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Jacob looks around, terrified and unsure what the hell is going on.

“Where are you?!” He yells, looking around for me.

Jacob really can’t see me. Which means he can’t see what I’m about to do. I tightly grip the large knife in my hand and smile. I thrust the blade into his throat. Blood splatters on my face. I stare Jacob in the eyes. I’m the last thing he’ll see. I don't feel bad for him. I don't feel guilty for what I did.

Throughout my entire life I’ve been a punching bag. Maybe because I’m quiet, have jet black hair, pale skin and scrawny. The weird kid who doesn’t have any friends. The outcast. The creep. My name is Eli.

I don’t know what God decided to punish me but I’d be better off dead. I should be dead. Not my mom. At least that’s what my father thinks. I don’t know what went wrong, but I guess neither did the doctors. Everything was supposed to go okay, but for some reason my mother had difficulties during my birth. She lost too much blood and died. But I lived. You think that bring a father and son together but it didn’t. My father is a drunk and blames me for my mother’s death. My birthday should be a celebration of my life, but it’s just a yearly reminder for my father that the one good thing in his life was gone. I’m sure if he could exchange my life for hers, he’d do it. I don’t blame him. Maybe I am better off dead.

I wake up like every other day. In pain. There’s this guy at my school who just has it out for me named Jacob. He makes my life a living hell. When he isn’t tossing me around and beating me up, he throws in hateful words. Anything to destroy my spirit.

I get ready and head out to school. I pass by my father who's asleep on the couch. Another night drinking. I hope to avoid him if I can. It’s my birthday and I would just like one day to not feel like garbage. One day to just go on without pain.

After school I sped walked down the hall, keeping my head down. Over time I’ve learned to just keep my head down. Avoid eye contact. Avoid seeing all the other kids judging me. I'm getting close to the exit until BAM. I ran into what felt like a brick wall. I look up and my heart stops. It’s Jacob and two of his friends. He smiles smugly at me. Jacob was a bit taller than I was, blonde hair and way more muscle mass than me. I was the skinny loser and he was the strong popular guy.

“Hey Eli. I heard it’s your birthday today!”

Oh no. How did he know? The only one who knows this should be my father.

“What are you seventeen now? Jacob says in a mocking tone.

I swallowed my fear and don’t make eye contact. “No. I’m sixteen.” I say quietly.

“Ohhhh sixteen? Nice, nice. Well you know that means I have to beat your ass sixteen different ways right?”

“Please Jacob, can you not?” I begged.

Jacob cracks his knuckles. “Nah.” He says smiling.

He grabs me by the back of the neck and begins to take me outside. Away from any of the adults. His friends follow us out. When we get outside Jacob lets my neck go. It hurts from how hard he had his grip on me.

“So who wants the first hit?” Jacob tells his two friends.

Before one of them was able to answer, I immediately ran. I usually don’t run because Jacob just makes it worse when he catches me but today I just couldn’t do it. I just want one day with no pain. Jacob and his friends chase me. These athletic boys were faster and stronger than I was so it was just a matter of time until they caught me. But I didn’t care. I just ran. Ran as fast as I could.
As I was running for my life I noticed a building under construction from afar. I begin to run in that direction. Jacob and his friends went after me. I don’t dare look behind me, but I know they’re closing in.

I quickly run into the building. There’s not a lot of light in here. Maybe I can just find a dark corner. I ran up some wooden stairs. Most of this place is still being built. As I’m running I can hear Jacob and his friends.

“Where did he go?” one of them says.

“We’ll find him and when we do, I’m breaking his fucking leg!” Jacob shouts in anger.

I’m sure he said it loud enough so I can hear. I try to catch my breath then keep running trying to find a hiding place. I turn a corner and keep running then suddenly stop. Shit! In front of me is an unfinished elevator. I look down the drop and its pitch black. I don’t know how far down it goes. There’s no other way I can go so I turn around to find another spot but stop in my tracks again. Jacob and his friends stand across from me. Fear sets in. I have nowhere to go.

