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Fern couldn’t see anything but darkness. After pacing around for a bit, he discovered that he was in a cell of sorts. The monster must have put him here. That would make sense. The only thing he couldn’t understand is why he saved him from falling. Some magical floor had appeared, but there didn’t seem to be any other being in this realm. It was completely deserted. There must be some magical being out there, helping him. Maybe one that could bring some light so that he could figure out how to escape. The only sound he could hear was the occasional drip of water onto the stone floor. He was glad of the water because it meant that he wasn’t trapped in both total darkness and total silence and clued him in on the fact that he was in a cave.

After a while, he began to grow quite hungry. I’m going to die in here, he thought. Maybe the monster did save me, so that my death would be much more painful.

“Is anyone there?” he called out, “anyone who can save me from this torment?”

“Torment?” Bres asked, as he lit the torches on the wall with a wave of his hand. “You think this is torment? You are a very dramatic little brat.”

“Have you come to gloat?” Fern shot him an angry look. “Or have you come to kill me?”

“Why do you keep thinking that I want you dead?”

“You licked my blood and locked me in a dungeon.”

“And now, I have come to feed you,” he explained, waving his hand to make a plate of food appear. “You’re a lot more valuable to me alive,” he looked directly into Fern’s eyes, “no matter how delicious you taste."

Then everything went dark once more.

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