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Episode 2: The Holy Sanctuary, Velkry

Ilya and Dante have spent the past couple of days traveling to reach their destination. Aside from the town Peradia, two other small towns were between them and Velkry, though they did take advantage of the housing those towns supplied when the duo wanted to take a break, wash up, or sleep for the night. Right now, Ilya and Dante are walking through a fairly large forest that is their last obstacle to Velkry.

Dante casually walks with both hands in his pockets as he's checking out the countless wildlife and numerous trees that seem to not have been fazed at all by the war. "This area's pretty peaceful."

Ilya struts in front of Dante with a light smile while looking at him out of the corner of her right eye. "Of course. The entire forest is owned by Velkry. If anything were to happen to it and the Royal Council weren't notified about any damage inflicted by people we have treaties with, then there'll be severe consequences. That's how much this forest means to my people."

Curiosity arises from Dante's person as he cocks his head to the left. "Hmmm... So I guess the Royal Council are the big dogs of your city, huh?"

Ilya gives Dante a slightly aggravated look. "Don't call them that! They are the most respected of Velkry! So please show them the proper respect they deserve in my presence!"

Dante pouts with an apologetic expression as his head's down a little. "I'm sorry."

Ilya's dumbfounded by what Dante did before turning her attention to focus in front of herself with aggravation still lingering and thinks, "This guy really is strange..." She suddenly recalls how Dante defeated Gunta with no effort at all, which causes her to contentedly smirk while thinking, "But he is pretty amazing considering he isn't even a Spellcaster." Ilya then realizes something and abruptly stops walking.

Dante stands to Ilya's right with a hint of concern appearing. "What's up? Why did you stop all of a sudden?"

Ilya turns her gaze to Dante with a bit of seriousness brimming. "You never told me why you want to go to Velkry so badly. I need to know your intentions. If they turn out to be problematic for my people, I won't be able to take you there. Although... I probably shouldn't be taking YOU there in the first place."

Dante quickly gives Ilya a reassuring grin while ignoring the last thing she said. "If that's all, then I'll tell you." The blonde-haired individual pulls out his right hand from his pocket while holding onto the Sealing Glove and lifts it in front of himself with his hand not too far away from his face. "I want to see if your Royal Council is interested in giving me something for this glove."

Surprise immediately overtakes Ilya's face as her jaw drops. "Really?! You actually want to be rid of it?!"

Dante nods while lowering the hand he's holding the glove to be at the same height as his chest. "To be honest, this glove isn't one of the ten Sealing Gloves."

Ilya's confused by Dante's statement while slightly tilting her head to the right. "What do you mean?"

Dante faces Ilya with a nonchalant demeanor. "This glove is actually the fusion of three low numbered Sealing Gloves." He chuckles with his eyes shut. "So technically it isn't just one glove, but three in one."

Ilya's eyes widen while being quite amazed. "So that's what you meant when you fought that big guy about how there WERE ten gloves."

Dante walks up in front of Ilya while continually facing her and replies with a carefree tone. "Exactly." He puts his hand down to plant it on his waist while maintaining his hold on the glove. "The gloves infused together were # 7, # 8 and # 9, which are normally the color black like all the other Sealing Gloves and are numbered as such in red. So now, this glove's level of power is on par with the # 4 glove and that's why I can use a powerful seal like Hell's Gate without severe drawback."

After saying that, Dante pauses for a moment while quickly glancing down and sighing before refocusing onto Ilya with his carefree attitude returning. "Unfortunately for me, I can only pull it off after placing a smaller seal on who I'm fighting and as long as that person's not overwhelmingly stronger. In addition to that, there's a huge gap of power between gloves # 4 and # 3, so it's basically above average in strength, however, not extraordinary like the top three, where there's no real side effects other than needing a very strong will to be able to use them, with the exception of the # 1 glove."

Ilya's amazement doesn't cease with curiosity adding into her expression. "That really is something, but how did you achieve that? It's nearly impossible for someone to fuse accessories like those."

Dante simply responds. "My cousin, Hitomi. She's one of the best Fusion Spellcasters. There's nothing she can't join together, although it can be a hefty process depending on what's fused together. When she was done with uniting the gloves, Hitomi was left without magic for over a month and in a lot of pain. I owe her big for that."

Astonishment can be noted on Ilya's face as she takes a step closer to Dante. "Really?! That's intense!"

Dante nods. "Yup, and it was well worth it." He turns his back to Ilya and resumes walking. "Let's keep moving. We need to get to Velkry before it gets dark."

