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Chapter 16

The days began to seem endless as I continued to live the same way every day. My days became unstructured and pointless, the only excitement I felt at the very end, when I flew from my open window with adrenaline coursing through my veins as I watched the city, swooping in and helping however I could. One night, as I soared high above my seemingly large world and watched each person interact with one another, I heard my mother awake screaming. She opened the door of her bedroom as I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around, heading home. I could hear each of her footsteps on the floor as I flew faster than ever before. “Come on,” I whispered to myself. “Faster,” I said as she turned the corner and walked past the bathroom I shared with my sister. The house came into view as she passed my sister’s room, she peaked in, whispering goodnights to her youngest daughter. I dove into my room head-first and landed silently on the carpeted floor. I could hear my mother moving on and coming forward toward my room. I jumped into bed and covered myself in blankets just as she began to turn the doorknob. My heart pounded against my chest as she opened the door, flooding the room with the light from the hallway. I heard her sigh with relief as she confirmed her belief that she had only dreamt I was in danger.

I waited until she had closed the door and walked all the way back to her room before I uncovered myself and jumped back out the window, wiping the dripping sweat from my forehead and continuing my activity. I heard gunshots and followed their sound, preparing for battle. I came across an in-progress bank robbery. I watched carefully for a moment, analyzing the scene before moving in. There was a large black van parked outside of the bank with an extremely nervous young woman sitting in the front seat. I thought for a moment before silently landing beside the vehicle and taking hold of the car door. I pulled lightly and watched it fly off of its hinges. I dropped the door and balled my fist, punching the criminal unconscious and running toward the bank. The criminals inside had their backs were turned to me. Butterflies swarmed about in my stomach as I cleared my throat. “I don’t know if America’s laws have changed in the last two-hundred years, but I’m pretty sure theft is unethical either way,” I said calmly as they jumped to face me, their guns drawn. I looked past them and located the bathrooms, quickly drawing the water as close to the group as the pipes would allow. I inched closer to the group, hoping I seemed more confident than I felt.

“Don’t move,” a tall, masculine man with his finger on the trigger of the gun shouted angrily.

I knew the trigger of a gun created an almost silent sound just before the bullet is fired. I learned this a few years ago when my parents first taught me how to use one. I was twelve when I first pulled the trigger and thirteen when I finally managed to hit the target. This information was about to save my life as I listened carefully for that sound. It finally came, loud and clear. I jumped backward and tucked my legs in close to my body. I flew through the air and landed behind a wall which could be used as cover. I concentrated on the building water which filled the pipes below the robbers. I threw my arms into the air and brought them crashing down just as the floor exploded, shooting the three criminals into the air, where they hit the ceiling and came crashing down, newly unconscious. I carried them outside with ease and used a sign to tie them together along with their weapons, which I put into a neat pile beside them. Once this was taken care of, I ran back inside and looked for a way to stop the bank from flooding. I don’t know what told me I could do it, but it was the same thing which knew I could move the water and told me to try with the faucet. Something inside of me simply seemed to understand my abilities. It knew everything I could do and was just waiting for the right moment to show me. Now was the time. I placed my hand in front of me and held my palm above the flooding area and directed my energy on stopping the flow of the water. I watched as a blue frost came from the palm of my hand and covered the water, freezing it over and stopping its flow.

By now the police had arrived and found the robbers. I walked out of the bank covered in ice. Suddenly, the large crowd of people had surrounded me with camera flashes. I jumped into the air and flew away before anyone could ask a single question.

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