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Episode 9: Yu(k)i

Yuki stands at a decent distance away from Bel with her right hand still on her hip as her eyes coldly stare the machete-wielding man down while the change to her being remains. Then, many seconds of silence go by until Yuki peers down at her outfit after directly facing towards Bel since she had been standing sideways fora bit, gives off a disgusted look while letting out a mild scoff and grovels. "I swear, this crap taste the other me has tortures the shit out of me...! Like, come on!" She pulls onto her dress with her left hand as aggravation adds in. "Do I really HAVE to wear this?! I get it! I'm a freaking princess, but do I REALLY NEED to dress like one?!" The pink-haired girl tilts her head back while gazing at the ceiling. "Seriously!"

Bel interrupts Yuki's rant with a serious expression. "Hey! Quit your bitching about your get-up and focus! What the fucking hell happened to you?!"

Yuki gawks at Bel as skepticism takes form. "What does it look like?"

Bel becomes quiet while confused by Yuki's words.

Yuki promptly answers her own question with a straight face as she maintains her hold on her dress. "Puberty."

Bel's overcome with surprise. "Oh! So, that's it!" He then almost falls over to his left due to suddenly realizing what was wrong with Yuki's statement, quickly regains his balance while spreading out his legs a little and shouts in anger after tightly clenching both hands into fists, "Hell no!" The blonde-haired man hurriedly composes himself while emanating a stern demeanor before clearing his throat via his closed left hand covering his mouth and resumes his attention onto Yuki as soon as he lowers it. "You said something about the OTHER YOU having crap taste. Explain what that means."

Yuki's eyes narrow with coldness resonating. "It doesn't matter what it means." She abruptly pulls on her dress with enough force to make it completely rip and become a mini skirt while keeping her eyes locked on Bel. "Just know that you're in for a fate worst than death."

Bel sneers at Yuki's declaration while quite annoyed. "Really?! This coming from a pathetic little girl who was just begging for me not to break her puny wand a minute ago!"

Yuki harshly rebuttals after stomping her right foot so hard onto the floor that the heel breaks off. "Clearly, you're a moron." She then stomps her left foot on the floor to remove the other heel and tosses away the ripped part of her dress. "Because you're ignoring the plain truth staring right at you... That I'm no longer that pathetic little girl you were easily beating before."

Anger adds to Bel's expression as large sums of heat generates from his person. "Prove it then!" The dark-skinned man hurriedly dashes towards Yuki with impressive speed, and as he's about to get close, pulls out his machete again to cut down the pink-haired girl via a single-handed, downward slash.

Yuki coldly speaks without diverting her eyes from Bel. "Frost Wall."

That being said, a thick wall of blue ice rises from the floor in front of Yuki and blocks Bel's blade without even chipping a little. This causes the brown-eyed man to grit his teeth out of continued annoyance, plants his left hand on the ice blotting his path while still keeping a hold on his machete with the other. After that, heat can be seen focused on the spot where Bel's hand is placed as the ice gradually begins to melt, which allows a content smile to appear on the blonde-haired man's face. "Like I said. You're still just a weak, little girl."

Yuki puts her left hand on Bel's right forearm after suddenly appearing next to him and asks with no change to her composition, "Are you sure about that?"

Bel's overrun with disbelief as he looks at Yuki out of the corner of his eyes. "What?!" His right arm then begins to be plagued by a vast amount of ice spreading from where Yuki's hand is resting and this forces out a surprised gasp from Bel before frantically retracting his arm back to get out of the blue-eyed girl's grasp. Not much after that, the blonde-haired man distances himself enough to check out his right arm, sees it complete frozen and quickly tries to melt away by producing heat from it, however, is taking a long time to do so while thinking in horror, "What's fucking going on?! I'm pushing my body temperature to over 200 degrees, but the ice ain't melting!"

Yuki faces towards Bel while tilting her head back in a smug manner. "Do you finally understand what I've been saying? I'm not Yuki, you fool." She takes a step forward. "Yuki IS a pathetic, weak, little girl as you said. She can't do anything significant without me or someone holding her hand..." The blue-eyed individual takes a couple more steps. "But me, I'm not like her at all."

Bel snaps his head to Yuki with astonishment radiating as he stutters, "T-Then... Who the fuck are you?!"

Yuki stops right in front of Bel and grins in a sinister way. "I'm Yui."

Frustration instantaneously explodes as Bel swiftly grabs a hold of Yui's forehead with his left hand. "The fuck are you talking about?!" He pulls his right arm to the side, despite it being frozen, and aims to cut her head off. Unfortunately for him, the attack is rendered useless due to his machete unexpectedly freezing in a blink of an eye while another wall of ice rapidly extends from the floor and shields Yui as the muscular man's weapon shatters from the impact.