Ilya just watches Dante walk for a moment due to her being stunned by everything she was just told until snapping out of it after shaking her head rapidly with her eyes shut. Afterwards, the white-haired beauty hurriedly catches up with Dante and walks next to his right while calmly peering at him. "I have another question."

Dante looks at Ilya out of the corner of his eyes. "Go for it."

Ilya promptly says with some concern taking form on her being, "The Einsburn are normally famous for the fact that all its family members are Spellcasters with terrifying potential, however, you're an Einsburn with no magic. So was that rumor wrong? Or is it that you aren't originally an Einsburn, and for some reason, were adopted by them."

Dante sets his sights back to in front of himself and smirks. "First of all, they wouldn't do that. Even though my parents were really good people, they abide to the family's rule to never stray from our bloodline. So to answer your question, I would say it's the norm for my family to be Spellcasters. I just happen to be the only one that isn't." He gazes at Ilya once again. "I'm also the only living person in my family that can hear people's thoughts."

Ilya's slightly confused by the last thing Dante had said while tilting her head to the right, but brushes it off and refocuses on the path that now shows an exit out of the forest. Having seen that, the white-haired girl joyously giggles and does a quick sprint forward after yelling out, "There's the end of the forest!"

Dante watches Ilya run up ahead before putting his right hand back into his pocket while casually walking with a mild smile and mutters, "She sure must love that city to be so excited." He softly laughs to himself after shutting his eyes and eventually catches up to Ilya, who's standing with admiration showing on her person. After that, Dante sees that Ilya's staring at a giant, rectangular, cement wall that completely blots the city from sight with humongous, metallic double doors as the only way to pass through the enormous wall.

Ilya turns to her right to look at Dante while unable to conceal her excitement and extends out her left arm to the wall. "There it is! This is where my magnificent city resides!"

Dante grins while quite impressed by both the gigantic wall and metal doors. "Wow... The outside alone is intimidating."

Ilya lowers the arm she has extended and puts both hands behind her back while contentedly nodding at Dante with her eyes closed. "It's suppose to!" She then opens her eyes to return her focus to the city's walls while facing them. "We want everyone to know that this is the Holy Sanctuary and they'd better think twice before trying to mess with us!"

Dante chuckles while veering his attention to Ilya and then remembers something, which causes him to face her with interest radiating from his person. "Hey, can I ask you something I've been wondering about since we met?"

Ilya gives Dante a confused expression due to the sudden question before nodding again. "Sure. You can ask me anything."

Dante asks with interest still displayed, "Why were you so interested in looking for that Class S Spellcaster?"

Ilya's a bit caught off guard until giggling in a nervous manner while gently moving the right side of her hair since some of it got into her field of vision at that moment with her left hand. "I'm actually not supposed to tell anyone this, but I guess it'll be fine since you've told me so much." She lowers her left hand to place it on her hip and says with a firm tone, "My people only have twelve Class S Spellcasters, including the Royal Council... And even though they're really powerful, if things were to ever get bad with the Einsburn, Trailblaze Organization or any other Spellcaster groups, we'll be able to defend ourselves if we have as many high-leveled Spellcasters as possible."

Dante's face instantly becomes cold after hearing Ilya's explanation and thinks, "Does that mean Velkry's Royal Council already suspect an attack in the near future?"

Ilya doesn't notice the look on Dante's face due to her shifting her attention back to the giant wall with her excitement resurfacing, lifts both arms close to her chest and tightly clenches her hands into fists. "Alright, let's go!" She sprints ahead of Dante after lowering both arms while shouting out with happiness in her voice, "I need to check in with the Royal Council about my search!"

After seeing Ilya advance before him with a bland composure, Dante quickly rushes behind the white-haired girl so the two of them can simultaneously reach the huge, metal doors, however, are stopped by a woman who's wearing a white cloak that covers most of her body while her face's shadowed by the hood that comes with the cloak. Not even a second after that, the woman points a long, white, halberd at the duo while keeping a strong grip on it with both hands and barks out with a commanding tone, "Stop right there!"

Both Ilya and Dante hastily do as they're told with a small amount of panic showing on the blonde-haired young man's face. In Ilya's case, she's a bit dumbfounded until giving the woman a serious glare with an upright posture and cocks her head to the left. "What are you doing, Celty?"

The woman hurriedly pulls her head back out of surprise and mumbles, "I know that voice." She instantly composes herself after taking the hood off with her right hand, which reveals that she's not much older looking than Ilya and about the same body size, while holding the spear in her left hand. In addition, it's noted that Celty has fairly tanned skin, orange eyes and short, straight, light red hair with her bangs completely covering her forehead. After that, Celty's eyes joyfully light up as she lets out a delighted cry and lunges towards the white-haired girl with her arms stretched forward. "Ilya!"

