t need care as well. An ambulance is on the way and will be there in less than five minutes. Wait at the front door to make sure that they get to the right house. This will make them get to your son quicker.”

It was the longest five minutes of their lives, while they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

The EMTs rushed through the front door and into the dining room. The couple were explaining what had happened.

James spoke, “Anna goes with the boy and I will follow behind in the van.

It took all James could do was to keep calm, and not break the speed limit. He knew that he had to be there for his son and not go to jail instead.

Rumble was rushed into the ER, while the nursing staff ripped his shirt off with a pair of scissors. The lad was wrapped up as if it was a ten-thousand-year-old mummy. The staff carefully cut through the wrapping and they were appalled at what they saw.

Rumble was covered in bruises, cuts, and sorts of lacerations. The staff had never seen a person come into the ER with such wounds throughout their entire carrier. It was all the more jarring that the wounds were on a minor, like him. The medical staff was trained to expect that the guardians were the cause of the injuries of a child.

James was finally allowed into the ER to check up on his son.

The doctor took the parents to the nearby consultation room to update them on Rumble’s condition.

The doctor spoke, “My name is Dr. Henry and your son is stable. But we are at a loss to explain the cause of his wounds. Do you have something that you need to share?”

James was pissed at the comment.

“We have never hit our son, besides a few spankings as a kid. He was a good kid, so that was a very rare occurrence. We had never left a mark on him or used an object to punish Rumble.”

Anna spoke, “Rumble takes part in all sorts of combat sports while wearing a full bodysuit. We never saw anything, but his neck up and his hands. His hands were wrapped up in gauze and tape more than half the time. He was such a modest boy and didn’t want to wear fighting trunks or a wrestling singlet. He had us write a letter to his coaches that it was against his religion to show his body off. We go to church, but we never held him to such standards. Yet, we did as he asked.”

Dr. Henry still wasn’t convinced as he spoke, “All the sports federations would never allow such injuries to go on under their watch.”

James spoke, “The boy had been working all sorts of freelance work across the four-state area to help pay for his mom’s cancer treatment. We had lost our insurance when Anna had lost her job. I am a contractor by trade and are paid by the job. I receive no such benefits.’

Dr. Henry had a look of confusion on his face.

“Why would you let a minor to travel such a far distance for work.”

Anna spoke, “The boy was allowed to do what he wanted for as long as he had good grades and was at good standings at all his internships. He never was into trouble before this. He must have felt that he had to support his sick mother. James has allowed his business to slide into disarray while caring for me. He is not bringing in half the money that he was earning before my illness.”

James had a veil of tears over his eyes.

“He was always a private individual and never had a lot of friends. It wasn’t that he couldn’t have them, better yet he didn’t desire them. He had always rebelled, when he had forced the issue. So, we were glad that he was out and about.’

Dr. Henry saw that the parents were sincere,

“I was going to call in child protective services, but I feel that isn’t needed here. We have gotten your son stable, but we are not out of the woods yet. He had suffered tremendous for the last few years, and he will probably carry those scars for the rest of his life. I am sorry that you had to find your son in such a state. He must be in nearby outlaw fighting promotions under some sort of alias. The major promotions only allow eighteen years and up to compete.”

James spoke, “So what are you going to do with our son?”

We are going to send him to the children’s wound care unit here at the hospital. You should be able to see him in about one hour or so. We are going to keep him in an induced coma to ensure that he doesn’t hurt himself any further. His body will take months, if not years to fully heal. I suggest that you put safeguards in place that he never does such a thing again until he is an adult.”

Anna spoke, “We have got his phone with us and he never puts a password on his phone. We will go through his rooms to find out what he was doing.”

Dr. Henry spoke, “I suggest that when he is released to make him check in throughout the day and keep an active GPS on his phone. We will give some pamphlets to how to do this and other services to do this. From what you are telling me, he is a good son. He has just gotten himself into a terrible situation. I would inform his school of what he had been doing and to keep a watch for any further injuries. He could be kicked out of school for his actions here today, but I will put in a good word to whatever school that he is a good person, with good intentions.”

James spoke,” He is doing the wrong thing for the right reason, as I had taught him. I didn’t think that he takes it to such a degree. It was partly my fault that he had hurt himself.′

Both of the parents were crying abundantly, as the harden ER doctor was moved by the display of sorrow. Henry, along with other professionals that deal with people that are in critical condition, attempt to not allow themselves to become emotional. They are hired to be strong and care for people that may die, despite all the care they might be given. But sometimes that wasn’t possible, and this was one such time.

