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Chapter 17

Seconds past until they turned to minutes, which became hours and then days. Nothing seemed exciting or interesting anymore. I looked up at the tall ceiling and flew to the top. I then twisted myself around and placed my feet on the ceiling, therefore discovering the fact that I could “walk” on the ceiling and didn’t even smile. I froze the top layer of my backyard pool and yawned when my dog skated across the ice like a polar bear. Things which usually excited me no longer interested me. I spent my days watching videos of myself on my phone and walking on the clean, white textured surface of my ceiling.

Finally, my mother and sister came home one day and told me I was free to go to school on Monday because I hadn’t experienced any strange symptoms. I laughed awkwardly. “Yeah, that’s me,” I said. “Normal old Oliv,” I said, walking upstairs to place everything I needed for school into my backpack. “Watch out, I just might tell your secrets, don’t test me,” I joked, trying to think of the most threatening thing I could have done before I had these abilities. My mother and sister exchanged nervous glances as I walked upstairs.

“She’s been acting so weird lately,” Charlie commented.

My mother sighed. “I’m sure she’s just adjusting.”

“I know it’s just… she’s always doing the weirdest things when I get home.”

“We have to cut her some slack,” my mother explained. “I mean she’s been out of a coma for like two weeks, it’s just going to take some time.”

The conversation ceased. My best guess is that Charlie nodded and seated herself to watch an old video of one of her football games. Suddenly, my phone went off and words popped up on the screen. It was a text from Chloe saying she needed me to come to her house.

I replied, sending her a “thumbs-up emoji” and asked my mother to borrow the car to go over to Chloe’s. She agreed, so I grabbed my car keys and walked out of the house.

The drive to Chloe’s house is long and beautiful but I found myself wishing I could fly nonetheless. It was broad daylight and ran the risk of people seeing, so I drove. Upon arriving, I saw Chloe sitting in a chair which sat at the side of her shaded quartyard, she was waiting for me. She waved excitedly as I parked the car next to the curb.

She ran to meet me as I stepped out of the car and before I could say a word, I found myself dragged quickly into her large green-colored house with yellow accents and an extremely generous lemon tree in the center of the perfectly maintained yard. I was pulled through her front door. “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Allan,” I called out as Chloe and I shot upstairs and into her room. Chloe sat me down in a bright pink chair at her desk. “Why did you invite me-” I was cut off when Chloe wheeled out a mannequin from inside her closet.

“I needed you opinion,” she said, holding up two outfits.

“For what?”

She sighed. “Sometimes, I really don’t know how you turned out to be my best friend,” she said jokingly before beginning to explain. “You were in a coma for five weeks and then you missed school for another three,” she said. “Comas freak people out. They need to know you’re okay,” she said. “Actually, they need to know you’re better than okay.”

I nodded, finally understanding. “Wait, how’d you know I was coming back to school?” I asked.

She beamed up at me proudly. “I sent your Mom pictures of dogs nonstop until she finally told me when you were coming back to school.” I looked up at Chloe with new eyes from that day on. “Anyway,” she said. “What would you prefer to wear?” she asked me, holding the outfits up again.

I studied each of them for a moment. Hot pink camouflage-capris a black shirt covered in sparkles and a belt with a pink buckle was the first option which she held in her right hand, a bright flamingo pink dress which would surely go against every rule in the dress code was held in her left hand, and the mannequin was outfitted with a bright pink jean-jacket, a sapphire blue tank-top and a bright pink pencil skirt in the same color as the jacket, I sighed and looked up at her. “What is it with you and pink?” I asked.

“What is it with you and going to school looking like a little color would kill you?” she combatted my question with one of her own.

“Fair enough,” I admitted. I studied the outfits again and decided I they were all something I would never wear in a million years, but after seeing she wasn’t going to budge on this, I told her she could choose. She squealed and looked at them each in turn. After a while, she pointed to the mannequin. “Fine,” I said.

She nodded excitedly and carefully removed the clothes from the model. Once she was finished, she folded the expensive clothes and handed them to me in a plastic bag. She then brought me into the bathroom and picked through the drawers she had filled with makeup. “Hold still,” she told me as she reached for the hood I wore again. I grabbed her hand and placed it on the counter.

I needed an explanation, fast. “I… can’t wear makeup.”


“Because… I’m not allowed to.”

“Yes you are, you’ve worn makeup for like three years now.”

“But I… told my father I wouldn’t.”

“Why would he care?”

“It was a bet,” I said quickly. “I can get twenty bucks if I don’t wear makeup for the next… three weeks. I can’t let him win.”

“Oh,” she said. “Why didn’t you just say so? Your Dad is so annoying when he’s right,” she giggled. I sighed with relief and agreed.

When Chloe was pleased with how we were going to handle any given situation when we got to school, told me to go home and get a good night’s sleep. I did go home, but I did this after I went to a store and bought a crazy amount of blue hair dye, three new sweatshirts, enough eyebrow pencil to recreate every drawing ever created, and a duffle bag to keep my mask and cape inside of.

Once this was finished, I spent the rest of the night listening for anything unusual in my city awhile also opening and removing blue hair dye from its packaging to make it look like it was the reasoning behind my hair. I then stashed the eyebrow pencil in a secure place under my bed and used some of it to hide the color change. Next, I told my mother I was going to dye my hair and texted Chloe and told her the same. My problem was solved. Make it look like I changed my hair.

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