Ilya reacts by stretching her arms out as well, and soon, the two girls hug each other while clearly happy to see one another. In the meantime, Dante stares at them with his arms now folded together while quite amused by what he's witnessing and thinks, "I don't need to read anyone's mind to tell that they're good friends."

Celty loosens her embrace on Ilya enough to make eye contact with her friend while her happiness continues to be displayed. "It's so good that you're back! I really missed you!"

Ilya sharply nods with a big smile on her face. "Me too! It's felt like forever!" She then giggles with her eyes shut.

Dante momentarily clears his throat to get the attention of the two girls with no change to his demeanor. "Ummm... Sorry to interrupt, but shouldn't we be moving on, Ilya?"

Ilya quickly understands what Dante's getting at after locking eyes with him. "That's right." The hazel-eyed girl steps away from Celty while letting go of her friend to place both hands behind her back and says with a cheerful tone, "We're going to see the Royal Council. I have to report in like usual."

Celty nods in agreement, however, suspicion appears out of nowhere on her face as she sets her gaze onto Dante. "Who is he anyway, Ilya?" She then establishes her attention back to Ilya. "You know the rules of our city."

Ilya answers Celty's concern with a reassuring tone while waving her right hand at the red-head. "Don't worry about it. Dante's here to do business with the Royal Council." The white-haired beauty puts her right hand down to plant it on her hip while turning her head to the right to look at the blond-haired boy. "He has something very special to offer them and I trust him."

Dante rapidly blinks his eyes out of surprise while thinking, "She trusts me..." He contentedly smirks after his expression softens.

Celty hesitates a little before finally giving into Ilya's request and gives her a nervous look. "Alright, but go straight to the council. Your brother should be heading over there as we speak."

Ilya's immensely filled with joy while removing her right hand from her hip. "Wonderful! I was hoping he'd be back!"

Curiosity overruns Dante's person as he softly says to himself, "Her brother?"

Ilya veers her attention to Dante again as she motions at him with her left hand without losing any of the joy she just gained. "Come on, Dante! Let's go!"

Dante simply nods at Ilya before following her inside the city the moment the giant, metal doors had been open with the use of a complex, metallic mechanism that's attached to the other side of the wall from opposing sides of both doors. The instance the two enter and the doors begin to close behind them, it can be seen on Celty's face that something's bothering her as she places her left hand, which still holds the white spear she wields, behind her back with the other hand grasping onto the red-head's chin while muttering, "Dante... Where have I heard that name before?"

*Scene Change*

The duo make their way through Velkry as Dante takes notice of the large sum of people happily residing within the city while also taking into account that the majority of them are wearing beige-color clothing, which made him feel out of place a tad due to what he's wearing in difference from them. Ilya then explains to Dante that in Velkry, for a person to know who's in a higher Spellcaster Class, those in Classes C Plus and lower wear beige attire while anyone in a class above that are to wear white. Although to a point this method of classification was convenient, the blonde-haired young man didn't see any real worth in it as he continued to look around and sees many concession stands all over selling different types of goods.

Soon enough, Dante and Ilya arrive at the heart of the city where an immense, cement-based mansion resides with all other housings in the area being separated from it thanks to the small, metal-poled fencing that surrounds the mansion. Seeing this leaves Dante speechless while standing on the path leading to the mansion's doorway as he's gawking at it with an awestruck expression. Dante's composure fairly amuses Ilya as she lightly covers her mouth with her right hand until realizing that there's a familiar face right at the castle's entrance.

It's quickly shown that the person Ilya recognizes is a Caucasian man in his mid-twenties who's about a couple of inches taller than Dante with long, white hair tied into a pony-tail, a white cloak much like the one Celty was wearing and matching pants that has a Longsword strapped to the waist. Just like Ilya, this man's eyes are also hazel while wearing a silver, isosceles, pentagon-shaped pendant around his neck in contrast to the one the white-haired beauty's wearing. Right after that, Ilya rushes to the man and excitedly shouts out the moment she decides to jump into the air prior to reaching him, "Big brother!"

The man gives the hazel-eyed girl a blank look due to not expecting her outburst, however once he realizes it's his little sister after turning away from the entrance to face Ilya, the white-haired man manages to catch her without any real effort and laughs while saying with his left eye shut, "It's been a while, hasn't it, my dear sister?"

Ilya happily responds after directing her attention to her brother with her eyes brightly gleaming out of happiness. "Definitely! How long do you plan on staying?!"

