One Gang and a Bronze Battle

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Chapter 19, March to Despair


I get out of the van and walk over to where Kyle is ordering people around. Or as he likes to refer to it: Inspiring people to complete a useful task. I honestly believe I’m the only one that sees through everyone’s bullshit. Maybe it’s because I don’t pretend to be a good person, but it really rubs me the wrong way when I see people like Kyle and Amber. Xavier, at the very least, I had respect for before he betrayed me.


“Why are we in the middle of a forest?” I demand when I get to Kyle. I’ve worked up quite the excitement during the ride, but now I have to wait even longer. “I don’t see the wedding. I swear, if that brother of yours is playing us...” I warn Kyle.

Kyle dismisses the men he’s talking to and turns to me. He also has bulletproof clothing and is dressed for combat. His usually more messy black hair is pushed back to reveal those lying silver eyes that the Bowmen are famous for. God knows how he managed to get paint on his sleeves though.

“We don’t want them to know we’re here. We’re sneaking in from the forest. It’s not far,” Kyle says simply and looks up at the canopy of trees - taking a heavy breath. His mood is definitely off. I don’t blame him. Mine would also be if I was in his situation.

“If all goes well today, I’ll have to thank your brother properly. Who knew the guy could be useful even as a betrayer. Do you think he’s ever been loyal?” I ask.

Kyle sends me a sharp look. “Careful,” he says. “It doesn’t matter the circumstance. Blake has helped us today.”


“Mhh,” I respond.

Without further notice, the rest of Southern Sterling all arm themselves and as a unit, we move through the forest. I stay right by Kyle as he leads us with the use of his tracking device. There’s no need to get lost in a forest and show up late for this wedding. Today has to be perfect. After the bloodbath, I can finally be a leader without doubt.

I can’t say how long we walk through the forest, but by the time we approach an old stone wall about two and a half metres high, Kyle signals everyone to halt. By now, I’m thoroughly annoyed and the world is much too loud. I just want to go back to that stuffy basement and breathe in the quiet. If my desire to have Amber killed wasn’t so strong, I might’ve considered it.

“You hear that?” Kyle asks as he turns to me. I try to ignore the ticking in my head and listen for what he’s referring to. We both stay quiet for a few seconds.

“That sounds like a crowd,” I comment.

Kyle nods. “Everyone’s probably getting to their seats. Blake is right on the other side of that wall. We’ll have to be careful when we open fire. If even one person harms Blake, they’ll have me to deal with,” Kyle warns.

I roll my eyes. “I can’t make any promises for a betrayer.”

“Jane... Don’t test me on this,” Kyle insists.

“We’re partners, Bowmen,” I tell Kyle, “You can’t hurt me. But I guess that’s what Jason thought as well. Never trust a Bowmen.”

Kyle sends another hard look, but he doesn’t press further.

“If we’re doing this, we should do it now. Let’s get it over with. I don’t like the idea of spilling blood at a wedding, but this has to be done,” Kyle says. He aims to raise his hand for the starting signal, but I stop him.

“Wait,” I say, “It has to be when they kiss. I want hell to rain just when they get a taste of heaven.”

Kyle stares at me for a long time, but he doesn’t object and just lowers his hand. I keep my eyes fixed on the wall. Right on the other side is my cousin... If I can get rid of her... Everything will be fixed. Everything will make sense.


For some reason, my promise to Sean comes to mind. It will be painless... I’ve thought of a thousand ways to kill my cousin... These last few weeks I’ve dreamed of the look on her face when she kisses Xavier and gunshots thunder through the air... I want to shoot at her arms at legs first so she cant run away. Then I want to walk over and shoot Xavier in front of her while she can’t do a thing about it. I’d probably be too excited to drag her back home and finish her off slowly, so I’d end off with one last shot in the heart when she realizes there’s no such thing as hope.

But I made a promise...

“Leave Amber to me. I’ll snipe her from here in one shot when the time comes. No need to make this painful. The North are branded traitors so I can kill her with a gun and there won’t be any consequences,” I say.

I think Kyle wants to say something, but he keeps quiet instead.

And only after a few more breaths, do I hear the bridal music start to play.

Amber really has no idea that she’s marching to despair.

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