Certain People

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“Akio! Can you teach me this equation? I can’t seem to understand it…” Said the girl who had her hair braided.

Akio just agreed to teach the girl even though it was probably just an excuse to talk to him. He grabbed a pen from his pocket then re-wrote the equation on his paper, “You see… the ‘x’ in this equation is missing. All you have to do is transfer these other nuances to the other side then change their signs.” He wrote is step by step for the girl to understand. Akio established a short eye contact with the girl before finishing the equation, “So you see, the next thing would be adding the ‘like’ terms then simplify it.” He encircled the final answer. He then pointed the answer with his pen for the girl to read.

“Hmm… x is equal to 5..?” She said albeit hesitantly.

Akio flashed a smile, “Pretty easy, right?”

The girl seemed to explode into a healthy shade of tomato red, “Y-Y-YES..!” She stuttered then hid her face behind the notes, “Th-Thanks..! Can I come back to ask other questions..?”

Akio said a warm ‘sure’ before dismissing her with a gentle wave of goodbye.

The girl ran out of the classroom, bumping to a guy who had feminine features. She apologized then continued to run away.

The guy from earlier glanced at Akio then grinned like a mischievous little joker, “Nice.”

“Shut it. I was being nice. Wouldn’t it kill you to stop commenting on everything?” Akio bitterly said although he was clearly just being a sarcastic ass.

“Fine.” He sat on Akio’s desk then popped a hologram window from his right hand. “It’s from Kiyoshi and Nikki.”

Akio just read the message written on the hologram window, “Tell me, why it has to be my house, Naoki?” Akio raised a skeptical brow as he continued to read the rest of the message.

Naoki shrugged indifferently, “location perhaps.”

“Tell them… nevermind, I’ll do it myself.” Akio also produced a hologram window from his hand then created a reply:

This place is much convenient, thank you very much.”


The hologram window dissipated.

“Oh yeah, I forgot…” Naoki muttered though it was loud enough for Akio to hear it. Naoki turned to Akio, “There’s no Prof. today.” He said with a mischievous smile.

Akio stood abruptly as he said “That sneaky pedo—mmmphh!” Naoki immediately covered Akio’s mouth.

With a sigh, Akio took off the hand covering his mouth then sat once more. “You do know that I’m that kid’s guardian, right?”

Naoki nodded.

“And I’m over-protective right?”

Another nod.

“And I am stronger than you, right?”

Another nod—then Naoki realized where the one-sided conversation was going. Naoki flailed his arms and got out of Akio’s desk. “No.” He said while showing Akio a finger of finality.

Said person just looked up with a contemplating look then looked back at Naoki, “Yes.” He said before grabbing Naoki like a bag of potatoes. Akio didn’t mind the eyes that seem to question their actions but Naoki did. His face showed the absolute embarrassment that he was experiencing—since he is the one being carried and all.

Naoki tried to get out of Akio grip to no avail. “Aki!! Let go!! Don’t you feel embarrassed of yourself?!” He tried to reason.

“Unfortunately, no.” The other guy said as he continued to carry Naoki like a bag of potatoes.

The pointless argument continued to outside of the classroom.

“I’m so sorry, Naoki but I’ll be hacking your brain for a while…” Akio’s eyes suddenly contained light. Up close, there were binary codes falling at a rapid pace. Then a mini desktop appeared on his eyes. After a moment of matching waves—the hacking process of Naoki’s brain—a map appeared before Akio’s eyes. It was a map of the school and the red blinking dot was the location of the kid Akio mentioned earlier.

“Eh..? Aki what happened? I blacked-out just now…” Naoki questioned.

“Oh… well, the classroom was stuffed and you kind-of lost consciousness.” Akio smoothly lied.

“Now… can you tell me why I’m being treated like a sack of potatoes?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s because you hate the princess carry…” Akio looked at the side. ‘Now that I think about it, this positioning isn’t the correct one if the person lost his consciousness…’ He felt his eyebrow twitch knowing that he found a fault within his own set of words. “On second thought, do you want to?” His eyes directed to Naoki—partially failing since Naoki was too far back.