Before he had the chance to answer Ilya's question, the man saw Dante casually walking towards the two of them with both hands in his pockets, which force a cold demeanor out of the man while putting Ilya down onto the ground since he was holding her up. After creating some separation from his sister, the white-haired man locks eyes with Dante while seeming on edge about his appearance. "I feel like I've seen you somewhere before."

Dante faintly grins while mildly cocking his head to the left. "You most likely did, but it would be best if we spoke inside. My name being said in such a public place would more than likely cause trouble and even some panic." The blonde-haired individual then motions with his head to the multiple civilians whom are walking around them as they're minding their own business.

The white-haired man heeds Dante's words while sharply nodding. "You may have a point. There are people, who not only the mentioning of their name would cause such issues, but the shear fact they are even here..." He sets his sights onto Ilya, who's now standing to his right, with a hint of disappointment taking form on the white-haired man's face. "Is something forbidden without the Supreme Council's permission. So please, Ilya... Tell me he isn't one of those people."

Ilya gently scratches her right cheek with her left index finger with nervousness brimming. "W-Well... You see..."

Dante unexpectedly intervenes with a nonchalant attitude while a few inches away from Ilya's brother. "If you plan on blaming anyone, you should blame me. All Ilya did was try to pay back a debt to me and that's why she brought me here. I assure you, I would very much prefer to avoid conflict of any kind. All I'm here for is to meet your Supreme Council and offer them something I believe would be of a lot of use to them. You may even escort me if it'll make things easier."

The white-haired man momentarily contemplates what Dante said to him until turning to face the entrance and says with a firm tone, "Alright. Come along, now." He glances at Ilya. "You too. You're supposed to report to the council about your mission, aren't you?"

Ilya immediately nods in agreement after putting her left hand down. "Correct, brother."

*Scene Change*

All three of them enter the mansion as its confines are filled with an astonishing appearance due to it looking like the typical home of royalty as there are several large pillars that are to both sides of the enormous room they had just entered and take notice of a big staircase leading to the upper level. They soon reach the middle of the room that has a large circle with Latin writing, and once all three stand in the middle of it, a rumbling sound begins to be heard throughout the building. Afterwards, the floor that makes up the big circle starts to descend as Dante's a little baffled by the fact they're going to a lower level that wasn't expected, instead of going up.

While they wait, Dante couldn't help glancing over at Ilya's brother from time to time due to hearing the white-haired man's thoughts thanks to his mind reading ability while displaying a composed demeanor and thinks, "He already has an accurate idea of who I am and might jump the gun if I choose now to say what I want to the Royal Council." He directs his attention in front of himself and stares at the wall ascending up while thinking with a slight smirk, "I'm gonna' have to be careful with my timing..."

Not much after that, the blonde-haired gentleman shifts his gaze towards Ilya, who's obviously going over in her mind about what to say to the council while seeming to be quite nervous, and that compels Dante to restrain himself from letting out a chuckle before thinking, "But it'll be worth it."

Having noticed Dante watching Ilya, the white-haired man leans towards the green-eyed individual with a stern look and whispers, "I'm going to make this very clear, you involving my sister in whatever you're planning will end abruptly once your meeting with the Royal Council is finished. If you do not heed my warning, you will surely regret it."

Dante locks eyes with Ilya's brother as faint intensity resounds in them while showing very little emotion on his face. "We'll see. It all depends on what they have to say about my offer." He grins in an arrogant way.

The white-haired man's eyes narrow with aggravation taking form as he's about to let out a rebuttal, however, is interrupted by them finally reaching their destination while the wall in front of the three individuals soon starts residing towards opposite directions from each other, a brick at the time. Once the wall spreads out enough for all three of them to pass through, they do exactly that as the room's pitch black until lighting up while revealing that the room somewhat resembles a Throne Room, which causes the trio to stop their advancement.

Ilya, her brother and Dante are soon face to face with three individuals, who are currently sitting next to one another in a decorative throne just out of Dante's range to hear their thoughts as they wear royal-like attire that helps show-off how important they are. For a brief moment, Dante didn't pay much mind to the three people in front of him due to being amazed by the room's beautiful details, however, was made to focus his attention to them with a soft elbow hitting the green-eyed young man's side, compliments of Ilya, who's still standing to Dante's left and is clearly displeased by his lack of consideration.

Seeing how Ilya hit Dante forced a light giggle from the only woman out of the three people sitting on a throne as she's located in the middle of her companions with her left hand covering her mouth, elbow planted on the armrest and back leaning against her throne. As a result of hearing the lady laugh, Dante's a bit dumbfounded while analyzing the gorgeous women's physical features as he takes into account her slim, fair-skinned, busty figure that's mostly covered up by a long, puffy, white dress with matching heels, long, light brown hair that's tied into a pony-tail, gleaming blue eyes and several golden bracelets on both arms.

