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Caetano was a very young child, but he understood what was going on, what everyone was talking about when they thought he was asleep. His mommy was dying. She was the most kind and beautiful woman Cae had ever known. His father tried to be sympathetic to the boy, allowing him extra sweets before bed, but Caetano knew that his father wasn’t as upset as he pretended to be. He almost seemed relieved that his wife was dying, as if he was glad to finally be rid of the burden she caused him. There was talk among the neighbors that Caetano’s father was in love with another young woman named Tremaine.

Caetano’s mommy had these beautiful diamond earrings. They were not only made of blue diamond gemstone, but also shaped like a diamond rhombus.

“Mommy, why can’t I wear your earrings?” he had asked her one evening, before she became sick.

“Cae, you don’t have the holes in your ears.” She pointed to the holes in her own ears and tugged lightly on the tips of mine.

“Can you put holes in my ears?”

“I don’t think your father would like that very much.”

“Why would he care? They’re my ears.”

“I’ll talk to him about it,” she promised.

They started off talking, but I saw that she was right about father being against the idea. I peered through the keyhole. They both became very angry. I had to run back to my room, because Mommy was coming towards the door. She went straight to my room and smiled at me.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Cae? It’s going to hurt.”

“What about father? He doesn’t seem too happy.”

“You were right, Cae. They’re your ears. If you want to have them pierced, it’s fine with me, but it’s your decision.”

When his father saw Caetano wearing his mommy’s earings, his mouth tightened and his eyes glared at Cae’s mommy. She glared back, as if silently daring him to saw something. When Cae’s father silently left the room, Cae looked up and smiled at his mommy.

“We won this battle, my son,” she told him.

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