One Gang and a Bronze Battle

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Chapter 31, Naked Souls


I run my hands up Marigold’s legs before I take hold of where the slit ends and rip the skirt of the dress off. The tear reveals silver lacy underwear that I have no doubt Nessa picked out. Marigold lets out a surprised little squeal that I wish I could bottle and keep to listen on repeat.

“Uhm, wait, can we go a little slower?” Marigold asks while scrambling away from me. She crosses her legs to cover up a bit and the whole pose is just so cute, I can barely restrain myself.

Alas, I will always respect her wishes.

“Of course,” I say and go to sit down on the edge of the bed. I let my hands trail across the dark fur of the throw and trace the delicate patterns of the maroon cover. “We don’t have to do anything you find uncomfortable,” I reassure my wife. We might be married now, but it’s no reason to just expect her to have sex with me. I still need her consent. No matter how... hard it is on me right now... Especially seeing her so vulnerable.

“I... It’s not that I don’t want to... uh... y’know...”

“Have sex?” I ask curiously.

Marigold blushes instantly and tries hiding her expression. “Yes, that... It’s just that... I’m a little scared since... I’m a virgin,” she explains nervously.

“Yes, I know. You shouted it at me last year when I tried to put you to bed,” I muse.

Marigold can’t take it anymore and covers her face with her hands, but even her ears have turned red by this point. My sadistic side shines through when I can’t help but grin at her state. She’s all but shaking with nerves. So cute... I just want to hold her when she’s like this.

“People always say that your first time hurts,” she says with her voice a little muffled by her hands. I just have to see her expression... I love seeing her scared expression... I’m too nefarious to deny it...

“Hey, Marigold,” I say and lean over before I remove one of her hands from her face. The other hand stays in place as my wife peeks at me with one scared eye. She’s even redder than I thought. And trembling... “It won’t hurt if the guy knows what he’s doing. There doesn’t even have to be blood,” I explain.

“And... You know what you’re doing?” Marigold asks, “So, you’ve... done it...”

I sigh at the sight if my nervous wife. “Yes, I have,” I admit.

“Oh...” Marigold says.

Realising I really need to change the subject, I glance down at my ring. “Hey, I saw words inscribed on the inside of my ring. I don’t know Latin though. Mind telling me what it means?” I ask. ”Anima mea ad te pertinent, it said.”

Marigold blushes again and looks away shyly as she brings her knees to her chest. “Mmm sol blon’st you...” she mumbles.

“What?” I ask and lean in to hear better. It has the opposite effect I want since Marigold just scurries away further on the bed. She curls into a little ball and repeats her words, but I still can’t figure out what she’s saying. Amused at my wife’s behavior, I crawl over to get closer. She has her back turned to me so I have to lean over to see her face. “Could you please repeat a little more clearly?” I ask into her ear.

My breath on her ear must have scared her because Marigold abruptly turns to face me, but in doing so she’s completely under me. Realising her mistake, Marigold continues to blush. I take this opportunity and have my hands rest on either side of her shoulders. She’s trapped like this. “I didn’t hear you properly,” I smirk.

Marigold bites her lip - tempting me further. “I said that... it means... my soul belongs to you,” she answers.

I lose my smirk and instead feel touched at my wife’s words... This beautiful creature is willing to give me her soul? After everything I’ve done to her... After everything I’ve done, period... To have her beautiful soul in the possession of someone like me... She deserves better... I wish she could see that... I wish she could see that like how it annoys her when everyone thinks she’s golden, I feel the same way... I’m not perfect. I’m not even good...

I’m just a bad guy trying to do good things.

“Hey, Xavy?” Marigold asks. She reaches up with her hand to cup my face and I melt a little at the gentle touch.

“I’m yet to deserve your soul, Marigold,” I tell her.

Something changes in my wife’s mood. She stops blushing and trembling and instead gives me a kind smile that reminds me of the first warmth of spring. “You deserve it. More than that, Xavier, it’s me who has to thank the stars for being allowed to be with someone like you. I think that... I think that I’m better with you. You make me a better person. That’s why... everything belongs to you, Xavy... My mind, my soul...” she says before a short pause. There’s a vulnerability in her big blue eyes when she says: “My body, too...”

Before I can even properly react, she lets her hand slide to the back of my head and pulls me in for a kiss. The kiss speaks for itself... So gentle and soft and yet insistent. Like she’s trying to convince me this is all okay. Her words are true.

