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Episode 7: Invasion

Not even a few minutes had passed since the brief conversation between King Trost and Yuki as the continuous snowfall in Icela has picked up quite a bit. This makes it difficult for the small number of men guarding the castle's wall to see through the barrier while most of them remain in the artillery towers. Even with this fact, the men stationed as guards don't fret too much about not being able to see if anyone were on their way due to having complete confidence in the barrier's ability to keep out unwelcome visitors. Unfortunately, that would turn out to be a huge mistake on their part as a vast number of rugged men from different nationalities, dressed in rough, brown clothing, make their way towards the castle after managing to ascend the immense mountain without showing any discomfort from the severe cold that the weather's producing while led by three distinctive individuals.

Out of the three men in the lead, one is of dark complexion as he's the tallest and most muscular of them while quite slim with moderately buzzed, dirty blonde hair and carries a machete strapped to his lower back in a horizontal angle. In addition, he wears a similar attire to the large sums of people behind them as there's a small fire emblem stationed on the left pectoral region of the brown-eyed man's shirt. For the other two men, they're both light-skinned while one is more of an Asian nationality due to his narrow, dark brown eyes and thick, straight, bronze-colored hair that fully covers his forehead as he wears a black yukata with a bright yellow outline. At the same time, the third man, who has velvet eyes that perfectly matches his pompadour hair, wears a velvet/black jumpsuit and black boots just like the two companions beside him have on.

The man with the pompadour is the first one to speak as he walks beside the Asian man's left and says to him without diverting his gaze from the castle, "We sure are lucky that the weather kicked-up. I was fading in and out on what we were gonna' do once we got here."

Before the Asian man could utter a response, the dark-skinned man cuts in with a narcissistic tone while walking to the Asian man's right and setting his sights on the velvet-haired man, "What a stupid thing to say! There's only one thing TO DO!" He then lifts his right hand up to his face before quickly closing it into a fist and gives his companion a confident smile. "Break right in and frag anything that moves!" The dark-skinned man shifts his attention to the men behind him. "Right, you guys?!"

They all promptly let out a supportive roar while throwing their fists into the air. A dull composition then appears on the man with the pompadour as he just stares at the blonde and then asks after a few seconds of silently walking, "Are you some kind of idiot, Bel?"

Bel retorts with an annoyed scowl rapidly surfacing. "Go fuck yourself, Quinton!"

The multiple men walking behind the three of them couldn't help but mildly laugh at the brief argument as the Asian man heavily sighs out of frustration with his head lowered and eyes closed. After that, the dark-haired man swiftly pulls his head up to look ahead before peering at the foggy sky with a fierce expression and unexpectedly stops walking. This forces all of the men following to cease their advancement while Bel and Quinton are the only ones who don't as they give the Asian man a confused look until both of them collide into the invisible barrier. A second later, they fall on their asses while letting out a disgruntled groan.

Then, Bel yells with both hands over his nose due to it receiving the full brunt of the collision. "God, damn it!"

In Quinton's case, he harshly shakes his head in the odd attempt to regain his barring and then snaps his head up after planting both hands onto his now crossed legs with a light bruise on his right cheek. "What the devil was that?!"

The Asian man replies without showing much emotion as his focus is on the blotted sky while seeing the snow falling above the castle being unable to enter after a certain point. "There's a barrier."

Both Bel and Quinton direct their attention to the Asian while quite bewildered. Not even a second after that, Bel returns his gaze towards the castle with a lot of aggravation displayed. "What's up with that?! No one said anything about a barrier!"

Quinton quickly gets to his feet while setting his eyes on the Asian man as he's very mad. "Hey, Clock! You knew there was a barrier and you let us run right into it, didn't you?!"

Clock scoffs out of mild annoyance. "As if I would take any enjoyment in you two idiots hurting yourselves. I just noticed it myself. If you both were paying attention, instead of fighting among yourselves, then you wouldn't have hit it like the idiots that you two are."

Quinton clenches his right hand while having it raised. "Huh?! Try saying that again, you narrowed-eyed freak!"

Clock ignores Quinton's challenge, walks around him and takes a few steps forward to stand right in front of the barrier while saying in a casual voice, "It will be best if we manage to get in there without them noticing... But I doubt we will be able to if we go along with Bel's typical strategy... So there's no other choice." He momentarily pauses to steadily take deep breaths with his eyes shut as the other members curiously watch him. Afterwards, Clock opens his eyes as they briefly light up prior to him firmly saying, "Time Halt." Then, both the raging snow storm and descending snow suddenly stop in mid-air.

Concurrently, Quinton, Bel and all of the others just stand there while watching Clock without even moving an inch. Following that, Clock takes a step forward to where the barrier is supposed to be and stands there without any difficulty as the snow hurriedly resumes to fall. In the meantime, the other members seem a bit surprised by the fact that Clock's now standing a bit further than before as the Asian man glances at them while sharply gesturing his head. "Come on. The attack starts now."

