One Gang and a Bronze Battle

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Chapter 34, Last Mission


“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, my head hurts.”

I push myself up and stare out in front of me. How the hell did I end up on top of the kitchen counter? And when did I blackout last night? Bright daylight from the large window across from me blinds me for a moment and I lift my hand up to shield my eyes. I can smell toast and something a bit more sour... When I look down, I notice that I have puke all over my buttoned shirt. Oh, great. Nice going, Willaim - as my Dad would say.

“You’re awake,” I hear a familiar voice behind me.

I look over my shoulder and it’s Daniel making himself toast on the same counter I’m currently sprawled across. He’s showered and dressed in an expensive black turtleneck - making his already dark lashes stand out even more. Why have I never seen him this put together before? He’s usually just... A mess?

“How are you not dying of a hangover right now?” I ask.

“I didn’t join in on the fun you lot had last night. I just went to bed early,” Daniel says as he starts to butter his toast. “Someone else was hogging all the butter, you see.”

I nod, even though I have no idea what the hell this guy is talking about. “Uh, okay, so, do you know where my wheelchair is?” I ask.

“Yes, over there. In the living room,” Daniel says and points across the large kitchen area. I look over and sure enough, my wheelchair is toppled over by the hearth. “You and Bagpipes were riding around in that thing all night long,” he adds, “Before you threw a fit and cried that is.”

I cried? I really don’t remember crying last night. Deciding to ignore, the crying bit, I look over at Daniel a bit awkwardly. “Could you... could you maybe br-”

“You got two feet, go get it yourself,” Daniel interrupts. He takes a bite of his toast before he walks over to the coffee machine. “And I’d hurry up if I were you,” he says, “After I finish my coffee, we’re leaving.”

Well... I guess I do have two feet?

They just don’t... work.

I sigh before giving up and falling back down. I look up at the kitchen lights and try rubbing the permanent frown from my brow. I can hear the coffee machine hiss and steam - adding fuel to my already raging headache. Does Daniel have no sympathy for me? I don’t understand why he hates me so much. I don’t ever remember doing something to piss him off. I take in a deep breath before deciding not to worry too much about Daniel.

Last night was fun, I’ll admit it, but today is where the serious shit starts. The gang’s leaving to go get my sister. While Goldy and Xavier represent us at the international gathering, the inner gang will be heading to what’s probably the most important mission of my life. Kelly is all I have left in this world. And after she’s safe I can...

Memories of my sister flood me to the point where my blood is boiling. How could Jane be so cruel? Murder my parents and sell my kid sister off to human trafficking. I swear to God, if I ever get my hands on that psychopathic bitch, I’ll make sure she wished she was never born. I’ll make her life a living fucking hell. If there’s anyone here that deserves to kill that bitch, it’s me.

There’s suddenly a knock on the door and I look around again. Daniel ignores the knock and continues to prepare his coffee. The sound of rushing footsteps get closer and when I look over to the stairs, I watch the twins come rushing in. They spot me but when I send them a friendly smile, they just scowl like a todler would.

The hell?

“Oh, Owen’s still on the counter,” Bryan comments.

“Should we help?” Ryan asks.

“Eh, he has legs,” Bryan shrugs before the two of them head to the door.

“Ey! Hold up!” I yell after them but the two dimwits don’t so much as glance back at me. What the hell is going on with everyone? I look over at Daniel for a hint, but he has his back turned to me so no luck.

“Mancandy! Yer awake! What are ye still doin’ on the counter?” Nessa asks.

I look back at the stairs and notice Nessa has also rushed over. Like Daniel, she’s also dressed and ready with her leather pants and red fur jacket. I feel like a total shithead seeing everyone get ready to head out. We’re saving my sister, but I’m the least prepared here.

“Nobody’s helping me off!” I protest.

“And why should they? Ye have legs don’t ye?”


“Don’t ye remember rantin’ to all of us last night?” Nessa asks.


I hear Daniel scoff behind me and Nessa rolls her eyes as she takes a seat by the kitchen counter. “We were drinkin’ and partyin’ after most of the guests fooked off,” she starts explaining, “Everyone was havin’ a good ol’ time, but then the bevvy hit ye and ye got sad because ye realised Amberry and Xav were probably fookin’ right now. We tried to calm ye down, but ye proceeded to ride away from us in yer chair like a child. At sum point, ye fell oof, but when I tried to help ye back in, ye shouted at me to leave ye alone. Then the twins came and ye shouted at them to leave as well, the same way they left ye after the East disolved. I called ye a salty boot and ye started crawling away. When the rest of us told ye ye can’t be salty forever because ye need our help to get back in the chair, ye then yelled at us that ye have legs and don’t need help from any of us.”

