Rings (Anthology Collection)

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Magical Rings scattered around the world that can give people powers, but cannot be taken off. No one knows where they came from or how they were made, but people are finding them. These are their stories. (These are short stories of a larger series I have in mind. Each "Chapter" is one story by itself. Think of it like an Anthology series.)

Action / Fantasy
Luis A. Amaya
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There’s a man on his knees in the middle of a trashed hotel room. The nightstand lies on the floor, bits of broken glass are everywhere and the screen of the TV has been destroyed. The man’s breathing is harsh as red crimson blood drips down from his head to the dirty green carpet of the hotel room.

“Please don’t do this.” the man whimpers as he wipes away mucus from his nose. “I’m begging you please don’t kill me.” He says to the towering figure standing before him.

The figure in front of the frightened man is Robert. He’s over six feet tall with a wide frame in cargo pants, steel toe boots, and a light brown workwear coat. He is bald, clean-shaven and has small circular glasses on. Robert looks down at his victim and simply smiles at him.

“I’m sorry, but you need to die.” he says, his tone is calm but deep at the same time. “I need your ring.”

Robert cracks his knuckles. There’s a total of five rings on his hands; two on the left and three on the right. Each of these rings have a different colored gemstone on them and these strange designs of lines and circles on the trim. The terrified man on his knees in front of Robert has a similar ring on his right hand. This one has a bright red gemstone on it.

The man looks up at Robert in fear. “Please don’t! If I could take this ring off I’d give it to you!”

“I know you would.” Robert says with a friendly smile.

Before the man can speak again, Robert latches his throat and lifts him up. A ring on his left hand with an orange gemstone begins glowing. The man is squirming for his life as he claws at his attacker’s arm. His face begins to turn blue, his eyes become red and watery as he thirsts for oxygen. Robert watches with a soft smile as this man dies slowly in his hand then he crushes the windpipe. The man’s body falls stiff and his arms hang down to his sides. The ring that was on the man’s hand falls off his finger and hits the carpet. Robert drops the now corpse of a man.

He kneels down to pick up the ring, “Another one to add.” He says aloud.

Robert slides the ring with a red gemstone onto his left hand. He winces in pain as the ring suddenly tightens onto his left middle finger. A small flash of fire emits from his hand and vanishes. He chuckles to himself and looks at the new ring. The flaming red gemstone is glowing for a moment then goes dark. His smile fades away when he notices his arms are covered in scratches and blood from his victim. Robert focuses on his cut-up arm for a moment, then the ring on his right hand with a white gemstone begins to glow. The cuts on his arms fade away as his skin reattaches itself and heals instantly. His wounds are now gone, as if he was never injured. This magical ring has healing powers but it can only heal wounds on the user. Robert knows this well as he is filled with a deep sorrow. He walks over to the hotel bed and sits on the edge of it.

He relieves a sigh, “I’ll be strong for you Andrea.”

Memories of Andrea appear in his head. She was a beautiful woman with luscious brown hair that fell to her shoulders, her eyes were green like emeralds, and she had a smile that would melt anyone’s heart. Robert felt lucky enough to call her his wife.

Years ago, Robert was a simple man who worked in the oil fields. He was a man who would never smile and always had a big frown across his face. There was only one person in the world who made him smile, Andrea. They were high school sweethearts, and they loved each other dearly. One day Robert found a ring during a dig. To his surprise this ring had a beautiful white gemstone on it, he kept it for himself and cleaned it up. He knew he wanted to marry Andrea someday and thought this was the perfect ring for her. Robert decided to propose to her on her birthday after learning she was pregnant. She fell in love with this unique ring, especially how the gemstone would glow. Andrea felt there was something special about this ring and the two lovers learned quickly just how special it was.

Andrea is almost three months into her pregnancy and the two were making lunch. She is cutting food in the kitchen while Robert is burning something on the stove. As she watches her fiancée struggle in the kitchen she accidentally slices her finger, leaving a deep cut. Blood falls on the counter and floor as she whimpers from the pain. Robert panics as he tries to find bandages for her and Andrea focuses on making the bleeding stop as she waits for him to return with the first aid kit. He is about to help her tend to the wound until the deep cut begins to close up. They’re both in awe as they watch her finger miraculously heal by itself and the white gemstone on the ring glows strongly. The wound disappears and neither one of them says anything about it at first.

“Did that just really happen?” Andrea questions.

“No, that’s impossible. I think we’re just stressed out over the baby.” Robert says and goes back to cooking.

He chooses to ignore it but Andrea couldn’t let it go. Days passed by, and she kept thinking about that day she cut herself. Every time she brought it up to Robert, he would deny it, making them argue. Andrea wanted to prove to him what they saw wasn’t in their head, so she decided to do something crazy. Robert arrives home after a hard day at work. He finds his wife in the kitchen making food.

“Mm smells good.” He says. He kisses her then rubs her pregnant belly. “Why don’t you relax, I can finish up here.”

Andrea smiles at him. “I’m fine, it’s almost done. Besides, there’s something I need to show you.”

“Show me what?” Robert smiles.

Andrea smiles back at him, then suddenly grabs the knife on the counter and stabs her own hand. She yells in pain and pulls the knife out quickly. Her blood is all over the kitchen counter.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Robert shouts. “We need to get you to the hospital!”

“Wait, don’t!” Andrea speaks, holding out her bloody hand. “Just watch.”