Meanwhile, Yui keeps on grinning while saying in a taunting tone, "I don't know why you can't wrap your head around it after all I've told you. Maybe I should demote you from a moron to an imbecile."

Soon after Yui stated that, Bel's left hand starts to slowly freeze like his right arm as he's profoundly startled by that and hurriedly lets go of Yui while retreating farther back. Having done that, the black-eyed individual stares down at his right hand while concentrating to thaw it out with his Spellcaster power until fear resonates in his eyes and thinks, "It isn't working either! But it wasn't much that was frozen, so why?!" He then gets very serious as he speaks under his breath, "I'll go full power then!" Bel promptly cocks his head back before letting out a loud yell as a huge amount of heat expels from his body, almost immediately melting everything that had been frozen in the dinning room and even caused the two ice walls Yui had created to melt.

After witnessing that, Yui slants her head to the left with a severe lack of emotion. "You should really be grateful to that power boost you got from that thing you mentioned earlier. Devil's Circuit, right? If not, there wouldn't have been any way for you to free yourself." She straightens her head's posture. "Though, it makes very little difference."

Bel puts his hands together to briefly crack his knuckles with his gaze locked onto Yui. "Don't be getting full of yourself, princess. I will admit, you got stronger after getting taller and growing those tits." He pulls both his arms to the side while spreading his legs out again as confidence surfaces. "But now you got me serious, and that, was a BIG mistake!" His whole body then radiates an intense wave of heat that vastly overwhelms the entire room and makes it feel like a big sauna.

Amazingly enough, Yui doesn't bat an eye to the gran increase in temperature, shuts her eyes prior to abruptly advancing towards Bel with the same kind of speed Dante's capable of, stands just a few inches away from the dark-skinned individual and reopens her eyes to look into Bel's. Before Bel had the slightest chance to react, the pink-haired girl slaps both hands onto opposite sides of the black-eyed man's face. "As I said..." The dining room's temperature then drops as fast as it had climbed with a snowstorm resuming while almost everything in there completely freezes within several seconds. This includes King Trost as Yui has forgotten entirely about him since she's currently immersed in taking Bel down and continues what she was saying. "Very... Little... Difference."

At the same time, Bel starts to feel his face freeze from the contact with Yui's hands, swiftly grabs her by the wrists and tries to break them with both hands in the attempt to escape. In response, Yui simply counters by effortlessly freezing both of Bel's hands in an instance due to their contact with each other. Anger then arises from within Bel as the lower half of his body begins to freeze also until yelling out while he still can with fury overflowing, "You think you got me beat, you fucking, bratty princess?!" He quickly produces the full extent of heat he can possibly muster in the attempt to melt away the ice slowly overwhelming his body, however, to no prevail as it seems like his effort didn't even decrease the freezing process and is greatly consumed by horror at the sight of that. "No! This is beyond real! I got my body temperature at 500 degrees! That's my max!"

Yui slightly smirks. "Is that for a fact? Then I really overestimated you after seeing that you killed off the help." She closes her eyes while taking a deep breath. "Of course..." The blue-eyed girl sets her sights back on Bel with a vague look of skepticism shown. "I could've done that blindfolded, and trust me, there were plenty of times I was tempted to do just that."

Bel's anger spikes. "Fuck you! Do you know who I am?! I'm the leader of the Burn Troop! I've murdered hundreds of people without so much breaking a sweat! So don't you look down on me! There's no way a man like me, especially with the help of Devil's Circuit, will lose to you!"

Yui responds with an uncaring tone. "Blah, blah, blah. And you call yourself a man." She then picks up the pace to freezing Bel's entire person, and soon enough, is standing face to face with the blonde-haired man now encased in ice while displaying a distraught expression. Not long afterwards, Yui removes her hands from the now completely frozen Bel while just staring at him with vacant eyes for a moment until heartlessly landing a right kick on the man's midsection. This leads to Bel falling backwards before colliding into the frosted floor and breaks into pieces while spreading throughout the floor a little.

In the meantime, the indoor blizzard doesn't cease, which is very dangerous for Yui's father since he'll soon also be encased in ice at this rate. Sadly, Yui doesn't notice as her eyes gradually scan what's within sight after watching Bel die while seeing all the frozen bodies of those who her opponent had killed and thinks, "They really did deserve what they got, didn't they, Yuki?"

Suddenly, a young man's voice barely echoes from behind Yui due to the loud wind that's produced by the snowstorm as he says in a sad voice, "You already know the answer to that question."

Yui instantly swings herself around to face where the voice originated from as the blizzard unexpectedly subsides to reflect the surprise brimming out of the blue-eyed teen, which allows the two to better hear one another talk. "You're... Dante, right?"