“I can’t believe you really made me run after you.” Jacob speaks, anger in his tone.

His two friends approach me. I swing my hands at them but they quickly detain me and hold me still. Each of his friends is grabbing my arms. Jacob approaches now and swings at my face. My face feels hot. He takes three more hits at my body, one of them being in the rib. Tears fall down my face.

“Please. I’m sorry.” I cry.

Jacob punches my face again. I can taste blood in my mouth.

“That’s five so far. Eleven more hits.” He says smiling.

I look down and just hope for this beating to be over. Jacob hits me one more time, this one so hard I lose my breath. One of Jacob’s friends lets go of me.

“Hey dude that’s enough don’t you think?” his friend says.

“Nah. This piece of shit needs to learn not to run.”

Jacob hits me in the face again and this time I tumble back. His other friend loses his grip on my arm and I keep tumbling back. I don’t have control of my body and I see I’m about to fall down the elevator shaft. I could probably stop myself but don’t.

I drop.

I fall down into the darkness and hit the ground. The last thing I hear is Jacob saying, “You better hope you’re dead Eli!!”

Everything goes quiet.

I wake up. It’s dark. I can’t seeing anything. I guess the drop wasn’t too far down. At least not far enough to kill me. How lucky I guess. I look around the dark, trying to find my bearings. I see nothing at first, then I see a small glow on the ground. It’s really faint, but it’s enough to catch my eye in this darkness. I reach after the small illumination. I picked something up but I can’t tell what it is. However the glow on this thing is now a bit brighter. I feel the small object in my hand and try to figure it out. A circle? No. An earring? Maybe. I keep feeling it and it’s now clear to me. It’s a ring! I look at the object again, only able to see the strange glowing light coming from it. That’s when I noticed another faint light ahead of me. I slip the ring into my pocket and follow the other light. My eyes begin to adjust to the dark. There’s dirt on the ground and the walls are made of concrete. This building is still under construction. I begin to get closer to the light and hit something hard. I feel the wall in front of me and notice it’s a door. I open it and walk through. I’m suddenly outside and its night. The light that I saw in the dark was a nearby street lamp. I’m relieved to have gotten out, but now I have to head home where I’m sure my father is waiting for me, drunk.

I arrive home and slowly open the front door, trying not to make a lot of noise. I walk in slowly and look to my right where the living room is. I see my dad on the couch asleep with the T.V on. I relieve a sigh, quickly and quietly get to the bathroom. I turn the light on and look at the mirror. I’m covered in dirt, have dry blood on my face and bruises. Tears fill in my eyes, then rage.

Why couldn’t I just have one day. Just one day!

I wipe the tears from my swollen eye. I dig my hand into my pocket and grab the ring I found. I’m able to get a better look of it now. The ring is solid with a nice clear gem on top and these strange markings on the trim. They look tribal or ancient. The ring fascinates me, as if it’s calling to me. I slip the ring onto my right ring finger.

“OW!!” I scream.

The ring sent a terrible shock through my entire body. It was sudden and caught me off guard.

“Eli?” I hear my father’s voice call my name from the living room. I say nothing.

“Eli!” he shouts this time.

I just want to left alone. I quickly run out the bathroom and dart straight to my room. I close the door and lock it.

“Eli where the hell were you?!” my father yells.

I sit against the wall across from my door. I hear my father on the other side now. He begins to bang on the door.

“Eli where were you!? Huh??” He aggressively shouts.

“Please just leave me alone!” I scream.

“Open this damn door now boy!”

“Go away please!!”

My father begins to kick the door now. He’s trying to break in.

“I said open it!!”

I close my eyes and dig my head in between my legs. I hear the door break open and prepare for the worse.

“Eli!!” My father yells

I say nothing.

“Where the hell are you hiding you little shit?!”

What? I think to myself. I look up and my father stands there in front of me, drunk and angry. However he’s looking around the room trying to find me. I’m terrified, yet confused on why he can’t see me. Did he drink himself blind?

