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Unlimited Spell World

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A world of magic where vengeance is a common thing for the main heroes, however, that doesn't stop them from creating strong bonds with each other and fighting to end a worldwide war.

Action / Adventure
Mikey Rivera
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Episode 1: Fateful Meeting

In this world, there’s no definite year. All anyone knows is that people with magical powers, more commonly known as Spellcasters, have existed for over a thousand years. They aren’t a big secret considering the world seems to have been reduced to a less advance era without cars, airplanes, computers, cell phones, anything high-tech that would be commonly found or used in everyday life with a few exceptions thanks to some advancements made via those who don’t have magical abilities. Even though this Earth may not have those luxurious necessities any human would normally have, it does have extraordinary items, magical abilities embedded within certain people and amazing adventures practically at every corner.

It was truly wonderful to live in such a world until conflict broke-out and caused this extraordinary world to become very dangerous. What had happened was that twenty years prior, the Einsburn Family, a family who had made a name for themselves as one of the most powerful Royal Spellcaster Families for as long as Spellcasters have existed, were provoked by a Spellcaster Organization called Trailblaze. As a result, the majority of the other organizations and Royal Spellcaster Families that had a good relationship with the Einsburns joined them to retaliate.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that the entire provocation was a lie, and that the Trailblaze Organization, which also happened to have some of the most dominant Spellcasters on Earth who’re equal to the prowess of the Einsburns, had agreed to unite its forces with the Einsburn Family in order to rule over the other Spellcasters as well as to take control of the world. Now, this was all a surprise to the two heads of the Einsburn Family, Izachi Einsburn and his pregnant wife Sorah, who neither had any involvement in the set-up. Both promptly and desperately tried to stop those behind the deception, however was overruled by many of their own family members, including their very own ten year old son, Kai, who was at the heart of the treachery.

With that, within the first ten years of the war, countless bloodshed from both Spellcasters and average humans that don’t have a single thing to do with the war followed. After so many people were lost, numerous small Spellcaster factions decided to make treaties involving either the Einsburn Family or Trailblaze Organization in order to reduce the amount of casualties while also discovering that there are many other Spellcaster groups with their own agendas that can’t be trusted. This gradually leads to this point in time, where the meeting of two individuals might be the starting point for the end of what has been a twenty year long battle that’s plagued such a world.

The town named Peradia has been one of the areas most devastated by the war during the past few years, even though it wasn’t as bad as the beginning. Its people have dwindled down to a small number while many of the buildings are near ruin with the ground reduced to sand from the destruction Peradia had suffered. Now, even though this town is in such rough shape, it’s still a necessary location that Ilya Henseka (Pronounced I-ly-a) must travel through to reach her home city, Velkry.

Ilya Henseka is a girl in her late teens with light skin, a slim body, hazel eyes and a nice bust while standing at 5′7". Her white/beige, spaghetti-strapped dress, which reaches to the middle of her thighs, matches the white, long boots she wears as the outfit fits perfectly well with her curves while having multiple gold accessories on the areas of her clothing that has beige. In addition, Ilya wears a gold headband on her elegant, straight, white hair that has long, wavy locks on the front with her bangs slightly parted to each side as the back of her hair is very short. Not only does Ilya wear a gold headband, she has two gold bracelets on her right wrist, a gold armband below her left shoulder and a gold, isosceles, pentagon-shaped pendant around her neck that extends all the way to her stomach.

As Ilya walks through Peradia, it’s clearly night-time and there isn’t a single person outside with the town lite-up by multiple light post that are placed all over. The white-haired beauty calmly analyzes the houses and buildings surrounding her with some concern displayed while walking down a dirt road extending through the city. “This place could seriously be mistaken for a ghost town if it wasn’t for it being lively during the day.” Ilya continues moving forward with her focus ahead while thinking, “I really wish I knew how to do the Teleportation Spell. At least that way I don’t have to always walk through here.”

Suddenly, a giant gust of wind blows towards Ilya with many of the buildings cracking under the pressure of the wind. This forces the teenage girl to immediately stop in her tracks, lift both arms in front of her face so that sand doesn’t get into her eyes while her hair and clothing flutter relentlessly as mild aggravation appears on Ilya’s person. “What is this?! That was just too random!” Her eyes then widen as the white-haired girl sees a giant, multicolored essence arise from a distance while shooting towards the dark, cloudless sky. “Is that...?! A source of magic?! But I’ve never seen one with so many different colors! There’s like at least a dozen!”

The gust of wind subsides after several seconds passing by with the buildings barely surviving while Ilya slowly lowers her arms as she’s momentarily stunned by what transpired. After that, seriousness overtakes Ilya’s expression as she hurriedly rushes towards the direction of the magical source and softly says to herself, “There’s no mistaking it! That surely was a Class S Spellcaster’s magic overflowing! I have to check it out!”

*Scene Change*

Ilya soon finds herself right where the magic emanated, but who she found wasn’t who the white-haired teen expected. About fifteen meters away, a slim, Caucasian young man with emerald green eyes who stands at 5′10", has semi-short, dark blonde hair that covers his forehead quite a bit while somewhat wavy throughout as he’s wearing slightly torn up brown/red t-shirt and dark brown jeans with his shoes being of the same color, faces away from Ilya in a carefree manner. It doesn’t take the young man long to calmly turn his head to the left and lock eyes with Ilya while giving her a nonchalant look. “Hello.”