“I think letting me stand would be a lot better.” Naoki suggested.

“Hmm… Good point.” Akio let down Naoki then whispered, “I’ll be killing a certain professor now.”

At that point, Naoki instantly paled then ran after the Akio who ran right after whispering those words.


Nnn..! Stop it..!”

Hoo..? Is that so? I thought you liked getting teased down here *kiss*”

What is someone finds us..?”

Don’t worry, no one’s going to find us here…”

Akio was just behind that door. He emitted a dark ominous aura—almost enough to suffocate everyone surrounding him. He was pissed. That was a fact. ‘I’ve got a gun and a knack for head shots.’ He mentally said to himself. ‘However, it would be against the rules to shoot a professor who was playing hooky.’ He added. ‘Then again, he’s playing around with one of my adopted family…’ Akio leaned against the wall, parallel to the door where his family and professor were. He continued to glare at the door, contemplating whether or not should he shoot the professor dead. ‘Wouldn’t that kid be sad if that guy was dead?’

“Good point.” Akio said in reply to his though just now. ‘Or we could just expose them.’

“—which wouldn’t do any good since we are talking about reputations here.” He said once more in reply to himself. ‘Speaking of reputations, how about we use your position in society?’

“Think about it. Everyone would be dead once they knew.”

Good point.’

A hologram window popped within Akio’s line of sight. “Talking to yourself isn’t a good thing to show to others.”

“I’m well aware but I can’t help it.” Akio said as he looked at his right. “Tell me, should I kill the person over there…” He pointed at the door while still maintaining eye contact, “Or should I just drag them out?”

The person before him just shook her head with an unsure look on her face, “I don’t know about those options…” She carefully said. “I mean, you are talking about life and reputation just now…”

“So you’re saying that I should kill them, right?” Akio asked with the most innocent face.

“Yeah…” The girl looked behind as if she were to announce something, “Can someone talk some sense into this guy?!” She turned back to Akio, “You see… There’s no point.” She said raising both hands to prove her point which was none.

“Hmm… Funny.” Akio nonchalantly said. His hand already reached for the gun hidden under his jacket. He smirked, “I can and cannot shoot, you know, Nikki...”

Nikki paled, “Don’t you dare!” She sternly said.

Akio stared at Nikki for a good while before giving up without a fight, “Fine. You win.” He held his hands up in defeat. Akio paused then stared at the door next. His blood boiled again, “But I’m still going to kill that bastard.”

Nikki face-palmed, shaking her head dejectedly, “Guys.” She depressingly commented.


Nikki turned to Akio, “So Naoki was with you…”

Akio shrugged, “Yeah, more or less.”

Naoki stopped infront of them and caught his breath, “G—Good job stopping him—HHAAA!!” He forced to say. He took deep breaths just so he can properly speak right after. “Why must you run so fast!!!” He complained.

“The sooner the better.” Akio simply replied, much to everyone’s chagrin. “That reminds me… Where’s Kiyoshi?”

“He said there’s a problem in his area so he’s gonna run late.” Nikki explained.

The door opened.

Akio crossed his arms and stared at two people—at the older one in particular. “Care to explain?” He slowly walked infront of the two—to the taller one in particular. He grabbed the shorter one by the arm and inspected… Akio grew furious as he saw red marks by the kid’s neck. His eyebrow twitched in annoyance, “On second thought, don’t mind.” He drew his gun and aimed it at the taller guy’s head, “I think I already told you that you can’t play hooky and you can’t play with Kei.” He hissed.

The taller guy just raised his hands in defense, “I think the one at fault is you.” He smoothly retorted, “That’s the evidence that little Kei over there has very little parental guidance.”

Tick mark. Oswald Strich, dear sir…” Akio ominously said, “By no means is my parental guidance little nor lacking.”

Strich smirked, “I think this pretty gun over here doesn’t say so otherwise.”

Akio’s eyes twitched for a split second. That was a good one. “Don’t worry, we are raised in this kind of environment after all.”