“Where are you?! Eli you better come out now!!

He looks in my direction and my heart suddenly stops. His eyes are looking in my direction, however it’s as if he’s looking through me. My father takes one more look around my room.

“You better hope I don’t find you boy!” he yells as he exits.

I feel a wave of relief. He really didn’t see me at all. I look at my hand then I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t see anything either. I look at my feet. Nothing. I quickly run to the bathroom and check the mirror. I’m shocked. I have no reflection. Am I invisible?! I try to calm down and keep looking at the mirror, hoping I can see something. As my breathing begins to calm I notice my reflection begins to slowly show up again. I look at my hands and see they’re transparent at first then become normal again. I’m visible again and can see myself! I look at the ring on my hand and the gem on it is glowing. I don’t what just happen but one thing I’m sure is this ring had something to do with it.

A few days pass and I now know for sure this ring I found is what makes me invisible. I seem to be getting better at it. However I notice I get really tired when I use it for too long. So I’m only making myself invisible when I need to. My father hasn’t seen me in days. I’ve gone as far as sitting across from him at the table. He doesn’t see me at all. I don’t know where this ring came from, but I do know it’s the best thing I could have asked for. I haven’t even gone to school, well actually I have. Nobody just doesn’t see me when I’m there. I’ve stared at people, looked at them in the eyes and nothing. I even saw Jacob. I can tell he was looking for me. He must think I was dead. I followed Jacob around the school and overheard a lot of his conversations. He keeps talking about me, nothing good of course. He’s telling the other kids I’m dead and he laughs. They all laugh actually. It making me furious. They think I’m dead and no one even seems to care Jacob could have killed me.

I’ll make him pay! I’ll make that piece of shit know he didn’t kill me!

The next day I walked the halls, but not invisible. It didn’t make a difference, people still didn’t seem to notice me. But I made sure Jacob did. I see him by his locker and just stare at him down the hall. Jacob can feel me looking and he turns to see me standing by the bathroom. He’s surprised at first, then he seems angry. He begins walking towards me and I walk into the bathroom.

Jacob comes in the bathroom. But he doesn’t see me.

“Where have you been hiding you little bitch? I thought you were dead.” He says.

He look around the bathroom and begins to check the stalls. I say nothing. I stand by the sink, watching in silence, invisible. Jacob checked all the stalls and now he appears confused. He looks around again. I ball my fist up and swing at Jacob. He gets knock back. He quickly brings his hands up to defend himself.

“Who was that?!”

I swing at Jacob again from the back. He turns around but can’t see me. He looks around, terrified and unsure what the hell is going on.

“Where are you?!” He yells, looking around for me.

I’m standing in front of him, looking at him in the eyes. Jacob really can’t see me. Which means he can’t see what I’m about to do. I draw a large knife from my back pocket, tightly gripping it in my hand. I smile and without even a thought, I thrust the blade into his throat. Blood splatters on my face. I glare coldly in Jacob’s eyes.. I make myself visible. I can see fear in Jacob’s face. I pull the knife out from his throat and watch him slowly choke on his own blood.

I stand over him. I’m the last thing he’ll see.

Jacob lays there in the bathroom floor, in a puddle of his own blood. I turn to look at myself in the mirror. There’s spots of blood on my face. I turn the water on and clean it. I suddenly hear the bathroom door open. I instantly become transparent. A student walks in and instantly screams for help when he sees Jacob’s body on the floor. People come rushing in, some kids start to cry. They all see this “popular” kid dead, but no one sees me. I walk out the bathroom. No one has any idea it was me. They will never know. I have no remorse for Jacob. No guilt. He deserved it, and there are many more who deserve this punishment as well.

I’ve never had this feeling before. A feeling of power. All my life I have been pushed around. No one was ever easy on me! So it’s my turn to be in control now because I’m the weird kid who doesn’t have any friends. The outcast. The creep. The killer who can’t be seen. My name is Eli.

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