After that, the woman removes her hand enough to place the back of it underneath her chin and speaks with an enchanting voice. "It's good to see you doing so well, Ilya. Not just that, it appears that you've made a new friend and brought him to us."

Ilya hurriedly shifts her gaze to the woman with a nervous smile rapidly taking form while stiffening her posture. "T-Thank you, Lady Adalia! And yes...!" She glances at Dante before resetting her attention towards the woman. "We are somewhat like friends."

Adalia simply grins at Ilya out of content until relocating her attention to Dante in order to make eye contact with him and thinks as a delighted sensation surges within her being, "He looks so much like his father. How I've missed being stared by those eyes."

Dante takes notice of Adalia's focus on him and is a bit confused for a moment, however, quickly brushes it off after deciding that now is the best opportunity to make his offer. With that, the blonde-haired young man begins to take a step forward and is about to say something with his right arm mildly raised forward in a gesture.

At the sight of Dante's sudden movement, the turquoise-eyed, Caucasian man sitting to Adalia's left, who wears the exact attire the other man has on, which is somewhat like a commanding officers uniform without any emblems or medals displayed, and has evenly-parted, short, sleek grey hair due to him being much older than the other two towards his right, but doesn't seem to even be passed his 50s in appearance, lightly torques his head forward while shouting with a harsh tone, "Not so fast!"

That outburst causes Dante to retract the step he was about to take and then feels an unexpected presence appear behind him. Just when the green-eyed individual sets his gaze behind himself, a man with dark skin, fairly shaggy black hair and silver eyes while wearing the same white clothing like Ilya's brother instantaneously joins one hand in front of the other before gently planting them onto Dante's back. A second later, a large seal that almost covers Dante's entire back shines through the blonde-haired individual's shirt and promptly disappears.

Having witnessed that, Ilya can't hold back her surprise while separating herself enough to face the man behind Dante. "Faulch! What did you just do?!"

The man to Adalia's left cuts in with a firm demeanor. "Hold your tongue, Miss Henseka! While in our presence, you do not speak unless instructed to! You know that very well!"

Ilya's stunned by the Royal Council Member as Dante straightens his composure, faces Faulch with a cool smirk and tilts his head to the left. "You're a Sealing Spellcaster. That's kinda' rare. It'd be interesting if we were to ever fight."

Faulch only nods at Dante with both arms lowered and then directs his gaze towards the man to Adalia's left. "Will that be all, Lord Miro?"

Miro calmly responds. "Indeed, however, standby in case you are needed again."

That said, Faulch vanishes as fast as he had first appeared while Miro resets his attention to Dante with a disgusted expression. "Now, for what purpose are you here, youngest son of the former heads of the Einsburn Family?"

Dante nonchalantly swings himself back to the Royal Council's direction and locks eyes with Miro. "First, why did you have that guy place a seal on me? You clearly know who I am, so you should already know I'm not a Spellcaster like the rest of my family."

Shock hurriedly takes form on the face of Ilya's brother while thinking, "I knew it! He is an Einsburn!" His eyes then narrow with suspicion overcoming his expression and thinks, "But how is it possible that someone from such a prestigious Spellcaster Family doesn't have any magic?"

Miro answers with a cold tone. "Correct, and since I know who you are, I properly ordered Faulch, one of our most dedicated Class S Spellcasters, to do such a thing! Because even though you are not a Spellcaster, you have a troublesome ability you inherited from your bloodline that I will NOT tolerate! To protrude in our minds, whether it is on purpose or not, will result in your death!" He grins in a stuck-up manner. "You should thank me."

Skepticism can't help but to appear on Dante's person as he raises his left eyebrow. "Is that a fact?" The green-eyed young man then smiles with a faint, sarcastic look. "Then thank you for that."

Miro's greatly annoyed by how Dante replied and grits his teeth while thinking, "Arrogant brat!"

Taking account of Miro's clear aggravation, the man to Adalia's right calmly interjects himself as it's noted that his skin's a bit darker than everyone else currently in the room with plain, short brown hair neatly comb back that fits his eyes of the same color and a fairly thick beard reaching up to both ends of the man's ears. "Control yourself, Miro. I understand your feelings towards the Einsburn Family, however, you should not wrongfully treat one that has done nothing to deserve it."

