My Past Mistakes

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What if your past hurt the people you held dear? Himuro had never thought that thing's would end up like this; he didn't want Taiga to be dragged into this malignant hell that he'd been cursed with.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko no Basuke, all right's belong to the creator and producers of the Manga series. Thus, if I did own the Anime, this would already be an episode.

This story is based after the third season of Kuroko No Basuke, and is also based around the holiday season.

Official Summery: What happens when your past comes back to haunt you in the most sinister way possible? What if it hurt the people you held dear? Himuro had never thought that thing's would end up like this; he didn't want Taiga to be dragged into this malignant hell that he'd been cursed with. And he never wanted to stand by and watch as his brother was hurt by the people from his past.

(Rated T for violence, gore, torture and minor language.)

Friday 11:00 P.M.

It was a bitter Friday evening in Japan. The roads were covered in sleet from the previous downpour; and the once busy streets were now empty. However, the only sound that seemed to disturb the quiet night was the eerie whistling of the wind that blew past Kagami and Himuro, who both walked carelessly down the sidewalk.

They had both decided to head back to Taiga's apartment, (where Himuro had been staying during his time in Japan) soon after they had grabbed something to eat at Magi Burger and escaped the holiday crowd by heading down a back road.

It had been a crazy week for them, as they had both been off on winter break, and were determined to spend their time together, to catch up on what they had missed over these past years.

Himuro had forgotten how it felt being close to his childhood friend. It filled him with an overwhelming feeling of happiness; in which he hadn't felt since the day that he forced his brother away. The reason for the dismissal haunts Himuro, but it's explanation is still something he cannot explain to Taiga .

"So, how are you still able to eat that much without getting sick afterwards?" Himuro questioned breaking the silence between them, while his eyes were distilled upon the icicles that hung from the power lines ahead of them.

"How are you able to only eat a few bites of a burger and be satisfied?" Kagami retorted, his red eyes searching him.

"Touché." Himuro replied, with a genuine smile spreading across his tender lips, as his hair was brushed to the side by a gust of wind that had blown past them, revealing his green eyes, that glistened in the moonlit sky.

Kagami nudged his arm with his elbow, earning a hard smack on his shoulder.

"Don't nudge me with your elbow Taiga…" He said, his voice calm and passive.

Kagami gave him another teasing nudge, and earned a harder one back.

"Ow!" Kagami whined, which was then followed by a delighted chuckle, that brought an appeased smile to Tatsuya's face. "We'll take the shortcut back."

"What shortcut?" Himuro asked while glancing up ahead of them.

"It's the one up ahead of us, just take a right once we get up to that missing dog sign up there." Kagami instructed.

Himuro gave a slow nod, and continued forward.

Slowly Himuro came to a stop at the missing dog sign, glancing briefly off to the right into a dark alleyway. Himuro shivered, as this alleyway looked like something that would come out of a horror film.

"You take this route home?" Tatsuya queried, while raising an eyebrow.

Kagami gave a quick nod, while glancing at Himuro. "Why?"

"Nothing." Himuro replied plainly, as he walked ahead of Kagami.

There was garbage everywhere and broken glass that continued to shatter beneath their feet. Glancing up you could see the roof's of the broken down buildings. Each roof was in a stage of decay, with mold covering each crumbling piece. Additionally, the only illumination seemed to be coming from a broken street lamp that continued to flicker on and off behind them.

"There's nothing to worry about, no one hardly comes down here at this hour." Kagami stated, while throwing his friend a quick glance.

"I'm not worried Taiga, I was just glancing." Himuro explained, while keeping his attention set ahead of them.

Kagami gave a quick shrug and continued forward without another word.

There was the sound of a glass bottle smashing against the wall, which drew both of the teens attention away from their own thoughts and too the two men that stood only a few feet ahead of them.

The one man looked to be about 6'4, with long hair that was thrown back into a lazy ponytail, he wore a virulent smile upon his wet lips, and was yielding a sharp object within his left hand. However, the other man was completely unrecognizable, for he loomed within the darkest part of the alley.

They stopped dead and stared at the two men before them.

"What's all this about?" Kagami asked, as he threw a quick glance over at Himuro, who stared at the men before them with recognition within his green irises.

"It's been a while Himuro," The man in the corner said in clear English, as he then took a few steps forward into the light so that they could see his face. "Told you we would come for you."

"Jason…" Himuro uttered, while taking a hesitant step backwards, his eyes filling with trepidation.

A malignant smile formed on the older mans face, as he took another step forward.

