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Episode 3: God's Left Hand

Continuing from the previous episode, it was realized who are the likely suspects that wish to overthrow the capital of Tundra known as Icela. With that, the current issue concerning that is exactly who will be sent out from Velkry's Spellcasters to fight the enemy. Not only that, on a different note, the Royal Council are left with the problem of what to offer Dante for his Sealing Glove and the possible repercussions the Einsburn Family may implement onto Velkry if they were to find out about him being there since it seems Dante has renounced himself from them. As they go through multiple methods of dealing with their circumstance, Ilya and Dante exited the Royal Council's mansion while the hazel-eyed girl did as she was told, which is give Dante the full tour of Velkry.

After about two hours of checking out hot-spots where many of Velkry's civilians spend their time in terms of entertainment, a few parks where the children played with one being Ilya's favorite since there's a beautiful garden next to it that extends about thirty-five meters around as Dante also took a liking to the same park, went through a bunch of stores and are now heading to the last place the white-haired teen wishes to show her newly made friend. While on their way, Ilya has the bad habit of repeatedly glancing at Dante in a nervous manner as he's scanning his surroundings with what Ilya deemed childish amazement due to the numerous stores and people gathered at once.

Then, Ilya remembers something and focuses her attention onto Dante by turning her head to the right since that's where the blonde-haired young man is walking. "Hey, Dante. You can't read people's mind right now because of the seal Faulch put on you, right?"

Dante nonchalantly responds while still analyzing everything around him. "Oh, you don't have to concern yourself with that."

Confusion appears on Ilya's face as she thinks, "Huh? Why not?"

While ignoring the white-haired girl's question, Dante sets his sights onto Ilya with a sincere look while happily smiling. "You were absolutely right though. Velkry is a magnificent city. I really appreciate you bringing me here."

Ilya's confusion doesn't falter as she tilts her head to the left while thinking, "He acts like he hasn't been in a city with so many people before." She then straightens her head and says with a confident tone, "You're very welcome!" Ilya reverts her attention while seeing at a small distance away a giant, octagon-shaped stadium, which causes a grin to appear on the hazel-eyed girl's face. "Okay, we're here."

Once again, Dante couldn't hold his astonishment as his jaw hangs down while staring at the massive stadium, which contains intricate lettering engraved above the entrance way that reads "Spellcaster Training Ground". Slight amusement then appears on Ilya's face due to seeing Dante's reaction until returning her gaze to the stadium and says in a somewhat informative manner, "As you can tell, this is where many of Velkry's Spellcasters go to train and spar with one another. The really good thing about this place is that the facility itself has an anti-magic barrier etched in, so there's no need to worry about the city and Spellcasters can go all out." She looks at Dante out of the corner of her eyes with a light smile. "Only rule, of course, is to be sure not too go so far as to endanger someone's life."

Dante reverts his attention to Ilya while composing himself enough to ask with a hint of excitement, "So, we're allowed to go in and spar?!"

Ilya becomes a bit flustered as she faces towards Dante while raising both arms in attempt to calm down the green-eyed individual. "W-Well, like I said, it's for Spellcasters..." She then lowers both arms while turning her head to the left with her eyes peering at the sky. "However... Maybe if someone were to agree to spar with you or something, I guess that would be fine considering you have your Sealing Glove to level the playing field, but still, it might not be such a good..."

Right when she was about to finish her sentence, Ilya brought down her focus to where Dante was supposed to be standing and is immediately overcome with surprise as her newly made friend had unexpectedly vanished while blurting out, "Huh?!" The hazel-eyed girl snaps her head to the right, sees Dante entering the training facility without much effort and urgently yells out with both hands cupped around her mouth, "Dante, wait! You can't just go in there by yourself!" She then puts both arms down while rushing after the blonde-haired young man as the duo disappear into the giant stadium.

*Scene Change*

Soon after going inside the stadium, Ilya enters a giant arena that very much resembles a typical Gladiator Coliseum with the ground completely leveled as there are small factions of people divided up, who are watching a couple of spars/training transpiring simultaneously. In addition, there are even more people than the ones who are first seen in the arena, however, they've chosen to make themselves comfortable on the spectator stands that wrap around the arena while decently elevated from the ground to secure their safety from stray attacks, either because they're only interested in watching others fight or are resting from their own battle session. At the same time, Ilya doesn't see Dante anywhere at the moment and is a bit stressed out by that while thinking, "Where could he have gone?!"

Suddenly, a somewhat annoying, female voice calls out from Ilya's left while sounding quite snobbish, "Look who's here! Little Miss Ilya Henseka!"