Bel's stunned for a moment until snapping out of it, turns sideways to focus on the huge amount of men and throws his left fist into the air with a stern demeanor. "You heard him, men! Let's show them what the Burn Troop is all about!"

The Burn Troop immediately respond with another roar before rushing pass the three leaders as they're fairly masked, both visibly and vocally, by the heavy snowfall. It takes up to the point where the Burn Troop have almost reached the wall's door for the guards in the two nearest artillery towers to notice. They desperately try to get their weapons ready, however, are unable due to multiple streams of red-colored fire, compliments of some Burn Troop members, hastily ramming into the two towers as both them and the men stationed in them are set to ablaze. Simultaneously, many of the other Burn Troop members focus their efforts on the giant dual-doors via fire-based attacks as the door slowly starts giving in with intense burns forming.

*Scene Change*

King Trost frantically veers his attention to the left so he can look behind himself with worry brimming as he's still in his daughter's bedroom. "Something's not right."

Yuki blinks out of curiosity as she's watching her father from the bed while remaining on her bed. "What do you mean?"

King Trost answers Yuki's question while hastily heading to the only window in her room. "My barrier's been disrupted." He then checks outside through the window without opening it and is promptly overcome with surprise as he's barely unable to see through the fierce snowstorm that has consumed the entire castle. Not long afterwards, the pinkish-haired man notices several flashes of light where the castle's defense walls are located and mutters in worry while leaning towards the window via both hands planted on its ledge, "It has already begun."

Yuki continues to watch King Trost after getting off her bed and walks up behind him with slight concern. "Father... What's going on?"

King Trost instantly faces Yuki with urgency resonating from his expression. "We have to go!" The king swiftly grabs a hold of Yuki's right hand with his left as the two start running towards and out the pink-haired girl's room without King Trost even thinking of grabbing his possessions that he left on the decorative coat hanger.

While doing that, Yuki's profoundly confused by King Trost's sudden actions and speaks as the two keep on running down the spiral path that leads them to the lower levels, "Where are we going, father?! And you have yet to tell me what's happening! Are we under attack?!"

King Trost nods without making eye contact due to being focus on where he's going. "Yes, we are! That's why we must get to a safe place until the fighting is over!"

Yuki's eyes widen out of fear as she asks in a stutter, "B-But where?!"

Just when King Trost was about to respond to Yuki, the two reach the door that leads into the Throne Room while seeing Dante and Ilya already waiting right there as the white-haired girl has all of her golden accessories on again. After that, some relief can be seen on King Trost's face as he delightfully says while standing in front of the two individuals, "Thank goodness you two are already here!"

Ilya sharply nods with a stern composition while standing in front of Dante, who's leaning against the cement wall that's next to the Throne Room's door and is gazing down the stairway as his arms are folded together. "You can thank Dante for that." She glances over to the blonde-haired young man by turning her head to the left a bit. "He was already looking outside when he saw the attack start." Ilya then reverts her attention back to the king and Yuki as she points at the Throne Room's door with her left thumb since it's towards her left side. "Let's go in here for now and properly analyze the situation."

King Trost firmly nods in agreement as Yuki seems to be a bit annoyed just by the sight of Ilya, but soon saw Dante simplistically grinning at her and causes a light blush to appear before frantically diverting her gaze away from him. Following that, all four individuals enter into the Throne Room and head towards the large window so they can verify the status of those fighting valiantly to protect the wall's entrance. At that very moment, it's displayed that the wall's dual-doors are blown open with a powerful, fiery blast as a good amount of the snow that had accumulated on the castle's grounds has melted before being hastily covered-up by the repetitive snowfall.

As that occurs, quite far back, the three leaders watch while the Burn Troop members, who already took out two artillery towers, swiftly go around the wall to launch an assault on the other two towers located at the castle's rear. Afterwards, Clock shifts his gaze to Quinton and Bel, who are still standing on opposing sides of him, before plainly speaking. "What are you two waiting for? You know what needs to be done."

Bel glares at Clock while gritting his teeth a bit. "And what are you going to do?!"

Clock answers with no change to his demeanor. "I need to take a small break." He places his focus onto the castle. "I went a little too far in order to immobilize that barrier. I'll do some recognizance in the meantime."

Quinton stays quiet for a few seconds and then nods at Clock. "Fine. Me and Bel will handle the important part. Just be sure to have the Burn Troop's back if anything troublesome happens."

Clock's eyes meet with Quinton's. "Alright."

That said, Bel and Quinton part ways with Clock as they make it pass the Burn Troop members, who are currently fighting a small handful of men wearing chainmail due to them having barely evaded being caught by the first attack of fire while fairly inside the castle's grounds. Unfortunately, the men in chainmail aren't doing too well against the Burn Troop since it's a battle of fire against wooden arrows as the advantage is clearly to the Burn Troop. This where Bel and Quinton disappear from anyone's sight while the fierce wind and heavy snowfall finally begins to diminish, but doesn't negate the fact that over two feet of snow had piled up in such a short period of time after the barrier's disappearance because of the castle's high altitude.