Henry spoke, “Do you need any onsite counseling and/ or Chaplin visit?”

Anna spoke, “That won’t be necessary, but we just need some time alone.

James started going through his son’s smartphone and sees nothing strange at first. Anna goes through the phone and finds some porn folders. But that was normal for a teenager to be looking at such things. There was nothing abnormal in his pictures, yet just a lot of big boobs and fat asses. The two wouldn’t confront Rumble on this issue since they weren’t puritans when it came to sexuality. Humble never brought girls home and they were glad, since he was only a sixteen year old, while being in the college setting.”

Anna spoke, “I can’t find out what he was up to and only find a series of numbers. M 121-0-0 and W 1,200-0-0.”

James spoke, “That is numbers used as a fighting record! He has been in over thirteen hundred matches!”

Anna spoke, “Holy Shit! He gives the dates for every match and other information. He did all those matches in the four years I had been getting cancer treatment.”

James spoke, “Who would allow him to start fighting, as a mere twelve-year-old?”

Anna spoke,” I had seen pictures of someone under a mask and full-body jumpsuit. It has to be him. He has hundreds of bookmarks of somebody going by the name Humble Rumble.”

James spoke, “Get a picture of this dude and our son at one of his sports meets.”

Anna did as she was told and had the two pictures of them at the profile view.

James spoke, “It is him all right! That is his alter ego! He is this Humble Rumble.

One month goes by and Rumble is allowed to go home under the care of his parents.

He was completely silent on the way home since he was in big trouble.

James spoke, “We need an answer from you, young man to what made you think that you had to fight for a living to care for your mother? I still make close to six figures, despite only working part-time! Answer me!”

Rumble wouldn’t respond.

Anna spoke, “Your father is asking a question, young man!”

James spoke, “Don’t make me get out of the car and beat your ass!”

Rumble laughed at his father’s threat.

James spoke, “What is so damn funny boy?”

Humble spoke, “I would beat you to death if you would try me!”

James spoke, “That is it, boy, I am going to get out of this care and knock some sense into your ass.”

Anna screamed, “James, stop it!”

The father and son got out of the car and prepared to battle each other. Rumble had lost thirty pounds of muscle while in the hospital. He was a middleweight at sixteen years old (one hundred and eighty-five pounds).

Rumble went into his fighting stance and his father rushed him on the side of a highway.

James had his arms pinned between their bodies, so Rumble took advantage of his father’s predicament.

James was given a belly to belly suplex and thrown over his son’s head and unto the windshield of the SUV. The father broke the windshield of the vehicle, as the lands on the glass.

Anna yelled, “You two are being ridiculous and get in the car before the police show up to arrest you both!”

Rumble did as he was told and gotten into the back seat behind the driver’s seat. Anna helped her husband off the hood of the SUV. She put him in the passenger seat, while she drove the rest of the way home.

Anna was pissed off beyond belief.

“Who do you think that you are to beat up your father, like that?”

Rumble spoke, “I know that you spied on my phone and know my fighting record. I was the undisputed open weight champion throughout all the indy feds in the four-state area. I beat up super heavyweights as if they were babies. You think that a normal man is going to beat me barehanded?”

Anna knew that her son was right since some of Rumble’s matches were recorded with phone cameras. He was a monster both in the ring and cage. He was without a peer in the outlaw promotions.

James spoke, “You need to leave my house and get emancipated!”

Anna spoke, “Stop it!”

Rumble spoke, “If he doesn’t want me anymore, then take me to the courthouse. Let’s get this matter done today!”

James spoke, “Fine, have it your way!”

Anna was forced out of the driver seat, as James drove to the courthouse. They were seen by a Judge and Rumble was found able to care for himself. He made around thirty thousand a year from his paid internships. He had spent the money from the college jobs so he could get a pretty decent place.

Rumble empty out his closet and put them in four gym bags and walked out of the house.

Anna spoke, “Please don’t go! We can work it out!”

Neither James or Rumble responded to anybody.

Anna was crying in tears, as she tried to grab her son in a vain attempt to stop him. Rumble keptwalking with his luggage.

Eventually, She had to let go of her son.

Anna cried for the rest of the day and into the night.

She broke the silence.

“I told you that we shouldn’t allow him to compete in those violent combat sports.”

James refused to say anything.