Ilya's eyes widen out of surprise before setting her sights on a short-haired, Caucasian brunette, who's wearing a long white dress with dual straps and matching heels while very petite in body, as she gives the white-haired beauty a disgusted glare via her bland, brown eyes. In response, Ilya narrows her eyes with a depressing demeanor taking form, slouches a tad and says underneath her breath, "Great... You're the last person I wanted to see."

Having heard a bit of what Ilya had said, the brunette places both hands on her hips and slowly makes her way towards the hazel-eyed girl with her head slanted to the right. "What was that?!" She then stops a few feet away from the white-haired teen while trying to intimidate Ilya with their faces really close to one another. "Don't make me kick that fat ass of yours!"

Ilya immediately scoffs at what she just heard with an upright posture due to the brunette being so close while folding her arms together. "As if! You should watch yourself or I'll blast you into oblivion, you anorexic troll!"

The brunette snaps back with fury resonating in her eyes. "Repeat that, you lousy excuse for a Spellcaster!"

Ilya retorts after quickly dropping her arms with both hands tightly clenched and forehead now almost touching the brunette's. "You heard me, troll! And I'm a much better Spellcaster than you'll ever be!"

The brunette sharply laughs, takes a step back with her left foot to stand sideways while closing her eyes and cocks her head back. "That's hilarious! You actually think you're better?!" She returns her attention to Ilya with arrogance brimming while still standing sideways. "First of all, we're both ranked the same, so you can't possibly be superior, and second, the only reason we are even in the same rank is because of that staff your daddy left, so you can harness better that weird magic of yours!"

After saying that, the brunette faces Ilya again with confidence adding in as she uses her left hand to touch the beige on the hazel-eyed girl's outfit. "That's why you wear both the colors of high class and low class... But all that does is show that you're just good enough to be above the weaklings with your staff and a weakling without it. How pathetic... You can never hope to be better than me like that, or even be in league with Soren." She laughs in a boasting way.

Ilya grits her teeth with anger overflowing. "Cali, you...!" She's then about to say something else while getting ready to make her gold staff appear until the ground briefly shook as everyone else in the stadium shift their gaze towards a specific direction, which would be towards Ilya's right since she continues to face the brunette girl known as Cali. Not even five seconds later, Ilya joins in by hurriedly turning herself towards the same direction as the rest are looking, witnesses two boys dressed in beige clothing who seem to be around thirteen years of age suddenly knocked down onto the ground in front of her while both are fairly beaten and softly questions, "What the-?"

Before Ilya could finish her question, a bleached-haired young man, who's a couple of inches taller than both girls with light brown eyes while wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, calmly marches towards Ilya as he gives her a cool grin. "Hey! Didn't expect to see you here so soon, Ilya! How's it hanging?!"

Irritation appears on Ilya's person while deviating her attention from the brown-eyed individual. "Darn it... I should've known you'd be here, Soren. Cali doesn't go anywhere that you aren't."

As Cali doesn't take too kindly to the way Ilya made that statement, Soren restrains himself from laughing while stopping about two meters away from both boys lying on the ground. "Oh, come on. At least act like you're happy to see me."

Ilya locks eyes with Soren as her irritation increases. "Why would I do that?!" She swiftly unfolds her arms so she can extend out the right one to point at Soren and shouts out with a harsh tone, "Don't think I've forgotten how you and this troll over here bullied me when we were little!"

Cali promptly stomps down her right foot and yells out with a large sum of rage overflowing, "Stop calling me that!"

Ilya ignores Cali's outburst, which clearly ticked-off the brunette, as the hazel-eyed teen lowers both arms to place her hands on her sides, briefly peers down at the two individuals as they attempt to regain their composure and then brings back her attention to Soren. "And this is just like you, Soren. You're picking on these two, who are obviously ranked lower than you." She once again focus on the two boys and asks in a supportive voice, "Hey, what ranks are you two exactly?"

The boy to Ilya's left answers after sitting up while gently rubbing the back of his head with his left eye shut and other eye on the white-haired beauty via his head turn to the right. "We're both in Class E."

Then, the other boy, who's to Ilya's right, interjects himself into the conversation while also sitting up, however, is facing towards her with his legs crossed and both hands resting on them. "Yeah..." He then motions at Soren without taking his eyes off Ilya. "We told him we just wanted to spar with each other since we just got used to summoning and controlling our demonic creatures, but he practically forced us into it, saying he would go easy on us..."

The boy to Ilya's left adds in at the last moment with a hint of resentment in his tone while glaring at Soren after opening his left eye. "And he didn't."

Soren inconsiderately shrugs with his head slightly turned to his right while having his eyes closed. "Well, it's not my fault. I gave you guys a fair match-up against me, so you should have been able to hold your ground."

