Tears of a Demon

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CH6: Roxanne

“Dead, but not allowed to die. Alive, but as good as dead.”

― Suzanne Collins

Hela kept on driving, street lights passing by her in a blur. She was still wearing slutty clothes and her feet were barefoot. But that didn’t matter. He was dead. Yet she felt that something wasn’t right, as if he wasn’t dead at all. She should’ve slit his throat, but she didn’t have time. Her knuckles gripped the steering wheel, turning white. He was dead, she reassured herself.

Shaking those thoughts away, she realised that she was almost at the bar. She pulled into the isolated alleyway and parked near the graffitied door. Before getting in, she grabbed her glock, opened the trunk and put on a spare pair of combat boots and a red leather jacket to cover up the flimsy top she was wearing.

She made her way to the metal door and swung it open roughly. The music was loud, the thumping beat vibrated the walls and floor. The Unseen was alive with movement and noise from the members of the club. She walked in ignoring their stares.

Someone whistled in the distance as she sat at the counter and stuck up her middle finger towards the source of the sound. She faced the counter and saw that Dave wasn’t there, instead there was a woman she didn’t recognise at all.

She had messy, electric blue hair which reached her shoulders. She wore dark makeup, accentuating her feline features and her hazel eyes. A silver bull nose piercing decorated her nose and another one pierced her left eyebrow. A white tank top hugged her slim chest, which left her arms bare, tattoos crawling up from her fingers to her neck.

“Rough night?” She was leaning on the counter, one arm flat on the metal counter and her head resting on the palm of her other hand.

“Who are you?” Hela didn’t have time or patience for small talk.

“I’m new here. Dave wasn’t able to come tonight, he had special matters to attend to. I’m Roxanne by the way.”

Hela didn’t trust her. She slowly reached for the golden card and slid it over the counter. “Bourbon.”

Roxanne grabbed the card and read it. Some emotion flashed within her eyes but was gone before Hela noticed. Hela watched her every move as she turned her back on her and moved along the counter to prepare the beverage.

She felt a presence to her right. She glanced over the counter and saw two men staring at her breasts, mouths open. “If you don’t stop looking at me, I will cut your dicks off and shove them so far up your asses that it will come out of your mouths,” she hissed.

Her tone told them that she was not joking, so their bodies immediately turned, and they sat down with their heads down. Satisfaction ran through her body, but it faded away as Roxanne came within sight.

“Enjoy,” she purred, leaning closer to Hela, too close.

Hela drowned the spirits in one go, always keeping eye contact with Roxanne. Roxanne’s lips parted into a smirk as Hela left the glass on the counter. No card had been placed under the glass, and that made Hela even more suspicious.

Roxanne unconsciously ran her fingers through her blue hair and Hela’s eyes noticed a tattoo on the side of her neck, a branding. At the same time, she started to feel tired, weak. Hela propped her elbows on the counter and leaned towards Roxanne, their faces inches apart. Her eyelids grew heavier after each blink but she forced them open.

Hela grabbed a fistful of Roxanne’s hair, smashing her head on the counter. Hela turned Roxanne around so her back pressed against the counter and wrapped her arms around Roxanne’s neck. Hela’s movements were slower and lethargic. It took her all her strength not to pass out.

“You... bitch.” Hela slurred. Her tongue was too heavy for her to wield.

Roxanne was gasping for air, but laughed anyway.

Then everything went pitch black, Roxanne’s high-pitched laughter ringing in her ears.

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