One Gang and a Bronze Battle

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Chapter 21, Vow to Kill and Hate


“Welcome, family, friends, loved ones and... Uh, more friends... We gather here today to celebrate the wedding of Xavier Jilten and Amber Marigold,” I hear the officiant of the wedding announce over his mic.

I can’t help but tingle all over, the ticking gets louder to the point where I wish I didn’t forget to take my medication this morning. But I didn’t want to be numb for this. I want to experience everything I’m about to do. I owe them that much. To at the very least, feel the monster inside me without trying to hide or deny it.

I sit on the ground - leaning against the stone wall. While the officiant continues to conduct the ceremony, I take my pistol from my holster and make sure I have enough bullets. Too bad I didn’t bring a gun with a scope. Not that I need it of course, but I really do feel obliged to finish this in one shot. If only we could get to the the kiss. The suspense is killing me, or rather, it’s killing them.

I chuckle at my horrible humor. I’ve never been very funny.


“They just did the declaration of intent,” Kyle says next to me. He’s also checking all his guns. The last thing we want is mess this up.

“Good. This is taking too long,” I say. “Right after I get the kill shot, you go in there and grab your brother. I’ll open fire as soon as I’m sure my cousin is dead,” I warn.

Kyle nods. “I’ll deal with Blake,” he says. “I don’t care how he did it. I don’t care if you call him a betrayer. He’s helping today and that’s all that matters.”

I’m about to reply with sarcasm, but then the officiant asks someone to read a poem. My blood boils when I recognize the voice. It’s that Daniel fellow... I look over at my men and Nixon makes eye contact with me. It’s pretty clear that my order still stands. Kill the guy that made a fool out of me. Before I can do something too impulsive, the poem is over and the officiant asks Amber and Xavier to say their vows. We’re close. We’re so damn close. I hear Amber start her speech and I close my eyes in joy. After the long wait, it’s finally coming. The end of Amber Marigold.

So, I’ll make my own vows today. I vow to kill and hate Amber. I vow to erase her memory from everyone. But I also vow to make it quick and painless... I vow to be better after today. Not a good person, but just better. Fear and death shall still be my ruling hand, but I vow to be more just in those actions. I vow to stop being scared of a girl that never did me harm. I vow to forget her and live my life as I wish and not as I fear.

Just a few more seconds now...

I... I almost... almost, feel sorry for doing this on her wedding day.


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