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Innes Stellar placed his lips on Cae’s neck. Cae ran his fingers through the other boy’s short blonde hair. Innes’s lips were soft and left tingling sensations on Cae’s skin. Ines opened his mouth and began tracing shapes in Caetano’s skin with his tongue. He slowly worked his way up to Cae’s left ear. Cae would have pulled back if he were thinking clearly, but unfortunately his mind had never worked properly when Innes touched him. As Innes started sucking on Caetano’s ear, he realized that something was very wrong. He pulled back and stared at Caetano in shock and disbelief. Innes slowly pushed Cae’s hair out of the way to reveal a gnarled ear that had clearly been cut with a knife many years ago.

“Innes, let me explain.”

“He was right,” he muttered in disbelief.

“Innes, what are you talking about?”

“A man claiming to be your father told me a story about a young boy who murdered his stepmother.”

“Innes, let me explain,”

“I didn’t want to believe him. I told him he was a dirty liar and Cae’s parents were both dead. He told me about the time he cut your left ear.”

“Innes,” Cae said through tears.

“It’s true isn’t it? You wouldn’t be crying and begging if it wasn’t true.” Innes didn’t give Caetano time to respond. “I thought I could trust you, but you’ve lied to me. Your father is not dead; you ran away after you murdered your stepmother. You’re not only a prostitute, but a murderer and a liar as well.”

“I swear I will never lie again.”

“How can I believe you now?”

Caetano never again saw Innes, but from that day forward, he did his best to be honest about everything, even when it hurt him, even when he revealed his own weaknesses to his enemies. Only twice did he lie again. Once to keep Fern, and once to set him free.

He didn’t do much for his reputation as a murderer, though. Once he realized that he would never see Innes again, he ran away from the hub, killed his father, and began work on his true plan. Gaining power and control, even if that meant losing his soul.

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