Feeling unbelievably grateful, I deepen the kiss before I shift my weight on top of Marigold, making sure she doesn’t feel crushed or suffocated. I feel Marigold’s hand running through my hair while the other slides to my back. Is she telling me I’m allowed to touch as well?

I pull away for a moment to catch my breath. “Hey, Marigold, may I touch you?” I ask.

“Y-you’re my husband. It’s kind of expected,” she says.

I shake my head. “No, it’s not just expected. You have to be comfortable with it. I want to hear you say it,” I explain.

Marigold looks up at me - breathing in small breaths. We stare into each other's eyes and though we can communicate like this just fine, I have to hear the words part from those soft pink lips of hers... “Yes,” Marigold says while blushing a little again, “You can touch me.”

“Tell me if you’re uncomfortable,” I instruct.

Marigold nods and with that, I extend my leash a little. I make sure to still restrain myself, but at least I have room to work with now.

I push away from Marigold - sitting in front of her as I remove my dark maroon tie. I wrap the tie around my hand before I slowly unbutton my shirt. Marigold stays perfectly still in front of me. Watching carefully as I leisurely go button for button before removing my shirt and tossing it to the floor. I slowly creep back over Marigold. The last of the sunset is quickly disappearing behind me. I can tell because I could see my shadow over her body, but the red rays leave us and instead golden light from the fireplace next to the bed dances across that torn white dress of hers... I really want to see what’s under that dress... The skirt is practically done for, but the corset...

“Do you mind?” I ask as I run my hands over the bodice of her dress and keep my hands poised at the top - ready to end this corset’s short life.

Again, Marigold nods and I don’t hesitate before I rip the bodice from her cleavage all the way to her middle. Marigold isn’t wearing a bra because of the dress’ design and instinctively tries to cover up. I can’t help the little smirk. She’s cute like this.

“What are you hiding for?” I ask and lean down to kiss one of the hands covering her breasts. I feel her hand twitch and slowly, her body shivers beneath me.

“I don’t even know,” she says a little flushed. I look up from where I’m still kissing her hand - my lips asking for passage. And from this angle, Marigold looks unbelievably innocent. “Just be patient with me... please,” she says and slowly starts removing her hands.

“Asking so nicely... How could I be anything but patient, Marigold? We have all night,” I say. Marigold then slides her hands away completely and has her arms cover her eyes as she looks away. “Tsk tsk tsk. So shy,” I muse as I lean down to kiss the space between her breasts.

I feel her shiver all over and I can’t hide my wicked little grin at the reaction.

With Marigold not covering herself up anymore, I can finally get this dress off of her properly. I slide the tattered corset over her arms and throw it off the side of the bed along with the skirt. Marigold has to arch her back for me to do so, but I don’t complain because the view... Just in that flimsy piece of underwear, I can see this work of art for what she is. Her golden hair is fanned out behind her - silver hairpieces still weaved in between. Her arms continue to cover her eyes, but it does well to highlight her fine collarbone and bellow that, her breasts... Two little mounts on top of her chest and by the looks of it, a perfect fit for my cupped hand. What makes me feel a little sad is the silver scar running over her heart. That’s my doing... My gaze goes even lower, past more scars, and to her stomach where hard muscles are visible. She’s been training her whole life...

“You’re so beautiful, Marigold,” I say.

Marigold doesn’t look at me, but I feel a slight tremor go through her body.

I really want to see her expression...

Deciding it’s okay to extend my leash by an inch, I take hold of both Marigold’s wrists with my one hand - bringing it above her head and ruining her favorite hiding spot.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she asks a little panicked.

Her expression... So vulnerable... And she’s completely flushed.

This. Is. Hard.

“You can’t give me a gift and expect me to be happy with just staring at the wrapping paper, Marigold. I want to see your face,” I tell her. With my one hand still holding her in place, my other unwraps the tie that was around it and I move to tie her wrists together.

“Uh, isn’t this a little much?” she asks once I have her hands secured. I sit back again and look down at Marigold with a smirk. I haven't tied her down or anything, but she won't cover that cute expression of hers anytime soon.

“Oh, my poor little wife, if you think this is a lot... You’re going to regret getting married to me,” I tease.

Before Marigold can protest, I go to catch her words with my lips. I kiss my wife with passion this time. Hungry to for more. I want to taste every inch of her body. I want all of her. Every part.