"Taiga, run!" Himuro screamed at the younger teen, while grasping his arm and quickly dragging him forward.

Kagami instantly picked up his pace so that he could keep up with him. He then turned his head off to the side to see that the taller man was running after them, all while the one that Himuro had called 'Jason' dilatorily made his way forward.

They quickly rounded the corner, where they were meant by a taller gentleman, who was swinging a metal chain around in a circular motion.

Himuro whipped around only to see another man coming from behind them.

Kagami didn't need to be told that they would be unable to take them on by themselves, for they both knew that these thugs had the capability of taking them out with only a single strike to their fragile heads with the weapons that they yielded.

Their breaths came fast and forced from the contrition that ate away at them, as they were slowly being cornered like animals.

"Tatsuya, Tatsuya, Tatsuya." Jason chirped as he stepped out from around the corner. "Really? You've become rather pathetic. I mean, I was at least expecting a bit more of a fight from you."

"Who the hell are these guys?" Kagami queried, his eyes searching them observantly.

Kagami looked to Himuro, who was as pale as a ghost in fear.

It surprised Taiga to see his friend with such apprehension written upon his usual poker face expression, and it made him wonder how on earth he'd managed to cross paths with these maniacal maniacs.

Suddenly one of the men lashed out at them and caught the chain to Kagami's necklace, in which the boy quickly pulled loose from his neck as he was then swiftly pulled to the side by Himuro, who forced him to run across the empty streets, in a desperate attempt to escape.

He heard Jason order them to retrieve them, and could hear footsteps making their way across the street.

Quickly he glanced behind them to see that Jason's thugs were closing the gap between them with their long strides.

Tatsuya could feel every part of him filling with a foreboding feeling, for he knew they would be unable escape.

Himuro felt one of their hands claw at the back of his coat that he gradually allowed to slip from his arms, so that they were unable to catch him.

The man snarled and threw his coat to the side, while he then pursued after them.

Someone's hand clasped around Himuro's arm, and he was instantly yanked into the mans strong grip that would not allow him to break free.

"Taiga, run!" Himuro ordered, as he continued to yank violently away from the males grasp.

Kagami could feel himself coming to a halt, as he then instantly flipped around to see that they'd apprehended Himuro.

"Damn it, Taiga! Run!" Himuro called out to him, his voice pleading for him to escape.

Kagami couldn't move, as he couldn't seem to turn away from them. How could Himuro ask him to run? God, what was he doing.

Taiga slowly began to shift to the side, when without warning a cacophonous noise filled the air, and was soon followed by the sound of Kagami's scream.

Tatsuya's eyes widened in horror, as he watched his friend crumble to the ground and grip at his upper hip where the bullet had struck him.

The sound of boots tromping through water and sleet filled their ears, and caused Himuro to avert his gaze from Taiga to stare up at Jason who now stood in-between the two teens.

"What a waste" Jason spat, his voice filled with antipathy.

Laggardly the taller man turned to stare down at the boy, who's eyes no longer held a look of fear, but now beheld a look of indignation.

He sneered at him, and glanced towards the other teen who was still gripping at his wound, while one of his men had gone up behind him with a gun in his hand.

Jason gave a nod, and watched as the man took the butt of the weapon to the back of Kagami's head, causing the boy's body to fall limply to the ground.

"Jason! Leave him out of this! He has nothing to do with this!" Himuro snapped.

Jason laughed at his comment, making Himuro wonder what he found amusing.

"Tatsuya, you involved him the day that you decided to scare him off." Jason stated with a malign sneer, as he then bent down to the boys level. "And believe me, I would allow him to go free, if you hadn't run back to him like a lost puppy looking for a treat. Perhaps it would have been safer if you had kept your distance. Because now, now he's going to pay for your indecisive loyalties. Because no matter which way you decide to look at it Tatsuya, what happens to that boy from here on out is going to be your doing."

Himuro spit a mouthful of saliva in the taller mans face, as he then began to thrash around in the other thugs grasp like a wild animal, kicking, and screaming at the older man with rage and hatred laced in his tone.

"Damn you! You can't do this!" Tatsuya spewed, as he lashed out at Jason, who only shook his head in disappointment.

Jason paid no mind to the boys brash statements, and slowly reached for the necklace that hung loosely around his neck, and gave the chain a tight pull breaking it from it's hinges as if it were nothing more then a mere twig.

"Cheap." He stated plainly as he then threw it off to the side, and slowly stood from where he was kneeling.

The man who was still holding tightly to Himuro released him, and allowed him to go crumbling to the ground.

