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An story about mixed martial arts, personal lives and grudges that get an outlet to be settled once and for all. It's Spring 20XX. Fighters of different backgrounds from across the world compete in fights to earn their ticket to the inaugural S-1 Grand Prix created by the spontaneous, eccentric and random CEO Lionel Rook in a spark of inspiration to sate his boredom. Who gets to become the next supreme ruler of the world?

Action / Drama
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Prologue and Inspiration

The stakes are high and it’s down to the wire. Winner takes all.

Two people stood across from each other in denial that the other had lasted this long.

One man. One woman. Both in their fighting stances.

Weary but knowing they have to take their one and only chances.

They had to lay it all on the line with one last big trade. This last exchange.

Too late for anything to change.

One got to this moment with sheer power and adaptability.

The other got here with skill and tactical ability.

Before both made their move, they had their last thoughts.

“This is going to be tricky...all it takes is one mistake and it’s game.”

“All I need is one...and it’ll be checkmate.”

The two tensed their bodies while around them were roars of anticipation.

Then the endgame began as they sprung into the final action.


It gets the best of people. Slows things down. Drives people off the wall. Makes them do things they’ll regret and can’t take back. Causes laziness. Can also create entertainment for others to watch as the bored person does something hilarious.

But at times inspiration comes up thanks to this same situation known as boredom.

On an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific, a light skinned man with black low cut hair, blue eyes wearing a grey dress shirt, black pants, black leather belt, grey shoes, a black shirt on top of it all looked out the window of his office with a great view of the beach, great summer sun and the ocean waves.

Lionel Siegfried Rook is a Polish man who’s achieved a lot in his life. Some normal, incredible and obscure. The CEO of Rook Trading LLC earned his way to where he was, even when he was born with a silver spoon. Though what he’s been mainly known for is his random spontaneous attitude and laser focus that has lead to his success and has always kept everyone including his rivals on their toes. One never knows what this man would pull off at any given time.

Sighing the caucasian man turned from looking outside his office as the door opened and in walked a brown haired, blue eyed, and tan skinned woman in a grey work dress and skirt, black stockings and red high heels walked inside with a folder in her left arm before closing the door with the other and approached the desk.

Mariam Alexandra is the Greek personal assistant of the spontaneous CEO that has been able to handle her boss’ spontaneous and random personality. He’s had more assistants before her but most of them went off the rocker and quit within a month as they were unable to keep up with him or even handle his behavior.

Many people have given her props for dealing with this random man.

Today it looked like her boss was having one of those moments where he needed something to focus on and get his creative juice going and she’s going to do what she can to make sure he gets out of his boredom.

“Mr. Lionel. Having another one of those days?” Mariam began.

“Yes I am and just after enjoying my Aikido training session.” Lionel replied before muttering repeatedly. “What to do...What to do...What to do...”

Mariam began to panic as she knew that when he began muttering those words repeatedly up to twenty times, someone was going to get ‘bodied’ as he put it or in other words tossed around like a ragdoll and whoever the nearest person in the same room as her boss ends up being the unlucky victim.

And she was alone in the room with him and he was on seventeen...YIKES!!!

Thinking quickly she said, “What else do you have in mind to do today boss?”

Lionel stopped his muttering and looked at her. Mariam mentally patted herself on the back. Good save!

“I’ve already signed the contract with NAMIO Pharmaceuticals. Handled the teleconference with the Wall Street Stock Exchange boss and checked up on the G-Security Inc and updated the funds for Blazers FC.” Lionel stated. “I got nothing else in mind now and I have achieved so many things in my life already.”

“Well what industry have you not had a hand in then, sir?” Mariam asked, “I mean you’ve been so spontaneous with your investments and involvement in multiple fields through the years without taking a break. Maybe if you can think of what industry you haven’t gone into you might find something to be interested in.”

Lionel raised an eyebrow, “Hmm...Never thought about that.” He then began to actually think about that. “Yes...Good idea. Thank you Mariam.”

Mariam sighed in relief at this. Lionel’s most successful ventures have been the ones he actually thought about before investing his efforts into. However those comprised of the least of his total business ventures he’s been involved in.

Forty-five percent to be exact.

Most of his ventures have all been random and spontaneous and even those ones have been 50-50 in terms of success and they mostly came up when he was bored or sudden sparks of inspiration.

Just as Mariam was about to leave her boss to his business, “AHA!!!!”

‘Already?! That’s faster than usual.’ Mariam thought in surprise. ‘I wonder what he’s cocked up in that mind of his.’

Standing up from his desk Lionel Rook walked around it and looked at his assistant. “Mariam, what’s one of my main hobbies?”

‘That’s an odd question.’ Mariam thought with a raised eyebrow. “It’s Martial Arts right, which explains your 2nd dan black belt in Aikido and your emphatic training of me in self defense and your former protégé ‘Humorous McEasy’. ” She answered.

“Correct as usual Mariam. That’s why you’re the best assistant ever.” Lionel stated happily.

“You’re too kind Mr. Lionel.” Mariam said, ‘More like the only one who can handle your randomness.’

Lionel continued, “There is one industry I haven’t gotten into at all and it’s close to what I love a lot...Combat Sports.” Mariam anticipated what was coming next.

“So you’re going to get yourself involved in the fight business then?”


“Are you going to create your own combat sports organization or are you going to buy out one and get involved in it?”

“I’d rather make my own. I’d rather it be unique.”

“Fair enough. It’s better to stand out from the competition than be another copy. So what’s the concept behind it?”

Lionel then sat on his desk and tapped a finger on it for a minute in thought before the imaginary light bulb turned on.

“Fighters of different backgrounds from across the world compete in fights to earn their ticket to the grand prix finale where only the last one standing gets to be called the supreme king or queen of fighters.” The CEO smirked and added, “In fact the tagline is “Who wants to be the supreme ruler of the world?“”

Mariam sweat dropped, “That’s... an interesting tagline.” ‘Doesn’t that remind me of that kickboxing organization that went bankrupt some years back? Oh well, whatever.’ “A martial arts tournament involving multiple martial arts styles with the fighters competing to prove whose style reigns supreme.”

“Yes. Striking based, grappling based, traditional, obscure or hybrid, no matter. All get a chance to prove themselves.” Lionel adds with confidence.

“Doesn’t sound half bad.” Mariam stated, “So what’s the name for this organization?”

With a grin on his face that nearly split it, Lionel opened his mouth.

“I’ll call it...S-1, which stands for SUPREMACY-ONE.” Lionel then cracks his knuckles in excitement of getting his newest venture off the ground running.

“Let’s do this.”

And that got the ball rolling to a new era in combat sports.

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