I feel her relax a little with the kiss and take the opportunity to explore. I nibble on her bottom lip before I leave a hot trail of kisses down her jaw. My one hand keeps me semi propped up while the other lazily slides up and down her naked side. I feel her flushed skin underneath my fingers and I'm tempted to do things I really shouldn't. Ignoring my darker side, I kiss Marigold's neck next - tasting the floral perfume she has on. I stop when I get to the fine golden necklace and swiftly remove it with my one hand before reaching to put it on the bedside table. I let my hand go back to trailing across her skin as my lips kiss her collarbone.

I spot that silver scar across her heart and go to kiss it as well - wishing that the act will make it all better. Deciding I want to take away everything that's caused my Marigold pain, I kiss all the other little scars across her as well. I let my hand run up the length of her arm before I intertwine our fingers and bring her tied up hands to my lips. I kiss her knuckles where old bruises from training and fighting still remain. I kiss the ring on her finger. The ring that's been part of the North for years.

Gently, I put her hands back above her head. "Keep those there now," I tell her before I pick up where I left off and kiss her collarbone leisurely.

"And if I don't?" Marigold challenges.

I smile against her flushed skin. "You can try and find out," I dare.

Marigold doesn't reply and I take it that she's too scared to see what I'll do. So cute, I muse to myself as my kisses trail lower, closer, and closer to her breasts. I feel her squirm a little beneath me and the reaction doesn't help the bit of patience I'm clinging on to.

I look up because I want to see Marigold's reaction and just as I do, she looks down. We make eye contact and I don't bother hiding the smirk I have before I let my tongue swirl around her nipple.

At the slightest contact of my wet tongue on her hot skin, Marigold instantly lets her head fall back as she bites her lip. Her reaction is adorable - adding fuel to the already blazing fire inside of me. I take my wife's sensitivity as a good sign and go to work. Flicking and licking with my tongue while my right-hand goes to cup her right breast. A perfect fit, just like I thought. I slowly squeeze, feeling for her body's reaction. Her back arches and I take it as a sign to squeeze a little harder. A soft moan leaves her lips and I feel her body go taut in reaction.

I look up and Marigold's breathing is starting to change. Good. I switch breasts and let my tongue become acquainted with her right nipple while Marigold continues to writhe and wiggle underneath me. I bring my other hand down from where it was holding her hands in place and let it trail down her side. Marigold's legs start sliding up and down the fur throw - restless with all the tingles her body is experiencing.

With my right hand drifting down to dangerous territories, I continue my exploitation on her breasts. Her nipples harden with desire and I know that's the sign for the next phase. My hand slides to her right leg and I lazily run my finger up and down her inner thigh. I can feel the goosebumps on her skin and her breath hitch whenever I get close to that warm center of hers... With each passing, my hand goes closer and closer to her underwear.

Feeling a little daring, my hand runs across that silver work of lace and as predicted, Marigold's hands come down to grip my hair as if silently pleading. Realising what she did, she instantly takes her hands away again. It's too late though. I stop my pursuit and look up at my wife with a wicked smile.

"That was an accident," Marigold pleads.

Ah, but I've never been too fond of mercy.

"Of course it was. But that doesn't make a difference," I smirk before grabbing her around her waist and tossing her towards the top end of the enormous bed. Her head plops down on the silky maroon pillow and her hair starts to tangle. Marigold tries bringing her legs to her chest again, but I crawl towards her and make sure to bring her knees back down to the bed. I can feel Marigold try to resist, but the harsh reality of our genders proves her attempts futile. If it comes down to pure strength, I have her beat by a long shot. Skill is where it gets tricky between us.

I hover over Marigold before I take hold of the dark maroon tie that has her wrists bound together. I then tie it through the bed's old wooden headboard - preventing Marigold from bringing her hands down again.

"There. That's much better. The little beast is helpless," I muse.

Oh God, I love seeing her like this. Splayed out in front of me and utterly helpless. Completely under my mercy.

And I don't have a lot of mercy going around these days.

"You can't just keep my tied up!" Marigold protests, but I can see in her short intakes of breath and hardened nipples, that she's not really against this. She might even be into it.

"I can gag you too if you insist on defying me, Marigold," I say like the tyrant I am.

Marigold instantly bites her lips to prevent a sound from escaping.

"Good little wife," I praise before I get back to business.

