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A goofy ruthless mafia meets his new queen, his ex-girlfriend hates her and wants her gone. A hard working girl with two problems, "Please don't do this!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. That only made me receive a slap to my face. He hit me hard and I could taste the blood in my mouth. I spat the blood out. He gripped my jaw tight and taped my mouth, he punched me and I felt my skin tear a little. .... Meet Nathalie, hard working girl, with a crazy ex who is trying to kill her. Meet Giovanni, known Nathalie for 3 years and never knew she had a sick/psycho/obsessed ex-boyfriend. Let the drama begin. Heads up this book may or may not be good. It's very violent, -ish. Has drama and a few mature parts and A LOT of cursing in it. Part of it is just me winging it and hoping that it is good. Still, check it out! Please and thank you ;)

Action / Thriller
Shanti Aventurin
4.3 9 reviews
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Nathalie POV

"I love you, Nathalie."

"Trent please just leave before I call the cops!" I had my phone in my hand ready to dial their number. No matter how many times I changed my locks he manages to get inside of my apartment. I just wanted him gone from my life, he didn't seem to grasp that information.

To him, we are still a couple and every time I told him we are not, he would attack me. I was not going to feed his psycho brain by saying 'yes we are', I was done with him and he needed to know that once and for all.

With each step he took forward I took backward.

"Why do I always have to discipline you." his voice came out in a way that made me shivered, knowing all too well what he meant. I stepped closer to the door, not answering his question. I turned around running for the door; my hand was on the doorknob but I was yanked backwards and then darkness.

I woke you with a horrible headache and my region down yonder felt sore, fear of knowing what that pain overcame me; he raped me. Tears clouded my view, I looked down at myself to find that I was fully naked, a breeze brushed my skin, making me shiver. Chains rattled, and I followed the sound to find my hands handcuffed to a stairwell. I tried moving my hands but they were so numb from being hanged like to for so long.

Speaking of which, I really don't how long I was out for, I tried screaming but no one came. What felt like hours later, the sound of a door came open. I wanted to scream for help, but I quickly changed my mind, for one I didn't know if they were friendly or not and two it could be Trent coming to finish me off. I stood still;frozen. Multiple footsteps could be heard, fear and panic grew inside of me more and more. I was in a situation where I couldn't move my hands or legs, there was nothing I could do to help myself.

A man, who looks old enough to be my uncle came in view. He wore a black dress suit and a green shirt. He shouted something and two young guys came in with their guns pointing to shoot someone.

The old guy came to my side, holding onto my waist as one of the guy held up his gun. I began to wiggle myself, I did not want to die, not like this.

"Please stop moving or he will miss." The man said in a calm voice. I obeyed and the guy pulled the trigger and I closed my eyes. I fell over on the man's shoulder. He set me down, removing his jacket and putting it over me. The next guy came in with a blow torch and released the cuffs from my hands, he pulled his knife out and cut the electrical zip tie from my feet.

I rubbed my wrist and then tended to my ankles. One the guys spoke in a language I did not understand and the old guy was pissed off after that. "Your Trent's girlfriend."

"Ex-girlfriend. He knocked me out and I woke up here, like this and in pain." I told him truthfully, the tears coming back in, pain, hurt and the fear of not knowing what's to come next was terrifying.

The man seemed to be thinking real hard, he pulled out his gun and I panicked, the stupid kind. I sat frozen, staring at the gun. Praying and begging that he wouldn't kill me. He then asked the two other guys something and one of them left.

The man stooped down to where I sat, tapping the gun to his temple. "If I see the cops here, I'm coming for you and finishing you off myself." I quickly understood what he meant and I cried out in happiness that he was letting me go "Do you understand?" I nodded my head like a crazy person and, wipe my tears, that did not want to stop falling.

"I will handle Trent. Marco here is going to drive you home." he put his gun away and help me up, he reached into his pocket and handed me a stack of 100 dollar bills. Marco came to my side, just then the next guy came in and said something to the old guy.

"Go now!" he the old guy whispered shouted. Marco guided me behind a bunch of storage crates, we stopped at a black SVU and he silently opened the back passenger door. He helped me up and he demonstrated with his hands for me to stay low. I crouched down between the seats and he threw a cloth over me. He shut the door the same way he opened it.

I could hear Trent talking, he called someone Mr. Santini. Someone finally opened and closed the door loud. The car started to move, making turns and dropping in a few potholes, wherever they were leaving from was very rocky. I could hear the gravel crunching against the car tires.

It felt like an hour that had went by when someone pulled the covers off of me. It was Marco. "You can get up now Ms. Pryce." I sat up looking out the window and we were parked in a Motel parking lot. He cleared his throat and I turned my head in his direction, my gaze never met his. "Remember the deal, Ms. Pryce, boss man will take care of Trent, you just keep silent. Piece of advance, move before Trent finds you again." That was all he said, his accent was very thick when he spoke English. I nodded my head in response, I got out and went to book a room until I could get home tomorrow morning.


Like I said, second time trying to write. I'll post another piece or two and then y'all be the judge of what could be a shitty book.


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