At the same time, King Trost and the others are witnessing what's happening as the king can't help, but be sadden at the burnt-up, dead bodies that he sees at the vaguely recognizable armory towers while thinking, "My God..." He then tightly clenches his right hand into a fist while keeping it lowered to his side and thinks, "Those men had families... People that needed them..." The pinkish-haired man promptly says out loud in anger, "And they died for what?!"

Ilya and Yuki hurriedly set their sights on King Trost while each standing on opposite sides of the man with concern emanating. For Dante, all he does is drop his head a little with his eyes shut and takes a deep breath before exhaling it out. Not long after that, King Trost continues talking while trying to ease his anger, however, just isn't able to do it. "I'm not worth dying for! I should be the one paying with my life! Not them!" He grinds his teeth while lowering his gaze. "I'm the one who decided on marrying an Einsburn to secure our country's safety! I'm the one who needed to do everything in my power to keep that marriage afloat!"

Yuki lifts her right hand and cautiously reaches out to the king's left arm as her concern remains present. "Father..."

Ilya's about to say something, when suddenly, Dante cuts between her and King Trost before abruptly pushing the window's doors open with both hands as he's now standing atop the ledge while facing outside. After that, all three give Dante a shocked look as Ilya blurts out with a frantic tone, "What are you doing?!"

Dante responds without deviating his attention from the men fighting outside as he pulls out both of his gloves from his right, back pocket so he can put them on. "What does it look like? I'm going to do my job."

Ilya's eyes widen as she's quite baffled by Dante's statement. "You can't be serious!" She then looks onto the numerous men, who are attacking via streams of fire. "There has to be at least 50 of them out there!" The hazel-eyed girl directs her focus onto Dante as she's leaning towards his right side to see his face while being a few steps behind. "And they all seem to be Fire Spellcasters to boot!"

Dante cheerfully nods after planting both hands onto his waist while smiling. "That's what makes it so exciting!"

Yuki and King Trost's jaws drop in unison. "What?!"

Dante veers his attention to Ilya. "I'll deal with those guys. You take care of the king and Yuki, okay?"

Ilya momentarily hesitates while gawking at her companion until letting out a depressed sigh with her eyes closed as she straightens her posture. "Okay, I promise..." The white-haired teen gradually opens her eyes and gives Dante a halfhearted grin. "Just be careful."

Dante contentedly nods prior to reverting his gaze to the men outside, promptly gestures both arms into the air while having his hands closed into fists and confidently shouts out, "Here I go!" He then does a quick squat with his arms lowered to be stretched out on both sides while maintaining his gaze locked towards the battle and launches himself into the still clouded sky as he arches his body back in an almost back-flip motion. Unexpectedly though, Dante spins his body forward to do a curled, multiple revolution front-flip while descending down to the ground in the center region that makes up the vicinity, and right as he's about to come into contact with it, the blonde-haired individual punches the ground via his left hand.

As a result, a big wave of snow from the ground rapidly spreads throughout the area thanks to the massive force produced by that single punch as quite a few of those who are fighting, and small buildings that have been also set ablaze because of their battle, are covered by it. This makes all of them stop before setting their sights onto Dante as the green-eyed young man removes his left fist from the partially cracked ground where he's now standing to straighten his composition while facing towards the large sum of men that are staring at him with his eyes shadowed by his hair because of the blonde's head being tilted down a bit. Then, Dante gives them a sly smirk while slanting his head to the left and says in a somewhat menacing manner, "Hey, guys... You mind if I join you?"

Meanwhile, Ilya and Yuki are leaning onto the window's ledge via their hands as they watch Dante with an awestruck expression. Afterwards, the hazel-eyed individual lets out a loud sigh while not approving of Dante's resent actions and cocks her head to the right. "Gee, what's up with him and fighting?"

Yuki peers at Ilya while showing some concern. "Do you think he'll be okay? He has no magic, after all."

Ilya straightens her posture, places her right hand on her hip and turns her head to the left so she can make eye contact with Yuki while being quite calm. "Yeah, he will." She returns her attention to Dante. "Although I have no clue if he can really handle all of those guys, despite them being Class D from what I can tell... But you obviously saw what he did just now."

Yuki nods without taking her eyes off Ilya. "Yeah, what was that? How can he do something like that?"

Ilya smiles at Yuki. "I'll explain later." The white-haired beauty then separates herself from the window to walk towards the Throne Room's doors while keeping her eyes on Yuki. "But for right now, we should go to the lower level. That way, it'll be easier to escape the castle if they manage to break in."

King Trost nods while standing about three meters behind Ilya. "Good idea."

Having heard King Trost's rebuttal, Ilya grabs a hold of both door handles without looking since she was briefly focused on the king and pulls them open before seeing what's in front of her. Shock then immediately takes form on Ilya's person as she's suddenly face to face with a human-sized, rectangular mirror that oddly enough isn't reflecting the teen's image. Following that, the hazel-eyed girl is about to let out a comment, however, is interrupted by two arms swiftly grabbing a hold of Ilya's shoulders and harshly pulls her into the mirror with only permitting a distressful cry from the white-haired individual. This causes both King Trost and Yuki to be overcome with worry after directing themselves towards the doorway as the pink-haired girl yells out while staying where she's standing. "Ilya!"