In response, Ilya intently glares at the blonde-haired individual as a golden staff with a light blue gem levitating on the top while surrounded by two medium-sized, gold rings rotating around it appears in her hands. Immediately after that, the hazel-eyed girl points the staff at the young man with a stern stance as if ready to fight and harshly asks, “Who are you?!”

The young man turns to face Ilya without veering his attention away from her while placing his left hand into his pants’ pocket. “I have no obligation to answer that. Just go away if you know what’s good for you.”

Ilya’s eyes fill with anger before widening as she sees there’s no magic emitting from the blonde-haired person while thinking, “He doesn’t have a single ounce of magic. He’s just a simple human.” She lowers her staff while still holding onto it with both hands, gets out of her stance to stand upright and firmly stares at the young man. “Was there anyone else here before I arrived?”

The young man mildly cocks his head to the right while raising his left eyebrow. “No... I was the only person here until you showed up.” He then lowers his head to focus on the ground with a vague expression. “Though I haven’t been standing here for that long anyway.”

Concern quickly appears on Ilya’s face as she takes a step towards the green-eyed individual with her left foot. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

The young man briefly returns his attention to Ilya with a cold look and then diverts his gaze to the right to look away from her. “I don’t have to answer that either.”

Ilya’s anger rapidly establishes itself again with her grip tightening on the staff. “Hey! What’s your problem?! All I want to know is if you saw a Spellcaster, and yet, you keep giving me attitude!”

The young man peers at Ilya out of the corner of his eyes with no change to his posture. “Spellcaster? What’s that?”

Ilya’s caught off guard by that question while taking a step back with her left foot. “Are you serious?!” She hurriedly marches up to the blonde and sticks her face to be very close to his own. “Are you a foreigner from a country that’s been outcast or something?! That’s the only way you couldn’t know about Spellcasters! Even humans know very well about the existence of Spellcasters!”

The young man calmly backs away from Ilya with no change to his expression. “Well, I don’t. Now if you don’t mind, I’m leaving.” The green-eyed person swiftly turns towards his right to face away from Ilya and starts to walk.

Ilya’s greatly irritated by the young man’s way of acting and yells out with an upset tone, “Wait a minute! We aren’t done here! I don’t believe that you didn’t see anyone else here! The source of magic with so many different colors disappeared too quickly for any person to have used the Teleportation Spell, and even if they did, there would’ve been a trace of magic left behind!”

The young man doesn’t stop walking and replies without shifting his attention from ahead of himself. “As if I care.”

With hearing that uncaring response, Ilya’s rage explodes as she tightly clenches her staff via both hands after briefly opening them. “Oh, really?!” She promptly makes her left hand release its grip on the staff and thrust it forward with the other hand to aim at the green-eyed young man. “We’ll see about that! Immobilize!”

Suddenly, the young man’s body freezes with a white outline overrunning his body as he’s unable to move while clearly stunned by what’s happened to him. After that, the blonde-haired person thinks to himself as he’s breathing gets ragged, “Crap! I was just out of range, so I didn’t expect her doing that!”

Meanwhile, Ilya walks up in front of the young man, gives him a dirty glare with both hands on her hips while maintaining her hold on the golden staff in her right hand, leans towards him and says with a commanding tone, “Listen up! My name is Ilya Henseka! I’m a Class B Minus Spellcaster! What I did to you just now was a Class C Immobilization Spell! It’s strong enough to subdue a mid-sized, demonic land creature for five minutes! So just imagine how long you will be stuck standing there!”

All the young man can do is look at her with a cold stare as Ilya confidently smirks and advises in a slightly compassionate tone, “Now, if you want me to set you free, just tell me who you are and the entire truth about the Spellcaster that was here earlier.” She raises her right eyebrow with a hint of curiosity taking over. “What do you say?”

The young man doesn’t utter a reply as he continues to stare at Ilya, which causes her to become angry again while thinking, “This guy has guts. I guess I’ll have to use drastic measures to make him talk.”

Then, the green-eyed young man raises his eyebrows and makes a grunting sound as if trying to talk. This forces Ilya to be overcome with confusion while straightening her posture as she thinks, “What the...?” Realization then sinks in as the white-haired girl yells out with an exasperated tone, “Oh my God! Did I immobilize you from talking?!”

The young man simply gives Ilya a dull glare while slanting his head to the left due to it being the only part of his body not frozen.

Ilya quickly acts by thrusting her staff towards the young man’s face while stopping short so that it doesn’t hit him and releases his mouth from the spell. After that, the blonde-haired person lets out a big sigh with his head momentarily down and his eyes shut until returning his gaze to Ilya before saying while slightly annoyed, “I was trying to answer you since I obviously no longer have a choice, but you kind of sucked with that spell of yours.” He then chuckles. “And you’re supposed to be a Class B Minus Spellcaster.”

Those words hit Ilya’s pride hard, which results in her to become very upset as she shouts out with a defensive tone while having lowered the hand that holds her staff, “Oh, shut it! I just got a little carried away!” She promptly removes her left hand from her hip to swing her arm to the side in a gesture. “Anyway, you have no right to judge when you’re just an ordinary human! Even a Class E Spellcaster blind-folded can beat someone like you!”