Ilya quickly reaches out to grab Soren by the collar with both hands, pulls his face close to hers and gives him a fierce stare. "You got to be kidding me! Fair match-up?! You're a Class B Plus Spellcaster while they're both in Class E and you have the nerve to say that's fair! Anyone can tell you, statistically speaking, it would take at least ten Spellcasters of those two's ranking to hold their ground, and even then, that wouldn't be enough since you have so much control over your magical ability!"

Soren veers his attention to Ilya while demonstrating a lot of arrogance on his being. "Awe, Ilya... Thank you for such high praise. You really do like me." He then winks at her with his left eye.

Ilya can't help be disgusted by that as she's greatly frustrated and enraged. "Are you insane or just dense to be saying that?!"

With that questioned asked, Dante's voice comes out of nowhere while sounding quite amused. "I think both would be more realistic." The blonde-haired boy lightly chuckles.

Ilya's instantaneously dumbfounded prior to her and the others divert their focus to behind the hazel-eyed teen. After doing that, they all see Dante nonchalantly sitting above the doorway that he and Ilya had entered through, which is just over five meters away, while lightly swinging his legs in a carefree manner with both hands planted on the top of the entrance/exit for stability as it can be noted that his right hand continues to wear the Sealing Glove.

In the meantime, after facing towards Dante with disbelief resonating, Ilya blurts out, "That's where you were?! I was looking for you!"

Dante smiles. "I know, but I was too busy watching Spellcasters fight each other. They were all pretty entertaining." He switches his attention towards Soren as he gives him a disapproving look. "Except yours... That was just idiotic and pointless how you took advantage in what's supposed to be an experience to help each other improve."

A small amount of agitation arises within Soren's person as he tries to act cool with a condescending smirk. "If you have a problem with me, then why don't you do something about it, outsider?"

Both Dante and Soren stare off for a few seconds as Ilya does a fast double-take between the two with urgency while thinking, "This isn't good!" She then sets her sights onto Dante and says with a pleading tone, "Don't, Dante! Even though I said you could if someone challenged you, it's better that you don't for the sake of your business with the Royal Council!"

Cali intervenes into the conversation with her arms crossed and suspicion showing. "What was that about the Royal Council, Ilya?" The brunette steers her gaze away from Ilya to Dante. "And who is this guy anyway? Obviously he isn't a native because of what he's wearing and I can't sense any magic from him, so he isn't even a Spellcaster... Plus, he kind of looks like a bum with those tears on his clothes."

Dante chuckles with his eyes momentarily closed. "At least I don't look like an anorexic troll."

Cali immediately gasps out of shock as Ilya couldn't help but to laugh with her right hand placed on her stomach, eyes shut and posture mildly bent forward. "You see?! I'm not the only one who thinks that!" She keeps on laughing with her posture now upright and head tilted back.

As Cali grind her teeth while slouching forward a bit, Soren interjects himself with his eyes locked onto Dante. "It doesn't matter who you are or whatever BUSINESS you have with the Royal Council, I'm going to make you regret that earlier comment of yours."

Ilya turns her attention to Soren with some astonishment displayed and thinks, "What comment?! Is he talking about the one of him being insane or dense?!" The white-haired girl then rapidly shakes her head with both eyes briefly closed until establishing her focus on Soren again while thinking, "There's no way he's that sensitive!"

Meanwhile, Dante hops down from where he was sitting, walks up next to Ilya's right and replies to Soren's words with determination emitting. "Good, I was actually hoping for that. Let's get started."

Soren's quite pleased by Dante's answer to his challenge and says while turning around, "Then follow me to the center of the arena." He starts walking away with Cali rushing behind him as the bleach-haired young man states, "Because I intend on going wild against you."

Dante grins while thinking, "Exactly what I wanted to hear."

Before Dante could begin following Soren, Ilya swiftly grasped the green-eyed individual's left hand with her right hand as she gives him a concerned expression. "Are you sure this is okay?"

Dante sharply nods with even more determination taking form. "Definitely. It should be a lot of fun."

After receiving that response, Ilya asks Dante as her concern doesn't seem to decrease much, "You won't use Hell's Gate, will you? This is just a spar."

Dante promptly answers while brushing off Ilya's question with a wave of his right hand after shutting his eyes. "Oh, don't worry, Ilya. Even if I wanted to use it, I couldn't. Not until a week after I used it last... And it hasn't even been more than three days at best." He then gently breaks free from the hazel-eyed beauty, walks around the two boys who had finally managed to get to their feet while watching Dante with an awestruck expression, and says in a reassuring tone after peering at Ilya without stopping his advancement to where Soren's now located, "And even though you don't like those two, they're still people who were born from the city that you love so much. I wouldn't want to risk ruining this place for you in any way." Dante reverts his attention towards Soren and Cali's direction while continuing along his path.