Dante lightly grins with sadness overflowing from his person while standing at the now opened doorway that Yuki had difficulty getting through earlier because of Bel having heated up the doorknob to an extreme temperature, but seems to be no longer an issue considering Dante was able to get inside the dining room. A second after hearing Yui's question, the blonde young man puts his left hand into his pocket while mildly tilting his head to the right without taking his eyes off the pink-haired individual. "Yeah... And you're Yui."

Yui's surprise doesn't cease as she rapidly blinks out of confusion. "H-How did you know who I was?!"

Dante begins to casually walk towards Yui after fixing his head. "Well, I can hear people's thoughts. Of course, I can only hear what a person is thinking at the moment and I can't hear deep into someone's subconscious. So, right now I can't hear what Yuki's thinking, but I knew about you from when I first directly met Yuki. She was so afraid and angry."

Yui's eyes widen from astonishment. "Then... You know... About us?"

Dante reaches Yui as the two stand about a meter apart and nods. "I do. It's something always bothering her. The loneliness of being treated as a monster for something that isn't neither your or her fault."

Yui becomes horrified by Dante's unpredictable words before the indoor snowstorm resumes with even more force. "No!"

Dante grimaces a bit from the harsh wind expanding out from Yui in addition to the snow vastly flying around. "Wow, you're pretty strong." He smiles with his eyes shut.

Yui's horror doesn't stop as she takes a step back while thinking, "What's wrong with this guy?! Why does he act like that?!" The pink-haired teen then recalls Yuki's brief experience with Dante both in the King Trost's Throne Room and when they had dinner together, which causes her to faintly blush as she thinks after lowering her head to gaze at the currently frozen floor, "He's r-really different... H-He's not l-like anyone... We've met before." She quickly shakes her head with her eyes closed to snap herself out of her thought process and gives off a determined look while thinking, "No! He ISN'T different! Everyone fears me when they find out the truth! It's because I exist that no one can be happy! They all hate me!"

Dante suddenly extends out his right hand while gently tapping Yui's left cheek with his fingertips. This results in the teen hastily bringing her head up to lock her attention onto Dante as the green-eyed individual kindly looks in her eyes with a caring grin. "Well, I don't."

Yui's overwhelm with disbelief and mutters, "You... Heard me?"

Dante contentedly nods as he's vaguely effected by the intense cold from the blizzard while some small sections of his body and clothing have frozen, which includes the hand still extended towards Yui's face. "Yeah. I've heard a lot from you, and like I said, I know about the two of you. You're the part of Yuki that retains all the sorrow and pain. The Yuki who would gladly scream out her feelings without restriction and protects her weaker self, despite maybe being a little too mean. Your name fits you real well, even though it's such a sad one..." He trails off to momentarily glance to the right side before redirecting his focus to Yui with a sincere demeanor while removing his right hand from the blue-eyed girl and puts it down to his side as he pays no mind to it having froze. "But it's still a very good name too. Just as good as Yuki."

Yui's stunned by Dante's words while the indoor snowstorm stops yet again, however, this time is for sure. Right after that, the pink-haired teen moderately reverts back into her usual physique with tears forming in her eyes as her dress is now a bit big on her due to it stretching out to fit Yuki's previous form. Simultaneously, the Ice Wand Bel crushed in two has magically repaired itself while resting on the continually frozen floor that's near Bel's destroyed corpse as Yuki asks with a hint of disbelief, "Really...?" She sniffles.

Dante answers without hesitating even for a second. "Yup."

A delighted smile immediately appears on Yuki's being as she deeply inhales out of joy with her eyes promptly drying up.

*Scene Change*

With the attack from Enshin's Disciples concluded, the following day arrives as it's near noon while Ilya presently resides inside Yuki's bedroom. The white-haired beauty had yet to regain consciousness since her victory over Quinton as she's lying on Yuki's blue, queen-sized bed via her person facing the decorative ceiling that's not too common for a room of royalty. In addition, Ilya's to the right of the sleeping blue-eyed girl, who's on her side while directed towards Ilya as the two are mostly covered by the bed sheet. Then, the hazel-eyed teen commences to awaken from her slumber before staring at the etchings on the ceiling due to her vision being blurred from just waking up until gaining enough focus in her eyes to see the words "One Father, One Mother, Three Daughters" with the words "Equals A Wonderful Family" right below them.

Seeing that leaves a deep impression on Ilya as she continues to stare at the ceiling a bit more before directing her attention to Yuki, who keeps on peacefully sleeping, and then thinks with realization setting in, "Hold on. Why am I-?"

Just as Ilya was about to finish her thought, a man's voice resounds from the girl's left with a caring tone. "Oh, you're up."