The young man makes a pitiful face while turning his head to the right. “That’s harsh...”

Aggravation can be seen on Ilya’s person as she does her best to restrain herself and then shuts her eyes with her head down a little. “Ignoring that... You still haven’t told me who you are...”

The young man turns his attention back to Ilya and says with a plain demeanor, “My name’s Dante Einsburn.”

Ilya’s eyes instantly open with shock completely taking over and then veers her attention to Dante after dropping her left arm to the side. “Einsburn?! You’re an Einsburn?!”

Dante nonchalantly nods. “Yup.”

With that, Ilya hurriedly swings her staff towards her right side while firmly saying, “Release!”

Dante’s instantly freed from the immobilization spell while almost not being able to catch himself from falling forward since he didn’t have much time to react and then looks at Ilya with an irritated expression. “A little warning would have been nice.” He’s quickly surprised when he sees that Ilya’s bowing down to him in a respectful manner with her staff no longer present until saying after his annoyance increased for some unknown reason, “Why are you doing that?”

Ilya immediately responds without changing her posture as her eyes are closed. “You are from the powerful Royal Family; The Einsburns. I am from the Holy Sanctuary known as Velkry. My beautiful city has a Treaty in effect, that if any travesties are committed towards the Einsburns or Trailblaze Organization, the Treaty will be abruptly ended and my people will be dragged into the war that has plagued most of this world for the past twenty years again.”

Dante briefly watches Ilya while showing contempt on his person before getting closer to her and unexpectedly kicks her right shin with his left foot, however, didn’t use much force when doing that.

That results in Ilya being overcome with pain as she grabs onto her shin with both hands while squatting down. Afterwards, the white-haired girl peers at Dante with both confusion and annoyance radiating. “What was that for?!”

Dante sternly replies to Ilya’s question with dullness resonating in his eyes. “I know all about the relationship pertaining my family and Velkry. It’s the very reason I hate it when people treat me differently the moment they find out who I am.”

Ilya’s completely baffled by what she just heard and lets go of her shin while standing up. Once she does that, the white-haired beauty becomes quite upset after remembering something and yells out while again getting close to Dante, “Hey! If you’re an Einsburn, then why did you act like you didn’t know about Spellcasters?!”

Dante chuckles while pulling his right leg back to stand sideways as he maintains his focus on Ilya. “Because I wanted to avoid any possibility of our conversation lasting longer than I would prefer. But unfortunately, you couldn’t take the hint and kept on bothering me.”

Ilya glares at Dante with aggravation returning. “Well, I’m sorry for making things so inconvenient!”

Dante tilts his head back and laughs with his eyes shut. “That’s more like it! If I annoy you, speak your mind! Don’t hide it just because of who my family is!” He reverts his attention to Ilya with a content smile.

Ilya’s a bit baffled again until grinning at Dante while thinking, “This guy’s pretty interesting.”

Dante lowers his head to look directly at Ilya while very surprised. “Well, thank you for the compliment.” He chuckles again.

An immense amount of shock quickly arises from within Ilya as she shouts out in disbelief, “Huh?! Did you just-?!”

Dante happily smiles at Ilya while cutting her off. “Yup. I just heard what you were thinking.”

Ilya’s shock doesn’t falter as she stutters while backing away from Dante a little, “B-B-But how?!”

Dante responds without hesitating. “It’s a power that I was born with. It doesn’t involve magic, so even without it, I can hear a person’s thoughts as long as they’re within twenty meters from me.”

Ilya continues to stutter while pointing at Dante with her right hand. “W-Wait... A-Are you seriously telling me that y-you can read people’s mind without any use of magic?!”

Dante faintly laughs. “Isn’t that basically what I just said?”

Ilya puts her right hand down while contemplating everything in her mind with her eyes to the ground, however, stops her train of thought and snaps her head to Dante. “Did you just heard what I was thinking?!”

Dante nods while smiling out of amusement. “Yeah, so you might as well just say it out loud. No matter what, I’m going to end up hearing it anyhow.”

Ilya becomes flustered by Dante’s statement and shouts out with both hands tightly clenched to her sides, “Then stop it or I’ll make you regret it!”

A hint of sadness shows itself on Dante’s expression as he turns his gaze to the left to not make eye contact with Ilya. “I can’t. It’s impossible for me to make it stop. I hear everyone’s thoughts within twenty meters around me, whether I want to or not.”

Sympathy can now be noted on Ilya’s person as she begins to take a step towards Dante. Then, out of nowhere, Ilya feels a decently large source of magic emitting from a distance behind her and that causes her to swiftly swing her body to face that direction with worry brimming. “What the...?!” She quickly makes her golden staff reappear while levitating in front of her and firmly grabs a hold of it with both hands before running off to the source of magic.

In the meantime, Dante briefly watches Ilya run-up ahead with a dumbfounded look while thinking, “I wonder why she’s so hell-bent on trying to come into contact with a Spellcaster that has a lot of magic. I didn’t get to read much from her thoughts.” He smirks with excitement rapidly showing itself. “Either way, she’s different from most Spellcasters I’ve met. I’d really like to see what she’s capable of.”

