Felix the Boxer

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A cat’s boxing tale A story where a cat must fight through the ranks of boxing to become champion as well as learning lessons about anger

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time, a cat named Felix he is a southpaw boxer living in New York City. One day Felix fight in a boxing club named “The Litter Box.” Felix is now fighting a pig named Pork Chop. Pork Chop is a strong and arrogant fighter who can destroy bones with ease. Felix, on the other hand, is pretty fast and an agile fighter capable to outspeed an opponent like Pork Chop. The first round began and Pork Chop gave Felix a powerful jab which hurts Felix’s bones greatly. Felix then hit Pork Chop with repeating hooks that made Pork Chop squeal. Felix’s hooks are so fast that made Pork Chop unable to dodge its attacks. After giving Pork Chop his final hook to the face, Felix gave him an uppercut which he nicknamed it “uppercat” and knocked down Pork Chop. After Felix won, his win record increased to 18 wins and nine losses. Then suddenly a man named Leo came, Leo was a heavyweight champion in the world until he lost to the champion named Taurus the bull. Taurus and Leo were both strong fighters who rely mostly on strength and less on speed. In the final round, Leo gave Taurus a powerful hook and jab. Taurus, on the other hand, gave Leo “The Horns” which includes two powerful punches with strong hooks and a massive uppercut which stunned Leo. Back in the present day, Leo offered Felix to be his trainer so he can learn how to fight like a real boxer but, Felix said that he will think about it and gave Leo a smile. While Felix is walking home, he saw some delinquents trashing Felix’s house. Felix ran fast and punched the delinquents and they all engaged in a street fight which Felix won. Felix saw his home a wreck and decides to fix it. The next morning, Felix’s house ran out of power and his house was falling apart. Felix decided he had enough and decides to call Leo about the deal. Felix arrived at Leo’s gym to train which Leo was laughing. During training, Leo notices that Felix may be fast but, his endurance and strength is really weak. Leo trained Felix to increase his punching power by punching a body bag with a dumbell. After hours of training, they soon watched a report about the reigning champion, Taurus losing to a horse named Caball. Caball is a strong fighter whose endurance is really amazing. The next day, Felix is now fighting an opponent whose name is Rico the Spider. If Felix defeats Rico he can finally progress in the championship. Rico has a decent amount of speed and can unleash fast punches but, Felix has lightning speed and a balance of a punch that is strong as a boulder. Felix makes his first move by punching Rico in the stomach with five jabs and then Rico blocks the last jab and gives Felix powerful minigun punches in the face and the body which hurts Felix badly. In the final round, Felix suddenly turned his eyes into red and starts to attack Rico repeatedly with brute force combined with elegant speed and finally knocks down Rico the spider. Which made Felix a win increase from 18 to 19. After the battle, Felix was approached by Leo that the rules have changed. Before if you have 19 wins you can face the champion, but now you must have at least 25 wins in order to enter the championship battle. Hearing the news, Felix ran off and started punching a door learning that he must win so he can finally prove himself that he is not someone to mess with.

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