Ilya hurriedly turns her head to the left and sees that King Trost's sitting next to the bed in a chair while wearing a new attire, however, has the same color scheme as what he wore before. After that, a curious expression appears on Ilya's person as she slowly sits up on the bed to not wake Yuki while placing both hands over the bed sheets and her lap. Suddenly, a baffled look overcomes the white-haired girl after remembering the battle from last night and quickly leans towards the king while blurting out without thinking, "The fight! What happened?!" She hastily looks around the room. "Where's Dante?!"

Ilya redirects her focus to King Trost. "Is he alright?!"

King Trost quickly gets up from the chair as she gives Ilya a nervous smile and tries to calm her down with both arms extended towards the hazel-eyed individual. "Just relax, Ilya. He's fine."

Ilya does as she's told while fixing her posture a bit and simply stares at King Trost.

King Trost momentarily peers over Ilya to check if the teen's outburst had disturbed Yuki, and luckily, it didn't. Not much afterwards, the pinkish-haired man reverts his attention to Ilya with a composed demeanor as he begins to explain what happened. "The fight with Enshin's Disciples has ended with a victory for us. If not, we wouldn't be in this room."

Ilya lowers her gaze to briefly watch her hands while saying in a soft voice, "You have a point there." She lifts her head to lock eyes with the king and shows a hint of concern. "But how did it end? I'm kinda' foggy on the details." Ilya deviates her eyes to the side. "I barely recall me defeating that guy with the weird hair."

King Trost calmly speaks after pulling his head back a bit. "You mean the man named Quinton. We currently have him imprisoned in a jail cell located in the city with several other disciples who survived." He shifts his focus to behind himself without turning his body. "Dante said that it would be a good idea to use them as an example, so that other threatening groups will know not to try attacking us. If they don't comply well, they'll end up the same way."

Ilya gives King Trost a confused look while slanting her head to the left. "You mean imprisoned?"

King Trost answer with very little emotion present. "That... And dead. Just like the ones who's bodies I had to order to be disposed of outside Icela."

Shock rapidly overruns Ilya's face before showing a sorrowful expression while dropping her head and thinks, "I can imagine Dante saying such a thing. Unlike me, it seems he doesn't care too much about killing people." Her eyes narrow with disdain taking over while thinking, "Or maybe he doesn't see anything wrong with it. I'm just not sure how he really thinks yet."

As Ilya wallows in her thoughts, Yuki starts to stir until waking up, groggily sits up while displaying a tired composition and sets her sights onto King Trost. Right after that, the pink-haired girl's eyes widen while joy quickly arises from within her due to seeing her father. "Daddy!"

King Trost only grins at Yuki with his eyes shut.

Yuki promptly gets out of bed through its bottom end, runs around the corner to head towards the king and embraces him with her head buried into his torso as she happily yells out, "You're okay! I thought you were going to die just like mommy, Hana and Akemi!" Tears gradually well-up in Yuki's eyes while having them closed.

King Trost gently wraps both arms around his daughter while gazing down at her with an apologetic expression. "I'm sorry to have made you worry, my dear Yuki."

While those two hug each other, Ilya briefly watches them from behind Yuki with a content smirk until casually getting out of the bed and talks in a polite voice. "Pardon the interruption, but you still haven't told me where Dante is?"

Yuki immediately pulls her head from the king's person, snaps her head to Ilya with bewilderment for a second and then directs her focus to King Trost. "That's right! Where is he?! Is he okay?!"

King Trost tilts his head back and lets out a hardy laugh after closing his eyes again. "You too, huh?!"

Confusion establishes itself on Yuki's face as she cocks her head to the right.

King Trost resets his attention onto Yuki before lightly motioning his head to his left. "He's outside." The pinkish-haired man turns his head towards the window that's in the same direction. "I believe he should already be done."

Ilya's fairly curious due to King Trost's words while questioning in a low volume, "Done?"

After that, Yuki and Ilya head towards the large window as they see, what was a battle ground last night, is now a gathering place for nearly four dozen people who are heavily clothed to endure the outside cold while the terrain had miraculously been repaired. This leaves the girls awestruck until Yuki decides to shift her focus to her father. "What's going on? Why are there so many people down there?"

King Trost replies with a small amount of sadness resonating in his eyes. "How about we head down and see why?"

Yuki optimistically smiles while nodding. "Okay!" She then runs around Ilya since the hazel-eyed beauty is between her and the exit.

Urgency overtakes King Trost's being with his eyes having widen quite a bit. "Wait a second, Yuki!"

Yuki stops as she holds onto the doorknob via her right hand and makes eye contact with the king while showing some confusion. "What is it, father?"

King Trost gives her a nervous smile. "I think... It would be a good idea if you change first before going down."