*Scene Change*

Ilya shortly reaches the magical source and hides behind the corner of a large, rundown warehouse that’s on the right side of the pathway. This happens to be the exact building that four rugged men are in front of as the white-haired girl takes a peek and analyzes the appearances of the four men. Three of the four are actually a little taller than Ilya and aren’t that muscular in comparison to the fourth guy who’s much larger due to him being fat. In addition, all four of them are dark-skinned with shaved heads, light brown cloaks that cover their upper body and matching pants. Aside from that, the most distinctive quality they have in common is the word “Enshin’s Disciples” tattooed onto the left side of their necks.

After taking note of their appearances, Ilya mutters to herself while holding the golden staff close to her person, which results in the golden rings that rotate around the staff’s blue gem to rest on top of the gem as curiosity’s displayed on Ilya’s face, “They all have magic resonating within them, but they’re pretty weak individually. I would label each one at Class D at best, maybe D Minus.” She then drops her head down while letting out a depressed sigh and thinks, “And here I thought I finally found someone close to the Class S Spellcaster from earlier... But it’s just a few thugs with no real potential.”

Dante suddenly appears behind Ilya with a smart-ass grin and whispers, “You sure like to judge, don’t you?”

Ilya’s greatly startled by hearing Dante’s voice so randomly, hurriedly turns around to face him with her eyes wide open and softly says that way the four guys in front of the warehouse don’t hear her, “When the hell-?!” She rapidly shakes her head to negate that question, and after that, locks eyes with Dante while quite upset. “No, better yet, WHY the hell are you here?!”

Dante gives Ilya an innocent look prior to responding. “I thought you would like some help. You said that the person you’re after is Class S. If that person turns out to be dangerous, you can really get hurt.”

Ilya blushes a little as she’s astonished by Dante’s words until frantically shaking her head with her eyes shut. After doing that, the white-haired beauty sticks her face to be an inch away from Dante’s and says with her voice crackling, “Don’t you think I planned for that! We live in a world that if we’re careless for even a split second, our lives can abruptly end! So I always, and I mean ALWAYS, have a plan!”

With that said, Ilya makes her right hand let go of the golden staff and quickly grabs onto the pendant that’s around her neck. “And if worse comes to worse, I’ll use this pendant to summon one of Velkry’s strongest Class S Spellcaster!”

Curiosity rises from within Dante after hearing Ilya and then smiles out of being impressed. “You must have a pretty deep relationship with that Spellcaster for you to have that pendant.”

Ilya confidently nods with a smirk. “I sure do. He’s-”

Before Ilya was able to finish what she was going to say, Dante interrupts her with his eyes set onto the front of the warehouse. “Those guys went inside. They seem to be up to something.”

Ilya turns her attention back to where the four suspicious guys were standing with a serious demeanor while keeping the majority of herself concealed behind the corner as she’s holding onto her staff again with both hands. “Hmmm... You might be right.” A scowl appears on Ilya’s face as she gradually turns her head to the left to Dante. “You better stay here. What good would you do aside read minds? You’ll just get in my way. I don’t need to be worrying about you.”

Dante lightly chuckles. “I appreciate the concern, but trust me, I’m not as useless as you may think.”

Ilya shrugs with her eyes closed before refocusing her attention to the front of the warehouse. “Suit yourself. Just don’t do anything stupid and stay out of my way.” She quietly runs off ahead with Dante close behind her.

They both reach the silver door of the beige-colored warehouse as Ilya takes the initiative and slightly opens up the door by sliding it to the left. After that, the pair peer in a little with Dante standing behind Ilya with an upright posture while Ilya’s bent forward, however, doesn’t realize that her dress is raised up due to it being a little too short and shows off her white, silk underwear that greatly compliments her ass. Fortunately for her, Dante doesn’t notice as the duo notice a round-shaped, grey machine that’s roughly ten to fifteen meters in diameter and looks very much like a power-cell with multiple cords connected to it that extend from the wall behind it.

Seeing that instantaneously causes Dante’s eyes to become cold as he thinks, “Well, well, well... If it isn’t...”

The biggest man of the four ends up saying what Dante was thinking with an arrogant tone while both arms are extended out to opposing sides, “Devil’s Circuit! This machine will give us and our boss countless amount of power that NO ONE will be able to rival!” He laughs in a sinister manner.

Confusion shows itself on Ilya’s face as she cocks her head to the left. “Devil’s Circuit? I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Dante softly answers Ilya’s confusion with a composed tone while having his right hand placed on the wall next to the door to lean forward. “It’s a highly experimental product created by the Trailblaze Organization. It’s like the Sacred Charm; Magic Booster.”

Ilya’s mildly surprised by Dante’s statement as she’s gazing up at him from above herself while still bent forward. “Like the Magic Booster? You mean it has the ability to increase a person’s magical power.”

Dante nods without veering his attention from the four men. “Exactly, however, unlike the Magic Booster that only increases a Spellcaster’s magic by a fourth of the power they have, and lasts for just ten minutes, Devil’s Circuit doubles that person’s ability and doesn’t wear off until an entire day has passed.”

Ilya’s surprise immensely increases with her eyes wide open and yells out in a whisper, “No way! That’s ridiculous! I never heard of such a device!”

Dante calmly responds while making eye contact with Ilya. “Of course. Remember, I’m an Einsburn. No one outside of the Einsburn Family and Trailblaze Organization should know about it.” He returns his focus to the machine and men. “Which makes me wonder how those guys have it under their possession or even know about its existence.”

