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“But your parents are both alive.” Caetano protested as Innes told him of an impending divorce. “They’re just leaving each other, not you. Why is that so bad?”

“They no longer love each other.” Innes replied glumly. “Maybe they never did.”

“So? Why does that matter?”

“They’re separating because they don’t love each other, like their whole relationship was some big mistake. Like everything that came from it was never supposed to be. They can sign away their marriage, but I can’t just stop existing.”

“I wouldn’t want you to.”

Innes looked at Cae with eyes of cerulean. Cae pressed his lips against Innes’s.

“Do not ever think that you’re a mistake, Innes Stellar. Even when everything and everyone around you is rubbish, that doesn’t mean that you’re ruined too. In fact, it means that your magnificence will shine even more brightly among the dark sky of immorality.”

“Do you really mean that, or do you just want me to let you take off my pants again?”

“I mean it. Come on, even if you weren’t a gorgeous art prodigy or an ace at kissing, you would still be the most stellar person that I have ever met.”

When Cae heard Innes laugh at his pun, he couldn’t stop himself from continuing. “I love everything about you.”

Innes stopped and stared at Caetano.

“I had never expected to love you the way I do, Innes Stellar, but now I can’t imagine loving anyone else. It just wouldn’t make sense. These past few months have been the best of my life.”

“Mine too.”

“You need to tell Rachel.”

“I can’t.”

“At least tell your parents. I’m tired of having to constantly hide under your bed whenever your parents come home.”

“You know they won’t accept you. Or us.”

“Then let’s run away to another land, one where nobody knows us. One where we can make the rules. One where we can live like kings.”

“They don’t just let strangers become kings,” Innes said between laughs.

“But we can be together.”

“I need to tell you something, Caetano.” Innes said.

“Tell me later,” Cae said as he took Innes’s frown away with his own mouth.

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