Beautiful Killer

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Smart funny beautiful everything twenty-one-year-old Samara needs to lure unsuspecting men to their deaths. Vadik's perfect most deadly weapon. At the age of ten Samara was awoken from the sound of gunshots coming from downstairs. Curious she went to see what had happened. That's when her life changed forever. Vadik Karlovosky the ruthless leader of the Russian mafia. He cares for no one everyone says he doesn't have a heart proving them right when he killed his own father at the age of seventeen so he didn't have to wait to take over. One night after finishing a job he looks up seeing a young girl expecting her to cry or run he is surprised to see her not even bat an eye at the scene below her. Reminding him of himself he decides to take the girl with him rather than leave her to the orphanage.

Action / Romance
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I'm not some sweet innocent young girl that needs saving or falls hopelessly in love and lives happily ever after.

No, I'm a trained killer by the best in the industry. I have no feelings, no emotions. They only get in the way, causing you to be weak, and I am anything but soft. I will do anything for my family, especially Vadik. He saved me, showing me my real purpose in life.

My name is Samara Karlovosky, and this is my story.

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