Yuki's confusion continues until looking at her outfit and instantly becomes bright red as she finally notices that she's still wearing the dress from last night with all its tears, which reveals too much for the blue-eyed girl's taste, especially in her private regions. Afterwards, the pink-haired lets out a distraught cry prior to rushing to a closet on the other side of her bed and swiftly searches through all of the different dresses with a bent posture while frantically speaking. "I can't believe it! Someone of my caliber shouldn't be seen in such a way!" She abruptly straightens herself and releases a worried gasp. "Oh, my God!" Yuki turns sideways to see King Trost with her left foot towards him. "Did Dante see me like this?!"

King Trost simplistically nods at his daughter. "Well, of course. He even tucked you both in bed." An embarrassed look takes form as the king places his left hand behind his head. "I actually only regained consciousness a couple of hours ago."

Yuki becomes very exasperated at merely hearing King Trost's words and hastily reverts her attention to the closet while restarting her search. "Oh, no!"

Ilya softly giggles out of amusement after witnessing Yuki's panic and thinks, "What's wrong with her?" She soon veers her gaze to King Trost with concern taking over and remains near the window while her back's towards it. "By the way, how are you? You said that you only woke up a couple of hours ago." The white-haired teen diverts her focus to Yuki and takes into account the condition of the pink-haired individual's clothing. "Judging from Yuki's dress, something happened to the two of you." She gives the king a sad look. "I apologize for not being there to protect you."

King Trost waves off Ilya's concern with his right hand after locking his attention onto her and mildly smirks. "No need. You did what you could." He lowers his hand as he decides to show the injury he acquired on his torso from the frontal area to Ilya while bandaged entirely around. "Plus, it could've been much worse than just this." The king returns his focus to Yuki again. "And I owe it all to my little girl for my survival. The initial blow would've killed me if she hadn't quickly shut it with her magic." He chuckles with his eyes closed. "To think, what had cursed her, actually saved us."

Ilya fails to understand what King Trost meant by that statement, however, doesn't let it bother her too much and turns to face the window while thinking, "We're all just fortunate to be alive, I'd say."

*Scene Change*

Not much time passes until Yuki managed to find herself a dress she felt was suitable to be seen in with a new pair of heels that go with it while the dress is mostly like the one she had on before, but has yellow stitching. In addition, she's again wearing her tiara that had somehow found its way into the closet from the dining room, where it had fallen during the battle. Because of this, Ilya felt the whole dilemma that Yuki had gone through was unreasonable, however, let it slide as the two girls and King Trost arrive at where all those people are located while it isn't too cold outside thanks to the new barrier King Trost had made not long ago. Then, they cautiously make it through the crowd while Ilya and Yuki couldn't help seeing that many were shedding tears or heavily crying as the blue-eyed individual doesn't have much trouble traveling on the snow-blanketed area, even though she's wearing heels due to her being quite used to doing that.

Soon after, the three of them reach the front and see Dante sitting on the snow-covered ground via his legs folded together while intently staring at a giant, grey stone that's been planted into the exact center of the facility as he's currently overrun with small debris of dirt. It doesn't take Yuki and Ilya long to notice the multiple names written on the stone while the blue-eyed teen swiftly recognizes them. Immediately after that, Yuki remembers the shredded bodies of those who Bel had killed in the dinning room as she softly asks to herself with her eyes widening out of shock, "This is... A gravestone, isn't it?"

Ilya barely overhears Yuki's words while quite surprised after looking towards the right so she can see the pink-haired girl and then refocuses her attention onto the stone as she utters in a whisper, "So that's what this is."

King Trost walks next to Ilya's left with his sights on the gravestone. "Indeed. It's to honor all the innocent and valiant people who died last night." He looks at the others around him. "These are their loved ones, comrades who worked together and people who knew them from Icela. They're here to pay their respects."

Ilya turns her attention to King Trost and nods with a sad grin displayed. "That was a good idea."

King Trost promptly motions his head towards Dante's direction. "It was his idea. He even gathered and buried them here after spending the entire night cleaning up where they had passed." He does a quick scan of the surroundings. "That includes fixing the damage he had caused to the ground."

Astonishment surfaces as Ilya snaps her head to Dante. "He did?!"

Yuki momentarily glances at her father with a dumbfounded expression until deviating her gaze to Dante while thinking, "He did such a thing... For people he didn't even know..." She then remembers many things involving her past and the way she was treated by them, which causes her to tightly clench both hands into fists, as she thinks with anger radiating, "I know... I know for sure... I wouldn't." Yuki lowers her head while glaring at Dante's back and thinks, "Why do such a thing for those people who made me feel...?!"