I’m speechless but honestly not surprised.

“Was I really a sad drunk?” I ask.

“Yeah. Ye kep cryin’ because Amberry and Xav were fookin’.”

“You don’t have to remind me that they were having sex, Nessa.”

“Well, since ye have legs and all, can we maybe borrow the wheelchair? Amberry will need it when she gets back tomorrow. ”

“Fucksake Nessa, just bring me my chair please.”

“Go get it yerself,” Nessa says and walks away - following the twins to the door.

Is she upset because of last night? She can’t hold any of it against me. I mean, isn’t it understandable for me to be a little sad seeing the girl I love marry some other guy? What’s worse, it’s Xavier so I can’t even console myself by saying she made a downgrade. Goldy was picking between a rowboat and a canoe when a fucking warship showed up to sail her away.

I look over at my wheelchair that’s still on the other side of the room.

“Xavier wouldn’t really make her end up in a wheelchair, would he?” I ask Daniel.

Daniel snickers as he finishes up and takes a sip of his coffee. “I’ve seen Xav naked plenty of times and let me tell you, there’s only one person in this house with a bigger dick.”

“Who, you?” I ask sarcastically.

Daniel snorts and looks at something behind me. When I follow his gaze and look over my shoulder, I notice Paul has just walked in. Pollock’s right behind the silent tall guy.

I look back at Daniel and the guy shrugs.

Wait, the mute...

Daniel leans in and whispers: “There’s a reason women are so attracted to him. Even though he doesn’t speak, his big dick energy can be sensed from a mile away.”

“OKAY, I don’t want to know anymore,” I say before turning away from Daniel. When I look at Paul again, I notice him bringing my wheelchair over. He’s carrying it over like it’s a rich chick’s purse.

Damn, he really does have big dick energy.

“Thanks Paul,” I say enthusiastically as I let him help me get into the wheelchair.

I’ll never look at the mute the same again.

By the time I’m in my chair, I feel like a kid being escorted around by his Dad. I want to tell Paul to leave me alone, but it appears he’s my only ally so I have to keep monster cock over here close, unfortunately.

“Daniel, we got a wee bit of a situation,” I hear Nessa say when she walks back into the room, her heels click-clacking on the polished floor. The twins as well as some other guys follow her in. One of those guys is a pale skinny man being escorted by one angry-looking guy and probably the bulkiest woman I have ever seen.

“What is it?” Daniel asks as he takes another sip from his coffee. From the corner of my eye, I watch him take out a flask and add something to the coffee.

“We found a southern spy in our borders.”

“I already told you, I’m not a spy-”

“Shut up, we already know you work for the South,” the angry guy shouts. He looks up at Daniel with a scowl. “We caught this guy not too long ago at the East border, but Amber let him go. The girl isn’t here so I say we kill the spy before he causes any more trouble.

“Goldy let him go? Why?” I ask.

The butch woman scoffs. “Because she’s too naive and kind-hearted to do the smart thing.”

“Hey, Goldy is kind, but she never does something without good reason,” I say when I feel myself get a little worked up. Why are these two idiots talking down on their own leader? The North really are scummy aren’t they? Or they’re just idiots. Do they think Goldy took control of West, East and Sterling by just being kind and naive? Or are the details of all that forgotten because Jane swooped in and took the credit?

“Daniel, yer in charge of prisoners while Xav’s away. It’s yer call,” Nessa says.

“Hey, wait a minute, can’t we hear the guy out?” I insist.

The angry guy sends me a sharp look. “That kind of thinking’s why you arent a gang leader anymore and stuck in a wheelchair, Boy.”

Oh my God, I’ve had it with the North. What’s their deal?

“Despite your blatant disrespect, Amber’s still our leader just as much as Xavier. I suggest you remember that, Helen. And you, Markus, should learn some respect as well. You’re calling your superior a boy.”

Who? Me?

“What?” Markus asks before I could.

“Owen is part of the inner gang. He’s your superior.”

I am?

I look over at Daniel and suddenly see another side of him. Yes, he’s an idiot, a drunk most of the time, and I never thought to take him seriously, but... He’s pretty mature when he has to be. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised though. Xavier wouldn’t have an inner gang that didn’t all have some use. Nessa has her poisons, Paul has his big... built, Jack was a great hacker and Daniel... I guess we still have to find out what Daniel has up his sleeve.

“We understand,” Markus and Hellen apologises.

“So, what’s your name?” Daniel asks the spy.