Just for a moment, Ilya stood where she had been standing as she can't seem to find any words to say and just grins before making her way towards the selected area the two young men will face off. Sadly for Ilya and everyone in the arena, Soren makes the suggestion for them all to sit in the stands to watch them "Spar" so they won't get caught up in what he has planned in his mind as Dante didn't waste anytime in agreeing. Including Ilya, everyone else understood why Soren said that in the first place since it has to do with what his magical power is, which worries the white-haired girl a little but chose to have faith in Dante and went to the nearest stand that's towards her newly made friend's right while Cali made the annoying choice to sit next to her due to knowing how much it would bug Ilya.

After everyone cleared out of the arena, Soren kicks up a bit of the ground's dirt to ready himself while maintaining his gaze on Dante with a confident smirk as the two are standing roughly ten meters apart. "Just so you know, all who will be watching us are likely betting on me winning. I haven't lost in a spar since I became a Class B Minus Spellcaster and I'm now in Class B Plus."

Dante rebuttals with his left hand on his waist while letting out a skeptical chuckle. "I can imagine that to be true if you've always been fighting those who are way weaker than you, instead of someone who'll give you a challenge. Anyone can remain undefeated like that, especially a jerk like you. So in all, you aren't really strong like you believe."

Soren's confidence doesn't falter as he cracks his neck by momentarily cocking his head to the right. "We'll see about that." He then lowers his head, slightly bends his legs after separating them quite a bit and says underneath his breath with a malicious tone, "1st Stage... Rock Body!" Just when those words were uttered, Soren's entire skin instantly hardens into a brownish/grey rock material that causes him to increase in size a little, however, is still the same height as Dante and declares with a boasting voice, "Here's my magical power! The Embodiment of Earth!"

Then, one of the boys who was defeated by Soren says to the other as they both sit in the stands on the opposite side of where Ilya's located with a disgruntled tone, "That's what he used at first against us."

The other boy nods without taking his eyes off Soren and Dante. "Yeah, but it was his second form that was overkill. He could have just beaten us with that one."

Dante's eyes unexpectedly narrow with coldness resounding inside them. "Embodiment? Did you get that from someone?"

Soren chuckles with excitement brimming after straightening his posture and taking a step forward. "Yes, I did! From the man I admire the most! He is a true example of what it means to be strong, even if he is an Einsburn and we must be weary if ever to meet him! He conquers all with the Embodiment of Armor! He is the one, the only...!"

Ilya's eyes greatly widen with horror radiating as she gets up from her seat and puts both hands on the edge of the border dividing the stands from the arena. "Crap, I forgot about that! The moron actually admires...!"

Soren slants his head back while having his arms lifted to opposing sides of his body and proudly shouts, "Desmond Einsburn!"

Dante faintly grits his teeth as his fingers begin to twitch while lowered before muttering, "Desmond..." He then has a sudden memory of facing a taller, rugged, muscular man with short, combed-back, sleek blonde hair within what appears to be the confines of a castle as he's smirking in a sinister manner while his dull, green eyes show ill intent. After that, Dante closes his eyes to take a deep breath so he can calm himself down and refocuses on Soren with a delighted demeanor while softly saying, "Perfect... Then let's see how you measure in comparison."

Not long after that, Soren lowers his stance with both hands clenched and eyes on Dante. "Now, let's get started! Speed up!" The bleach-haired individual sprints towards Dante with a profound amount of speed and soon reaches the green-eyed young man as he's ready to throw a right punch aimed at Dante's chest. In reaction to Soren's incoming attack, Dante simply takes a step back with his left foot to stand sideways and narrowly manages to dodge the fist, which baffles Soren as he thinks, "How did he do that? I even casted the basic Speed Spell to close the gap quicker and it's not like he could cast his own as a counter..."

Having completed that thought, Soren launches another punch to be sure if what happened before was a fluke, but with his left fist this time. Unfortunately for him, Dante indeed avoids the second strike in the same way he did the first time, however with his right foot back and this forces irritation to surface onto Soren's expression as he begins to launch a barrage of punches. While that occurs, Dante grins out of light amusement as he elegantly dodges each attack with very little movement from his feet while staying in the same spot he's been since the "Spar" had commence.

Concurrently, Cali gets out of her seat to stand side by side with Ilya while baffled by what she's seeing. "How's he avoiding all of Soren's punches when he isn't even a Spellcaster?!" She hastily directs her attention to Ilya, who's to her left. "What in the world is he, Ilya?!"