While that scene was happening, Naoki gently nudged Kei to the other side. “Aki can be over-protective, don’t you agree?” He said to Kei who shyly nodded in agreement. Naoki giggled a little, “You can’t blame him though…” He looked at the little kid, “That’s how he is, right?”

Kei nodded in complete agreement.

“Though I’m a little surprised that Mr. Strich has a thing for little boys…” Naoki commented.

Kei looked in dismay, “I’m not little. I’m already eighteen.”

“Eh?” Naoki and Nikki, who also happened to be listening, were taken aback. Naoki looked at Kei, “You’re just two years younger than me and three years younger than Aki..?”

Kei nodded.

“Wha…?” They were completely not expecting it.

Akio’s gun was still one Strich’s head as he added some more information, “I think I never mentioned but Kei is a cross-hybrid of a human and a dog. He has a twin cat who stays at home. Also, they are also from that lab house. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to kill this bastard.”

“Aki!! No..!” Kei weakly retorted.

“Waah! Ears and tails popped out!” Naoki spluttered. “How does that happen?!”

“I’ll explain that at a later date. For now, I’ll be judging whether this guy lives or not.” Akio said.

Kei timidly walked behind Akio and tugged the hem of his shirt, “Arf.” Akio seemed to falter for a second. “Aki..!! Please don’t..!” Kei weakly pleaded.

Akio! I warn you! Don’t look into that little monster’s cute eyes!’ …Seems to be Akio’s thought. He felt yet another tug then heard a weak call for him. He tried to stay strong and not look and pretend to be deaf but the pleading voice made him feel weak to the knees. Akio closed his eyes shut only to feel more tugging and pleading.

“MMMMmmm!! AARRGH! Fine!” Akio retracted the gun then placed it back where it belonged. “Next time for sure!” He hissed at Strich.

Said person just chuckled in mild amusement, “You say that every time but nothing happens.”

Akio rolled his eyeballs.


Strich fell on the ground, clutching his stomach in the process.


Akio held his hands up defensively, dropping his precious gun in the process. He didn’t look guilty at the very least. Moreover, he seemed to be pleased with his actions, “I just gave him a pain stimulating electrical transmission…” He smoothly said. Although skeptical eyes made him add some more explanation. Akio nodded a few times before the stares he received were getting annoying, “Fine, the impulse was three times greater. Happy?” Akio tilted his head forward then raised a brow.

They don’t seem to be convinced.

“Alright!” Akio exasperatedly said, “I got annoyed that he was getting cocky as hell so I gave him a WARNING shot.” He grumpily reasoned, greatly emphasizing on the ‘warning’ part. “He’s been doing this for ten times already and I’m pretty sure my patience and forgiveness were at its limits!” He added while he pointed at the still fallen person known as Mr. Strich. Akio crossed his arms, “Tell me next time that I’m not allowed to get angry, perhaps that would help.” He said in a very insulted tone. This time it wasn’t the tone when he’s being a sarcastic ass but it was a tone that he was also insulted at the same time annoyed for some reason yet to be known.

Kei stepped forward. His ears were dropped, showing that he was sorry for his own actions and sorry for making Akio angry.

Akio’s stern insulted look vanished in an instant as he caressed Kei’s fluffy hair, “I’m not angry… alright perhaps a bit, okay?” He gently said. “Even I need times to vent out on something, but everything’s okay now…”

Kei’s doggy ears stood up. His tail started to sway left to right. He didn’t look up as he weakly grabbed Akio’s clothes. Kei pressed himself against his master, Akio.

Akio just smiled tenderly and slightly nodded, “You’re forgiven…”

Naoki and Nikki looked at each other then smiled at the nice turn of events.

Naoki gave an uncomfortable smile, “So… What do we do with that guy..?”

Akio shrugged, “He’s alive so let him be.”

Nikki gave a cold look, “‘Let him be’ you say… Whose fault was it that he’s in that state again?” She monotonously commented.

