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"Hey, what is your name?" Innes asked as they walked to the rundown warehouse. "You never said."


"That is an interesting name. Did your mom or dad give that to you?"

"I don't really know."

"Where are your parents anyway?"

"They died a long time ago."

"Oh." Innes remained silent for a while before continuing. There wasn't a good response to that. Oh, you're an orphan. That must suck. "My parents and I don't live too far from my studio. I would introduce you to them, but they spend a lot of time at work, so they probably wouldn't be home." And they probably wouldn't want to meet you.

"I'm hungry. Do you have any food at your studio?"

"I have a few pieces of fruit, but I'm going to be using them for a still life, so you can't eat them.

"So I guess we're going to your house."

"It doesn't look like we have any other option." Innes smiled at his friend.

As Caetano munched on a sandwich, Innes finally allowed himself to ask the question.

"The project that you mentioned the other day,"

"Mmmm Hmmm" Caetano said, his voice muffled by the mouthful of food.

"What is it?"

Caetano slowly finished his mouthful, taking care to swallow every last bit and run his tongue along his teeth before answering.

"I want you to teach me art."

"Really? Why's that?"

"I want you to show me how to express a memory in a visual form. I want to not only remember this moment, but be able to show it to others."

"What moment?" Innes asked, confused for the moment. Caetano leaned forward and brushed his lips against Innes's, soft at first but then full of passion.

Innes stayed frozen, too shocked to kiss back or pull away. He didn't want to pull away, but he wasn't entirely sure how to kiss back.

Eventually Cae pulled away and his dark brown eyes bored into cerulean with such an intensity that Innes felt as if they penetrated into the cortexes of his brain.

"Rachel's never made me feel like that." He hadn't meant to say it outloud to Cae. He had only meant to think it to himself.

Cae's brown eyes looked suspiciously at him.

"Rachel?" Cae asked.

"She's the daughter of someone my parents know." Innes explained, as Cae took another bite of his sandwich. "We're the same age, and my parents have been trying to set us up for ages. Just recently, she's agreed, and I guess they assume that I have too. She's nice and all, but everyone expects me to love her, and I just don't."

"If she's a problem, we could always erase her from the picture."

"She's not a drawing. She's a real person. How can we erase her?"

"I was speaking metaphorically. I mean we could always just kill her."

Innes was horrified by the violent suggestion.

"I'm kidding," Caetano added quickly, after seeing Innes's expression. "I'm not a murderer."

Cae leaned over to kiss Innes again. This time, he was prepared to kiss back.

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