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During the ceremony, Caetano had tried to smile and be the happy little boy everyone that wanted him to be. He wasn’t a bad actor for someone of his age. Every time he wanted to pout or scream or stomp on someone’s foot, he reminded himself that he would get his revenge in due time. This woman, Tremaine, might think that she could weasel her way into his heart by giving him food and a smile, but she would never be his mommy and she would never get away with taking the earrings that rightfully belonged to him. He just needed to wait for the right moment, and that would only come when they were alone together. Unfortunately, there were so many people at the wedding that he didn’t get his chance there. He wasn’t invited on the honeymoon, which upset him very much until Nana told him that they weren’t actually going to a moon made of honey and it would actually be quite boring for him if he did go.

When they finally returned, Caetano’s father was always in the way. He didn’t want to leave his new wife’s side. You would think that there was a lollipop inside her mouth, the way he kept kissing her. It was actually quite gross. Caetano went to his bedroom and pretended to be asleep and eventually his father went to bed as well. Tremaine was still awake. Now was his chance.

“Mother?” he said in his sweetest little voice to Tremaine. She smiled. “I have something for you.”

“What is it Cae?” his eye twitched a little as he stopped himself from telling her that only people he liked had the privilege of calling him Cae. Everyone else should have to suffer through the extra syllables.

He led her into his room and pulled out a silver music box which was also a jewelry box. It had belonged to his mommy.

“It’s beautiful,” she told him.

“It’s empty,” he replied, glancing at his earring that hung from her ears.

“Oh,” she said, understanding. She removed the earrings and reached for the jewelry box with the intention of storing them inside. He closed the lid and withheld it.

“It’s mine,” he said. “And so are those.”

“Don’t be silly, Cae honey. They’re ladies’ earrings. They have no place with a little boy.”

Caetano tried to hold back his anger. He knew his mommy would be upset if he hurt someone. But his mother wasn’t here. She was gone, and being nice couldn’t even get him his earrings back.

“They have no place with an evil witch!”

He lunged at the woman, using the music box like a weapon to beat her in the stomach (which as he later found out, was actually her intestines, because the stomach is located behind the lower part of the ribcage). She doubled over and he grabbed the earrings from her hand. He could have stopped there, but something inside him wanted to continue. Her suffering brought him so much joy, joy he had not felt since he lost his mother. He continued to throw objects at her as she tried to pursue him. He grabbed whatever he could find: shoes, books, fruit, hairbrushes… It was fun. Until he found a sharp knife.

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