Ilya’s expression changes to display a lot of worry as she resumes watching the four suspicious men. “So that means they have no connection to your family or the Trailblaze Organization?”

Dante fiercely stares at the four men while taking note of the tattoo that’s on each one’s neck and thinks, “Enshin...” He glances to the left before his face turns a light shade of red and says with a hesitant tone, “U-Uhh, Ilya...”

Ilya gives Dante a dumbfounded expression due to not knowing why he suddenly said her name with such nervousness until the blonde-haired boy looks away from her while pointing at Ilya’s ass with his left hand, which Ilya promptly sees her underwear out of the corner of her eyes and screams out with her face bright red. As a result of hearing Ilya’s scream, the four men snap their heads towards the door with an awestruck demeanor.

The biggest man faces the door with his arms down while a small amount of anger arising. “What was that?!”

The smaller man that’s to the larger man’s left does a quick double-take between the door and the larger man while saying with a deep voice, “I’ll go check it out.” He quickly heads to the door, and without hesitating, completely slides the door open with his right hand. Having done that, the man sticks his head out to check the surroundings and doesn’t see anything or anyone. This causes a scowl to be displayed on his face as he firmly shouts out, “There’s no one out here!”

The biggest man narrows his eyes with suspicion dwelling from within and thinks, “Impossible...”

Meanwhile, Dante and Ilya had both rushed behind the corner they were earlier while trying to catch their breath. Ilya then says in between taking deep breaths with her back leaning against the wall and head down while having her staff pressed close to her body again. “That... Was too... Close. We’re lucky that... D Class Spellcaster don’t have... Good sensory abilities. At best, they can only cast low-level spells... And by the look of it, they seem to be the type... That don’t have a specialized form of magic... Just a bunch of beefheads with maybe the use of the Strengthening Spell.”

Dante gazes at Ilya out of the corner of his eyes with his breathing fairly steady as he’s standing to her left with his head down a little and is also resting his back on the wall. “Tell me about it. What kind of person wears such a short dress when traveling?”

Ilya hastily shifts her focus to Dante with both annoyance and frustration overflowing after pulling down the end of her dress to secure that it’s covering her underwear. “It’s not that short, you jerk!”

Dante softly laughs with his eyes shut and smiles. “Could have fooled me.”

Ilya’s expression maintains itself for a brief moment, but shortly after changes as she takes another deep breath while shaking her head. “I swear...” She looks at Dante with a composed look. “I really can’t tell if you’re a good guy or just an asshole.”

Dante continues to smile with his eyes on Ilya again. “Well, you just met me. So you can’t make much of an assumption, however, I’m willing to oblige if you do me a favor.”

Curiosity takes form on Ilya’s face once again as she’s about to respond, but is cut short when the wall behind the duo suddenly breaks with two large arms wrapping around Ilya’s torso prior to the white-haired beauty being pulled into the building with a horrific scream escaping from her mouth.

At the same time, Dante quickly jumps away from the wall to not get captured too, lands at a small distance from the big hole that was just created with smoke covering the inner confines and then mutters to himself while his back’s towards a building behind him, “Sure took them long enough.” He confidently grins. “Now’s my chance.”

The biggest man walks towards his companions as he tightly holds on Ilya with a smug look. “Well, well... Look what we have here. Lucky for me that you were talking so loud or I wouldn’t have found you.” He chuckles in a menacing way.

Ilya squirms while trying to get out the heavy-set man’s grasp as her golden staff’s still pressed up against her person. “Let go of me, you over-sized piece of garbage!”

The smaller man that’s standing to the right side of the room where the exit’s located snickers out of amusement. “What a deliciously looking girl you have there, Gunta.”

The other smaller man who’s standing in the middle of the three men licks his lips and says with a vulgar tone, “She will make a lovely treat, don’t you think? When was the last time we had ourselves a good fuck?”

Gunta stands in front of the three men with Devil’s Circuit behind him while maliciously smiling as he’s gazing down at Ilya. “It’s been a while, so let’s enjoy our eavesdropper first. Then, we can take the machine to the boss.” He chuckles again.

Ilya pulls her head up and gives Gunta an intense glare. “You guys really are stupid!” The blue gem on her staff brightly shines as the gold rings rapidly start to rotate around it again while Ilya shouts out with a commanding tone, “Burst!”

A small, gold blast promptly explodes from Ilya’s back, hits Gunta right in the chest and causes him to lose his grip on the white-haired beauty. After that, Ilya swiftly backs away from Gunta while facing him with the other three men surrounding her to form a diamond with Gunta, however, this doesn’t seem to bother the hazel-eyed girl as she directs her staff at the heavy-set man. “Did you actually think a Spellcaster of my caliber will be so helpless against four Class D thugs?!” She then grins with confidence brimming.

The smaller man to Ilya’s left gives her a baffled expression. “You’re a Spellcaster?!”

Ilya turns her eyes to that man with an arrogant smirk. “No shit, genius!” She diverts her attention back to Gunta and swings her staff to her right side while holding it with only her right hand. “And now you four are screwed. I won’t let some crappy excuse of Spellcasters get a boost up in power when talented and hard-working Spellcasters EARN their power!”