Miro snaps his head towards the man with anger arising. "Him being born into that family alone is enough of a reason to deserve such treatment, Slate! Don't try to act all high and mighty in front of him when you also hate them!" He redirects his attention towards Dante as the blonde-haired young man doesn't seemed fazed by Miro's statement, which causes the grey-haired man's anger to increase.

Meanwhile, Ilya's shocked by the way Miro's acting due to her never seeing him like that while Adalia simply ignores her fellow member's outburst and gives Dante a kind grin. "So tell us, Dante... Why exactly are you here? An Einsburn has not set foot in Velkry since the Treaty between our people, the Trailblaze Organization and your family was formed fifteen years ago."

Both male council members quickly glance at Adalia since they weren't expecting her to continue on the conversation like that and then set their focus onto Dante to hear his answer. It takes Dante just a second after briefly scratching the back of his head with his left hand while diverting his gaze to the right so he can look away from the beautiful women that's still before him to respond in a slightly nervous manner. "Well, you may not believe me, but I'm actually here to offer all of you something that will be really beneficial." He shifts his gaze towards Ilya. "Right?"

Ilya sharply nods in agreement at Dante prior to establishing her attention onto the Royal Council while mildly gesturing both arms out of excitement. "Yeah! It's a fused Sealing Glove!"

Astonishment rapidly takes form on Ilya's brother and all three members' faces until Miro leans forward with both hands tightly holding onto his throne's armrests. "A Sealing Glove?!"

Ilya's excitement immediately disappears while lowering her arms as concern overtakes the white-haired girl's being. "W-Why do you seem upset?"

Slate sets his sights on Ilya's brother with a firm demeanor. "Cassius, didn't you explain everything to Ilya about those forbidden gloves?"

Cassius doesn't answer Slate's question as he marches up to Ilya, grabs her by both shoulders and forces the hazel-eyed beauty to face him while being quite mad. "What were you thinking when you brought him here?! It's bad enough that he's an Einsburn, but he also wields one of Lucifer's gloves! The very glove that killed our father!"

Dante's fairly baffled by what he just heard as he turns his head towards Cassius. At the same time, Ilya's eyes widen out of surprise as she leans forward a bit while blurting out in panic, "What?! I didn't know that!"

Cassius removes his right hand from Ilya's shoulder and slaps his forehead with his eyes closed. "Of course, you didn't." He lowers both hands while giving Ilya a sad look after opening his eyes. "This is my fault. I recall telling you how dangerous those gloves are, however, I never told you why and that you should stay away from anyone who has one." The white-haired man then veers his attention towards Dante with a hint of disdain. "A person like you shouldn't exist, let alone be here in our Holy Sanctuary."

Adalia hurriedly rises to her feet and harshly yells while profoundly upset, "How dare you say that, Cassius?! You have no right to say who should live or not! Especially when you don't understand the hardship they went through!"

Everyone instantly lock their attention onto Adalia as they all are stunned by her words until curiosity can be seen on Dante's face while asking, "How do you know that?"

Adalia focuses onto Dante and then gives him a sincere smirk. "It's because you're the spitting image of your father. A handsome man who went through great ordeals in his life, however, remained true to himself and those who believed in him without ever abusing his Spellcaster power." She then places her right hand over the center of her chest. "I'm certain you inherited more than just the ability to read people's minds from him... And you will persevere through probably much harsher things than he had ever experienced." The light brown-haired women puts her hand down to join both of them together in front of her legs. "At least, that's what he told me to expect from one of his sons before your mother was even pregnant with you."

Dante becomes quiet while absorbing everything Adalia just spoke until contentedly smiling with his hands firmly clenched. "Thank you for telling me that. There isn't much I remember about my father since he died when I was little."

A depressed look appear's on Ilya's person while staring at Dante and thinks, "Oh yeah... If his father was one of the former heads of the Einsburn Family, then both he and Dante's mother are the ones who died near the beginning of the war." She drops her head while now watching the floor in front of her. "We somewhat have that in common."

Adalia nods before saying in a compassionate tone, "You're welcome." The beautiful woman then turns away from Dante and gives her fellow members a cold glare. "And you two shouldn't be so cruel to him either! I cannot really blame Cassius for his way of thinking since you two have added filth into the minds of those who experienced unbearable losses in the war concerning the Einsburn Family! Not all of them are bad like you wish them to be!"

Miro's about to let out a retort, but is stopped by Slate extending his left arm towards the grey-haired man and then gets to his feet. After that, the brown-haired man lowers his left arm with a stern demeanor and sternly comments, "Don't you think what you're saying is wishful thinking as well? After all our people have experienced and suffered through, we've learned that an Einsburn and Trailblaze Organization member shouldn't be trusted. That's exactly why it was so difficult for us to have made the Treaty with them fifteen years ago, but we did it for Velkry and its people's sake."