King Trost speaks right after Yuki with his eyes wide open. "Miss Henseka!"

A sinister laugh is soon heard from the mirror prior to it vanishing without a trace. Right after that, King Trost rushes to the door with his right hand placed on it's edge and searches for Ilya, but can't see her anywhere. After a few seconds pass of him doing that, the pinkish-haired man takes in a big gulp, snaps his head to Yuki without removing his hand from the door's edge and quickly motions to his daughter with his other hand. "Come, Yuki! It isn't safe here!"

Yuki's completely stunned by what just happened and can barely utter out, "But... Where's Ilya?"

King Trost retorts with fear resonating in his eyes. "We can't worry about her now! We MUST get somewhere safe!" He then hurries to Yuki, grabs the blue-eyed girl's right arm with his left hand and pulls her to follow him as they exit the room without closing the door. After that, the two hastily walk down the flight of steps as the king tries to put his daughter's mind to ease. "Anyway, my dear Yuki... Ilya is a Velkry Spellcaster. I don't believe she will be defeated so easily."

Yuki just watches her father's back after sadness establishes itself as she's struggling to keep up with him due to how difficult it is to run in heels and thinks, "Hope you're right."

Simultaneously, Dante's quiet for several unaccounted moments and takes into account every detail of those in front of him with a happy expression. "Now that I'm closer up, there's a pretty good number of you here. Around the ball park of 50, like Ilya said... However, that's not everyone." The green-eyed gentleman settles his attention specifically on the very few men wearing chainmail, who are actually the farthest from Dante after being gradually pressed towards the giant wall by the Burn Troop while clearly exhausted and injured from fighting. At the same time, the two, fire-filled, artillery towers are slowly put out by the descending snow as Dante yells out to the guards with no change to his content demeanor while cupping both hands around his mouth. "Hey! You all did really well! I'll take over from here, so get out fast!" He points towards the currently doorless entrance via his left hand, maintaining his other hand near his mouth.

Astonishment appears on all of the men in chainmail as they keep a firm grip on their crossbows and share an insecure glance with each other. Concurrently, almost all of the Burn Troop's personnel that are between Dante and the guards start to laugh at what the blonde individual had just said. This doesn't bother Dante at all as he plainly ignores their laughter after folding his arms together and awaits the guards' answer. Not long after that, the men in chainmail hesitate a little before giving into Dante's request, slowly turn towards the entrance, which is a couple of meters to their right, and leave while one says to another in a whisper, "Do you think he'll be alright? There's a lot of them."

The second guard responds to his companion with uncertainty. "I doubt it. Spellcasters do have the bad tendency of being too full of it, most of the time."

The first guard who had asked the question nods. "You got a point there. Even our Spellcasters are like that."

Another guard chimes in from behind while showing concern. "I just hope the king and princess will be alright."

A fourth guard joins from the first guard's left while talking with a disgusted tone. "Just the king would be fine. If that little girl was killed, I could care less."

Dante instantly hears that last one as his content attitude briefly falters with his right hand slightly gripping onto his left arm and thinks while staring at the source of that statement, "I'll be sure to remember that for later." His happiness then resurfaces as he smirks at the Burn Troop prior to saying in a carefree voice, "So, before we get started, it's only fair I warn you all of the sure hell that I'll be inflicting on you. I didn't do it when I took out your friend almost five days ago, but he pissed me off, and that was a terrible mistake."

One of the Burn Troop members raises an eyebrow out of curiosity and asks no one in specific, "Friend? Who the fuck is he talking about?"

Another Burn Troop member replies without taking his eyes off Dante as he stands to his companion's right. "I don't bloody know."

A third Burn Troop member steps in from the other side while radiating with confidence and speaks with a deep voice. "It doesn't matter what he's talking about! This guy's screwed either way! He may seem strong after that small performance of his, but there's a hundred plus of us in all!"

One more Burn Troop member interjects himself after hearing the third Burn Troop member's declaration and nods from the far left end . "Yeah!" He then throws his right fist into the air. "He doesn't stand a chance!"

That being said, all of the Burn Troop men let out a war cry in unison and then begin to charge at Dante with very little thought. This action causes the green-eyed young man to chuckle as he bends forward with both feet together and hands behind his back while intensity gleams in Dante's eyes without deviating his attention from the Burn Troop. "I just love it when people foolishly rush in, head first."

*Scene Change*

A closed-off, empty guest room gains the main focus while on the same floor as the room Ilya and Dante were going to be staying in. Afterwards, a human-sized, rectangular mirror materializes at the end of the room as it levitates right above the floor prior to spitting Ilya out with a quick cry escaping the hazel-eyed beauty's mouth, harshly hits the floor via her right side and slides over it for a couple of seconds while having her eyes shut. Once she stops sliding, Ilya takes a while to pull herself together by sitting up with both hands planted on the floor for leverage as her legs are jointed together to the white-haired teen's left side. Meanwhile, the hazel-eyed girl peers at the mirror after her head was momentarily down and gives it a dirty look while trying to restrain herself. "Who are you?"

