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Have you ever been in trouble So much trouble that you don't know how to get out of it or if you even want to get out. Ever heard of the idiom 'between the devil and the deep blue sea' well if not then that's the exact depiction of the kind of mess I was in and there's no way out, at least not with Leonardo Lombardi wedged in between. What would you do if you had to choose between trusting a man you know nothing about and trusting your kingdom....... I think the answer's are pretty obvious. . . . . .. Are you guys ready to meet Leonardo Lombardi, cause if you're not I don't think you should dress thickly its about to get a 100° hot in here.

Action / Romance
Aisha zahra
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||The Royals||

All my life I've been told what to do, when to do it and what to expect.

In the palace, maids weren't just picked at random, you had to have been part of one of the fifty families that have been serving the kingdom for generations and it had been kept this way for hundreds of years to make sure that there's no betrayal on part of the servants and butlers who were the only ones allowed on a 5 mile radius to come inside the palace, being a maid was the highest honour to be given apart from knighting, the girls would be trained and taken to be maids while the boys would either be knighted or be the driver or bodyguard to the royal family.

I was currently standing in front of a full length mirror as I looked at my self over in the mirror to make sure that everything was perfect, after putting my mane of a hair into a tight bun and putting on my uniform with no make up on just like madam Stella liked, not that I fancied it anyway, I then went to leave my room.

As I came out I was immediately blinded by the thousands of light that shined from the chandeliers that lit up the huge and long hallway and even though I practically grew up here it still manages to blind me every time, I looked up at the ceiling that was decorated with intricate designs of gold and silver that always seemed to catch my attention.

As I walked down the hall to go to the main kitchen that was posted at the posterior end of the palace where the servants resided to meet madam Stella, I couldn't help but look around at the tiny details like how the soles of my leather black shoe padded against the marbled floor that had just been waxed to perfection by the five a.m maids that always started their work by five a.m to end by nine thirty a.m every day before the next batch would take over, and the long maroon drapes with gold intricate designs that swept the floor elegantly to keep away the prying eyes of the outside world and the press media, the antique chairs and tables that cost more than my whole wardrobe, which wasn't really all that anyways and also the expensive antique vases and artifacts that were scattered around the palace but the ones in the main section were priceless and had portraits of past royals.

As I walked down, almost reaching the end of the hall, I stopped at the wall I always stop at everyday before I go to madam stellar, as I turned to stare at the portrait of the royal family taken not too long ago but it seemed like a different time then when the palace was happy and filled to the brim with love and affection not the cold aura you get from it now, it was a time when the king was happy, the queen was still alive and the prince and the princess were not closed off and cold.

In the framed portrait, a man was standing behind a grand chair that was situated at the middle, just by looking at him you could see that he was a very powerful man, but he had a warm happy smile on that could tell you that he had been blessed in life with the best things, had warm brown eyes that crinkled from his smile,a mop of light brown hair and average sized pointed nose, well defined jaw and deep dimples that only showed when he smiled to be honest he was very good looking for his age, and situated by either side of the chair were the prince and princess who had similar feature to the king but the girl had deep brown eyes, a heart shaped face and straight long blonde hair that reached the middle of her back, she also had dimples, turning my eyes to look at the prince, he had brown hair like his dad and warm blue eyes, he also had well defined jaws and plump lips and not gonna lie he is very attractive but I wasn't interested in him, the person I always looked forward to staring at was the queen, who was sitting on the chair and had the warmest and brightest smile I have ever seen, she had the warmest brown eyes and blonde hair that cascaded elegantly down her back and a heart shaped face, to say it simply she was gorgeous and beautiful, she was like a mother figure to everyone in the palace, she always glowed and she was like a ball of energy, she was the string that brought us all to get her but when she died that string broke and fell apart, I wiped a lone tear that threatened to fall and looked back at the portrait and smiled then turned to continue down the hallway.

As I reached the double doors of the kitchen before I could put my hand to the door I could already hear her shouting at someone who wasn't paying attention when roll call was being said, I quickly opened the door and walked with my chest out and head high, the way madam Stella always told us to, you would think that since I came in late everyone's eyes would be on me but fortunately you couldn't let your attention wander when you are in front of madam Stella as everyone was lined up facing her, i went to stand to the side in my usual spot that was beside a girl with dark skin and kinky hair that I had never talked to since my stay here and that was when madam Stella reached my name.

"127, Arabella Morgan" her voice bellowed with power without looking up from the clip board.

"Present" I said wincing at my voice that sounded too anticipated.

That was my number, 127, out of the 350 maids I was the 127th and one of the nine thirty A.m servants, just another face among the crowd, no one important and this is my life...................... my life with the royals.

Hi so this is aisha and I hope you like my book❤

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