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Mind Games - Book One

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Chapter Two.

I kept control of my thoughts and fixed my eyes straight ahead without showing a sign of emotion. But inside I was seething in anger, how dare they think or presume they could simply control another’s life. “Your mother was frequently given enough funds to keep you out of poverty and to ensure she was aware exactly of what we were expecting from her,” stated Mr Goldberg. Those words echoed within my mind.

“When you were nine years of age your mother handed you over to United States Officials, she found it extremely difficult to let you go, but in the back of her mind no matter how hard it was for her to hand you over, she knew you were going to a better life.”

I swallowed, the thoughts of my mother and of the friends that I had left behind came forward like a charging bull, and angered and ready to do battle. It was with considerable restraint that I forced myself to keep control of my emotions, as I remembered the white soldiers murdering the village elders simply because they tried to protect me, an innocent child. I looked straight forward as we had been taught and spoke. “Question please sir,”

The C.O. looked up from reading the file, “In time soldier…, in time.” I looked forward without even blinking, “Yes sir” I replied.

“You were introduced to your father, and then within one week you were taken to military school.”

The C.O. paused momentarily, looking across to Mr Goldberg, it was as if they were talking through eye contact, then the C.O. continued while reading from the file. “I see you found the first few years difficult to adjust too…, and then at the age of fourteen you went absent without leave.”

The C.O. looked up and faced me looking directly into my eyes.

“Do you have anything to say with regards this incident soldier?” “Yes sir…, if I may, I was much younger then, and in those days, I had not fully adjusted to my new way of life.”

I paused for a few seconds and then continued.

“In truth sir, I found it difficult to understand why I had been refused permission to attend my mother’s funeral.”

He looked at me, and although I could not move to face him directly, I could sense my Commanding Officer and Mr Goldberg were reading my reactions.

“Do you understand now soldier?” asked my C.O.

I kept my posture. “Yes sir…, I understand that by going back to my old friends and place of birth, that it could have proved difficult for me to return.”

There was a moment’s pause and then the questions continued. “Do you have any resentment or hidden feelings with regards this action?” “No sir…, now I fully understand and realise that it was for my benefit and a gamble that the military could not afford to take.”

Mr Goldberg raised his head and looked at me. “Could you explain those remarks soldier?”

I kept my thoughts in control. “Yes sir…, in those early years I truly did not understand as to why I had been lifted from my home and friends, and I did not even know that much about my father, only what my mother had told me and the pictures and letters that I saw and read.”

Mr Goldberg lowered his head in an indication asking for me to continue. “Well sir at first I was angry, very angry as to why I could not see my mother for one last time, and then as time passed by, I began to realise that there must be a reason as to why you were spending so much time and money in educating me. After some years I realised that my knowledge of Muslims and their culture played an important part in your interest in me, also my mother had taught me to speak different languages including English. Since I have been here those communication skills have been developed above and beyond most soldiers here in my platoon, Sir.”

Mr Goldberg could see that I had a good grasp of my situation. “Please continue” stated my C.O. It was I who this time lowered my head in acknowledgment. “Thank you, sir…, it was only in the last two years that I fully understood your possible actions.”

There was a moment’s pause; as I was beginning to enjoy explaining my theory.

“Well sir it was while we were in class one day discussing the situation in the Middle East, I was asked to explain my view of the ex- Bin Lardon’s activities and as to how Muslims may view his actions.”

I swallowed before I continued.

“That evening while reading in my study, the thought occurred to me that I had a unique prospective on Pakistan and of my faith, due to my mother’s educating me, and of how she would talk of the situation in the Middle East and of how valuable I could be.”

I looked directly ahead, yet I could see the look on Goldberg’s face, and at first and in those early days it had not occurred to me that I might have even had a grasp as to why I had been taken under the military’s wing from such an early age. “Do you have any other thoughts soldier…, please feel free to speak plainly?” “Thank you, sir, I have only one question if I may asked it sir.”

Mr Goldberg looked across to the C.O. and he nodded yes. “Please go ahead and ask.” “Thank you, sir…, I will ask you straight out, Sir.”

I swallowed again, as my throat had become a little dry, yet I was controlling my emotions with considerable skill. “Did my father impregnate my mother on orders from the M.O.D. or another office, so you could have yourselves a subject to work with?”

My words sank very deeply causing considerable unease for both the C.O. and Mr Goldberg. “Your thoughts are not entirely correct soldier, your father actually loved you and your mother very much. It was his wish to take both you and your mother to the United Kingdom. However, certain officials within the Saudi Embassy and in truth Whitehall were not happy in the relationship which had developed between your mother and father. It was for this reason that your father was recalled and you were allowed to grow within your natural environment.”