This time, I kneel in front of Marigold, between her legs, as though I'm a man ready to worship his god. I let my hand slide across her thigh before I grip her calve and bring her leg over my right shoulder. Marigold looks at me defenseless and I smirk as I lick her calve. So hot. Her skin is so hot all over. I trail with my tongue up her leg, lowering my body as I do. A collage of kisses trails up the inner path of her leg. She's toned from training, but I manage to find a soft bit of flesh in her inner thigh. Too tempted to stop myself, I softly bite down on that bit of tender skin and Marigold lets out a nervous moan before wiggling her arms. It's a good thing I tied the little beast up.

But honestly... With her little reactions... If there's ever been anyone that needed to be tied up, it would be me.

Lord give me the patience to do this properly, I pray to whoever is listening.

I kiss the spot I bit. Slowly, lovingly, before I continue my crusade. Every single muscle in Marigold's body goes rigid and stiff when I pause by her lacy underwear. I'm so close, she could probably feel my breath. I'm so close, I can smell the rosy scent clinging to her from a soaking bath she took earlier. And something more... A scent that belongs to her only and that gets my blood boiling.

I let Marigold's leg fall back to the bed as I nip at her underwear - grabbing hold of it with my teeth. Marigold's legs instantly clench together, but she doesn't realise that she's just making things easier for me. With my teeth, I pull down her underwear. She brought her legs together, so I can easily have her panty slide down her legs. When I get to her knees, I use my hand to remove it all the way and toss the flimsy thing to the floor.

"Good lord," I mutter when I'm kneeling in front of my universe again.

Beyond shy, Marigold looks away and shuts her eyes. "Nessa told me to wax and uh, she also advised me to go on the pill so we don't have to like... y'know worry about me getting pregnant or anything," my wife explains - going even redder.

"I'll have to give our second in command a raise," I chuckle as I marvel down at my wife. Sure enough, Marigold is stripped of any hair - save for that on her head of course. She's slick and smooth and a meal waiting to be devoured.

I feel my pants grow tight and patience wear thin.

"Marigold, look at me," I order.

She doesn't oblige and tries stuffing her face into the silky pillows.

Impatient, I lean over and take her face in my hand before turning it to me. "I'm going to be your undoing," I tell her when we lock eyes. I love seeing that bit of fear and desire mix in her expression. "I'm going to break you apart and watch you crumble with ecstasy before I slowly put you back together."

Marigold blinks. "What... what if I don't want to be put together?" she whispers defiantly, "What if I want to stay a broken mess in your arms."

"Then your wish is my command," I tell her before kissing her desperately. The kiss is short before I go back down to her legs. This time, I make sure to have both of her legs on my shoulders, either side of my head. I keep it there in place with my hands as I kiss both her ankles. Goodluck, Marigold, I think to myself before I kneel and begin my prayer upon her sensitive center.

"Oh God... Oh dear God," Marigold breathes when I have my first taste. Her legs clench together as though attempting to squeeze my head, but it'll take a lot more than that to get me to stop. You can't take back a bone from a starving dog.

I let my tongue work her as though I'm trying to get the last bit of chocolate out of a Nutella jar. And though I might appear as a beast, simply ravaging my prey, I'm still tactful about the process. Feeling for Marigold's reactions to know exactly where she's most sensitive. The clench of her thigh muscles... The arch of her back... The quakes of her hips. All of it is information I note and use to my advantage.

"Xavy... Please," she begs. I don't even think she knows what she's begging for.

"Don't let go just yet," I instruct - my breath right on that sensitive skin of hers, and she instantly shivers and trembles. I can hear her hands banging against the bed's headboard as she tries to escape from her bonds. Unfortunately for my wife, I'm quite skilled with knots.

"I feel... Xavy I feel strange..." she moans. "I feel something coming."

I stop my pursuit for just a second to bite that soft part of her thigh. "Hold it," I warn her before I continue my work.

Marigold wettens even more and I dine on the taste. My fingers dig into her legs where I keep her in place. At this point, she's shaking like a trapped animal - nearly kicking with desperate delight as I refuse her any release.

"Xavy, I can't... I can't hold on anymore," she cries - her breath erratic.

"Not yet," I say with wicked delight. Living for the way this pleasure is bringing her pain.

Her hips buckle and raise and I know she really is at her limit. Deciding I need more if I'm to thoroughly break her, I bring my right hand over and probe with my finger at her entrance.

"Xavy..." she begs and cries.

I slip my finger in - her warmth enveloping me. Already she's clenching and throbbing around my finger.

"Such a sensitive little wife," I muse as my finger goes in a little deeper and my tongue continues to work. I can feel her body screaming for more.