Ilya gives Cali a blank look at first until realizing how stressed out the brunette due to the situation and smiles in a taunting way. "Like I would tell you." As a result of the hazel-eyed teen's statement, Cali growls out of anger before reverting her focus to the battle. Afterwards, Ilya's smile disappears as she also resets her gaze to the fight with a hint of worry while thinking, "Then again... I don't even know how he's doing that. Even if he does have that powerful Sealing Glove, it's not like it can improve his speed, right?" She then suddenly realizes something and is quite astonished as she thinks, "Unless, he's anticipating Soren's movements! But that mean he's able to..."

As Ilya dwells in her thoughts, frustration slowly overcomes Soren's face with every failed attempt towards Dante while quickly maneuvering around to launch attacks onto the blonde-haired young man from different angles. That, however, doesn't change much as Dante moves sufficiently enough to barely evade everything Soren throws while nonchalantly commenting, "You're letting your emotions get the best of you, Soren. That's really dangerous against an opponent like me." He chuckles.

Soren grinds his teeth and then throws a big right hook after shouting, "Damn you!"

Dante contentedly smirks before jumping up into the air in avoidance of that hook while doing a compact side-flip, which elevates him over Soren, and quickly lands a right stomp on the back of the bleach-haired teen's head with quite a bit of force. Because of this, Soren staggers a couple of steps in the direction Dante's kick sent him with some pain showing on his person while thinking, "What the...? That kick actually hurt." He then places his right hand on where Dante had kicked him while gradually shifting his attention towards the blonde-haired individual, who had just planted both feet onto the ground at a small distance away, and thinks, "But that shouldn't have when my skin is made out of rock!"

Having heard Soren's thoughts, Dante softly laughs prior to directly facing the bleach-haired young man since he had landed standing sideways and says with an instigating tone, "That just proves that what I said earlier was true. You really aren't strong."

Soren immediately glares at Dante with a grand amount of rage radiating as he tightly clenches both hands that are lowered. "No, it doesn't! I'll show you! Second Stage; Stone Body!" With that outburst, the bleach-haired individual's body changes into a thicker density of rock as it has changed to a dark grey color, which this causes Soren to look a little more bigger in size.

In the meantime, almost everyone in the audience are dumbfounded at the sight of Soren's second form due to him resorting to it so fast while Cali happily giggles before saying, "He's done it now! To push Soren to go into his Stone Body Form is the beginning of the end for him!" She looks at Ilya out of the corner of her eyes. "There's no way he can win with any puny kicks now!"

Ilya just watches the arena without taking much consideration of what Cali said while quite serious and thinks, "She might have a point. I don't know much of what Dante's capable, but from what he told me, he needs to at least come in contact with the opponent to place a seal and he missed his opportunity several times already. Dante could have just sealed Soren's magic ability when he was throwing all those punches, but he didn't... I just don't get you, Dante."

Meanwhile, Soren pulls both arms above his head in a loud grunt and promptly brings them down while yelling out in anger, "Now, let's see you deal with this!" His fist crashes down on the ground as a fairly big tremor can be felt throughout the stadium.

That causes Dante to lose some of his balance, puts his left hand onto the ground for stability while staring at it and mutters, "This is more than likely what he did to defeat the two Class E Spellcasters."

Then, out of nowhere, Soren appears in front of Dante with his right arm pulled back in preparation to throwing a massive punch. At the same time, one of the two Class E Spellcasters desperately blurts out after swinging his left hand to the side, "Watch out! That's exactly the combo he did to take us both down!"

Ilya quickly states to herself as large sums of concern takes form, "He won't be able to dodge quick enough in that position!" Her eyes then widen out of shock as she notices that, instead of seeing distress on Dante's face, he's confidently smiling.

After that, Soren launches the massive punch with all his strength, but sadly only hits air again as Dante's no longer before him and thinks, "He... Disappeared?!"

Dante leans forward from Soren's right side while facing the same direction as him with both hands behind his back and says in a smart ass way, "No, I just moved faster than the speed of sound. That's all."

Soren peers at Dante out of the corner of his eyes with disbelief emitting as he faintly utters, "Faster... Than the speed... Of Sound?" His eyes then widen after recalling something and thinks, "Wait... How did he know what I was thinking?!"

Following that question, Dante hurriedly swings himself around with his right foot as the pivot after putting it forward, harshly lands a reverse spin kick on Soren's upper chest without removing his arms from behind himself and sends the bleach-haired individual flying off the ground a little. This causes Soren to let out a distressful cry as his back soon comes in contact with the ground while sliding on it for a few seconds until ceasing about twenty meters from Dante. After accomplishing that, Dante faces towards Soren's direction while putting both hands into his pockets as he states in a carefree manner, "You know... You have no right to look down on Ilya for depending on her staff to harness her strength."