Rumble had wanted to compete in sports since he was four years old. He took part in all sorts of little league combat sports that relied on scoring points to win. He was city champ, then district champ, state champion after that. He soon becomes the national champion at every sport he took part in.

Nobody lasted five minutes against Rumble, who appeared to not be even trying. Humble never

bragged about his achievements. It was like the competition was just wasting his time.


It was four years later, and Rumble had to complete his three upper graduate degrees while participating in college sports for another four years. He was now a super light heavyweight (two hundred and twenty pounds) at six feet two inches. This was without any supplementation of any kind, beyond basic multivitamins.”

Rumble obtains two Ph.D.’s in physical therapy and counseling psychology, to go along with a master’s in business management. He was also certified as a strength and conditioning coach.

It was the night of his graduation, he thought that he saw his parents. He didn’t pay any heed to it since he had nothing to do with his family after being emancipated. He wouldn’t put any more effort into his disavowed family. He missed four years of holidays and family reunions.

Rumble was walking out of the building and opening his large work van. He took off his cap and gown and put them into a locked toolbox. This van was used to travel across the nation of over four hundred thousand people to compete in his college sports, along with his indy pro wrestling and MMA promotions. Rumble was the supreme world champion throughout every federation he took part in.

He was now 240-0-0 in MMA and 2,400-0-0 in wrestling. He had nobody in the last eight years that made him go the distance even once the last four years. Now that he was no longer in college sports, he could use all the supplements that he had wanted and he plans to do so.

He hears a voice saying, “Son, is that you?”

He paid no heed to the voice and drove off to his favorite steak house to eat a king’s feast. He is led to his seat by a well-dressed waiter and is given some soda to drink.

Rumble spoke, “Steve, I think that I will have the usual this time, along with the hottest boneless wings that you got.”

The waiter did as he was told and went off to present the order to the staff.

Rumble had his laptop out, making his application to the two major combat feds in his local four-state area.

He thought, “I am done with the outlaws’ promotions! It is time to fight for real in the national territories. I have gotten accepted by Midwest combat federation and Gateway combat sports will most

likely do the same.”

Two people seated at Rumble’s table to his disdain.

Rumble spoke, “Don’t you see me seating here? I have got to eat dinner before I sat out upon the road?”

The two people were not moving, which angered the young man.

Rumble jumped to his feet and was prepared to fight when he finally saw who was seated at his table.

It was his parents, James and Anna!

They were both crying to see their son after four long years.

Humble had lost all the words that could’ve come out of his mouth.

His folks ran over to his side and held him in their aged arms.

Rumble started to cry as well and returned the embrace. All the years of hate and resentment vanished all away in mere seconds.

Humble spoke, “How did you find me?”

Anna spoke, “We had tried to stop you at the college parking lot, but you wouldn’t respond to anything we told you. So we followed all the way here.”

Rumble spoke, “I didn’t hear you since I had lost in my own little world for the last few years.”

Humble gestured for Steve to come over to the table.

The waiter spoke, “Sir, what do you need?”

Rumble spoke, “This couple are my folks and get them whatever they want and ask the cook to

a time my meal to come out with theirs.”

The waiter spoke, “I am pleased to meet you after hearing so much about you two.”

The couple was surprised that Rumble had thought of them while being apart.

Steve had given James and Anna each a menu and they had decided what they had wanted within

minutes. Anna got fish, while James got a steak.

The trio was eagerly waiting for their meals.

Anna spoke, “You had grown into a strapping young man, son.

Rumble spoke, “The funny thing is that both of my colleges wouldn’t even let me take a simple protein shake the whole time I fought in college. I am still considered a smaller man both in wrestling and MMA. The nation is a land of giants, but I am considered the best when it comes to pure skill, aerial moves, and athletic prowess. The only things I lack as an athlete are an overwhelming strength and mic skills. I had made all my money, without those two things. I hope that I can get them, while I join the major territories. Oh, what about you two?”

Anna spoke, “My cancer has been gone for the last three years and I am district manager over the local hospital system. I am better off than I ever was. Your father has been working on million-dollar homes for the last two years.”

Rumble spoke, “I know that since he had built my home just last year.

James spoke, “What house was that?”

Humble spoke, “The one with the giant pool, full-sized work out room and the theater room.

Anna spoke, “You knew that James built your house, yet you did nothing about it?”

James spoke, “You were the one who had us put all the house together with the secret rooms.′

Rumble spoke, “I was the one who did that. I paid you almost twice what the house was worth.”