Suddenly, Dante raises his dirt-covered right hand since he didn't want to get his gloves dirty as the green-eyed individual watches both it and the clouded sky while ignoring the plain fact that there's snow gradually piling on the new barrier. Seeing this makes everyone veer their focus onto Dante as they quietly await what he'll do next. In the meantime, a faint smile takes form on the blonde's person without changing his attention and mutters, "Life and death are always entangled with one another. Today, many people were lost for no good reason and that, in itself, is a terrible tragedy. I sincerely do hope you all are in a better place now." His eyes dull while taking in a small breath. "On behalf of all those who loved you and will miss you... Take care."

Despite no one being able to hear a single thing Dante said, they all had a good idea what his gesture meant as many let out every bit of their sorrow while others stayed silent and watched the big gravestone. In the pink-haired teen's case, Yuki couldn't remain angry anymore as she realizes how much the deceased mattered to the visitors and becomes quite sad with her hair shadowing her eyes from anyone being able to see. Several minutes then pass by until Ilya, Dante, Yuki and King Trost decided to head back inside after the last few visitors chose to go back to the city. Once they entered the first floor, Dante sees a man in chainmail standing to his left corner as a cold demeanor hurriedly arises and says without taking his eyes off the man, "Is there a place I can bathe and wash my clothes?"

King Trost gives Dante a confused look at first before realizing that the blonde continues to be covered in dirt as they're face to face. "Well, there's a bathroom for every guest room, however, where the wash is done would be next to the main bath Yuki and myself use that's over there." The king points his right hand towards the same direction Dante's focused on, but more towards the other end.

Dante contentedly smiles at King Trost with his eyes shut. "Thanks." He gesture both his arms up to have them raised to the sides after opening his eyes. "I'm going to wash my clothes, if you don't mind. They're really dirty and there's someone I know who would have a problem if I didn't." Dante shifts his attention to Ilya, who's towards his left, and gives her a teasing smirk.

Ilya's flustered by Dante's statement and actions while mildly grinding her teeth as she thinks, "Smart-ass." The hazel-eyed individual folds her arms together while trying to calm down with her eyes closed. "That's good! You stink anyway!" She turns her head to the left while opening her right eye to look at Dante. "No one wants to be around you smelling like that!" Ilya peers at her outfit with a cool composition. "Since we're on the subject, I'll get mine wash too."

King Trost politely intervenes. "Then, Dante will take his clothes to wash first and you go after." He veers his focus to Yuki, who's to his left. "Why don't you lend Ilya one of your dresses? At least until her dress is washed."

Yuki groans as she gives off an annoyed expression before letting out a loud sigh with her head cocked back. "Fine...!" The pink-haired girl turns to walk around her father and heads to the stairway. "Come on, Ilya. I don't know if I got anything that'll fit you, but it wouldn't hurt."

Ilya's baffled by Yuki's behavior and then places her gaze onto Dante. "Didn't see that coming. Was that her being nice?"

Dante nonchalantly shrugs. "I guess so."

Yuki abruptly yells out from the beginning of the stairway while glaring at Ilya in a sideways position with her right hand resting against the wall, "Hey! Hurry up! I'm not gonna' wait forever!"

A scowl instantly appears on Ilya's face while groveling, "That darn brat..." She takes in a deep breath before exhaling to calm down and starts walking towards the stairway. "Okay, okay. Just take it easy."

Yuki gives Ilya a dull look until quickly turning away to focus back onto the stairway with slight irritation noted. "Hmph!"

After seeing the two girls advance up the stairs, King Trost happily sets his sights onto Dante while trying to contain his amusement. "You better get going. I don't know how long those two can survive each other if you aren't around or unconscious!" He chuckles.

Dante replies with a carefree demeanor. "It'll be fine. They have to get used to each other, no matter what."

Curiosity immediately brims on King Trost's face. "How come?"

Dante slants his head to the right while closing his eyes and giving King Trost a cheerful smile. "I'll explain later. Actually..." He straightens his posture with his eyes on the king. "There's a request I wish to ask from you." The blonde-haired young man takes a back step as he begins to turn away from King Trost. "That'll help you understand why I said that." Dante then turns completely as he casually walks towards the man in chainmail.

King Trost briefly stares at Dante as he's a bit bewildered by the green-eyed individual's attitude before deciding to head to the upper floors while not taking into consideration why Dante's going over to the man in chainmail, instead of heading straight to wash his clothes.

In the meantime, Dante soon reaches the man in chainmail without losing his cheerful smile and stands about two meters away. "Hello, there! You remember me?"

The man in chainmail just gazes at Dante with confusion radiating until remembering something while making an expression of realization after snapping his right hand's fingers towards Dante. "Yeah! You're that guy who made the grave for those who died!" He lowers his right hand.

Dante lets out a short laugh while nodding as he looks away from the man for a moment. "True, but that's not what I was referring to." The blonde rests his attention back to the chainmail-wearing individual.