Gunta laughs at Ilya’s words while tightly clenching his right hand in front of himself with one foot forward. “Really?! I would like to see you try to stop us!” He then snaps his fingers and points at Ilya with an upright posture. “Get her, boys!”

All three men nod and yell out in unison, “Right!”

Ilya giggles with intensity resonating inside her eyes and then sternly shouts out, “Immobilize!”

Within an instant, all three men are frozen before having a chance to take a step towards Ilya as Gunta’s overwhelmed with disbelief with his right hand now lowered. “An Immobilization Spell that can stop all three of them?! That means-”

Ilya interrupts Gunta while locking eyes with him as confidence radiates from her person. “That’s right. To be able to use the Immobilization Spell to halt three people takes at least a Class C level, but I’m past that rank. I’m a Class B Minus Spellcaster. Born and raised in one of the greatest cities in the world! The Holy Sanctuary, Velkry!”

Gunta’s eyes widen from astonishment while thinking, “Velkry?! That explains it! All Spellcasters from Velkry, no matter what Class they are, have potential of being extremely powerful!”

Ilya contentedly smiles. “From the look on your pitiful face, I’m assuming you know how deep of shit you’re in.” She points her staff at Gunta again. “Now just give up!”

Astonishment continues to overrun Gunta’s face until a sinister smirk appears. “Looks like Velkry has given birth to incompetence.”

Confusion shows itself on Ilya’s person. “Huh?”

Then, three shadows cast over Ilya, which forces the white-haired teen to snap her head up with concern showing itself and promptly sees that the three smaller men have broken free from her spell and are lunging onto her. As they descend onto Ilya, the man to the left yells out with anger being noted, “Don’t underestimate us!”

The man to the right joins in with just as much anger as the other one. “Yeah! We are Enshin’s Disciples!”

The final man that’s in the center screams out with his tongue sticking out, “Just because we are D Class doesn’t mean we’ll lose to a bitch like you!”

Ilya watches their descent, grins with her hazel eyes gleaming brightly and yells out with her confidence rapidly returning, “Keep dreaming!” She swiftly pulls her staff above her head while her entire body gains a golden outline and slams the bottom of the staff onto the cement floor that’s in front of her. “Burst Stream!” With that outburst, three pillars of gold light shoot out of the ground and each one engulfs a man while all of them scream in agony. At the same time, Ilya continues to smile with a firm hold on her staff as her outfit and hair flutter due to a large gust of air emitting from the three pillars while sternly saying, “After even telling you how pointless it was, you three still tried something so foolish.” She shuts her eyes. “But I have to hand it to you guys... I didn’t expect Class D Spellcasters to break out of my immobilization spell. I applaud you for that much.”

After saying that, Ilya reopens her eyes and stops glowing as all three pillars dissipate to reveal the three smaller men lying on the ground in a fetal-position with heavy burns throughout their entire body. In the meantime, the white-haired girl stands with a cold expression while glancing at each man as her person faces towards the direction of Gunta and the Devil’s Circuit. “You three are lucky I’m not heartless like most Spellcasters. If I was, I wouldn’t have spared you with just those burns.”

Gunta chuckles in a sinister way while unexpectedly standing within a couple of feet away from Ilya as all of his fat has magically turned into muscle. “Sucks to be you... Because I’m not so nice.”

Ilya snaps her head to look at Gunta with shock overtaking her face while trying to respond to his sudden appearance. Unfortunately, the white-haired beauty wasn’t quick enough as Gunta grabs her by the throat with his left hand and forcefully lifts her off the ground to have her higher up than him, which makes Ilya unconsciously let go of her staff. After doing that, Gunta asks with his eyes being pitch black, “How does my new look fancy you?”

In response, Ilya stares at Gunta with horror. “The hell happened to you?!”

Gunta replies after maniacally licking his upper lip. “Only the best thing that has EVER happened to me! The Devil’s Circuit gave me power I would’ve NEVER achieved alone! And now you can’t look down on me!” He adds pressure to Ilya’s neck, which causes her to be engulfed in pain. “My magic is now on par with a Class B Spellcaster! Just one rank higher than your B Minus.” Gunta then points at Ilya’s golden staff that’s lying on the ground under her with his other hand. “And I figured out that what makes you really tough to deal with is that staff! Without it, you are more like a Class C Spellcaster and that lengthens the gap between us!”

Ilya grits her teeth while thinking with her right eye shut, “Damn it! That machine is a real pain in the ass if it makes a loser like him so strong! I have to figure out a way to break free or I’m done for!”

Gunta brings Ilya close to his face to smell her neck with his eyes closed, which doing that makes Ilya squirm, and then opens his eyes while his mouth begins to water. “Now of course, I’m not going to just kill you. Remember, it’s been a while since I’ve had such a lovely dame. So before I end your life, I will give you pleasure you wish would never stop.” He maliciously chuckles. “Get that fine ass ready, honey. Daddy’s going to blow... Your... Mind.”

Having said that, Gunta moves his free hand up to Ilya’s left breast and is inches away from grabbing onto it. Ilya opens up her right eye with fear greatly dominating her person as she dreads what’s about to happen until a giant explosion occurs instead. This forces Gunta to frantically turn his head to the right while standing sideways and promptly sees that Devil’s Circuit has been destroyed with quite a bit of smoke emitting from where it once stood. Afterwards, the now overly, muscular man yells out with disbelief and panic arising, “No! What happened?!”