Soren strains himself to sit up while wincing in pain and makes eye contact with Dante. "What are you talking about?" He then sees that the rims of Dante's brown/red shoes are vaguely glowing and suddenly realizes how the green-eyed young man was moving so fast. "Hold on. Are those what I think they are?"

Dante nods with some amusement resonating. "You finally figured it out. These right here are one of very few Magical Footwear, known as Accelerator, that multiplies a person's speed and agility. It's best for those who don't have any magic like myself and Spellcasters who don't know how to use the Speed Spell." He deviates his gaze down to his feet. "Without them, or any of the items I use, I wouldn't be as strong as I am now."

With that said, Dante returns his attention to Soren as determination takes over. "And that's fine! I would use any method to become stronger to defeat the one I must! It doesn't make me weak since I'm strong enough to admit that I need help!" The blonde individual then turns his head to the left to look at Ilya with a sincere grin. "So never let anyone make you feel ashamed about that precious staff of yours."

Ilya lightly blushes with an upright posture after taking her hands off the edge of the border. Concurrently, Soren rises to his feet as an unexpected display of calmness expels from the brown-eyed young man with his head mildly down and a small grin. "That explains everything. Of course, you couldn't be this strong without something like that." He locks his eyes onto Dante with intensity resounding in them. "That's not real strength... You both are pathetic."

Dante gently scoffs while tilting his head to the right with a hint of skepticism. "Says the guy who's magical power can only be utilized in succession from the weakest stage to strongest and still can't lay a finger on me after reaching his second." He straightens his head while getting ready to resume the fight without pulling out his hands from his pockets. "You're only ranked as a Class B Plus because of your third, and final, stage. Right now, you're probably on par with a Class B Spellcaster, and even if you do go into your final stage, that won't be enough."

Soren's awestruck by Dante's words with an upright posture while thinking, "How does he know all of that?! Only Cali and the Spellcaster that deemed me a Class B know about my final stage, so he couldn't have found that out from Ilya!" The bleach-haired individual then screams out with immense anger overflowing, "Who exactly are you?!"

Dante suddenly shouts out with excitement in his voice while ignoring Soren's cry, "Accelerate!" He then advances with impeccable speed that makes him appear as a blur and reaches right in front of Soren while pulling his left foot back. "Like it matters!" Dante instantly lands the kick on Soren's stomach, which causes the brown-eyed young man to feel a surge of agony, however, manages to hold his ground somehow.

Surprisingly enough, coming into contact with Soren's hard, stone-like body doesn't bother Dante at all and maintains his gaze on his opponent. At the same time, Soren's entire being quickly turns into a yellowish/auburn color with him almost doubling in size while his clothes become tightly pressed against the brown-eyed individual's person due to the significant change as he mutters underneath his breath in a strained tone, "Third Stage... Brick Body!" A big right fist then comes down onto Dante, but misses due to the green-eyed gentleman dodging it with the same speed he's been recently showing off. After that, Soren's fist comes in contact with the ground, and not only does it make the ground ferociously shake, it causes the earth to crack about five meters around the bleach-haired young man.

Meanwhile, everyone is astonished by Soren's power as Dante now stands about eight meters behind Soren with curiosity surfacing and thinks, "Didn't see that coming. He's probably never gone that far before... And it isn't that bad." He chuckles and then softly says to himself, "I guess this is the perfect opportunity to finally test THAT out then. Just have to be sure not to end up killing him."

Soren removes his fist from the ground and slowly faces Dante with animosity establishing itself on his being while still talking in a strained voice. "You're in for it now. You actually were inflicting pain on me before with those fast kicks, but now, I've gauged what you can do and you have no hope anymore." He smiles in a malicious manner. "You should have tried to finish me off before I got to this stage."

Cali nods without diverting her eyes from the two in the arena as she happily grins and says to Ilya. "He's right. No matter how quick that friend of yours is, all Soren needs to do is land one blow and that will be that." She shifts her gaze towards Ilya without moving her head. "But I have to admit, for a human, he did okay." The brunette giggles while placing her attention back onto the arena.

After hearing what Cali had to say, Ilya keeps her focus on Dante while specifically watching his right hand with slight curiosity and thinks, "She would be right if it wasn't for the fact that I know Dante could just use his Sealing Glove at any moment. All he has to do is just touch Soren..." Her eyes narrow with suspicion arising as she continues thinking. "But what's bothering me is the fact he hasn't used it. Does he want to use it at the last second, so that Soren wouldn't know what's coming and couldn't counter in any way? But he could have done it right from the beginning and avoided the spar dragging out this long."

Dante gently scoffs at Soren's previous statement before responding in a confident tone. "If I had done that, then this would have been a waste of time."