The man's eyes narrow out of suspicion. "What are you talking about?"

Dante hurriedly closes the gap to have his face an inch from the chainmail-wearing man while giving off a mischievous aura. "You see, I know what you said about Yuki yesterday, and frankly..." His eyes become cold. "I didn't like it one bit."

The man in chainmail quickly recalls, after a slight pause, what Dante's referring as an image of the young man's appearance at the battlefield from the previous night enters his mind and also remembers the harsh words the chainmail-wearing individual had uttered about not caring if Yuki were to die.

Nervousness then plagues the man as he tries to defend himself while raising both hands in front of himself in the attempt to calm Dante down since he has an idea of what the green-eyed person's capable of doing. "N-N-Now, let me explain!"

An evil grin creeps on Dante's being. "Oooh! I'll be sure to love this! Though make it very believable! It wouldn't be any fun if it's something stupid!"

Having received Dante's warning, the man's about to say something in response, however, is abruptly cut off by an ominous tone from Dante as any signs him joking around can't be seen. "Never mind. I heard every possible excuse you thought up in a second and all that did was PISS ME OFF! For a person like you, death will be the most befitting!"

The man wearing chainmail gasps profoundly before letting out a horrid wail throughout the entire castle. This had grabbed the attention of the other men in chainmail who are currently cleaning up what's left of their posts and the small buildings that were heavily damaged while King Trost barely heard it while ascending the stairway, but swiftly brushed it off due to thinking that it wasn't anything as he continues up the steps. Not long after that, a few of the men in chainmail ran towards the castle to investigate what the screaming was about and quickly got their answered once they entered. All of them are promptly baffled at the sight of their comrade having been totally stripped of his clothing while left dazed on the floor.

At the same time, Dante's contentedly smirking inside the washing room that's next to the bathroom as he rinses out his clothes with soap, which includes his gloves, and sits in front of the wash while only wearing a small, red towel around his waist. While doing that, the blonde peers to the right to see the chainmail and inner clothing lying there as he faintly laughs. "I sure scared the crap out of him." He redirects his focus to his clothing while still rinsing.

It doesn't take Dante long to finish washing his clothes as he lets it dry on a clothesline, so he can take a bath until they're sufficiently dried. After that, the green-eyed gentleman puts on his clothes as they're a little moist, but he's sure they'll dry in no time and goes up to the King's Throne Room with his gloves in his right back pocket. Once he arrives, Dante sees King Trost waiting for the young man with Yuki and Ilya as the white-haired teen holds an intricate, blue dress in her arms while showing discontent since it doesn't fit her taste. Not much later, Ilya exits the room as King Trost takes this opportunity to ask Dante what he wanted to speak to him about, however, first focuses on Yuki in a composed manner. "Can you give us a minute, Yuki?"

Before Yuki had the chance to let out a reply, Dante intervenes while putting his left hand into his pocket. "It's fine. I actually need Yuki to hear my request since it'll really be up to her in the end, I believe."

Both King Trost and Yuki are confused by Dante's words as the king sits on his throne and asks with a hint of concern in his voice, "What do you mean?"

Dante smiles. "Simple." He shifts his attention to Yuki, who's towards Dante's right while standing right next to her father. "Tell me, Yuki. You've been here your entire life, right?"

Yuki nods with a plain expression. "Yes. I've never left."

Dante promptly speaks with sincerity emanating from his person. "Would you like to?"

Surprise overtakes King Trost's face as he thinks, "Is he...?"

Yuki raises her eyebrows while peering towards the ceiling. "Would I...?" She resets her attention onto Dante. "Why do you ask?"

Dante tilts his head to the left with skepticism displayed. "Do I really need to say it?"

King Trost delightfully smiles while thinking, "He is!" The pinkish-haired man snaps his focus to his daughter. "Yuki."

Yuki gives King Trost a curious look until noticing her father's demeanor and is greatly astonished as hastily reverts her attention to Dante. "Wait a second! Are you...?!"

Dante joyfully nods. "Yup! You know Ilya and me aren't going to stay here much longer since we've already accomplished what we needed to. And in all honesty, I think it would be a lot of fun if you and Yui were to join us."

King Trost's deeply shocked by the mentioning of Yuki's other self as he leans forward with both hands planted on the armrest. "Dante! Did you just say-?!"

Dante swiftly interrupts King Trost without taking his eyes off Yuki. "I did. And I meant what I said. I'll be honest, I've been thinking about asking you this from the very moment I saw you at the window."

Yuki lightly turns red while stuttering, "Y-You s-saw me?!" She points her left hand towards the large window that shows the giant wall's entrance. "From all the way over there?!" The blue-eyed girl then frantically shakes her head with her eyes momentarily shut before refocusing on Dante while bring both hands up to her chest as they're closed into fists. "Hold up! You decided at that very instant without knowing anything?!"