James spoke, “That was a two million dollar house fully furnished easy. Where did you get all

that kind of money?” I made more than two million dollars just by competing around the national outlaw combat feds, and almost more in PPV buys and merchandise. I am among the richest athletes on

the indy circuit. That is not counting the money I had earned in my open professions and investments.”

Anna spoke, “You had become more successful than I had ever hoped you to be. What about your love life?”

Rumble smirked.

“You could grab ten girls off the back of the line to my hotel room and I wouldn’t notice they were even gone.”

James spoke, “So you’re a player, huh?”

Anna looked disappointingly at her son.

Rumble spoke, “I don’t waste money on hotels, so I limit my booty calls most of the time.”

Anna spoke, “So, do you never plan to give us grandchildren?”

James spoke, “He has to be too busy to care for a child.”

Rumble spoke, “I am not resistant to getting married, I just hadn’t found one that satisfied me beyond mere carnality.”

James spoke, “I am proud of you and what you have become. I am sorry that we weren’t supportive of your life choices.”

Rumble spoke, “It is no big deal now that we are back together. I will show my house, but I have gotten a much-needed debut to attend to.”

Anna spoke, “Can we see your debut? We are on vacation because we were plum determined to find you. We have three weeks off since we had saved them up for just such an occasion.”

Rumble spoke, “On one condition, I will allow it.”

James spoke, “What’s that?”

Humble spoke, “You mustn’t break kayfabe by acknowledging me as your son. I have kept my

name and face secret for eight years to everyone I know but you two. I will tow the car behind the van until thirty minutes out and then we will separate. I have two tickets with me in case I had run into you after graduation. A masked wrestler makes a boatload of money from just masks sells. I don’t want to hurt my bottom line. Is that clear?”

The couple agreed to those conditions and traveled more than one hundred miles that same night, while Rumble slept on a king-sized mattress in the back of his van. James and Anna were given money to stay at the most expensive hotel in the city. Rumble except for his house and his work expenses lived very frugally. He had a home paid for at only twenty years old, with a decent-sized nest egg set aside when he has to retire from competing.

It was an early Saturday when the family left for the nearby arena that seated over thirty-five hundred people. Rumble had been in some bigger arenas, but not very often. He has started at a “C”

a town that was over guys on the way or the way down. The promotions had three different circuits that each went on for two hundred events a year. The mid-tier and secondary champions were the b team, while the world champions were on the “A” team.

Rumble would make a little more than he had on the indy circuit, while at Midwest combat federation and Gateway combat sports’ c teams.” He had been called by the second promotion, while on the road, and was able to digitally sign a contract, while James drove the van.

Midwest combat federation (MCF) mainly ran shows on the west side of the four-state area, while Gateway combat sports (GCS) was on the east side.

Rumble would debut in a dark match that typically didn’t air on TV or on the main part of the PPV. He didn’t care who was facing, he just knew that he was going to beat them as quickly as possible.

He was paid the same no matter if he worked two minutes or two hours.

Rumble came out to generic music and facing a jobber for an opponent.

He did not waste any time and kicked the wrestler in the side of the head. Knocking him out

instantly, causing him to fall on his back.

Humble put a foot on his fallen foe and gave the most nonchalant pin that had ever been

performed. He was victorious, yet he still wasn’t satisfied. He told the announcer to get more people for him to beat. He was given as he had requested.

He similarly beat four more foes.

That afternoon he fought in a cage against two opponents. MMA wasn’t known for handicap matches, but rumble made the promotion make an exception.

The two fighters charged the masked fighter with fists flaring.

Rumble jumped vertically backward to the top of the cage and carried out a double head stomp to his foes.

The foes fell to the ground, while Rumble curb stomp the duo into oblivion

The ref had no choice but to stop the match. He was victorious again.

After the show, Rumble had finally met with his parents.

James and Anna were excited for their son, who looked like he had lost his best friend.

Anna asked, “What is wrong my boy?”

Rumble spoke, “I am still fighting ham and eggers! Where is the real challenge? I hope that I get some competition at the young lions’ tag cup next week. I hated that they are making me a wrestling tag team when I had only wrestled as a single. I am wrestling with somebody called the red flare. They thought flames go real with a phoenix who rises from the ashes. I hope that it will be better for them.

James and Anna watched their son’s debut at GCS. It went about the same as the previous debut.

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