His breaths came out in forced gasps, as he glanced towards Taiga, who laid limply upon the ground, with a very small pool of blood forming beneath his legs.

"Lights out kid." He heard one of them say, and before he was able to react there was a hard hit to the back of his head and then darkness.

Saturday 11:56 A.M.

Nothing seemed to make sense when Himuro first woke. His head was throbbing, and his body ached with even the slightest movement.

He groaned lightly as he slowly peeled his eyes open to see Kagami's body slumped within a wooden chair only a few feet ahead of him.

Something was tied tightly around his wrist and it felt as though it were tearing through the fragile layers of skin and rubbing it raw.

Dilatorily he glanced around the room, to see a broken window above them that had been covered up with old chunks of wood. The room smelled of sweat and mold that caused him to wrinkle his nose in disgust. The grounds were covered in things that he couldn't quite make out, for they had aged and looked to have been raided by pest.

However, he didn't pay much mind to the condition of the room and instead he turned his attention back to Taiga, who began to mumble silently as his head slowly tilted backwards.

"Taiga. Taiga, wake up." Himuro ordered, in a low voice.

The boy stirred for a few moments more before his eyes fluttered open to reveal his tired eyes.

Taiga meant Tatsuya's clear, yet emotionless gaze. He couldn't seem to comprehend the situation at hand, because his mind still seemed to be stuck within a perplexed fog.

"What… what happened?" Kagami queried, his tone filled with confusion.

"That doesn't matter right now, what…" Suddenly Himuro's sentence was cut short by the sound of a door creaking open.

They turned their attention to the now opened door, where two nicely built men walked in, followed by Jason who wore a rather caustic look upon his aging features.

"It's been a while Tatsuya. Almost two years in fact." Jason stated, while he empirically searched the boys enigmatical stare. "I see that you haven't changed much. You still have that cold blooded look in your eyes."

Himuro bit hard into his lower gum causing it to bleed from the amount of pressure that he'd bestowed upon the layers of skin. For he wanted so desperately to jump from his chair and tear the living hell out of the man that stood in front of him.

Tatsuya's attention fell to the two men standing behind him; he knew their names by heart, and thought it to be impossible for him to ever forget them. The one man that stood nearest to Jason was Mike, and the other with the bald head and piercing blue eyes was Alic.

He didn't think that he would ever come to see their faces again. Thus, seeing them now killed all hope that he'd sustained over the years of being separated from the maniacal gang.

"What the hell is going on here?" Kagami asked.

"Taiga listen to me…" Himuro began saying in Japanese. However, he was never able to finish his sentence before he received a hard slap across his face.

"There's going to be one rule laid out. I don't want either of you to be speaking in that shitty language. From here on out you will only speak English. Do we have an understanding?" Jason questioned, his voice stern.

Blood trailed lightly from Himuro's lip, and dripped steadily from his chin.

His breaths were brashly blown through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare from the amount of pressure being released through them.

Jason gripped a handful of Tatsuya hair and roughly yanked him upwards, causing the boy to release a soft moan.

"I said, 'do we have an understanding?'" He reiterated.

"Yes…" Himuro replied through gritted teeth.

"Yes, what?" Jason mocked, while slightly turning his head to the side so that his ear was facing the smaller boy.

"Yes, sir." Himuro uttered in defeat.

"That's better." Jason complimented as he released his hair, and roughly shoved his head down. "Now that we've accomplished your understanding of this situation Tatsuya, we can now move forward."

Kagami's eyebrows furrowed in confounding anger. He was completely ignorant on what was taking place at the moment and he had little to no idea who these thugs were. Additionally, he had no idea why Himuro seemed so obedient to this man.

"Now, since the little mutt doesn't want to tell you who we are, I'll give you a quick and brief explanation." Jason began, as he took a step away from Tatsuya. "You see, Tatsuya's father owed me big time for reasons in which I'm not obliged to explain. But, when things got to tuff he ran like a coward, and killed himself with an overdose of drugs and alcohol, thus leaving his little brat and wife behind to clean up his mess. And Tatsuya here, had to pay off daddy's dept's. But, he to got scared when things started getting bloody and wanted out of what his father owed. So, he thought it wise to scare you…" He said while making a gesture towards Taiga. "back to Japan, so that he could sell us out to the feds."

Kagami shifted his gaze to Himuro, who's eyes had grown distant.