Suddenly, Dante appears behind Gunta with a somber composure on his face while having just put on a leather, black and brown glove that perfectly fits onto his right hand. In addition, it can be noted that there’s a crimson “D” on the center of the glove as Dante’s holding the bottom of it with his left hand while both arms are lowered in front of him. “I destroyed it... And now I’m going to destroy you.”

Ilya sees Dante out of the corner of her eyes with amazement now displayed. “Dante?! Wait a minute! Is that a Power Glove?!”

Dante nonchalantly responds to Ilya’s question with his focus on Gunta. “No, it isn’t.”

Gunta snaps his head to look behind himself with rage replacing his panic while ignoring Ilya’s and Dante’s quick exchange of words. “Where the hell did you come from?! I didn’t even sense you!”

Dante retorts with a profound amount of seriousness. “Obviously. Spellcasters rely too much on sensing magic. They tend to not pay any attention to their surroundings and always assume that without magic, a person can’t be a formidable opponent.” He then expands his stance to have his left foot forward while pulling his right arm back as the “D” on his glove shines brilliantly. “Well, I’m here to say that they are all DEAD WRONG!”

With that declaration, Dante thrusts his right arm and forcefully plants his hand onto the middle of Gunta’s back. After doing that, determination explodes from Dante’s being as he shouts out with a fierce tone, “Seal!” Then, a black and brown, circular etching that’s written in Latin appears on the back of Gunta’s cloak while shining just as bright as the “D” on Dante’s glove. Immediately following, Gunta screams out of pain with his head cocked back while releasing his grip on Ilya.

Ilya inelegantly lands on her feet while holding onto her neck and takes deep breaths until recalling something prior to shifting her attention to Dante while thinking, “Did he just say SEAL?! Then that means that glove is one of the forbidden gloves of sealing!”

Dante turns his focus to Ilya after reading her mind and nods with a small grin. “Bingo. Good you know about that.” He then resets his gaze to Gunta with no real emotion while removing his hand from the large man’s back, which results in the etching to not only stop shining, but completely disappeared as Dante stands upright to face Gunta. “But you, on the other hand, don’t know much about anything.”

Gunta hurriedly faces Dante with his eyes having reverted back to normal and the muscles he gained becoming fat as he’s slouching forward with exhaustion showing. “What did you do to me?!”

Dante answers with his right hand lifted up next to the right side of his face to show-off the front of his glove. “It’s simple. I sealed one of the receiving points of your magic.”

Both Ilya and Gunta are equally bewildered by Dante’s words before Gunta tried to move towards the blonde-haired young man, however, can’t and that causes him to be alarmed. After that, the large man yells out with large sums of anger showing while glaring at Dante, who continues to stand before him, “The hell does that mean?! And why can’t I move?!”

Dante shuts his eyes while dropping his head and letting out a mildly agitated sigh. “If you must know, I shall explain in depth.” He lifts his head back up to make eye contact with Gunta while having his right arm lowered. “The glove you see on my right hand is a Sealing Glove. Now, you know there’s Power Gloves that are much more common since thousands of them exist in the world thanks to certain people, excluding the five rarest that have been bestowed by God... But the Sealing Gloves are in a completely different league considering there’s only ten of them. Or at least, there were ten of them.”

Ilya’s person emits concern while thinking, “There he goes again... He keeps saying things that don’t make sense.”

Gunta suddenly screams out with rage adding in, “That doesn’t tell me shit!” He then feels an immense amount of pain within his chest, grabs onto it with both hands while looking at them and asks with a strained voice, “What’s going on?!”

Dante puts his left hand into his pants’ pocket while tilting his head to the left. “I was getting to that. A Sealing Glove does exactly what its name implies. Depending on the Sealing Glove, the user can pretty much create seals that far exceeds what any Spellcaster can do based on how strong the wielder’s strength. Also, all ten have been ranked from # 1 being the most powerful in terms of its capabilities to # 10 being the weakest. Though none of them should be underestimated no matter the rank, especially when any person can use it as long as their heart doesn’t give into the stress that’s put on them. So even a person without magic, like me, can have access to its terrifying power.”

Ilya calmly replies to Dante’s statement after having bent down to pick up her golden staff that was lying next to her left foot and holds it with both hands once more. “Now I get what you meant earlier that you aren’t as useless as you may appear.” She then thinks with a hint of worry displayed, “But how did he appear all of a sudden behind that guy after destroying Devil’s Circuit? Not only that, how exactly did he destroy it?”

As Ilya concerns herself with that, Gunta drops down to his knees due to his exhaustion steadily taking its toll onto his body without taking his eyes off Dante. “That doesn’t tell me why the effects of Devil’s Circuit ended so fast!”

Dante smirks. “That’s just as simple. A Spellcaster’s life energy is dangerously connected to the magic within them, so when sealing away one of its many receiving points that’s located in one’s body, I’m pretty much taking away one of your body’s important means of survival for a brief period of time since the seal isn’t permanent... And it’s not a certain death considering a person can still live without magic, like myself. Although, because you used the Devil’s Circuit to increase your magical power beyond what your body’s accustomed to, the possibility of death is without a doubt. Soon, you’ll become nothing other than a lifeless corpse before the seal’s effects expire.”