The sinister laugh from before makes itself heard again as more levitating mirrors start to appear one by one at every direction, which forces Ilya to be overwhelmed with horror while gasping. While this transpires, a man's voice echoes out of nowhere as he says in a malicious tone, "If you really want to know, why don't you get naked for me?! Then, I'll tell you!" He laughs in a maniacal way.

Ilya grits her teeth while mumbling, "Great... Another freaking perv..." She then yells out with anger brimming, "Are all of you perverts or something?!"

As he answers Ilya's question in an arrogant manner, the man comes out of the mirror Ilya was spat out from while revealing himself to be the pompadour-wearing Quinton. "Most of us." He menacingly chuckles. "That's just how we and the boss rolls."

Ilya's eyes narrow with seriousness overtaking her expression. "How disgusting."

Slight excitement overruns Quinton's face as he swiftly brushes his pompadour a bit with his right hand. "Whoo-hoo! I like a girl with spunk!"

A scowl adds onto Ilya's person while tightly clenching both hands as she grinds her teeth and makes a mild grunting sound due to being annoyed by Quinton's comment. Following that, the white-haired teen abruptly lifts up her hands to have one over the other as her golden staff takes form within them in a vertical angle. "Enough crap! I don't like that sort of talk that demeans me just because of my sex!"

Quinton smiles after lowering his right hand to his side. "We'll see if you can still say that while I'm banging your brains out."

Ilya's annoyance boils over as she pulls the gold staff above her head. "Shut up!" The hazel-eyed beauty then slams the bottom of her staff onto the floor while the two gold rings that are mounted on the blue gem suddenly part from it and rapidly spin around it as Ilya states in a commanding tone, "Burst Stream!" Soon after that was said, a golden outline takes over her body as she waits for the gold pillar of light to shoot out from the floor beneath Quinton, but for some odd reason it doesn't. This causes Ilya's eyes to widen out of surprise as she's no longer overcome by a golden outline and straightens her posture. "What's going on?!"

In response, Quinton brings his right hand in front of himself as he gestures downward with a proud grin. After that, Ilya hurriedly looks down and is even more surprised to see that the floor below her has been replaced by another human-sized, rectangular mirror while unexpectedly glowing the same gold color as the hazel-eyed beauty's staff. Having seen that, terror instantly plagues Ilya due to a thought crossing her mind and utters out in fear, "Oh, no!"

Quinton keeps on grinning while saying in a malicious tone, "Oh, yes." He quickly brings his right arm up and states in a firm voice, "Reflector Shot!"

Then, the Burst Stream that was intended for Quinton is relentlessly released while Ilya hastily defends herself by using her staff as a shield at the same time she chose to jump backwards. Luckily, this resulted in minimal damage being from the blast as all it did was send her flying into a mirror that's behind the white-haired Spellcaster. Either way, Ilya couldn't help but to show discomfort from her back colliding into the mirror while struggling to stay on her feet since she didn't allow herself to drop to the floor as her eyes are now closed. In the meantime, the gold blast disperses as Quinton watches Ilya with his arms crossed. "Not bad. You took your own attack really well, even though my reflector shot adds a little extra to it. I guess beating you with your own move won't work out too well."

Ilya painstakingly opens her eyes to give Quinton an agitated glare, keeping her staff close to her person with both hands after the two gold rings had rested back on top of it's gem, as an automatic action when the staff is near Ilya and thinks, "So, this guy's clearly a Mirror Spellcaster. To create them out of nothing and return my Burst Magic against me will be hard to get by..." She glances behind herself for a moment and sees that the mirror she ran into is perfectly unscathed, which leaves the teen in shock while thinking, "And it's durable too! How am I going to win?!" Ilya reverts her gaze to Quinton, who's arrogance is still emanating, as immense pressure weighs down on her. After that, the hazel-eyed girl takes a few steps forward, gets into position with her right foot toward Quinton's direction to be ready for what's next, points the staff at the pompadour-haired man and says in a determined way, "But I won't give up!"

Quinton raises his left eyebrow with a hint of skepticism as he slants his head to the right. "Well, well... You seem to be in high spirits." He then fixes his head's positioning while giving off a creepy smile. "That's something I want to see once I got you on all fours."

Ilya sharply retorts while maintaining her stance. "Give it your best shot, trash!"

*Scene Change*

King Trost and Yuki had made their way through the second floor without knowing Ilya was actually on that floor. In addition, they made it to the first floor, however, King Trost believed it wouldn't be a good idea to go outside for the obvious fact that there's a battle raging on there. Because of this, the king took Yuki into the kitchen while being completely empty and frantically enters into the dining room before shutting the door behind them just in case someone unwanted comes searching for them, although they ended up going to the worst place for them to be in. The reason for that is due to the vast amount of blood splattered all over both the dining room's walls and huge table while every one of the servants have been gutted by someone. Not much afterwards, the two individuals see Bel sitting where King Trost normally would at the other end of the table with an innocently-looking, young maid's severed head mounted next to him while eating food from a small bowl.