Surprise hurriedly takes form on Soren's face. "What did you say?"

Dante slants his head to the right while maintaining every bit of his confidence. "I know you heard me." He then gradually moves his left hand behind himself to reach into his pants' back pocket of that same side and pulls it back out a second later. Having done that, the blonde-haired young man joins his right hand with the other while both are raised to Dante's chest as he puts a similar glove to his Sealing Glove on his left hand, however instead of having the color black and the red letter "D", it has white and a red letter "E".

The mere sight of that glove bewilders Ilya as she once again leans over the border and gasps while thinking, "Another Sealing Glove?!" She promptly calms herself a little while thinking, "No! That wouldn't make any sense since he would've fused it like he did with the others!" Realization then sets on the white-haired beauty as she softly speaks to herself so that way Cali wouldn't be able to hear her. "Hold up... Could that one be a... Power Glove?!"

As Ilya ask herself that, Soren intently stares at the glove as he takes into consideration the words Dante spoke when explaining about his Accelerator and then says with no signs of concern anywhere, "That's right... You did say something that sounded like you had more than just those shoes. If I'm correct, that's a Power Glove." He lightly chuckles in a somewhat arrogant way. "Like it would make much a difference. Those things only double the strength of its wielder and that's it. I bet you plan on using the momentum from your shoes, plus that to quadruple your strength. However, I'm sorry to break it to you, but my Brick-Body can take at least twice that amount. You saw for yourself how easily I took that kick of yours while in the process of taking this form."

Having said that, Soren becomes quiet for a few seconds with his eyes closed until looking at Dante while continuing to emit both arrogance and confidence from his being. "Now, say your prayers. Speed-"

Just when Soren was about to cast his Speed Spell, Dante quickly spreads his legs apart, pulls his left arm back after closing his hand into a fist while aimed at the ground and states with mild excitement, "Hold that thought!" He throws his fist on the ground, and at the moment of contact, the ground beneath Dante's feet effortlessly breaks apart while swiftly spreading all across the arena with a huge tremor following. As a result, everyone speculating the fight desperately grips onto whatever they can while baffled by the massive display of power, which includes Ilya and Cali who are trying all they can to remain on their feet with even civilians outside of the training facility having felt the tremor.

At the same time, Soren's greatly stunned while several large mounds of earth jet out from the ground towards him in a line because of how powerful Dante's punch was and can't react in time as the bleach-haired teen is launched into the air by one of the mounds. This causes Soren to let out a distressful cry with his eyes closed while floating up in the air. Not long after that, Dante cheerfully smiles while keeping his left fist on the ground before deciding to accelerate via jumping and immediately appears in front of the airborne Soren.

In response, Soren frantically opens his eyes with horror overflowing while letting out a small gasp. Then, Dante briefly curls up a little to position himself so he can aim his right foot at Soren and sharply lands a fierce kick on the bleach-haired individual's chest with enough strength to send his opponent crashing back down to the ground away from the large mound that launched him in the first place. With that done, all who are watching are again awestruck after regaining their composure as Dante descends to the distorted ground and lands on his feet while next to Soren's left, who's lying in the middle of a four meter in diameter crater.

After doing that, Dante peers down on his opponent with an upright posture while putting both hands behind his back and talks in a nonchalant manner. "I'm gonna' explain something to you real quick. So listen up as you try to gather back some stability." He momentarily awaits a rebuttal from Soren, however, doesn't receive any as the brown-eyed young man continues to lie on the ground while struggling to move with his eyes shut. Having taken that as his sign to keep speaking, Dante squats down with both arms over his lap and eyes still set on Soren. "You see, you're absolutely right about Power Gloves, and thanks to a special ability I have that's devoid of magic, I already knew how strong your body became the instant you took my kick in the middle of your third stage's transformation."

In the meantime, Soren finally manages to opens his eyes and just gives Dante a dirty look without saying anything. Afterwards, Dante lightly chuckles while waving at Soren with his right hand in a somewhat taunting way as if to greet him and then rests it back over his lap before stating, "The only problem with what you said was that it's in reference to ORDINARY Power Gloves."

Soren's instantly shocked by Dante's words while thinking, "That would mean...!"

Dante nods after hearing Soren's thoughts with content showing. "You got it!" He then raises his left hand up while placing his left elbow on the lap corresponding to that side and shows off the Power Glove to Soren. "This is one of God's Power Gloves. The very same gloves created for the sole purpose to be used against Lucifer's Sealing Gloves and give strength to those God believes deserve it. This is God's second left hand... Breaker."

Cali doesn't waste any time displaying her disbelief while leaning as far as possible over the stands' border. "God's what?!"