Having said that, Dante slowly raises his right hand up next to his face again while opened. “Luckily for you though, I’m like Ilya. So I’ll spare you from this agony.” Gunta’s eyes widen with his jaw slightly lowered as Dante promptly says with a menacing tone, “But sadly, I’m also like you. So I will spare you from this agony in exchange for one that’s much worse.”

Ilya’s baffled by Dante’s words and yells out with a pleading tone, “Dante!”

Dante sets his sights onto Ilya with sincerity gleaming from within his eyes and says with a caring voice, “I like you, Ilya. And it made me mad what he was planning to do to you.”

Ilya blushes while pulling back a little and thinks, “He likes me?!”

Then, without hesitation, the “D” on Dante’s glove shines again as he swiftly clenches his right hand after saying with his eyes becoming dull, “Hell’s Gate Seal.” A large, black circle with an almost equally big pentagram inside it then quickly appears as Gunta stands in the center while shining a radiance of black, dark brown and crimson colors that swallows the large man’s entire body.

Gunta screams out with immense pain consuming his entire being, “This isn’t over! Enjoy your victory while you can because my boss will definitely avenge us!”

Dante responds with no change to his demeanor while his clothing flutters due to the wave of wind expanding from the multi-colored radiance. “I know all about your boss. Enshin Billiard, correct? I’m not afraid of him.”

Gunta’s completely caught off guard by what he just heard while continually engulfed by the radiating colors. “What?! You know about him?! But how?!”

Dante replies while cracking his neck by slanting it to the right. “Like it matters. You’re done for.”

Gunta lets out one final horrific howl and falls face first to the floor.

Ilya tightly clenches her staff while pressing it against herself again with some discomfort showing as she lightly grits her teeth. Also, the white-haired beauty watches the overflowing colors and thinks with a hint of concern, “Three dark colors of magic. That’s why my chest hurts so much. That’s Dark Magic expelling from that circle.” She then drops her head down with the discomfort she’s feeling slightly increasing.

Dante notices the pained look on Ilya’s person right when the radiance of colors ceased while revealing that both Gunta and the circle have vanished without a trace. Afterwards, the blonde-haired individual puts his right hand down as he’s about to take a step forward, but stops himself and decides to ask from that distance, “You alright?”

Ilya looks up at Dante with a reassuring smile before nodding. “Yeah... I just need to catch my breath, that’s all.”

Sadness can be noted on Dante’s face as he glances at where Gunta once stood, returns his attention to Ilya while walking towards her and bows down with his eyes shut after reaching the white-haired teen. “I’m sorry I didn’t spare him, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry for not helping sooner too. I wanted to see what you were capable of and waited too long to step in. I hope you can forgive me.”

Ilya’s dumbfounded by Dante’s apology while slanting her head to the right as her staff disappears and both hands are now lowered. “You really are weird. One moment, you don’t give a crap about what I want and the next you do. Not only that, you even said that you like me all of a sudden.”

Dante straightens his posture while smiling. “Because I do. You seem very interesting. Anyway, I still need you to do me a favor.”

Ilya blushes again with her gaze down to the ground due to Dante admitting again that he likes her until suspicion takes form while peering at him with both hands on her hips. “And that favor would be?”

Dante simply answers with an innocent expression. “I want to go to Velkry.”

Ilya’s overcome with curiosity. “Why do you want to go there?” She grins with her eyes closed and confidence brimming. “Of course, why wouldn’t you want to go there? Velkry is one of the best cities in the world.”

Dante sharply nods. “Exactly. So, can you please take me there?”

Ilya stands sideways with her right foot towards Dante while narrowing her eyes with a skeptical demeanor. “I could, but I’m still not too sure I can trust you. I don’t know anything about you and yet all you have to do is read my mind to know what I’m thinking.”

Realization takes over Dante’s person as he stops grinning. “Oh... If that’s the only issue, then no problem.”

Ilya raises her left eyebrow out of confusion while facing Dante again with both hands removed from her hips to put them down. “Huh?”

Dante lifts up his right arm and places his index finger on the middle of Ilya’s forehead, which causes the white-haired beauty to be a bit surprised as the green-eyed young man says with a light smile, “Seal.” That said, a small circular etching with Latin words just like the one that appeared on Gunta’s back earlier shines on Ilya’s forehead until quickly disappearing. Afterwards, Dante pulls his hand away from Ilya and puts it in his pocket while cheerfully smiling. “There you go. Now I can’t hear your thoughts.”

Astonishment can be clearly seen on Ilya’s face. “Really?! Just like that?!”

Dante nods with his eyes shut. “Yup. You’re the first person I’ve tried that on and it worked perfectly.” He then opens his eyes to look at Ilya again with a relaxed composure. “Now you don’t have to worry anymore about me intruding into your mind. So that means you can take me, right?”

Ilya briefly hesitates while deviating her gaze from Dante and then happily smiles at him. “Sure! You did save my life after all! I owe you this much!”

Dante’s very content by Ilya’s response. “Then let’s go. I can’t wait to see the beautiful city you were born and raised in.”

Ilya nods with excitement. “And I promise you that you won’t be disappointed!”

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