Tears of a Demon

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CH4: A Long Night

“One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god.”

― Jean Rostand

Hela parked her car in the garage of the club, killing the engine. She took a deep breath, got out of the Lambo and grabbed the bag from the trunk. “This is going to be a long night,” she sighed.

She walked to the back door of the club, showing her card to the bodyguard. He quickly checked it, nodded and opened the metal door.

Music vibrated along the dark walls as Hela walked through a long narrow passageway that opened into the dark club. Two men standing guard at the end of the passageway turned and stared at her slim figure.

She wore a short, form fitting black sleeveless dress white a deep square neck that showed off the swell of her full breasts above the sequinned trim. Her long, firm legs were left bare, and she wore a pair of high black stiletto heels. She wore a black choker, accented with rhinestone studs. Her hair was left down and loose about her face, resting on her hips. She wore dark makeup, accentuating her sharp features.

“If you want to keep your dicks attached to your body, I’d recommend you to stop staring at my tits.” She hated looking like a slut, but there is always a price to pay.

“You’re a big-mouthed slut, aren’t you? Well, I could make good use of it.” The guard grabs himself between his legs and sort of shakes it up and down like he is shaking hands with his dick whilst running his tongue over his lips.

Anger took over every cell of her body. She would’ve shot that man in the head there and then but she had to contain herself. The boss of this club had connections with her “club” so she could work there for the night. And if blood was spilled here by the wrong people there would be trouble. So she took a deep breath through her nose and reminded herself that he was here. That was what stopped her from killing those two guards and storming out of that shithole.

She kept on walking, saluted the guards with her middle finger and barged into the changing room. Many other women were there, rushing to put on makeup, wigs and flimsy clothing. A long cream-coloured Formica countertop ran the length of the room on one wall. Above it was a mirror running the width of the wall from one end of the room to the other, and approximately three feet high. Above it was ten light bars which flooded the area with a bright glow.

At the far end of the room was a squared shelf with twelve cubicle dividers. Below each one was a label with size is marked on them. The top six cubby-style compartment worktops ranged from string bikinis to tight belly shirts. On the top were eight styrofoam heads, each with a different style wig.

She went to the far side of the room, avoiding all women, and started changing.

Nicklaus didn’t pay much attention to the naked women dancing on the stage, even though he was watching them while twirling and hugging the metal poles. Other men were sitting with him on the semi-circular couch. But there was no one else in the room. It was a special room for VIP (aka incredibly rich) customers only.

Two of them were drug lords and the other one was an arms trafficker. They were tranced by these women, and had already finished their second bottle of whiskey. That’s why he liked this place so much. All negotiations went in his favour in this club. He played with his negotiators like puppets, he had all the strings.

The song finished and also did the dancers, which left the stage. He was going to get to work with these men as the next song started when a woman appeared from behind the scarlet curtains of the stage.

She walked seductively towards the pole in the middle of the raised platform and started dancing. She moved with ease to the tune blaring from the speakers. Her slender figure seemed to caress the silver pole as if she were making love to it. Her breasts were hidden behind a small black leather tank top and tight, small black shorts wrapped around her firm hips. A black chocker was wrapped around her neck. She wore a pair of shiny black six-inch platform heels and her long black hair was left loose. The only thing that could be seen of her face were her blood-coloured lips and sharp cheekbones. A black mask surrounded her dark eyes, which were always locked with his.

When she turned around, the head of a snake could be seen inked on the small of her back, curling it’s body along her back.

Then she started moving her hands down her body, over her breasts, down her thighs, she turned around and caressed her buttocks before kneeling on the floor.

Nicklaus felt his cock stiffen in his pants as the mysterious woman got down on all fours and crawled towards him, her tongue licking her lips provocatively. She crawled impossibly close to him and grabbed the forgotten cigarette dangling from his lips with her slim fingers . Nicklaus just smirked at her and raised his eyebrow. She dragged a deep breath and sighed, letting the white smoke cloud his vision. Then she placed the cigarette back to his lips, slowly rose to her feet and left the stage.

During their short negotiation, Nicklaus couldn’t stop thinking about that mysterious woman. He was going to fuck her.

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