Tears of a Demon

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CH5: Pretty Face

“The blood will follow where the knife is driven,

The flesh will quiver where the pincers tear.”

—Edward Young

Hela hid behind the curtains and waited for their meeting to finish. She had hated every single second of the dance. She had never felt so dirty in her life. She sacrificed her dignity, that was how much she wanted that man. She could’ve just shot them all, but she knew better. Timing is everything.

Earlier that morning, whilst the boss was showing her around the club, she hid a dagger in the couch where Nicklaus would be sitting. That man liked to brag about his club and how very powerful men always came into this room to “negotiate” and easily hid the weapon to use for later.

She heard three pairs of footsteps exit the room and peaked through the curtains. Her prey was sitting with his toned arms resting on the couch, smoking a cigarette with his legs crossed.

He was a handsome man. His hair was jet black, messy but styled. High cheekbones, full lips, sharp jawline, grey piercing eyes. His tattoos decorated his body in an elegant way, a way that only he could pull off. He was wearing an all black fitted three piece suit that hugged his frame perfectly.

His eyes met hers and Hela went onto the stage once again. She went down the set of stairs and sat next to Nicklaus.

He put out the cigarette and turned around to face her.

“I take it you enjoyed the show,” Hela said with a purring voice.

“There are very few things I enjoy more than watching you dance.” He had a deep and gravelly voice. There was a lilt to his words, a faint Russian accent.

He leaned closer to her, his smoky breath and cologne filling her senses. He trailed his hand gently over her exposed thigh.

“Like what?” Hela was trying not to break his fingers. No one touched her like that, no one.

He leaned closer so that his lips brushed her ear. “Like fucking you so hard that you won’t be able to walk for a month, darling,” he whispered as he bit her earlobe.

A silent moan escaped her lips and she felt her panties drench in wetness, and she mentally cursed herself for her body’s betrayal.

Nicklaus moved his hand higher and higher until his fingertips brushed against the crotch of her tight shorts.

She straddled him and ran her fingers over his shirt, feeling his defined chest. She also felt the growing bulge inside the man’s pants, but tried to ignore it as she swiftly unbuttoned his black shirt. Tattoos decorated his chest, but they could not be seen under the dim light of the club.

She lowered her hands again and moved her left hand discreetly towards the gap of the couch behind her. She dug her fingers inside the gap and felt the cold metal touch her skin. Nicklaus’ hands continued to roam over her body whilst he kissed her neck.

When Nicklaus faced her she licked his lips with her tongue and said: “Such a shame I have to kill such a pretty face.”

Nicklaus’ eyes went wide in shock but before he could react she plunged the dagger deep into his chest. She got up and watched as Nicklaus looked at the dagger in his chest, his breath coming out in pants.

“Suka,” he whispered. (Bitch)

Then she heard it, the sound of running footsteps and Russians shouting.

“You are stupid, slut. I will kill you, my gang will kill you.” He spat out blood onto the wooden floor and swore in Russian.

Her lips parted into a smirk.

“Dobroy nochi,” she said while moving towards the backstage. (Good night.)

Once she was hidden behind the curtains, she took her painful high heels off and sprinted towards the back entrance.

Four men followed her as she sprinted bearfoot towards her car. Quickly, she unlocked it and got into the car, slamming the door shut with excessive force and turned the key. The roar of the engine always put a smile on her face.

A bullet hit the bulletproof window, leaving a mark on the crystal. That was it. She reached into the glove box and grabbed her glock. The car window wound down and bullets flew everywhere.

The car got a few more scratches but Hela had killed the four pricks, so it evened out. She sped out of the parking lot and drove away from the nightclub.

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