Dante rejoins the conversation while sheepishly raising his right hand up. "If I may speak, I'll explain why I wish to sell you my Sealing Glove."

All three council members, Ilya and Cassius direct their attention towards Dante with curiosity emitting while the emerald-eyed young man continues to talk after putting his right hand down. "You see, just to clarify, I no longer have any connection to my family. Sure, I'm still an Einsburn, but I am my own person and I hope you'll see me as such, instead of being someone of a hated Spellcaster Family." He then peers down to his right hand while making it reach into his pocket, pulls out his Sealing Glove, puts it on that very hand with the use of his left hand and promptly shows the Royal Council after lightly extending his right arm forward. "At least see me as someone trying to make a business proposition. I'll give you this in exchange for something."

Having heard Dante's words, Slate's eyes narrow with suspicion after taking a few steps to stand right next to Adalia's right side. "If I'm correct, Ilya earlier said, FUSED Sealing Glove. What's that supposed to mean?"

Dante lowers his right hand again while placing both hands behind his back and replies with a small grin. "Well you should know about my cousin Hitomi and her incomparable gift at fusing items." He then motions to the Sealing Glove with his head while not taking his eyes off Slate. "That glove is the product of my dear cousin's great ability of uniting three Sealing Gloves."

Miro cocks his head to the right with a hint of confusion displayed and softly says to himself, "Does he mean Hitomi Einsburn? But I thought she was..."

In the meantime, Adalia's dumbfounded by what she just heard as she pulls her head back a little while thinking, "Three?! I thought it was near impossible to even fuse two of those forbidden gloves, let alone three of them!" A look of admiration soon takes form on the beautiful women's being while relaxing herself and thinks, "He can really achieve amazing feats just like his father."

For some odd reason, Dante chuckles with his eyes momentarily shut and head down, which gets everyone's attention, but don't get any explanation for it as the blonde-haired individual lifts his head to look at the Royal Council. "So, what do you say? Look at it as a peace-offering."

Slate rebutted with seriousness brimming. "However, that isn't really a peace-offering considering you aren't giving it to us."

Miro rests his back onto the throne while crossing both arms with irritation displayed. "That's right! Why don't you just give it to us if you really want us to trust you?!"

Dante chuckles again while slanting his head to the left. "Because no matter how you look at it, just giving you an infused Sealing Glove would be too much. That's why I originally referred it as a business proposition."

Both Slate and Miro's expression become emotionless while simultaneously thinking, "I don't trust him."

In her case, Adalia softly laughs while swinging her head a bit in an elegant way. "Sounds good to me."

Everyone except Dante snap their attention towards Adalia while awestruck by her statement. Afterwards, Miro finally gets up from his throne and makes Adalia face him with the use of his right hand on her left shoulder while clearly upset. "What's the matter with you?! You aren't normally this easy to be swayed!" He briefly glances at Dante before resuming his rant with Adalia while pointing at the blonde-haired young man via his left hand. "Could it be because he reminds you of his father?!" Miro places his other hand onto Adalia's right shoulder while returning his left hand to where it was and shakes her a little. "You need to let go of your past feelings and focus on what's best for Velkry!"

Adalia suddenly gives Miro a fierce glare while doing her best not to let her emotions out and says in a menacing voice, "Are you actually questioning my ethics, Miro?"

Miro slowly removes both hands from Adalia's shoulders while consumed with fear as the others silently watch on. Not long after that, Adalia composes herself with her eyes closed while turning towards Dante's direction and then opens her eyes to look at him. "Allow me to apologize for how you have been mistreated, Dante. Our people are much more respectable than this and all you wanted to do was make peace with us." She momentarily peers at her two fellow members with slight agitation before reverting her attention towards Dante and sweetly smiling. "Now, what would you like for that glove of yours?"

Some worry surfaces as Ilya stares at Dante while they all await the green-eyed boy's answer. Concurrently, Dante tilts his head back and watches the Chamber's ceiling while giving some thought to what he desires. "Hmmm... Good question. There was one thing I was considering asking for, but that might be a tad too much." He resets his focus onto Adalia with a carefree grin after putting his right hand into his pocket without taking off the Sealing Glove. "How about I give you three some time to decide on something you wish to offer me, and if it peaks my interest, I'll take it?"

Slate shuts his eyes while letting out a big sigh and then makes eye contact with Dante. "Can it be money or do you want something material?"