Concurrently, Ilya maintains her eyes glued on Dante with overwhelming astonishment while thinking, "God's Power Glove... A glove that is considered more improbable in attaining than the Forbidden Sealing Gloves." Her expression suddenly relaxes with a hint of seriousness taking over and thinks, "I can't believe it. Not only does Dante have a fused Sealing Glove, he even has that glove as well. Is that the reason he doesn't care about selling the Sealing Glove to the Royal Council? Does it alone really overshadow the three fused together?"

Then, Soren's mind rapidly rushes as he desperately tries to deal with the revelation of Dante having such an item under his possession as he thinks, "No...! This can't be...! Is this guy some kind of monster?!What did I get myself into?! Oh, my-"

Before Soren had finished that thought, Dante continues to speak with a carefree demeanor while peering at the sky. "It's kind of funny. You mentioned about how limited the strength boost given by Power Gloves are and kept ignorantly thinking you are superior... However, just knowing I have one that's bestowed by God, you immediately start to panic and think over the dreadful mistake you've made." He brings his focus back to Soren and points at his Power Glove while calmly stating, "And that's without you even knowing that it would take less than 10% of this glove's capabilities, and one punch, to defeat you. So, now... Who's really the weak one?" Dante shuts his eyes as he gives Soren a content smirk.

Soren can't help but to be enraged by the last thing Dante said while ignoring his fear and thinks, "Why you...!" He then swiftly clenches his right hand into a fist and releases another punch directly aimed at Dante's face. Unfortunately for the brown-eyed teen, Dante effortlessly catches Soren's fist with his left hand before opening his eyes to make eye contact while emitting some intensity from his person, which leaves Soren speechless.

Dante tightly grips onto Soren's fist with his left hand that prevents the bleach-haired individual from getting away and comments in an amused tone, "I guess we have our answer." He then forcefully pulls Soren off the ground, which forces a light grunt to escape his opponent's mouth as he's brought up to his feet while heading towards Dante, who has just fully stood up straight to meet Soren. Afterwards, Dante lets go of Soren so he can quickly draw his left hand to the right side of his torso before curling it into a fist while faintly ducking his head under the bleach-haired teen's right arm and swiftly swings it at Soren with a determined smile on his face. This leads to Soren receiving an impeccable, backhanded punch that instantaneously shatters the brick-like skin that covers his stomach as immense agony is reflected on the brown-eyed young man prior to being sent flying so fast that he became a blur.

Not even a second later, Soren's back slams into the wall that was behind him with a large amount of smoke arising as he slides up the stands located in that direction with quite a bit of destruction made due to the momentum having been so great. Luckily for those who were sitting in that area, they managed to narrowly evade both the destruction and Soren's body as the bleach-haired teen finally comes to a stop near the top of the stands with the smoke settling after a few moments. In the case of the others who were witnesses to the "Spar", the majority of them are unable to utter out a single word as many of them can't fully grasp what recently occurred.

Cali's horrified by what just transpired while taking notice that Soren's been knocked unconscious and has reverted back to his normal form with his clothes almost completely torn up. After seeing that, the brunette lets out a distressful yell with worry resonating in her eyes. "No! Soren!" She then hurriedly pulls away from the border's edge and turns to her right while frantically running towards where Soren's lying.

Meanwhile, Ilya had watched Cali leave her side for several seconds until diverting her attention to look at Dante, who's placed both hands into his pockets with an upright posture and simply watches the downed Soren. After that, Ilya decides to step over the border, lands into the arena while staggering a little since it was a pretty high leap she took and then advances towards Dante. Soon enough, Ilya's face to face with Dante since he saw her heading his way and positioned himself to properly meet her while saying in a happy tone, "I bet you really enjoyed that, huh?"

Although she should have enjoyed the result of the "spar" as much as Dante expected, Ilya just couldn't show it due to there being way too many questions flooding her mind and finally chooses one that had been bothering her for quite some time after glancing down to his right arm with a curious demeanor. "Hey... Why exactly didn't you use your Sealing Glove?" She shifts her gaze to analyze the destroyed surroundings and says to Dante while focused on Soren, "All of this was really unnecessary."

Dante gives Ilya an apologetic look while lightly grinning. "I know, my bad. I just couldn't let this opportunity to test out Breaker slip by." The blonde-haired individual's eyes then dull as he gazes towards his right. "Plus, those two have been showing me a lot of animosity ever since the beginning. So, I thought it would be best not to use it."

Ilya briefly snaps her head towards Dante with confusion emitting and then looks towards her left as shock hurriedly overtakes her expression. It's then revealed that both Cassius and Faulch are standing at the entrance way as they are clearly giving off the animosity Dante mentioned while Ilya mutters with concern replacing her shock, "Brother?"

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