One Woman Mission

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When the city's most famous, scandalous CEO Harry Sinne gets shot, he has no choice but to hire a bodyguard. Just not the one he had in mind. Harry Sinne is faced with some serious threats. And no, It is way more serious than the no-ketchup-packet-in-the-takeout-bag-thing. Just before things get more serious, Leslie Jones is here to save the day. But will she be able to catch the mysterious attacker before he or she gets Harry?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was a sunny day, the kind of day that made people smile and stare at the sky for a moment, admiring the clouds. The sunlight shone on the window, creating a little rainbow on a certain bed where a man was lying.

“For God’s sake, shut the damn curtains!” Harry Sinne grouched as he annoyingly turned the page of his copy of the New York Times. His secretary hurriedly half ran to the window and drew the curtains tightly shut. The sunlight still made its way on Harry’s newspaper as if mocking him. Harry’s eyes twitched a little.

Harry put down the newspaper with such a force that the secretary flinched, his eyes wide open. It would have been slightly amusing if he wasn’t as annoyed as he was feeling just now.

“Get me the damn files. I can’t take this anymore.” Harry said. It was more of an order with a hint of a threat in it. Even in a hospital bed, Harry Sinne had that certain aura that made his authority unquestionable.

“But sir, The doctor clearly said that...” The secretary started to protest, but Harry gave him an icy stare that made him hold his tongue. The secretary felt cold sweat rolling down his back as Harry continued to glower at him. He knew that stare very well. If he didn’t give him what he wanted soon, he was going to throw a tantrum. Not the cute kind either.

“I don’t like repeating myself, Mr. Evans. Bring me the file NOW.” Harry barked as the secretary hurriedly went on his way. Harry gave a small smirk as he leaned on his bed, clearly satisfied. Soon Mr.Evans will come with his files and he could indulge in work, rather than clearly wasting time just staring at the ceiling.

Harry gave a frown as he counted the days he had wasted in bed. They said that he was out of it for a whole 4 days, and it had been 3 days since he had regained his consciousness. Harry groaned at the thought of his company. With his absence, the company was surely not doing well. There must be tons of paperwork that he needed to work on right now! His company was all in his hands, and he had gone MIA for a week!

A sudden knock interrupted his chain of thoughts. Thinking it’s Mr.Evans, Harry rolled his eyes before he fully comprehended who was standing in front of him. Mother.

Harry cringed a little as he studied the woman. Oh, she was furious for sure. She didn’t look like her usual composed self at all. Her hair was everywhere and she was clenching her bag with such a force that her knuckles appeared white.

“Harry,” Mrs.Sinne said as she sighed at the end. Her son’s state was worse than she imagined. Harry was pale and noticeably thinner than the last time she saw him. There were bags under his eyes and she could tell that he hadn’t been sleeping or eating well at all.

Harry closed his eyes, trying to escape his mother’s stare. “Mother. What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? You’ve been shot by god knows who! Should I sit in some cafe, leisurely sipping coffee when my own son is in the hospital?” Mrs.Sinne said sarcastically, wiping her tears as she hurriedly went by her son’s side. She put her hands on each side of his face, examining her son’s state.

“Well, I have been unconscious for the last few days, Mother,” Harry replied, still escaping her mother’s stare. No need to tell her that he deliberately didn’t tell her what happened.

“You have better change your people. I’m your mother for God’s sake! They should have called me the minute when you were in the hospital! I only found out this morning. And that was only because I came by your office today.” Mrs.Sinne said, tears in her eyes. The panic she felt when she saw her son’s office blocked by police tapes... She shuddered as she remembered the state of his office.

“I’m surprised you didn’t find it out from the tabloids. I had been trying to keep things quiet about this.” Harry said. With the police investigation still going on, the last thing they wanted was media attention on the matter.

Mrs. Sinne’s eyes widened for a second and she guiltily stared at him as if to say ‘Oops?’.

“Mother...” Harry said, glowering at his mother as she escaped his stare by looking everywhere but his son.

“It was a mistake! I had just found out that you were shot! Not my fault those gossip leeches were there to hear me scream.” Mrs. Sinne said defensively. Harry covered his face with his hands, letting out a sigh. What’s done was done.

“You can make it up to me, mother,” Harry said as his mother smiled at him with loving eyes.

“Just help me be discharged,” Harry said hopefully. His hope was crushed as his mother’s loving eyes became narrow real quick. Ah shit.

“Absolutely not! I already spoke with your doctor, and she told me that it seemed like you haven’t been eating decent and needed rest! And I’m going to make sure you bloody rest whether you like it or not!” Mrs.Sinne grouched as she snatched the New York Times from Harry’s grasp.

Harry tried to grab the newspaper back, but it was pointless. Mrs.Sinne had stuffed the newspaper in her bag and put it far away from him. Harry gave a huff as he crossed his arms, lying in bed. He didn’t really want to rest but he wasn’t going to dare argue with his mother. The woman really scared him.

“There we go.” Mrs. Sinne said with a smile as she made herself comfortable. She wasn’t planning to go anywhere tonight.

“Where is Dad?” Harry asked as Mrs. Sinne took out her phone. She was just about to contact her husband.

“Your dad is taking care of your company for you. I told him what happened as soon as I found out. He wanted to check on you first but the office called last minute. He promised to come by this evening to visit.” Mrs.Sinne replied.

Harry looked much more comfortable knowing his father was there at the company. At least his company was in good hands for the time being. He had taken over his father’s company a few years ago, and he hadn’t rested completely since then. He was always on the edge.

“I just can’t believe someone would do that to you, honey. Those bullet marks that I saw earlier...” Mrs. Sinne held back a choke as she wiped her tears off once more.

Harry wanted to cry as well. He couldn’t believe it himself. Someone had actually tried to kill him. The bullet had missed his heart narrowly. The fear he felt as he saw the blood spreading on his white shirt, a clear sign that his life source was being drained...

“Sleep, Honey. You’ve had a lot on your mind. You can rest now. Your father and I will be here when you wake up. We are going to keep you safe.” Mrs.Sinne said as she stroked her son’s hair slowly. It had been years since she had last put her son to sleep. Knowing she could have lost her son was painful. Harry fell asleep within minutes, lightly snoring as Mrs. Sinne stared at her little angel.

Mr.Evans then appeared in the doorway, panting a little as he clutched Harry’s files. Mrs. Sinne held a finger on her lips as Mr.Evans nodded with a smile. He quietly left with the files so that the Sinne family could have their peaceful moment to themselves.


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