A loss greater than words

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When the Villain of the story falls in love with the hero, he is forced to make the decision of finally winning, or ending her life. What will he do? None

Action / Romance
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The blood on my hands

The villain shook his head, “What a pity”

“Please” begged the hero. “You don’t have to do this. “ she sobbed “Please-”

“Things could have ended differently, but you chose this path instead.” he said as he angled his dagger towards her throat.

“Tell me, dear hero. What does it feel like to die for your people, to die for the weaklings that are human. Was it worth it? Are you satisfied that your life will be cut short- by your own doing?” mocked the villain as he dragged the blade along her throat.

But, the hero was unphased by this. She continued to stare at her feet, desperately trying to rub off her ropes. “You know why I’m doing this.” she muttered.

“Oh, do I now?” he smirked. “I’m sure your people would love to know why you left them. Oh, but of course, they won’t know what happened to you, and I’ll make them think that you fled. And you’ll be known as the villain, not me.”

“They won’t believe your lies.” she spat.

“Oh, but if you tell people the right things in times of crisis, they can be easily persuaded.” his soothing voice caressed her skin like sandpaper.

“It doesn’t change the fact that we had an agreement. You won’t harm them right, Malcolm? I die, and save everyone. That was the deal.” Angela finally raised her head to meet his, and she stared longingly into his cold, piercing eyes.

“You’re right, that was the deal. I’m sorry, Angela, but if you have made your decision, then this is how it must be.” he said as he threw back his arm, ready to plunge the blade into the hero’s delicate body.

Angela closed her eyes once more. And with that, the hero of their city, no longer existed.


As I hurled the blade towards the love of my life, I saw all my memories with her flash before my eyes. She doesn’t know who I am, not really. She doesn’t know of the nights that I spent thinking of her, of the long hard days that I had to endure without her. For I am the secretive person that I have always been, and the things I share about me, the real me, are always towards the people I love most. All those people are dead, except the one I was about to murder.

Before the blade could come into contact, Angela tumbled out of her chair, and rolled out of my daggers reach. She grabbed the nearest blunt object she could find, and held it in front of her. Before I could react, she ran towards me, holding the object tightly in front of her chest. She swung at me, only to be blocked by my forearm. Her gaze shifted from me to the object that I had carelessly tossed aside. I grabbed her wrist and spun her around, pinning her against me.

“Oh, Angela.” I whispered. “Why did you have to go and do that.” I threw her against the wall and pinned her throat.

As I lifted her, my grip tightened around her throat, she struggled to breathe and tried to kick at me. I countered every attack she made. Every movement that she tried to force against me, was nothing compared to my powers.

I slowly watched the life bleed from her eyes, and before she could take her last breath, I released her to the ground.

As she struggled to regain her composure and breathe normally again, I reached towards the table and grabbed a bottle of anesthesia and a rag.

I walked over to the crumpled body on the floor that was gasping for breath, and held her down firmly. As I placed the rag over her face, I saw the fear drain from her expression as she slowly drifted to sleep.

“Nighty night” I called to her.


When I woke up, I immediately tried to move, but soon realized that I was strapped to some kind of table. All I could see was the darkness that crept into my vision as I struggled to stay awake.

“My dear hero, what has become of you?”

Confused, I say. “H-hero? W-where am I and who are you?”

“Oh, Angela, always so curious. Although I am quite pleased that the memory wiper has proved to be effective, I couldn’t bear to listen to you spit out questions faster than I could even answer them.”

“D-do I know you?”

“Alas, I know you, but my sweet hero, you have no recollection of me. And I’m afraid to tell you that we have run out of time. Goodbye, Angela. Sweet dreams.”

Although I couldn’t see the man, I could tell that he was getting closer. I struggled against my bonds, but to no avail. I felt a hand gently place over my face, and all I can remember is a feeling of peace sweep over me. And after that, I’m pretty sure I blacked out.


Although it pains me, I had to let my sweet hero go sooner or later. I had come up with my plan years before it was executed, as I couldn’t go through with it. Now, years after I let Angela go, she is back in her home, with the same life, the same family, and everything she ever cared about. Only this time, the hero that they all knew and loved, ceased to exist.

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