Save Me

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Action / Romance
Mia R.
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Angel’s POV:

“Angel table four please!” My boss Mohammed called, as I waited for the chef to give me the burgers. You’re probably wondering where I am or what’s happening.

So, when Anton helped me escape Dimitri, I had found out that I was in fucking Russia. Like, I was shocked I didn’t know I had traveled with a plane. When Anton and I escaped, we had taken the first plane back home. I even went back to them, because I wanted to see why no one had come to save me.

When I had arrived there, I had only found a woman and a baby girl, you must know how that broke my heart. I don’t want to go into more details, I’m scared my heart won’t be able to take it.

Let’s just say, I had just taken a few clothes and then had went over at Alex and Lydia’s place. They were the only ones that could help me. I didn’t know they had planned to move, which surprised me. So, I followed them.


Belgium, is a country of West Europe and has a population of more than 11.4 million. It was a beautiful country, that’s true. But I prayed to god it could keep me well hidden, from my past.

It has been three months since, I ran away from the states. I was happy I had come this far without being found, but all the credit goes to Alex and Antonio. They were the ones that eliminated any chances of me being found.

I don’t know if I should regret what I did or not. I hope that when our paths cross once again they will be able to forgive me. But, I feared for that moment. I feared that they will be angry and start treating me in a way that I didn’t wanted to be...treated.

Most of all, I feared they would take my child. I was pregnant. With their child. I had been angry with myself that I hadn’t been safe. I mean me a mother? That’s just plain weird. But god has plans right. I remember the day I had found out, I was pregnant.

Flashbacks two months ago,

“Miss. Smith, are you alright?” Doctor Linda asked in worry as she wiped my stomach.

“I-I’m fine.” I stuttered and grabbed the tissue she handed me, I stared at it in confusion and nodded once she pointed towards my eyes, I mumbled a small ‘thank you’. “C-Can you repeat that again please?” I asked, my weak voice breaking even more.

“You’re pregnant Miss Smith.” she said in a soft tone. “There is always the option of abortion-” I interrupted her with my glare.

“No way! I won’t fucking kill my child!” I glared at her, she raised her hands in defeat with a chuckle.

“Just stating facts.”

“Look I’m sorry, I’m just not in the right state of mind right now but I won’t abort my child.” I said more calmly and gave her a soft smile which she returned.

“I know sweetie.” She replied, I should probably thank Lydia for this, thanks to her I’m visiting the doctor. It all started after a few weeks I left them. I used to vomit every single day in the morning and probably every time I ate something.

Me, being the stupid soul that I am I just brushed it aside thinking it was just the trauma I went through, but Lydia knew, she just freaking knew there was something else, but after I missed my period I decided I should just go check it out but this is a big surprise I got over here.

“Here is the baby,” the doctor’s voice cut off my thoughts. I blinked and focused on the screen that showed the baby. My sight blurred with tears, threatening to escape.

“T-That’s it?” I stuttered as happy tears ran down my cheek.

“Yes.” she replied in a soft tone.

“B-but it’s so small.” I laughed and whipped my tears.

“It’s normal, miss Smith, the baby is in complete normal situation.” she laughed, I blushed at my stupid comment I mean I know how pregnancy works but it still amazes me.

“May I know how far along I am?” I asked and kept staring at the screen.

“Five weeks.” she replied in a happy tone.

“Oh.” I replied with a smile since I didn’t know what to say.

End flashbacks

It’s be two months since I found out that I was carrying a child inside me. A human body growing inside me. That’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. When I find out I was pregnant, I had decided to not run a test to see who the father is, because quite frankly I don’t care. I love them both and I don’t mind who the father is. So, that makes me almost three months pregnant. Great, right? Not.

“Angel?!” Mohammed screamed as he stood in front of me while waving his hand.

“Y-yeah,” I stuttered and blinked to clear my head.

“Table four.” he scolded me and gave me the plates with burgers as I went towards the table.

“Here you go.” I smiled at the couple and placed the plates on the table. “Enjoy your food.” I turned around and bumped into a hard chest which almost made me fall but a hand sneaked around my waist steadying me up.

I looked down and made sure, he wasn’t crushing my small bump. “Are you alright, miss?” I heard a deep tone speak above me, I looked up at the tall 6′3 feet man.

“I’m fine sorry.” I softly muttered and pulled away. I don’t know why but just the thought of another man disgusts me. “Can I help you with anything sir?” I asked with a polite smile.

“Yes, I wanted to know, who do I have to speak to reserve this restaurant for tomorrow night?” he asked, his eyes stared into mine. He was creeping me out.

“Follow me sir.” I smiled and turned around and started leading him towards Mohammed. The owner of the restaurant. A 35-year-old, Moroccan man who had been living her in Belgium ever since he could remember. He looked up when he saw me approach him.

“Monsieur, voudrait faire une réservation.” I spoke, and moved away so he could see the man that was way too close for my liking.

“D’accord, je vais m’en occuper.” He replied making me nod and smile at the man. The client is the King, as Mohammed used to say. I looked at the clock and almost squealed when I realized my shift had been over five minutes ago. I skipped to the changing rooms at the back of the restaurant and started putting my jacket on.

At first it was hard, I admit it, but I couldn’t stay there. I don’t know if they have been searching for me or not but I don’t care. I had been staying with Alex and Lydia the first month I had arrived here, but after a month it kind of got or felt like I was burden on them. So, I had started searching for another apartment.