"Xavier, stop being cruel," she begs. "Please... I need... I need..."

"What do you need, Marigold?" I ask into her skin.

"I don't know," she cries, "I need something... Something more."

I let a second finger slip in and Marigold's hips raise to meet me. "More," she begs.

"More?" I ask a little surprised. "What a needy little wife."

"Please, Xavier," she begs.

Fucking hell, I love it when she begs.

"Fine, Marigold, but do you know what you're asking of me?"

Marigold looks over at me and there are tears swimming her eyes. "Yes," she says out of breath. "Please Xavier. I want more."

"Alright, Marigold. I shall oblige," I say and lean back. I unzip my pants and Marigold watches in absolute fear as I remove the rest of my clothing.

"That's... that's a lot more," she says staring at me.

"You asked for it, Wifey," I tell her before taking my length in my hand and nudging at Marigold's entrance with it.

"It's... it won't go," she says frightened.

Still nudging at her, I lean forward and rest with my arms on either side of my wife. "It will. Your body is more than ready, Marigold. And the only pain you'll feel is that of pleasure," I reassure her before gently kissing her lips.

Slowly, I let myself in. Marigold's breath is shallow against my lips, but I continue my gentle kisses - telling her it's okay. She's going to be fine.

"I.. I..." Marigold stutters. I look up at her eyes - giving her the opportunity to say something as I pause from going in further.

"I love you, Xavier. More than love, I see you," she says - her breath finally deep and calm as if the words were a spell.

And perhaps the words are a spell because my leash slips. "I see you, Marigold," I say into her lips before I sheave myself all the way in. I meet no resistance save for Marigold being unbelievably tight around me. No blood will come of this. Good. I did Good.

"We're a perfect fit," I smile at my wife and it's true because I can feel myself pressing against the limit of her depth. We really are a match made in heaven.

"I can't breathe," Marigold says.

"I'm going to start moving now," I warn her, "Match your breath with mine." Marigold nods and I slowly pull back - watching her take in a deep breath with me. "There you go. Just breathe," I praise her before slowly filling her back up. I repeat the process a few more times before I feel her body become a little more comfortable with my size.

"I'll go a little faster now if that's okay," I tell my wife and again she nods - too consumed to use words.

In and out I go, picking up speed. Marigold wraps her legs around me, her body instinctively wanting to be closer. "I feel weird," she says.

"Don't let go until I give the word," I tell her - picking up a steady rhythm at this point. I feel myself climb on top of a mountain with Marigold - the air getting thin the higher we go. My wife continues to moan beneath me - her arms desperately trying to reach for me, but bound to the bed.

"Xavier, I want to touch you," she cries.

"You are touching me," I tell her, plunging in and out. "Can't you feel that? Our souls are mixing."

Marigold bites her lip and I get jealous so I go down to kiss her - still furiously picking up speed. I can let this go on all night, but I have to remember this is Marigold's first time. I'll have to wrap things up soon or she'll be too stiff in the morning to move.

"Marigold, you can let go in a bit. It's not long now," I reassure my wife as she forgets all about her breathing again - the air too thin to get any proper oxygen.

"Xavy, I can't anymore," she cries just as I slam into her hard. Again and again - feeling that pleasure build-up to a peaking point where we'll both fall to our death.

Though every moment with Marigold feels like the best thing ever, I'll lie if I said I wasn't dying for this day. To become connected with her on this level...

"Marigold, let go," I breathe into her ear when I'm too filled with memories and emotions to continue.

At the same time, we both dive off of that mountain - reaching a peak and then crumbing together. I cum and collapse on top of Marigold - my face buried in her hair as I feel myself pour inside of her.

Breathe, Xavier, I tell myself. Breathe.

Good lord...

Slowly, I remember how to breathe again. I hear Marigold's breath as well - her chest rising and falling to gulp in enough air. I didn't notice while we were at it but we both picked up quite a sweat. I feel her body continue to twitch and throb beneath me - trying to get off of that high. Right now, we are one.

Still inside of her, I move to untie her wrists with my one hand. Marigold is too spent to do anything, but have her arms collapse above her. I bring my arms underneath her before I flip us over - having her lay on my chest.

"That was... Why the hell didn't I do that sooner?" Marigold asks.

I laugh at her expression. "Oh, Marigold, why the hell not?" I chuckle.

And we lay there for a while. Breathing in and out as we try to piece ourselves back together. Our souls naked and spent.

But the night has just begun.

And Marigold has a lot more to endure.

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