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The jeep comes to a halt. Monti looks out the window of the jeep. It’s pitch black, hard to see anything out in this desert. Monti straps his helmet on and checks his gun, making sure everything looks good for their mission. He and five others have a mission to infiltrate an enemy hideout for intelligence to help win the war.

“Okay we walk the rest of the way.” says Mason, the commanding officer to Monti and his squad. “Remember, this is a quick in and out ops. Our objective is to acquire the package at the enemy’s hideout.”

Monti and the rest of his squad exit the jeep. They check their gear and prepare to walk the rest on foot. They move out quickly but silently.

About thirty minutes pass and they arrive at enemy territory. Monti is scouting the perimeter.

“What do you see?” Mason whispers.

“Nothing yet captain.” Monti answers. “Oh wait! I got hostiles three klicks south.”

“Let me see.”

Monti hands Mason the binoculars.

“Ah yes that should be it.” Mason hands back the binoculars. “Okay we move in, take them out silently. I’ll send Ramirez and James to take them out.”

Mason radios his men, while Monti watches from the distance. He sees Ramirez and James quickly move in. They kill the four men instantly and quietly.

“Okay let’s move out.”

Monti and his squad approach an old building. It looks partially destroyed from bombs. However they notice the lights are still on. This has to be the place.

Mason turns to his squad. “Ramirez and James, keep watch for any hostiles. Monti and Woods cover the top floor. Samson you’re with me, we’ll cover the bottom. We find the package and leave. Understood?”

The men nod their head and move into the building.

Monti is looking through drawers and cabinets. Digging through trash and clothes.

“We sure this is the place?” Woods says to Monti.

“This should be it. It must be hiding somewhere.”

“I don’t know. This place wasn’t very well guarded.” Woods says, concern in his voice.

“Just keep looking maybe its ju-“


There’s a sudden loud bang from downstairs. It sounded like a bomb. The building shakes.

“What the hell was that??” Woods says.

They suddenly hear the screams of their squad from outside.

“Shit enemy fire! We need to back them up.” Monti yells.

The two quickly head downstairs. They’re in shock when they find James and Ramirez dead on the floor. There’s a large burned hole in their chest.

“What the hell happen to them?” Monti says in a panic.

Enemy soldiers begin to enter the building. Monti and Woods get to cover and begin to shoot. Bullets are flying everywhere. Monti kills two of the soldiers. Woods kills two more.

“Dammit were pinned down!” Woods yells.

“Just keep firing!”

One soldier after another keep dropping dead. Then suddenly the shots stop. Monti and Woods look to see the damage. Bodies lay everywhere. The two men cautiously step out, looking for any more soldiers.

“Dammit where’s Mason?!” Monti says in a panic.

Woods is about to speak until they hear noise come from outside. The men raise their guns, preparing to fire. A man walks in, dark skinned and no shirt. He has a scar on his left cheek and on his left hand he has a ring with a large blue gem on it and it’s glowling. The mystery enemy is dragging a body behind him. It’s Samson, the other soldier that went with Mason. Samson has a large burnt hole in his chest like Ramirez and James. Monti has fury in his eyes and just when he’s about to pull the trigger, the man shoots his left arm out and a sudden burst of lighting shoots out. The bolt of lightning strikes, sending Woods and him flying back. Monti ears are ringing. He sees the mysterious man walk up to Woods who appears to be dazed.

“No! Get away from him!” Monti struggles to speak.

There’s a chain of lighting around the man’s left arm. Monti has no idea what he’s seeing or how he’s doing that. Then suddenly in a flash, a bolt of lightning shoots from the man’s hand and strikes Woods in the chest, killing him instantly.

“Woods!!” Monti yells.

The man now looks to Monti and approaches. A surge of power begins to form in the man’s hand. The ring he has on is glowing vigorously. The man cracks a creepy smile. Monti can’t move, he’s in shock. Suddenly someone punches the man and he falls back. It’s Mason! He appears injured and is covered in blood.

“Monti get out of here now! Report what happen here! ” Mason orders.

“Wha-what? No we have to-“

“Monti go now before he-” Mason is interrupted when the mystery enemy kicks Mason’s leg in.

He drops to his knees and just before he can make a move, the enemy’s hand goes right through Mason’s chest. The man’s hand is coated in lightning and blood. Mason eyes are open wide. He’s in pain.


The enemy pulls his hand out and Mason drops dead. Monti can barely say a word.

“Captain... no.”

The enemy speaks, saying something in a language Monti doesn’t understand. The enemy wipes the blood off his pants. In this moment, Monti sees his gun by him. In an instant, he quickly grabs and shoots at the enemy. A bolt of lightning shoots from the man arm at the same time. It hits the wall and the enemy drops to the ground. Monti hold his gun, shaking and heart rapidly beating. He slowly gets up. He hears the enemy cough ruggedly. Monti approaches, anger in his eyes and ready to finish him off.

“Wait…” The enemy faintly speaks. “Take my power. It’ll make you stronger…” the enemy says. Monti notices the ring with the blue gem is slightly glowing.

The man’s arm drops and breathes his last breath. He’s dead.

Monti gets down on one knee and looks at the ring on the enemy’s hand. The ring slight glow fades away and it falls of the enemy’s hand. Monti picks it up and inspects it. It looks old and has strange designs on the trim. He grasps the ring in his hand. Monti look around the room. Everyone is dead. He is the sole survivor for a mission that should of been simple. Monti prepares to head back to base, with this new strange ring.

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