A few weeks later, I found a small apartment not far from them and moved there plus it’s not that expensive. So, right now, I have a small little apartment that it perfect for me and a precious baby on my way a good job with a good loan, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

I walked out of the room and saw Mohammed still talking to the creepy man. Their eyes immediately turned towards me, when they saw me standing there. I walked towards them even though something in my gut was saying not too.

“My shift is finished, so I’m headed out.” I smiled and ignored the creep’s eyes on me. My lovely boss simply nodded and smiled back. “See you, Sunday.” I smiled and walked pass them.

I ignored the eyes that I could feel on my back and opened the restaurants door and walked out. I started making my way home and was happy to realize I lived alone and I could go to sleep this soon. Sure, it was only eight pm, but I was tired.

Once, I arrived at the apartment building I grabbed my keys from my bag and opened the front door. I climbed the stairs up and opened my apartment door and entered, Salem was immediately by my side, and snuggling against my feet.

I bend down and started petting it and closed the door behind me. “Hello baby, how are you today?” I questioned making it meow in reply and purr, I smiled and stood up and started walking towards the living room.

Well, technically it was half living room which contained only a couch and a table, the other half was a small kitchen. I know this apartment is really, small but it was all I could afford and it was perfect for me.

I was glad tomorrow was my day off. I placed my bag on the couch and started removing my jacket when suddenly a movement caught my eyes making me turn around and gasp in fright.

“Alex! What the hell you scared me?!” I shouted making him chuckled and walked towards me. He flopped down on the couch and placed his feet on the table, making me smack them off. “I eat there, so remove your bloody feet!” I snapped and walked towards he fridge.

“Sorry, mother.” He scoffed and sat up straight.

“What do you want? I was planning to turn in early.” I sighed and opened the fridge and grabbed the peanut butter, I placed it on the counter and opened the cabin above my head and grabbed the bread out of it too.

“I just wanted to make sure, you were still alive. We haven’t heard from you since forever.” He worriedly spoke and I felt him by my side after a few seconds. Oops. I may or may not have been ignoring them. But, only because I was tired and had been working too much.

“I’m sorry. I have been busy with work and by the time that I’m home, I’m dead.” I sighed and rubbed my forehead. I had been stressful for the past few days, don’t know why. But, I knew something was going to happen soon.

“I’m sorry Angel. You don’t deserve to go through this alone. Maybe, it’s time to reconsider your decision.” He calmly spoke, I immediately snapped my eyes at him and glared. Ever since, I found out I was pregnant, and had told him. He has been trying to get me back to the States.

Calming, Xavier and Jason needed to know about the situation. I understand, I mean one of them is the father of the child. But, I wasn’t ready and I was...afraid. “No.” I stated and turned around and started applying peanut butter on the bread.

“Please, don’t tell that’s what you’ve been eating!” He growled and grabbed my arm turning me around. I guiltily avoided his eyes and looked down at the ground. “Angel, you’re fucking pregnant! What the fuck?!” he snapped making me flinch and pull away.

“I-I’m sorry.” I hiccupped and looked at him through blurred eyes. His eyes softened as he pulled me in for a hug.

“Angel, the baby can’t survive with only one slice of bread, for god’s sake.” He calmly spoke. He pulled away after a second, and looked down at me. “Let me order something for you, sit your ass down.” He pointed to the couch and shooed me away from the kitchen.

I know what I was doing wasn’t good for the baby, or me. But, that’s all I could afford, everything went to the apartment, electricity and stuff. I saved some for the future, and had only a bit left out for food. I just didn’t have time and most of the days, I was dead tired by the time I made it home.

I looked at Alex as he spoke on the phone and after five minutes hung up and walked towards me, he sat beside me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder pulling me in for a hug.

“Angel, you have to think about it. They may forgive you and everything will go back to normal.” He sighed. I looked up at him and nodded.

“Think about it this way.” I spoke catching his attention, he looked down and waited. “I go back.” I started. “they take me back, everything goes back to normal. Only, this time, I have a baby to look after too.” I said as anger started to appear.

“What if this time, someone takes my baby away from me? What then?” I questioned making his eyes slightly widen. Dumb ass, of course he didn’t think of it in that way. “Huh?” I questioned again, waiting for his answer.

“Angel, I know that it is scary when you think of it that way. But, they will protect the baby and you. I know it.” He said and turned towards me. I sighed and leaned against the couch.

“How?” I questioned.

“Well, for starters. They own Russia now, so they have bigger allies and power.” He said, I raised an eyebrow at the new information.

“How do you know that?” I questioned once again.

“Just because I’m keeping you hidden doesn’t mean I don’t talk to them.” He said.

“You’ve talked to them? How are they? Are they eating well, sleeping? Sick? Something? Anything-” He cut my rumbling off with a laugh.

“Relax, they’re fine.” He said. “I think? But, they miss you Angel and no one has seen Jason for the last two months.” He frowned, I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Jason was gone.

“What do you mean, no one has seen him?!” I snapped and stood up. Before he could talk the doorbell rang, causing him to stand up and go open it.

“Angel, before you get angry. I had to do this.” He spoke as he came back with Chinese food on his hands. I turned towards him and raised my brow when another figure entered my small living room. I looked between the man and Alex. “I’m sorry, Angel. But I can’t let you do this to yourself.” He sadly smiled.

I simply nodded and looked at the man once again. I stood up and ran towards him throwing my arms around his shoulder. “Missed you to sis.” Juan chuckled and wrapped his arms around me.


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