The Good Girl's Dream

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Lexi is a nobody in her school. She has no friends or a proper family. Lexi moves house from house, since she lives and foster care. Lexi alawys dream's that she would be as hot as the hottest girl on the planet. Lexi lives with a dysfunctional family known as the Stevenson's, They have two children that attend the middle school that Lexi goes too. Baxter high- The school for the academic minds or what not. The reason why Lexi gets passed from family is because she's different in every way possible.

Action / Fantasy
Madeline Hatter
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Lexi banged her head againist her locker mutter stuff about AP chemistry and homework. Lexi put in her locker combination and grabbed her AP history books and her black & neon purple designer purse from balenciaga. As she walked down the crowed hallways she ran into her foster "siblings".

"Looky look it's Barnes and Nobles daughter" they both screamed out with smiles of glee. The whole hallway laughed at Lexi as ran down the hallway towards AP history.

Lexi slammed threw door crying into Ms.Stevenson's purple pantsuit shirt. As Lexi started to calm down the bell had already rung, so people started file in the room. Lexi already took her spot at the back of the classroom. Once everyone sat down, Lexi passed out.

When she woke up she heard the principal say" Lexi is #1 in the world's most smartest kids across the globe and school is out." Lexi then gathered her things and left the classroom. She started to speedwalk to the nearest exit, so could avoid her "siblings". Once she was outside she ran for 30 mins straight not stopping for nothing not even water. Lexi ran towards the woods behind her house. Once Lexi got there she started jumping over logs until something bad happened to her. Lexi acciendentlly ran into a girl who was getting a dark baptism, who died on the spot after Lexi ran-pushed her out of the circle and then Lexi started to asorbed her magic. Once Lexi stopped trying to run since it would be futile, she passed out on the cold dirty floor of the woods and the last thing she saw was her hair changing color. Lexi woke up groggly and walked towards her bathroom. Lexi splashed her face with water before Lexi could grab a towel to dry her face she screamed. Lexi had forgot to dry her face instead she picked at the long strands of purple and black hair in the mirror.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD," Lexi screamed out before she ran into Ni, the family german sheperd, who was happy to lick Lexi's face.

Lexi slid down the stairs only to run into...

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