“What are you doing in Northern territory, Stephan?”

Stephan suddenly crumbles into himself. The pale man slides to the floor and buries his face into his hands. I kind of feel sorry for the man when he starts shaking with tears. “My wife... she’s missing. At first I thought it was the North that took her. That’s what I was told. But I did more digging and found out that she was taking to be sold to Dolls... She was transported last week. I... I didn’t know what to do, but I remembered the blond lady was so nice... I thought she could help me get my wife back.

The gang all look at each other, silently confirming something with each other before Nessa crouches down to the man.

“We’re on our way to go stop this month’s shipment. We’ll make sure all those women get back home safely.”

And knowing a bit of Nessa’s history, makes this all the more touching for me to watch. Nobody’s going to hurt this spy anymore. Not with the North’s second in command being invested now.

The man looks up at Nessa with thick tears pooling in his eyes. “I knew you guys were different,” he says, “I knew in my gut after the kind lady freed me that the South might not have been honest about you... I’m glad I followed my gut. I got something that could help. That’s why I came here. I wanted to make a deal with you. And more then that... I wanted to thank you guys for letting me go.”

“What information do you have?” Daniel asks.

“This,” the man says has he pulls something from his jacket. Everyone tenses up for a second before the man reveals papers. “The blueprints of the warehouse they’re keeping all those women.”

I watch in shock. This is... this is invaluable. We knew the general location of where the girls were being kept, but we had no idea where exactly or which building even. And if Jane got so much as a whiff of this man’s betrayal to Southern Sterling... Him and everyone he knows would get killed.

Then why the hell did he...?

“Amber sure is something,” the twins sigh.

I look over at them in confusion. Sure, she’s great, but Goldy couldn’t have predicted Southern Sterling would sell the spy’s wife? I don’t even know myself why they did it.

Nessa assures the spy that they’d rescue his wife. She thanks him for the blueprints before ordering Markus and Hellen to let him stay at the safe house. They nod before leaving with the man.

Daniel tells me to get ready to leave and with Paul’s help, I manage to shower and dress in no time. Half an hour later, we’re all ready to leave. Pollock is staying behind while everyone else heads over to the cars parked out front. Nessa and the twins get into her white Porche, while Daniel and I get into Paul’s jeep along with two other Northern members that I’ve seen around but who’s names I’m unsure of.

“Get ready lads, this might be our last mission before the world goes to complete shite,” Nessa says before getting into her car.

Paul helps me into the jeep and I’m sitting squashed between the two guys I don’t know while monster cock and Daniel gets in the front. Before I know it, we set off to go save my sister.

“Will Paul be mad if I smoke in his Jeep?” the guy next to me asks. I look over and it’s the one with a short beard. He’s probably ten years older than me.

“Paul only has a problem with swearing,” Daniel says.

“Great,” the bearded guy says before opening his window and lighting a cigerette.

“Hey, I want one as well,” the kid next to me complains.

“You know your mother would kill me if I ever gave you a cigarette,” the bearded guy says.

“I’m twenty-three! My mom doesn’t have shit on me,” the kid complains.

Paul does what I can only describe as a growl and the kid quickly apologises while I’m still in awe that the shortshit next to me is older than I am.

“Hotchkiss, just give it up. You’re lucky Browning even allowed you to come along on the mission,” Daniel says.

“Yeah but we both know that Browning and I are just here as getaway drivers.” shortshit mopes.

“Hey, Hotchkiss, be useful and google this place,” Daniel says as he hands the guy called Hotchkiss the blueprints.

“Whoa! This is Southern Sterling info. How’d we get it?” Hotchkiss asks.

“A gift from Amber I suppose,” Daniel says.

“Can someone explain to me how Goldy is responsible for this info? She couldn’t predict Southern Sterling selling that guy’s wife?” I ask.

I can see the corner of Daniel’s mouth twitch up to a smile. “She didn’t,” he says. “Not too long ago, Amber asked the twins to find information on someone. When they got her what she needed, she asked me to take a friend of her’s to the safe house up north.” Daniel turns around in his seat and in his eyes is nothing other than complete awe. “I just figured out today that the friend of hers was that guy’s wife. Southern Sterling never sold her.”

My jaw all but hangs open. “So...”

“Yes,” Daniel nods, “Amber did an uno reverse card on the South with their own spy.

I sit there in complete silence for the rest of the ride.

They should be afraid... All of them. Every single person out there that thinks Goldy’s just some naive kind-hearted girl. Because whoever’s thinking like that is playing right into her hands.

I have no doubt in me, that Xavier and Goldy will dominate the international gathering.

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