Akio sighed for the nth time. He set Kei aside with Naoki for a while then crutched down to get a closer look on Strich. He poked on guy with his pen, “Hey… you still alive?” He continued poking until he got a painful groan for a response, “You know, I can always kill you so that I can put you out of misery.” He nonchalantly said. “You’re lucky that we are in an isolated area of the school.”

Strich found strength to lie supine position, “Regalo, you are one sick bastard.” He bitterly spat.

Akio was unfazed, “Well, if anything, that’s who I am to you.”

Strich stared at Akio with cold eyes, “Who are you exactly?” He said, “Every time we meet, I get different sets of vibes from you. It’s also different today.” He muttered a chain of curse for the pain that he still feels on his stomach area, “But seriously, you are one sick bastard.”

“Just go to sleep will ya?” Akio pinched Strich’s cheek then went limp. “Good night… Hope you catch even a single bit of fright.” Akio silently said as if he was talking to someone else. He proceeded to carry Strich the same way Naoki was carried just a little while ago. “Alright! Let’s go to the main building. I bet Kiyoshi’s upset that we didn’t inform him about our location just now.”


“I’m telling you… it’s not my fault that my room is filled with pornography!” Kiyoshi shouted—albeit gently since his conversation partner is his wife. He ran his hand through his hair and looked back at the girl hoping to have even a single bit of consideration for his situation.

The pretty girl just crossed her arms, “Though I wish that you’d clean it up if you know that I was coming!”

“You told me that you were dropping by but I wasn’t even in the house! How could I clean if I wasn’t even there?!” Kiyoshi exploded.

Soon after, they started exchanging arguments in mandarin. The pretty lady also started to use her fists and feet while Kiyoshi continued to retort while blocking her attacks.

In the background were Akio, Nikki, Naoki, Kei, and Strich who fell out of Akio’s carry.

“Hmm… I’m still studying mandarin so I don’t know what they’re saying…” Akio first said.

“Translating via mind connection tires me out so pass.” Nikki said knowing that there was a task at hand.

“Well… I lived in Japan and I’ve been to China before so I guess I can rough translate what they’re saying.” Naoki then said as if knowing that there was no other choice but to do so. He slightly chuckled then placed a finger under his chin, “Still, I’m impressed that they have stable relationship despite their constant fights…”

“That reminds me, Xiao-Xiao used to like Akio, right?” Nikki pointed out.

Akio shrugged, “Not my type.” He turned to Naoki, “You should start translating now…”

“Oh… right… let’s see…” Naoki observed the movement of their mouths since they were at a safe distance from those flying punch and kicks. “Hmmm… It seems like Xiao is angry since Kiyoshi’s room is filled with porn…”

“Can’t blame him… He’s an ero illustrator right?” Akio commented.

“Yeah, and he needs a lot of reference—Oh. Kiyoshi is saying that he’s willing to throw all of them is Xiao is willing to be his model…”

Nikki let out a whistle, “He’s very bold.” She suddenly giggled, “Xiao’s blushing that’s so cute!”

Naoki suddenly looked skeptical, “I think Xiao is being a Tsundere…”

“I’m thinking that this is becoming a cliché love scene from some movie…” Akio commented from the sidelines then turned his head away since it wasn’t his style to look at love birds.

“Now I’m confused… Kiyoshi is happy that Xiao refused to become his model…” Naoki suddenly blushed then covered his face, “Oh my goodness, I never thought that Kiyoshi could be so embarrassing!!”

“What did he say??” Nikki cheerfully said.

“Kiyoshi said: “That’s the only answer I want to hear from you. Remember that a King does not want other men to see his Queen’s body parts…” GOSH I never thought of him to be the romantic type..!”

Kiyoshi and Xiao Looked at each other so passionately that the rest of the people were too embarrassed to look at them.

“I think they’re going to kiss… Should we stop them..?” Nikki worriedly asked.

“On it…” Akio coughed into his fist, effectively ruining the mood, “Yow… I thought you’d be upset that we didn’t tell you where we were… Guess you were preoccupied with your lover…” He gave a sly grin the moment the two looked so embarrassed of their own actions. “Well!” Akio clasped his hands together, “Let’s get on with the meeting!”


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