She shows her open wound to Robert. He is about to tell her something but to his disbelief, he watches the bleeding hole in his fiancée’s hand begin to close. Her wound heals like before. Robert is at a loss for words.

Andrea smiles and holds her belly. “Honey it’s okay. See?” She says showing her fully healed hand. It’s the same hand that has her engagement ring. The white gemstone is once again glowing. “I’m okay and so is the baby. This ring you gave me is a gift from God!”

Robert lets out a nervous laugh but then smiles at her. The strange ring he gave Andrea truly did heal her. It was a miracle.

Months later, Robert and Andrea receive grim news on their last doctor visit. Andrea is now seven months pregnant, but the doctor tells her that the baby has a high chance of dying during birth. If she goes full term, not only will their unborn son die, there’s a strong chance she will perish as well. The two lovers are devastated, it was news that broke their hearts. Andrea spent days crying as she didn’t know what to do. Robert did his best to ease her heartbreak, but he too was hurting over this. After a week of grieving, Robert approaches her.

“Andrea I know you don’t want to hear this, but we have to terminate him.” he says, pain in his voice.

“No!” she yells at him. “I refuse to do that!”

“But you could die!!”

Andrea locks eyes with her husband, tears running down her beautiful face. “No I won’t do it. I can save our son.”

“What do you mean you can save him?” Robert says hopefully.

Andrea points to the magical ring on her hand. “This blessing from God, if it can heal me then it can heal our son. I know it can!”

Robert is hesitant. “We’re not sure if it’ll work.”

Andrea turns away from him. “I have to try. Please...” she cries.

Robert feels torn. He doesn’t want to lose his son, but he doesn’t want to lose the love of his life either. He embraces his wife from behind. “I’m sorry. We’ll go through with it if you believe you can save him. I just don’t want to lose you too.”

Andrea faces him now and smiles. “You won’t my love.” She says, laying her head on his chest.

You won’t my love. Those words stay in Robert’s head. He suddenly snaps awake from his daydream when he hears aggressive knocking at the hotel door.

“Police open up!” A man’s voice comes from outside the door.

Robert stands up from the bed and faces the door. He stands in the trashed hotel room with a dead body on the floor. He thinks about jumping out the window, but he’s on the tenth floor of the hotel.

“Last warning! Open up, or we’ll break this door in.” the cops shouts.

“It’s time to test this ring’s power.” Robert smiles and cracks his neck. He opens up both hands, palms facing out. The ring with the fiery red gemstone he had just acquired from his victim begins to glow and his left palm is engulfed with fire. The ring on his right hand with a snow-white gemstone begins to glow as well and shards of ice form on his right palm.

“We’re coming in!” The cop yells. There’s a loud bang from the door as they begin to kick at it.

Fire and Ice form in Robert’s hands. He closes his eyes for a moment and looks back at his life. Every moment and loving memory of his life with her are still fresh as if it just happened yesterday. He remembers Andrea’s beautiful smile and loving nature. He loved how full of life she was. That’s why it destroyed him when he found her hanging in their bedroom.

When Andrea went into labor, she was determined she would be able to save their son. During the birth, Andrea screamed in agony. There was a high chance she wouldn’t live, as well as her baby so the doctor’s were baffled when she somehow survived. Unfortunately for their son, he was not breathing. It devastated the both of them but Andrea felt she was at fault. No matter how much Robert comforted his wife, she was too heartbroken which led her to taking her own life. Robert didn’t understand why she did it. He believed Andrea had used the ring’s healing powers as best as she could to try to save their son. But it didn’t work, or at least not the way she wanted it to. The ring was able to heal and keep her alive but not their baby.

The day Robert found her, he arrived home from work. He screamed at the horrid sight of his wife hanging lifelessly in their bedroom. In a panic state, he tries to cut the rope she hung from but accidentally slices his hand with the knife. He ignores the pain and gets Andrea to the floor. Robert wails for his wife and shakes her, hoping she was still alive somehow but deep in his heart he knew she wasn’t. Andrea is pale and cold in his arms. As he holds her, he sees the magical ring with healing powers laying on the floor, no longer on her finger. Desperately hoping for another miracle, he grabs the ring and slides it onto Andrea’s cold finger.

“Come on Andrea don’t do this to me. Don’t leave me!” he cries.

The ring doesn’t stay on. There’s no glow or anything and appears to be a plain ring. In one last desperate attempt, Robert puts the ring on his own finger. He suddenly feels a sharp pain shoot through his body, but he ignores it. He lays his right hand with the ring on Andrea’s chest.

“Please come back to me my love. Please!”

The ring’s white gemstone begins to glow once more, and he smiles. He feels a surge of energy wash through his body and his hopeful smile fades when he notices the cut on his hand begins to heal.

His heart shatters. “No! No!! Not me! Her!! Heal her!!!”

Robert lays there on the floor crying, powerless and holding the only person he cared about in this world.

He knows all the good memories he had with Andrea but keeps recalling the day he lost her. He now stands in the middle of the hotel room. Three more bodies litter the ground. Two are burned to a crisp and the other is coated in frost. He looks around the gruesome scene he created, subtly smiling as he pictures Andrea’s face. The only time he can actually smile was when he thought of her.

“I will find a ring that’ll bring you back my love. Even if I have to kill every last person with these blessings of God’s power.”

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