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Tears of a Demon

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“My father is Ricardo Navarro. If you kill me, my father-” She shot him in the head. She didn’t have time for this bullsh*t. No one messes with the Demon. She will hunt you down and kill you. Hela Ashworth is a ruthless assassin. She kills with no mercy. Since her first mission, she has been called the Demon. Rumours say that she bathes in the blood of her enemies. No one knows about her past but during her short life she has experienced torture, loss, love… Love, you ask? Yes, love. But that doesn’t end well either. All good things come to an end when you’re a paid assassin. Hela lives in pain and isolation, mourning her loved ones, her lost ones. Until a name is given to her, her next victim… If you’re looking for a stand-alone novel filled with action, murder, and twisted love, you’ve found it. Tears of a Demon is a story of darkness that will drag you to hell.

Action / Thriller
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CH1: El Demonio

Hey, lovely readers. S&A are back with another story, even though our first story isn’t even finished (by the way it’s called Hunting Death, just if y’all wanna read it). We’ve been watching the John Wick films (loved ‘em and recommend y’all to see ‘em) and we thought of writing an assassin-ninja-badass story. Togetha’ we made a beautiful masterpiece. We hope you like our story and if you find it boring just LEAVE. Also, please don’t send us threatening emails or comments (or death threats) if you find something we have written offensive.

Some interactions with the characters may be written in foreign languages (specially Spanish and Russian…) but they will be translated by us. We are Spanish natives so don’t worry. We got the Spanish translation covered. On the other hand, we do not know Russian and consult well known translators, which happen to be awful at translation if you ask us. If anyone notices any mistakes in the text, please don’t hesitate in writing a comment (we will be forever grateful for your service).

This story contains MATURE CONTENT that varies from violence and explicit language to graphic sexual content. If you are sensitive to such, please refrain from reading this book. This story is recommended for adults only, but this comment will probably be ignored by 99.9% of readers, so all we can say is that you have been warned.

P.S: This book is also found in Wattpad.

CH1: El Demonio

Seated on an excessively ornate sofa, the Demon was sipping bourbon from a small glass next to the crackling fireplace. One of her hands was unconsciously stroking her gun placed in her black trousers while her other hand was holding the fragile cup between her fingers. He will be here soon, she thought.

Heavy footsteps rang through the silent mansion as a short man appeared in the living room. Hela watched him freeze, his eyes filled with fear. The man sighed and walked a few steps into the room. “El mito, la leyenda… el Demonio. Es un honor. Siempre he oído historias sobre ti, pero nunca te había visto en person. ¿Es verdad que mataste a tres hombres con un libro?”(“The myth, the legend… the Demon. I’m so honoured. I had always heard stories about you but never had I seen you in person. Is it true that you killed three men with a book?”)

She just stared at him with a neutral mask on her face, even though all she wanted to do was cut him open and strangle him with his own guts.

While saying this, the man had summoned his bodyguards, which were running to the living room. Three robust men walked towards her at a slow pace while one stayed with the man. Hela gulped down the rest of the spirits, stood up and sighed. This was just a waste of time.

The trick with fighting multiple assailants was to avoid fighting them all at the same time. Unlike in the movies, attackers don’t wait in line to kick your ass, they want to pounce all at once like a pack of wolves.

The Demon danced in a semicircle around them until the guy closest to her was in the way of the other two. It only took a second for them to run around their buddy, but that was enough time for her to snap a solid kick to his groin, grab her gun and shoot him in the head. The thick mass of muscle doubled over and his buddies took precedence.

She swiftly moved around to the other side of the dead man, making the others fall back into a line to get around him. She swept the injured guy’s feet, and he came crashing down on wife-beater number two. The remaining one pounced on her and they rolled on the ground in a grapple for the top position.

She ended up on the bottom. He outweighed her by a hundred pounds, but this was a position she had practiced fighting from over and over.

Men tend to fight differently with a woman than they do with men. The overwhelming majority of fights between men and women start with the men attacking from behind, and almost instantly end on the ground with the woman on the bottom. So a good female fighter needs to know how to fight on her back.

As they struggled, she wriggled her leg out from under him for leverage. Braced. Then tipped him over to one side with a twist of her hip.

He flipped onto his back. Before he could get his bearings again, she slammed her boot down on his groin.

The Demon was up in a flash, grabbed the man’s face and twisted with such force that his neck broke with a crack. One of the fallen men was groaning in pain and trying to get up. She grabbed her gun and shot him in the head. Much better, she thought.

The man had left the room but the Demon still heard his quick footsteps. He wasn’t going to leave that easily. She calmly walked to the front door, where she found the man trying to open it with trembling hands.

The last of the four bodyguards was in front of him, protecting his back. She aimed for the guard’s head and bullseye. The huge man fell with a thud on the floor.

The door opened but the Demon shot his leg before he could start running. She walked towards the screeching man on the floor and towered over him.

“Mi padre es Ricardo Navarro. Si me matas mi padre-”(“My father is Ricardo Navarro. If you kill me, my father-”)

She shot him in the head. She didn’t have time for this bullshit.

She got out of her black Lamborghini, which was camouflaged in the dark alleyway. Music could be heard from a door full of graffiti. Written on it was The Unseen. She entered the gloomy bar full of drunk and unconscious people.

Many people stopped to stare at her, some too long. She sat on a stool at the bar counter and reached for a golden card in her pocket. The name of her victim was engraved in it. She slid the card on the counter and waited to be attended.

“Hey, Hela.” A tall man with short, dark brown hair and brown eyes leaned over the counter with his elbows. His arms were left bare, displaying the tattoos covering his toned arms.

“Hey, Dave,” she said with a husky voice.

“Same as always?” He grabbed the card and quickly glanced at it.

“Same as always.”

While he had his back to her, she remembered the “relationship” they had had. Well, relationship wasn’t the word for it. It was more of a one night stand. Hela had drunk too much, trying to drown her sorrows and had stayed in the bar until closing time.

Dave didn’t let her get into the car, probably because she would’ve had an accident. He grabbed her arm and turned her around to look at him. Without thinking, Hela leaned closer and kissed him deeply. He grabbed her thighs and Hela wrapped them around his waist. They went into the bar again and they fucked on the counter, the same one Hela was sitting at.

Hela snapped out of it as Dave gave her her drink. She downed it in one gulp and grabbed the golden card which was placed underneath the beverage.

That would be her next victim. She liked the feeling of bourbon down her throat. The warm feeling which took the pain away, drowned everything for just a moment. When you drank the world was still out there, but for a moment it didn’t have you by the throat.



“You okay?” He stared at her, waiting for an answer.

“If I told you ‘yes’ that would be a lie.” Without another glance, Hela left the bar and let the cold January air embrace her body.

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