Dante nods again. "Yeah. I'm a real good judge of character and you're definitely someone I want around." He closes his eyes while wholeheartedly smiling. "Both of you."

Yuki can't help but be stunned by everything Dante said with her jaw slightly lowered until diverting her attention to King Trost. "Father?"

King Trost gives her an assuring grin. "I have no objections. Just know that the outside world is dangerous. You can either choose to stay here and live peacefully... Or experience the world with a couple of interesting people." A hint of sadness adds to his person. "No one will try to force you like in the past."

Having heard King Trost's statement, Dante sees into both Yuki and the king's memories of a time when the pink-haired girl was little as the civilians of Icela had rioted about sending her away due her being the source of the never-ending snowfall in the country, even though they already knew her leaving wouldn't change anything to the climate, but overwhelming hatred consumed their logic at that point. This fact agitated Dante for several seconds until he managed to regain his composure as he kindly smiles at Yuki. "He's right. Although, I really hope you say yes." He chuckles.

Yuki blushes while briefly looking at Dante and then drops her gaze to the floor as she contemplates her decision in her mind. "Should I?" She peers at Dante without lifting her head while thinking, "He wants... Both of us..." The blue-eyed girl lightly bites her bottom lip while feeling a bit embarrassed and thinks, "No one other than my family had ever accepted me in such a way... I... Don't want to say goodbye to this person yet, so..." A big grin takes form after Yuki raised her head to properly make eye contact with Dante while sincerely declaring, "I would love to!"

King Trost feels an overwhelming sense of happiness while getting to his feet and thinks, "Yes... This is for the best. It's exactly what both of them need to move on." With that thought finished, the king says to his daughter without hesitation while raising his left hand forward, "Then, go! The world awaits you, my dear Yuki!"

Yuki hurriedly establishes her attention onto her father and nods with content showing. "Okay!"

King Trost's happiness doesn't falter as he veers his focus to Dante after putting his arm down. "Please be sure to take good care of her, alright?"

Dante gives King Trost a thumbs up with his right hand while having his hand next to his face. "Will do."

*Scene Change*

Ilya gawks at Dante out of disbelief as she's wearing the dress she was loaned by Yuki, which is pretty tight on her bust, while the two stand in front of the pink-haired teen's room. "Are you serious?!"

Dante nonchalantly nods. "Yup."

Ilya grabs Dante by his shirt and relentlessly shakes him. "You can't just go recruiting a princess of a country to travel with us! You don't even have the Royal Council's consent!"

Dante laughs with his eyes shut while continually being shook. "Oh, well! What's done is done!"

Ilya shakes Dante even more after closing her eyes with her head lowered. "Don't take this so lightly!" She abruptly stops shaking Dante while locking eyes with him as a frustrated look takes form. "You'll be doing the explaining once we get to Velkry and I WON'T be bailing you out if things get bad!"

Dante gently grabs a hold of Ilya's hands with both of his as he gives her a determined smile. "Don't worry. I'll handle everything."

Before Ilya could let out another retort, an ominous feeling plagues her as she feels someone angrily staring at her, looks to her left since that's where Yuki's bedroom door is located and quickly sees the princess glaring daggers at the hazel-eyed beauty while wearing a different blue dress with light blue stitching this time. This causes Ilya to become quite confused due to not knowing why Yuki's like that until taking notice of Dante holding her hands prior to getting very flustered and then frantically pulls her hand away from the green-eyed young man's grasp while putting them behind her back with the white-haired girl's head down to hide the light shade of red that has appeared on her face.

Dante puts both hands into his pockets with a carefree attitude radiating. "You ready?"

Yuki's behavior instantly changes as she joyously nods at Dante. "Uh-huh!" She then fully opens the double-doors of her room while revealing over a dozen bags filled with clothing and hair appliances as she extends her right hand towards the luggage. "This should be good, right?"

A dull scowl appears on both Dante and Ilya's person as they say in unison without even batting an eye, "No."

Yuki's caught off guard by their response while hastily directing her focus to them. "Really?!"

After that, a couple hours pass until Yuki painstakingly decides to only take a few things in a medium-sized, rectangular, blue purse with tiny, decorative diamonds on the edges as it's carried around the teen's right shoulder while Yuki's clearly upset by the fact that she's forced to leave so many of her things behind. In the meantime, Ilya's white dress has dried entirely as she couldn't restrain herself from being very happy to be wearing her preferred style again. With that, all three are soon on their way out of the castle's walls after a heartfelt goodbye between Yuki and her father in front of the castle as what awaits the trio following such a traumatizing battle is uncertain to them, however, they're pretty confident that not everything will necessarily be bad.

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