Dante nonchalantly responds. "Whatever you think I would like. It's up to you."

Adalia cheerfully nods. "Alright. In that case, give us at least until the end of the day and we'll have an offer, if not, several for you to assure this business transaction is a success." The light brown-haired women then deviates her gaze from Dante to Ilya. "How about you show him more of Velkry, Ilya? I'm certain he's seen less than half of our gorgeous city."

While Ilya's surprised by Adalia's unexpected request, Cassius rushes in front of his sister with a distraught demeanor. "Milady, forgive me, but I cannot permit that! Who knows what intentions he has in mind concerning Ilya?!" He quickly gives Dante a dirty look before resuming his plea with Adalia. "Please, if you wish for him to be escorted around until you all make a decision, then allow me to do it."

Slate sits back down on his throne with his back against it while resting his chin onto the back of his right hand. "Sorry, but you are needed here, Cassius. You need to give a full report of the missions you completed. Plus, there's something we must discuss aside from that."

Miro joins in while putting both hands into his pants' pockets as he's standing sideways with his left foot forward and maniacally analyzing Dante. "Indeed." He then shifts his attention towards Ilya while hiding the feeling of disgust dwelling inside him. "By the way, Miss Henseka, assuming that he's the only one you brought to us... You were unable to find a high-level Spellcaster, correct?"

Ilya nods out of disappointment. "Correct, Lord Miro."

Miro takes a deep breath before sighing. "That's unfortunate."

Adalia joyfully interrupts while briefly waving off Miro with her left hand. "Don't mind that, Ilya. Just do what I asked you and show Dante every inch of the Holy Sanctuary that is Velkry."

Before Ilya had the chance to rebuttal, Dante swiftly grabs the white-haired beauty's right wrist via his left hand and begins walking while gently pulling her with excitement overflowing. "Come on! You heard her, Ilya! I wanted to see every single bit of Velkry anyway!" He faintly laughs after shutting his eyes.

At the same time, Ilya's quite exasperated due to Dante's sudden actions while trying to resist. "Hold on, Dante!" She turns her head to the right, sees Cassius watching her with a concerned look and says in a reassuring voice, "Don't worry, big brother. Everything will be alright."

The two individuals soon walk through the opening in the wall, face towards everyone within the Royal Council's Chamber and then gradually ascends to the upper level after the wall closes in front of them. After witnessing that, Cassius reverts his attention towards the Royal Council while going down to one knee to show proper respect towards them as Faulch unexpectedly appears to his right in the same position, but with his head lowered instead. This caught the white-haired man off guard a bit, however, manages to regain his composure enough to once again look at the Royal Council and says with a professional tone, "I shall begin my report. My mission-"

Miro cuts off Cassius while sitting back onto his throne and resting his left leg over his right lap. "Before we get into the details about your mission, we must discuss the current situation with Icela, the capital of the country Tundra. They are in need of our assistance."

Confusion takes form on Cassius' person. "How come, Lord Miro? I thought Icela has the Einsburn Family's help since the king is married with one of their family members."

Faulch calmly answers Cassius' confusion without lifting his head. "Apparently, that is no longer the case from what I gathered from Icela's king during my mission. Throughout their five years of marriage, they've only been in contact out of her own accord and that wasn't much to start with. It has been two years since they last even seen one another."

Cassius gives Faulch a bewildered look. "Does that mean...?"

Adalia finally sits on her throne with sadness resonating in her blue eyes. "Your suspicions are correct. The Einsburns have more than likely abandoned Icela. Soon, other Spellcaster Organizations, families and groups will try to take over the capital as the starting point to rule over Tundra."

Slate adds while peering at the ceiling. "Because of that, we decided to help them so the safety of Icela's king and princess can be cemented." He relocates his focus onto Cassius. "Since we won't be going against the Einsburn Family, our Treaty will remain intact."

Cassius promptly asks with concern overrunning his being. "How about the Trailblaze Organization? If we were to have a conflict with them, the Treaty would certainly be annulled as well."

Miro replies with lack of emotion showing. "If that's the case, we have no choice but to leave Icela to fend for itself. We already made that clear to its king."

Adalia interjects herself without hesitating. "However, I'm fairly sure that won't be the issue."

Cassius veers his attention onto Adalia. "What makes you say that, Milady?"

Faulch again answers instead with a somber voice. "It's because there's only one faction that comes to mind who's been dying to take over Tundra, so they can finally have a large territory under their control. No other groups will make a move with them eagerly attempting to conquer that country."

Realization immediately sets on Cassius while looking at Faulch and mutters, "Enshin and his Disciples."

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