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A good girl who never breaks the rules and a street racer who only believes in speed the images are not mine if you know the owner please message The images in this book/cover are not mine, if the know the owner please message me A good girl who always follows the rules to keep her parents happy. Straight A's and a great record and attendance. the only thing is she has always had a fascination with car's and so she has a job working with and fixing cars. A street-racer who is the best of the best no one can beat him, His father is one of the richest men in the world. but with riches and illegal racing bad things are bound to happen. He plays fair on the road but out side of the car life is a different ball game. So what happens when the two meet

Action / Adventure
Age Rating:

meet the characters


Emily: the good girl

Favourite colour: Blue

Hair colour/length: Brunette-waist length

Eye colour: blue


Height: 5′2

Shane: the street-racer

Favourite colour: red

Hair colour/length: Black-short

Eye colour: green


height: 6′6

Amber:Emily’s best friend

Favourite colour: pink

Hair colour/Length: ginger- shoulder

Eye colour: Hazel


Height: 4′8

William: Emily’s best friend

Favourite colour: Green

Hair colour/length: Brown-short

Eye colour: blue


Height: 6 foot

Rebecca: Shane’s crew

Favourite colour: black

Hair colour: red-waist length

Eye colour:Green

Age 19


Nicole: Shane’s sister

Favourite colour: turquoises

Hair colour/length: blue-Mid back

Eye colour: green


Height: 4′9

Nathan:Shane’s crew

Favourite colour: Blue

Hair colour’length: brown-short

Eye colour: Brown


Height: 5′9

Drew:Shane’s crew

Favourite colour: orange

Hair colour/length: black-Medium length

Eye colour: blue

Age: 19

Height: 6′5

Rick:Shane’s crew

Favourite colour: purple

Hair colour/length: purple-short

Eye colour: Green


Height: 6 foot

Mac: Shane’s crew

Favourite colour: Black

Hair colour/length: Brown/blond highlights-short

Eye colour:brown



side characters

Tim + Lilly Shane’s and Nicole parents



Josh + Meg Emily’s parents



Bob Emily’s boss


Emily - Shane

Nicole - Rick

William - drew

Amber - Mac

Rebecca - Nathan

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