"Although, his plans didn't go as he'd hoped, or else we wouldn't be here. Now would we Tatsuya? So, in other words, he allowed you and his mother to sneak away, and waited until the coast was clear before he himself tried to run. But, he forgot one thing; you don't betray your family because once your in you're for life." Jason stated as he glanced down at the teen. "However, none of that matters. I would say that the past is in the past, but that's a load of crap. I really would have loved to have kept you out of this Taiga, but you see, you're just another pawn in the plans that I have laid out for Tatsuya. Kind of like Misses Himuro was, until I finally beat the information in which I required from her. Than she was nothing more then disposable garbage."

Himuro's head shot in his direction, his eyes wide with undeniable shock and horror at what the older man had described.

"What did you do to her?" Himuro questioned, his voice filled with contrition and rage.

"Nothing as horrible as what I'm going to do to your friend here." Jason replied flatly. "Now, Mike go fetch me my things."

Mike nodded hesitantly, and then made his way out of the room to go and retrieve what Jason had asked for.

"Taiga, Taiga listen to me!" Himuro said speaking urgently in Japanese which earned him another hard hit to the face.

"I thought I said that I didn't want to hear any of that language spoken in my presence, now didn't I?"

Himuro's mouth slithered open, as he gradually allowed the blood from his bleeding gums to spill from his mouth and onto his pant leg.

Everything seemed to be going to fast for Himuro to grasp. He hadn't thought that Jason would go after his mother to find him, and he couldn't seem to process the fact that he was going to hurt Taiga to obtain his point.

The only thoughts that now seemed to have tamed his mind was the horrid image of his mothers crumpled and dead form lying lifeless within a pool of her own blood. All because of his mistake.

Mike entered through the opened door, and handed Jason a duffle bag that appeared to be loaded with things in which the two teens did not want to know of.

Himuro turned his attention to Jason who was now kneeling down over top of the bag and shuffling through it's contents to retrieve his desired tool.

Slowly he glanced over to Kagami who looked like a dog about to be corrected by his master.

Suddenly red eyes meant green, and Himuro wanted to look away from the frightened look within Taiga's gaze.

A feeling of guilt washed over him, and he could feel every hair on his body raising with trepidation at what was to take place. Tatsuya wanted to prevent him from being hurt by the hands of this capricious psychopath. He wanted Jason to hurt him, not Kagami, anyone but him.

Every part of Taiga screamed in fear. This man was crazed, and seemed to have held a virulent feel to him. It scared Taiga to think that Himuro had spent time with this man, and the thought that he could have hurt Tatsuya made the younger boy feel sick.

However, looking at his childhood friend now made him realize something that he hadn't noticed up until now, something that he should have noticed the day that he'd bet their rings on a pathetic game. That he had held fear within his olive green eyes and that he'd been shaking tremulously with anxiety.

Thinking back on it now made him wonder why realization hadn't hit him the moment that it had taken place only years ago, and why he didn't see the signs after the passing of Himuro's father.

Kagami heard Jason's footsteps draw nearer to them drawing both of the teens attention to him.

Jason walked up to Kagami, and came to a dead halt in front of him, with a wide sneer on his sinister lips.

The red head glanced down to identify the object in his hands, to see that it was a small drill driver with a sharp and rusty edge.

"Jason! Don't hurt him! Hurt me, not him! He did nothing to you!" Himuro screamed at the man. "Please… please don't hurt him… please… hurt me!"

Taiga's gaze fell to his brother, who was pulled forward within his chair; with a pleading look written within his horror struck eyes.

Jason's head turned ever so slightly to the side, so that Himuro could see the look of vexation and antipathy that crossed his features.

"Now don't you see Tatsuya, I am hurting you. And, I want you to remember one thing" Jason stated gleefully. "Everything that happens to this boy, will all be because of your past mistakes."

Himuro could feel the blood drain from his face, and could feel his body shaking with anxiety, as the man slowly pulled the drill into the air and pressed the center of the device that beckoned it to life.

"Now, don't worry. This is only going to hurt like hell." Jason said with a chuckle that sent chills through Taiga's spine.

Dilatorily he lowered the end of the drill driver down into the teens arm; watching as the end of it pierced through the boys fragile layers of skin, all while spewing blood from the wound; in addition to the ear piercing scream that could be heard through the night.

To Be Continued…

A/N Alright! Sorry for doing that to Taiga, thus it makes the story most intriguing; doesn't it? Please leave me a review, for not only does it inspire me to write more, but it also brings me so much joy to know your guys thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely ~ The Winters Child

Also, special thanks to Avenger girl 2015, and MishaMe1994; for taking the time to beta my story!

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