As he does that, Bel sets his gaze on King Trost and Yuki prior to giving them a delighted smile after noticing their royal attire. "Hey, look at that! You must be the king and princess!" He briefly wipes his mouth clean of any food via his left hand with the severed head's semi-long, dark hair and continues talking while eating. "This sure is my lucky day!"

Yuki just stares at Bel for a while and can't get over what she saw him do with the maid's hair. After a few seconds of being tormented by it, the blue-eyed desperately covers her mouth with both hands as she feels like she's about to vomit while torquing her body forward and thinks, "Oh, God! He... He KILLED them!" She then hesitantly peers at the maid's head as tears start to form while thinking, "And he's using her as a napkin...! What's wrong with him?!"

Suddenly, Yuki's eyes widen while feeling very light-headed as a feminine voice pops into her head and coldly says, "Why do you even care? It's not like she was your friend or anything." Having heard that, the pink-haired girl grabs a hold of her head with horror resonating in her eyes as the feminine voice continues to speak. "She was just like all the others. Don't waste your time pitying that bitch."

Meanwhile, King Trost notices Yuki's composition with worry rapidly establishing itself as he thinks, "No...! It couldn't be...?!"

Without letting King Trost finish his thought, Bel puts down the fork he was using to eat before raising to his feet and promptly cracks his neck by cocking it to the left. "Well, I'm finally done." He then smirks in an evil manner. "Now, time to claim what rightfully belongs to the boss."

King Trost snaps his attention to Bel with a large amount of urgency displayed as Bel grabs onto the table's edge where he's standing, and with no real effort, flips the table over. This causes the table to head straight towards Yuki and her father as the blue-eyed girl hasn't realized what's happening until the last moment. Fortunately, King Trost steps in front of his daughter while doing a fast gesture with both arms stiffened towards opposite sides of his body and produces a barrier more than big enough to block it.

Right when that occurs, the table totally breaks apart as Bel stands with an upright posture while letting out a long whistle to show that he's impressed. "So, it was you who made that giant ass barrier."

Yuki slowly takes her hands off her head while astonished by her father's actions as her tears promptly dried up. "Father, you-"

King Trost interrupts Yuki while keeping his eyes glued on Bel. "Yuki, run!"

Yuki's blinks out of confusion while straightening herself as she asks in a stutter, "W-W-What?"

King Trost replies after turning his head to the left to make eye contact with Yuki. "You heard me! Get out of here!" He resets his focus onto Bel. "I'll hold him off as long as I can!"

Yuki rebuttals with uncertainty brimming after taking a step forward. "But, father!"

King Trost shouts out with a stern tone, "Please, Yuki!"

With that outburst, Yuki's eyes dilate while dumbfounded by King Trost's plea until finally giving into her father's request and turns away from him to run to the door. Then, as Yuki attempts to open the door via her right hand grabbing the knob, the pink-haired girl feels an intense heat from it and lets out a pained scream with her eyes closed while pulling her hand away. This startles King Trost as he quickly sets his sights onto his daughter with concern overflowing. "Yuki!"

At the same time, Bel softly laughs as he walks towards King Trost while his hands twitch a bit. "Did you like my surprise? To be honest, I wasn't sure it would work since it's a new trick I just developed, but at least it did. I really don't know for how long, though. Probably long enough for me to get the job done, I bet."

King Trost locks eyes with Bel while Yuki holds her burnt hand and tries to manage through the pain as her father's quite distraught. "You... You're a Fire Spellcaster, aren't you?"

Bel responds with a somewhat taunting attitude while almost reaching King Trost. "Ehhh... Close, but no. I'm Bel... The leader of the Burn Troop... A Heat Spellcaster."

Surprise takes form on King Trost's being as he thinks, "Heat Spellcaster! That's worse!" He then realizes that Bel is too close for comfort and decides to expand the size of the barrier to prevent the enemy from getting through before thinking, "That should do it."

Unexpectedly though, after having ceased his advancement, Bel chuckles while only a foot away from King Trost as the two are about the same height and then asks with a stuck-up tone, "Do you really think this will stop me?"

King Trost's baffled by what he just heard as Yuki stands behind him while looking at Bel from over her father and is still holding her right hand with the other. After that, Bel tilts his head to the left while greatly amused by the king's reaction and informs him with confidence shown, "Even though I'm not the one who took down that barrier you had outside, I know that I can." His body's temperature then gradually starts to increase as a small amount of steam emanates from him. Then, Bel lifts up his left hand, places it on top of King Trost's barrier and gives the pinkish-haired man a cruel smile. "I'll show you."