Mr Goldberg paused and took a breath, breathing in deeply and then holding it for a few seconds before he exhaled. “There were certain individuals within the Ministry of Defence who became aware of the situation and took advantage using you as a possible subject to groom for future use.”

The C.O. closed the folder then looked across the desk. “That is enough information for now, from our observations you have shown considerable promise and have accustomed yourself extremely well to your military training. Your sociological profile indicates that you are very stable and well-adjusted and that you would be well suited for the task that we have for you.”

I could sense there was a certain expectation of an emotional reaction from me, however in the preceding years of ruthless training and of the actions of older recruits who were offended at my earlier upbringing, I had long learnt to control my emotional responses.

Looking straight ahead and without moving eye contact, I showed no sign of weakness. “I see you have requested a posting in military intelligence.” Stated my Commanding Officer. “What makes you think that you have the qualities that we are looking for?” “Permission to speak bluntly sir.” “Granted soldier” said my Commanding Officer. “It is my belief sir that had I not been acceptable, then I would not be here now…, Sir”.

At that I turned away my gaze and waited in anticipation for the reply. It was Mr Goldberg who answered. “I see your profile was not incorrect in stating your ability to observe and collate information before you.”

The Commanding Officer smiled. “Enough…, Lieutenant Jamul, it is my pleasure to inform you that your request has been approved and with immediate effect, you are to be escorted directly from here to a training facility, and from there you will be under the direct command of Mr Goldberg and his associates.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I responded, and upon been dismissed I walked away with Mr Goldberg.

We left my old section of the barracks and I did not even have time to say goodbye to my friends, to my surprise on entering my new quarters I found I was sharing with a seasoned Lieutenant. And my life was about to change and unknown to me at that time, I was to be placed into mind confusing situations which was as far from military services as the moon is from the earth.

Only now I was about to start the learning process that our military were entering an entirely new phase of counter intelligence and warfare.

I was introduced to the art of mind games, and it was an introduction which I could never forget. After I was introduced to my new team members and those who would from this moment become closer to me than my own thoughts, and it was strange really as I had just under twenty hours to live a normal life.

After having showered and eaten and acquainted myself with my new friends, and I began to wonder just what I was about to face, and then to my surprise I was told to get some sleep, as in the morning my training was to begin.

The first three hours were spent playing cards rather than sleeping, and bonding with my new work colleagues, and I used my skills to observe all that was around me and picking up on the idiosyncrasy of all those in the communal room.

What I had already noticed was the haircuts and clothing and mannerisms of those around me, and they were as far from looking like soldiers as I looked like the pope.

That night I slept and there were no barrack Sargent shouting lights out. It was 05am when I was awoken and we collectively showered and went to have breakfast. I was surprized, as the trainers and section commander ate with the soldiers, what I did notice was the Military Police, they were in uniform, but appeared 100% loyal to the commander, and from there we were taken to our first introduction to training.

I know this will truly sound strange, but the first session was spent watching films and talking in open discussion afterwards about what we saw and understood of the film, and would you believe it the first set of films was the Matrix, and of how it screwed with the mind.

From there we just talked and watched more films, discussed our observations and then we sat through the entire process watching the very same films again, only this time we were ordered to take careful observation, and record our thoughts mentally.

This was more difficult than it sounds, as in a film there were actions taking place constantly all-around of you, and you needed to be observant and alert.

It was about six hours into the training session when shouts were heard, and the film continued not stopping for the interruptions. The doors almost burst open with considerable force, and in walked a three-star general along with three burly looking Military Police. “Who is in charge here,” said the three-star general, as five of our MPs intercepted them preventing them from going any further.

The General continued talking with a raised voice, well shouting would be a more accurate discretion. “I order you to stop this nonsense and fetch your commanding officer.” Shouted the now angry officer, and as he was prevented from moving forward.

He raised a hand in frustration and ordered the three MPs with him to arrest everyone in the room. As one of his MPs started speaking into a radio, he was prevented at gun point from saying a word. That action caused a serious reaction and the three-star pompous General started probing his finger into the chest of the nearest of the five MPs from our section.

But before he could do it again guns were drawn, and he was himself arrested and escorted out of the room along with his MPs, and the films just continued playing.

I understood either this is one crazed mixed up unit, or that had all been a staged ploy to distract the audience from what was happening on the screen. None the less it had been entertaining of a sort, and I wondered how many would have fallen for the ploy.

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