Hidden secrets

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What you if you lost everything including your freedom in one day and found out that your life was a big secret that many are going after Follow Oliver journy in finding the secrets shaping his life

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

At the beginning he was just a boy named Oliver he was a 10th grade student who didn’t even completed 16 years with blond hair and blue eyes small body 157cm in height with father that works as biology teachers and housewife mother he lived in the U.s his father had a brown hair honey eyes and big body which is a lot taller than him his name is Mr. Jon Watson his mother with dark brown hair and black eyes short in height about 149cm with skinny body her name is Ms. Elizabeth Watson they were very protective of him they always worry so much sometimes he thought they were a bite paranoid about him for Oliver he thought always that he is different from everyone somehow but he didn't know how which cause him to be a lonely teenager his parents were always moving from city to another which cause him not to have friends for a long time the longest time they settled in city which was George was 1 year and they always lived in the country side not in the main city that was the only time he had true friends and that was when he was 10.

seeing a small boy running happily with friends but suddenly something happens and the small boy have blood covering his clothes and hands then so many people surrounds him but their faces was not clear Oliver waked up suddenly terrified it was his first day in his new home in New York he found its already 7 am he should wake up for first day of school so he got up from his white bed which was big enough to take two people with blue sheets and cover and 3 pillows one at the back and one each side of the bed the room is creamy with brown disk at the east corner and white clothes wardrobe in the front wall from the side of the door then in the end of the room just at back of the main door was the door for the bathroom he entered and then start washing his face and open the mirror and took some pills then he wear some clothes and went down stairs finding his mother cooking the breakfast and his father is sitting on the head of the dining table

Oliver said “good morning”

and site on the table

“why didn't you wake me up?” Oliver asked

“we finished packing up so late last night so I decided to leave you to rest for a bit more” she answered

“okay never mind” Oliver commented

and then he grabbed a plate and put some milk and cereals and start to eat his mother was cooking some eggs and hotdog

“do you want some” she asked

“no thanks” he answered

then she said “I will come with you to school and give you a ride to talk with your principal okay”

“I will grab my things” Oliver answered

then he went upstairs to his room and brought a bag and some pencils from his disk then he went down stairs he didn't find his mother and asked his "dad, where is mum?”

“waiting for you outside” he said

“okay bye dad” Oliver said

then he went outside to find his mother waiting for him in their GMC car of black color and black windows he entered the car and sit on the passenger seat they start moving it was his first time in this neighborhood so he open the window and start looking it looked like the neighborhood from his dream with a lot of trees in each side beautiful gardens and children running everywhere for schools and bus taking children then his mother start talking

“how did you wake up without me waking you and I closed the alarm”

“I had a dream that waked me up”

her voice tone changed suddenly it was a little bit shaking she asked “what was the dream about”

“I don't remember once I wake up I forgot all about it but I think it was from the time we were in Kanzus” her color changed and she looked pale Oliver realized the change in his mother face so

he said “don't worry it was just a dream nothing serious and its mainly because it is my first time in this house”

“it’s okay if you feel it’s okay” then they reached the school when he got down all people around start looking at him he didn't know why so he start looking at himself wearing white v-shirt and light blue jeans and a Nike sport shoes it looked like he is wearing nothing different from the rest of the student then he start looking at his mother with black medium skirt white shirt and black jacket nothing abnormal about them then he entered from the door of the school people didn't look so he was relived they kept walking till they reached the principal office his mother knocked on the door and entered first while Oliver sat outside until they tell him to enter his mother start talking with the principal then they called him and

the principal said “this is the name of your consoler go and ask him about what you need his name is Mr. James you will find his office if you move till the end of this corridor”

containing “have a nice day”

so Oliver smiled and said “thank you”

and left he moved tell he reached Mr. James office and knocked on the door then a voice said “enter” Oliver opened the door and entered he found a man with yellow t-shirt and blue jeans with muscular body dark in skin in blue walled room with one desk on the side of the door brown with a large wardrobe with many meddles and shiny caps on it then there was a black chair in front of the disk

Mr. James said “sit down”

so Oliver sit and said “I am Oliver Watson the principal told me to come here”

so Mr. James said “yes he called me Mr. Watson”

he completed talking about what Oliver needs and what he will do and what he shouldn't do and things like this at the end he said “that is all you need to know and here is your timetable” Oliver commented “thanks” then Mr. James Said “have a nice day” so Oliver left.

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