After saying that, more heat emits from Bel as King Trost's barrier starts to fluctuate in random regions, which left the king bewildered while yelling out in panic, "This... Can't be happening!" Not long after that, the fluctuations pick up the pace with steam expending out from it as the barrier commences to deteriorate from where Bel's hand is planted. This forces a gasp out of King Trost as his panic profoundly increases and then declares with seriousness overrunning his expression, "I will not let it end like this!"

Just as King Trost finished that sentence and tried to reconstruct the barrier, Bel swiftly grabs a hold of his machete with his right hand, pulls it out of the strap and thrusts it all the way through the blue-eyed king's torso. As a result, some blood splattered onto Yuki's face since she was still behind her father while overwhelmed by shock and disbelief prior to uttering, "Fa..." Tears then return while the memory of her mother and sisters' death takes shape in her mind as the pink-haired girl blurts out, "Daddy!"

*Scene Change*

Dante maintains his position from before as at least ten Burn Troop personnel run towards him. Despite the obvious lack of thinking shown on the charging men's faces, several other members take this as a perfect opportunity to hurl some streams of red fire to catch Dante off guard. Sadly for them, Dante knew that would happen after hearing a few of their thoughts, and instead of being hit by the flames, the blonde-haired young man removes his hands from behind himself while doing a normal dash towards the small swarm of men in front of him, which concluded with the Burn Troop's attack narrowly missing Dante's back and crashing onto the ground.

After that, Dante comes into contact with the first ten men and defends against each one in a passive manner by simply blocking their random attacks on him while also avoiding many via swift footwork. The reason the green-eyed individual is taking this passive approach is so he can analyze their fighting capabilities. While that happens, more Burn Troop members join into the fist fight due to them not wanting to use up too much of their Spellcaster powers as a decent number of them spread out around to use their magic on Dante when they see an opening in his defense. Of course, Dante knows about that plan also and purposely doesn't leave a blind spot as he finally starts to make his move.

First, Dante evades a man attacking from his right by using a back step and lands a powerful, right elbow to the back of the man's neck since he had stumbled forward after missing Dante. Following that, two more guys lunge at Dante from behind, however, are both met with an elbow to their gut without him even looking and are sent backwards to the ground. This ended up allowing a couple of the Burn Troop members who were waiting for an opening to strike with a stream of fire, but were unsuccessful since they hadn't warned their comrades as Dante was sharp enough to grab a hold of one that had just thrown a punch at him by his shirt and lifts him into the air while using the man like a shield.

With that done, the Burn Troop member is set on fire while screaming in agony as Dante takes this opportunity to do even more damage by tossing the guy into three others, which caused them to almost instantly catch on fire too, and then fends off another group of charging opponents. At the same time, many of the men who were waiting for an opening are currently stunned due to Dante's extreme actions as one says to no one in specific while quite pale, "This guy can't be real... He just used him like a shield and threw him at our guys."

Another man adds in with anger while focused on Dante's high-paced maneuvering, "Damn him! I'll make him pay for that!" His hands then are engulfed by dark red flames prior to him releasing a barrage of small fireballs at Dante while letting out a battle cry. Meanwhile, as the fireballs head towards the green-eyed young man, Dante glances at them before they could reach him while leg sweeping a Burn Troop member. After doing that, Dante hastily weaves his body around to be able to evade the assault while joyfully grinning as his eyes are locked onto the man attacking him. Then, the man who's attacking Dante becomes frustrated after several failed attempts and yells out while momentarily ceasing his attack with both hands clenched, "Stop moving so much, you annoying insect! Take my attacks like a man!"

As the man said that, Dante hits a few more Burn Troop personnel with multiple, different right-handed punches to their abdomen or faces while choosing not to use his left hand or even attempting to use a seal. With that done, the blonde-haired person directs his attention towards the man with a nonchalant demeanor. "Oh, really? Then how about this? If you want, you all can attack me at once and I'll take it straight on. Here..." He then vaguely slouches forward before doing a back-flip to send himself away from the immense number of men, lands where he was standing in the beginning and motions at the them with his left hand. "Come on. This should be good enough for you guys, right?"

An enraged scowl takes form on many of the Burn Troop members, including the man who was attacking not long ago, and then commence generating fierce, red flames on their hands. Soon after, about twenty-five Burn Troop members join together as they face Dante, and in unison, send out countless streams of fire that merge together while becoming a large fireball. In the meantime, Dante excitedly smiles while the fireball is hurling straight at him as it completely melts all of the snow that's nearby. Just as the fireball is a few meters away from making contact with Dante, the green-eyed gentleman spreads out his legs a bit while getting ready to receive the attack with the red "D" on his Sealing Glove lightly glowing and thinks, "Let's see if this trick will work." Dante then dashes towards the fireball and heads right into the attack as the collision of the two creates a backlash of fire that sets a few buildings ablaze.

The Burn Troop briefly have a smug look of achievement on their being as the fireball erupts into a fifteen-meter-around explosion, but are promptly dumbfounded at the sight of Dante's silhouette calmly standing where the fireball blew up while being revealed to have only some faint burns on his person with his Sealing Glove no longer emitting a red glow after the flames completely clear out and then confidently says to them, "This is real funny. Even though you guys are working together, your power doesn't amount to much. There's still a lot I got to learn about Spellcasters." He slants his head to the right while closing his eyes with a sincere smirk appearing. "Hopefully, you can do more to entertain me though."

