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Luca Elijah Giardini has it all; money and power. He's known as the sole heir to Giardini Corporation but there was something that people don't know about him, his dark past that left him bitter and uptight. He was sure he would never make the same mistakes again but when a familiar girl was thrown his way, will he let her in or will he let his dark past haunt him forever? Thylane Marie Alexandra Ferragni has it all; successful parents, a strikingly handsome brother, an empire waiting for her and things that some can just dream about. Everything was going smoothly for her until her father decided to marry her off to Luca Elijah Giardini, a pure Italian billionaire with a sinfully gorgeous body and a face that could have only been sculpted by God. The first time they met, she was so sure she would never marry him but the thing is, he hates her more than she hates him. Is he just an Italian billionaire or was there more to Luca than meets the eye?

Action / Romance
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“Are you going to kill me?” I said as I took a glimpse at his table. Sensing my fear, it took him seconds to guess what I meant. He smiled dangerously, approaching me with painfully slow steps.

“Are you talking about my guns? ” He asked. The side of his lips turning up into a smirk. “Don’t worry. I plan to keep you around for long.”

“For how long?” I asked with a shaky breathe. He approached me, closing the gap between us. His body now pressed against mine. He lowers his head to my ears, his breath fanned my cheeks. His day old stubble grazing my skin - making my knees tremble.

“For as long as I want.” He whispered just for me to hear.

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