Ruthless assassin

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What do you do when find out your parents are ex assassins? What would you do if you had to choose between killing your enemies or dying by them. In all my life I'd never thought I'd end up here! Running away from the most ruthless assassins id ever seen! I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that we are being hunted. Me and my family are hanging on a thread! We are in dangerous territory here! What do you do when you want to protect your family? Well, that's easy. You fight! You kill! And you survive!

Action / Adventure
Hannah ruth
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Chapter 1 hour before the attack!

"Alli! Jake! Foods ready" I groaned feeling hungry and got up from bed waking from my peaceful slumber. I walk towards the mirror and unknot my lovely Brunette hair and smooth my clothes before leaving my room and closing my door. Oh! Wow! Jake must already be down stairs. I rushed down stairs and saw the scene before me. My family were laughing about some joke my brother told them. My mothers ocean blue eyes stopped and stared into mine.

"Goodmorning Alli, nice of you to join us" my mother(Lissa) says while drinking some sort of hot beverage.

"More like Good afternoon" my brother snickers under his breathe. Smiling a big smile, I approach the table smiling as I sit down and "lightly punch"my dear brother on the arm. Well,not exactly" light punch" him on the arm I smerked to myself. He rubbed his arm and stared at me. My brother smerked at me smiling. Wait?What. Smiling? My parent's looked at Jake and made a" tsk" sound and I bolted to the bathroom and looked in the.....

"arrrgggggg JAKE!" How the hell did he have time to put a sticky spider on me? I didn't even notice urrrggg! Oh hes gonna get it now. Just he wait. I stormed back into the room and before I could do anything my father(Jack) interupts.

"oh come on guys enough! Your beautiful mother has made a wonderful meal the least you could do is eat your meatball pasta without arguing." my dad say both humorous and serious at the same time.

Hes right I turn to my brother and we smile at each other.

" sorry Alli forgive me? " oh how can I resist that smile and fluttering eye lashes that make me giggle.

" forgiven. I'm sorry to. Am I forgiven? " Mimicking my bothers action with the fluttering eye lashes and innocent voice.

" I guess I can let it slide" he smirked I rolled my eye internally.

"Jake...." I used my sad voice

"alright you win sis" with that he crushed me in a bear hug.

"Jake...... Can't...... Breathe" he released me straight away and muttered a cute and silent "sorry" we all started to eat in silent

The peaceful image of a family dinner was interrupted by my father ringtone disturbing the silence. My father excused himself and kissed my mother on her head before leaving to go in another room

5 minutes later my father rushed in panic written on his face. His brown eyes as wide as sourcers and said 2 haunting words that will change all our life forever.

"there comming"

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