*Scene Change*

Ilya firmly stands at a good distance away from Quinton while keeping her stance and doesn't take her eyes off him. After doing that for a few seconds, the hazel-eyed beauty cautiously advances towards the pompadour-haired man while thinking, "Easy, Ilya... Don't rush it. After what happened earlier, I know now that attacking with Burst Stream won't pan out too well." Her eyes then narrow with seriousness brimming as she thinks, "The only way would be to make direct contact with him. And for me to do that, I have to get closer."

Suddenly, Quinton gradually starts laughing as he tilts his head back with his eyes shut, which causes confusion to appear on Ilya's person, and then arrogantly speaks, "All of my opponents are the same! Once they realize long-range attacks don't do jack, they try for close-range!" He locks eyes with Ilya while a demented smile creeps in. "But that's where I'll have to disappoint!"

Ilya's eyes widen out of urgency and thinks, "Darn! He's going to try something!" The white-haired girl promptly sprints forward so she can rapidly close the distance while saying out loud, "I won't give you any chance to do what you're thinking!"

Quinton lifts his right arm up to his side with his hand's palm aim towards the ceiling as confidence radiates from him. "As if you even could stop me."

That being said, Quinton immediately descends into a mirror that had appeared beneath the velvet-haired man's feet. This forces Ilya to stop in her tracks as the mirror that Quinton slipped into vanished while the several mirrors around Ilya momentarily gleam. After that, the hazel-eyed teen frantically searches around while an ominous feeling plagues her and softly says to herself, "He's in one of these mirrors..."

Quinton responds after barely hearing what Ilya said. "Correction, I'm in ALL of these mirrors! And it doesn't end there!"

Ilya's overcome with horror while looking everywhere in a panic. "What?!"

Soon after that, four of the levitating mirrors that surround Ilya from different directions suddenly turn to a horizontal angle before flying straight at the white-haired girl with great speed. This action greatly frightens Ilya as she hastily ducks down in time to evade two of the mirrors colliding into each other, which had aimed for the hazel-eyed individual's head, while entirely shattering before raining down multiple glass shards onto Ilya. In response, the white-haired teen covers her head without releasing Ilya's grip on her staff while luckily not being injured by the fallen glass as she mutters with her eyes locked on the mirror's descending debris, "That sure was close! If I was even a LITTLE slower, I would have been-"

Just when Ilya was about to finish that thought, a bad feeling consumes her as she hurriedly sets her gaze above herself and sees that the other two mirrors, which had been originally aiming at her with the two that collided, are floating roughly five meters away in a vertical angle. Not even a second later, both mirrors descend onto Ilya with the same speed from earlier as she quickly leaps to her left and narrowly evades them. Afterwards, as those two mirrors break from hitting the floor, Ilya swings herself to face the broken glass being flung everywhere while trying to keep some composure. "This is ridiculous! To make mirrors move like that is insane! They're so fast, even if I were to try to use the Immobilization Spell, it wouldn't work because of my limited capabilities!"

Quinton maliciously chuckles as a mirror appears out of nowhere right behind Ilya. "That's the great thing about my magic being boosted up by Devil's Circuit."

Ilya snaps her head to focus on the mirror behind her and asks with distress in her voice, "Devil's Circuit?! But I thought Dante had destroyed it!"

Quinton finds Ilya's outburst quite intriguing as he speaks from within the mirror that faces the hazel-eyed beauty. "Is that right?" Realization then can be heard from the velvet-haired man's voice. "Oh...! That means you're that girl from Velkry! The same one who took out those idiots we sent to get the prototype!" He pauses for a bit until talking with a nonchalant tone. "So, this Dante guy you mentioned is the one who actually destroyed it, huh? And here we thought one of our guys screwed up and made it explode." Quinton softly laughs while sounding fairly confident. "Even though it wasn't a big deal that he did, we'll be sure to make your friend pay dearly."

Worry overflows from Ilya's person as she turns to the mirror and thinks, "Oh, no..."

Then, as Ilya was distracted by Quinton's words, another mirror flies in from behind the beautiful girl, crashes right into her back via its top end since the mirror was in a horizontal angle and slams the hazel-eyed teen into the mirror in front of her, which caused a shock look to appear on Ilya's face while the mirror's glass shatters in a slow motion manner. Simultaneously, Ilya's consumed with unimaginable pain as her body's sprawled across the mirror and is blankly staring at the ceiling while losing her grip on her staff. While that transpires, Quinton proudly smiles to himself after seeing what happened to Ilya from within the dimensional space of his created mirrors that can only be described as a never-ending radiance of faded colors much like the Aurora Borealis, but covering everything around the pompadour-wearing man and then says in an ominous voice, "Right after I fuck you to death." He lets out a short, evil laugh.

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